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Liberty vs freedom Poem

Liberty vs freedom.The question is how free can we be? we are free to do many things but without responsibility there are ccnsequences! also it my belief the scriptures...

byfaith5171Jan 2011May 16
Connecting Singles Poem

Connecting SinglesConnecting Singles is a website for singles to connect. Connecting is hard as there are so many barriers. If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,...

carlamee67119Oct 21Nov 27
A New Poet Poem

A New PoetI have noticed that many poets get no comments at all. in most sites there are dedicated greeters that welcome new poets Please remember that you we...

shadow19501,33414May 2015Jul 2023
The protector of all the maidens here Poem

The protector of all the maidens hereAbout someone kind of yummy:-)...

ladyjewel1,08914May 2014Jul 2023
Awakening Poem

"Awakening"the poem serves as a motivational reminder to awaken one's dormant potential, to seek strength from within, and to embrace the process of self-improve...

Unknown1091Jul 2023Jul 2023
Another sporatic poem

Another sporatic poemYou can only make it so far so what IS the Contest....

Fadedbluejeans2000Jun 2023
Cafes Mermaid Poem

Cafe's MermaidYou did ask to get you a mermaid didn't you cafe?:-)...

ladyjewel5965Jun 2013Jun 2023
As the World Turns Day After Day Poem

As the World Turns Day After DayIt's about a fictional Predator who goes on vacations for a thrill....

Fadedbluejeans3813Oct 2022Oct 2022

The Walls Are Crumbling Down -Some Thoughts About Poetry Corner And Adding Two CentsSome thoughts on the sadness that is permeating and destroying this loved place. We should all take heed of our own actions, words and deeds from here...

ReaderOfSouls5859Jun 2022Jul 2022
Here Poem

Here…Such is life....

Didi73067Jun 2022Jun 2022
Special poem for ALL poets of Poets Corner Poem

Special poem for ALL poets of Poet's Corner.From the past to the present poets ... I once again post this tribute to All . And lest not forget our Lost ones too and those missing whom might re...

morgen902102,30368Oct 2012Jun 2022

Yankee's Challenge -- A Poem Reflecting on Truth and History[ Editorial ] Our world these days is full of disinformation and lies. Words become distorted; actions deceptive, intensions hostile. What do 'we'...

Yankee4you2873Apr 2022Apr 2022

PenfriendsDedicated to CS penfriends......The Agony Aunt I'll never see.......

lovecanbereal4398Nov 2021Dec 2021
realdeal8904102Jul 2021Aug 2021
Traffic Jam Poem

Traffic Jam .......Good to see the traffic on the corner moving along albeit a little slow but steadily ticking over .........

Nuwahri6149714Mar 2021Jun 2021
A Tribute to Authumn Child Poem

A Tribute to Authumn ChildI have been gone too long Almost lost in another dimension Where tragedy and vile news broadcast With lost jobs and hunger goes begging. I hop...

morgen902103746Sep 2020Sep 2020
YOU P Poem

"YOU" P.On line dating Who knows the truth I don't ???...

Unknown5501Nov 2019Nov 2019
EXRED73519Mar 2019Jun 2019
fanatical Poem

fanaticalnatural geographic tried to do a documentary about me but unfortunately it didn't happen...

Unknown3232Feb 2019Mar 2019
reverse UFO engineering Poem

reverse UFO engineeringI tried to sell a second-hand dishwasher to the travelling community of Sligo...

Unknown3453Feb 2019Feb 2019
distant resistant Poem

distant resistantI decided to make trifle successfully of course otherwise I would have not made a decision to do so...

Unknown3050Feb 2019
last Poem

lastif this is the last thing I ever write, it is because of you how could you throw love away you were h*rny? you are mindless. soulless. worthless...

eeejay4740Dec 2018
The Idea of being a Moderator Poem

The Idea of being a ModeratorAs far as i remember I have never insult ANYONE, what i write i do write in the broad- day-light, why people concern ??? It is absolutely my own, it...

runningshiva404-Oct 2018Oct 2018
No Love Poem

No LoveThis site has no one (to love)...

runningshiva4312Oct 2018Oct 2018
BeneathePines4351Sep 2018Sep 2018
CS Sample Poem

CS Sample PoemEnjoy the new Poet's Corner...

Staff1,6203Jun 2009Jul 2018
Birds of CS Poem

Birds of CSSing unto me oh birds of the air Such beauty is your song and your feathers so fair With each glance you stare out into the horizon contemplati...

Akeldama404330May 2018
Disinfect Inoculate Poem

Disinfect + - Inoculate[Recent visit to The Poetry Foundation website, et al; etc.]...

BeneathePines7470Jan 2018
The Truth Poem

The TruthMy scraps .think it is complete but feel kind of short....

morgen902101,0048May 2012Aug 2017
romance Poem

romanceis this a place for romance or a place to talk a place to heal a place to complain oh, I'm tired of writing poems today just wondering how man...

eeejay5776Aug 2017Aug 2017
comments Poem

commentsThere was once a blogger whose blogs were rich In their potential for opinion generation they were ahead of their time and the blogging itself was...

eeejay485-Aug 2017
two Poem

twotwo is the number of days until I can post two can be so many to hold breath two is too many sometimes two will go away eventually...

eeejay4270Aug 2017
Jack the Ripper Poem

Jack the Ripperdid this when i was 13...

morgen902101,6816Jul 2012Jul 2017
The circle of life Poem

The circle of lifeI felt that our whole life cycle is called the circle of life. We are born, we go through childhood, the challenges of teenage life, through adulthood...

Unknown4350Jul 2017
My Profile Poem

My ProfileAsking someone about information that is readily available is, to say the least, exasperating *frown*....

Flame824880Feb 2017
Dead Gone Poem

Dead GoneBad people. So many of them!...

sophiasummer6061Dec 2016Dec 2016
Help with new poem pages not a poem Poem

Help with new poem pages (not a poem)We hope the general info above will help answer some of the questions you may have about Poets Corner pages....

Staff6070Nov 2016
Unknown5110Sep 2016
Whiz Bang 4th of September Poem

Whiz-Bang 4th of Septemberflung across the canvas thick globs of paint...

BeneathePines6720Sep 2016Sep 2016
A poetry tale Poem

A poetry tale ...This is like a Reunion for our friends who have come back to the Sanctuary aka Poetry corner and it's a good feeling too...

morgen902101,00417May 2016May 2016
Halls of Poets Corner Poem

Halls of Poet's CornerFor the newbies and also the comrades ......

morgen902101,27612Feb 2016May 2016

Welcome to New Online PoetsWrite as much as you can In every style that you can To find your true voice; Then pan the gold from the dross - To publish only your best. ©...

lovecanbereal1,0990Apr 2016

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2024. All rights reserved.

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