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About CS Poems (292)

Here is a list of About CS Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Penfriends Poem

PenfriendsDedicated to CS penfriends......The Agony Aunt I'll never see.......

lovecanbereal611Nov 21Nov 21
realdeal8901924Jul 28Aug 3
Traffic Jam Poem

Traffic Jam .......Good to see the traffic on the corner moving along albeit a little slow but steadily ticking over .........

Nuwahri6125414Mar 18Jun 28
Special poem for ALL poets of Poets Corner Poem

Special poem for ALL poets of Poet's Corner.From the past to the present poets ... I once again post this tribute to All . And lest not forget our Lost ones too and those missing whom might re...

morgen902101,84266Oct 2012Mar 14

ONLINE ADDICTION......Oh dear, it happens again and again I often feel males, would like to tame Women met in life, to do as they believe Not be our own person, and so u...

niah92075Nov 2020Dec 2020
A Tribute to Authumn Child Poem

A Tribute to Authumn ChildI have been gone too long Almost lost in another dimension Where tragedy and vile news broadcast With lost jobs and hunger goes begging. I hop...

morgen902101696Sep 2020Sep 2020

WaxingWaxing blooms and talking Fumes The incessant shuffling of pointy feet Going on and on about a fabled Virginity Teasing the boys Like it's a ban...

cryptorchid2270Jun 2020
In my absence R I P Poem

In my absence {R.I.P.}The last couple years or so I lived in the woods of Washington state, No running water, No electricity, Truly "Roughing It". Life got to be too muc...

madtat2941614Jun 2019May 2020

"YOU" P.On line dating Who knows the truth I don't ???...

Rachael_06223801Nov 2019Nov 2019

Men can blow itMen need an education Men r from mars Women r from Venus Tired of this Merry go round...

Rachael_06223162Nov 2019Nov 2019
Ode to the scammers Poem

Ode to the scammersI think its self explanatory ....

Dreamdiva1832710Aug 2019Aug 2019

scammersI have no comments....

Jaavisst2844Feb 2019Jun 2019
EXRED53220Mar 2019Jun 2019
fanatical Poem

fanaticalnatural geographic tried to do a documentary about me but unfortunately it didn't happen...

Unknown2012Feb 2019Mar 2019
reverse UFO engineering Poem

reverse UFO engineeringI tried to sell a second-hand dishwasher to the travelling community of Sligo...

Unknown2103Feb 2019Feb 2019
my beautiful brain Poem

my beautiful brainit started to rain I am not a ninja but to avoid raindrop before it started I made it stop...

Unknown2141Feb 2019Feb 2019
distant resistant Poem

distant resistantI decided to make trifle successfully of course otherwise I would have not made a decision to do so...

Unknown1820Feb 2019
last Poem

lastif this is the last thing I ever write, it is because of you how could you throw love away you were h*rny? you are mindless. soulless. worthless...

eeejay2880Dec 2018
Warning to runningShiva Poem

Warning to runningShivaAre you the ten thousands That speaks ill of the millions Are you the starved class caste That justify your superior race Where great kings res...

morgen902103521Oct 2018Oct 2018
The Idea of being a Moderator Poem

The Idea of being a ModeratorAs far as i remember I have never insult ANYONE, what i write i do write in the broad- day-light, why people concern ??? It is absolutely my own, it...

runningshiva254-Oct 2018Oct 2018
No Love Poem

No LoveThis site has no one (to love)...

runningshiva2682Oct 2018Oct 2018
BeneathePines3051Sep 2018Sep 2018
CS Sample Poem

CS Sample PoemEnjoy the new Poet's Corner...

Staff1,4593Jun 2009Jul 2018
Birds of CS Poem

Birds of CSSing unto me oh birds of the air Such beauty is your song and your feathers so fair With each glance you stare out into the horizon contemplati...

Akeldama402930May 2018
Disinfect Inoculate Poem

Disinfect + - Inoculate[Recent visit to The Poetry Foundation website, et al; etc.]...

BeneathePines5750Jan 2018
The Truth Poem

The TruthMy scraps .think it is complete but feel kind of short....

morgen902108648May 2012Aug 2017

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?Hey you! yes I am talking to you Are you paying attention and listening? Am I losing my breath here or are you deaf? Nod your head yes or no b...

morgen902106028Feb 2013Aug 2017
romance Poem

romanceis this a place for romance or a place to talk a place to heal a place to complain oh, I'm tired of writing poems today just wondering how man...

eeejay4469Aug 2017Aug 2017
comments Poem

commentsThere was once a blogger whose blogs were rich In their potential for opinion generation they were ahead of their time and the blogging itself was...

eeejay361-Aug 2017
two Poem

twotwo is the number of days until I can post two can be so many to hold breath two is too many sometimes two will go away eventually...

eeejay3070Aug 2017
hello Poem

hellohello people I didn't really want to write a poem, but I just joined and I can't post anywhere else for seven days, it seems so uhm. . . hello...

eeejay49715Aug 2017Aug 2017
Jack the Ripper Poem

Jack the Ripperdid this when i was 13...

morgen902101,5156Jul 2012Jul 2017
The circle of life Poem

The circle of lifeI felt that our whole life cycle is called the circle of life. We are born, we go through childhood, the challenges of teenage life, through adulthood...

Unknown3180Jul 2017
My Profile Poem

My ProfileAsking someone about information that is readily available is, to say the least, exasperating *frown*....

Flame823350Feb 2017
Dead Gone Poem

Dead GoneBad people. So many of them!...

sophiasummer4771Dec 2016Dec 2016
Help with new poem pages not a poem Poem

Help with new poem pages (not a poem)We hope the general info above will help answer some of the questions you may have about Poets Corner pages....

Staff4720Nov 2016
Brawl at high noon in poets Corner Poem

Brawl at high noon in poet's CornerThanks to water's pub at poet's Corner ,got this inspiration ! This is my take base in western wild wild west saloon in poet's Corner ....

morgen9021092712Jul 2012Nov 2016
Beasts and Bitches Poem

Beasts and BitchesI feel I write ,that's alright ...not a myth :)...

morgen902101,19722May 2012Oct 2016
Leony15104000Sep 2016
Whiz Bang 4th of September Poem

Whiz-Bang 4th of Septemberflung across the canvas thick globs of paint...

BeneathePines5281Sep 2016Sep 2016
A poetry tale Poem

A poetry tale ...This is like a Reunion for our friends who have come back to the Sanctuary aka Poetry corner and it's a good feeling too...

morgen9021088018May 2016May 2016
Halls of Poets Corner Poem

Halls of Poet's CornerFor the newbies and also the comrades ......

morgen902101,14712Feb 2016May 2016

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