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Dark Poetry Poems (2,841)

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The coming daysA sort of metal song I'm writing for my brother....

jimmydean691130Aug 22
FargoFan690Aug 15
Trapped Poem

TrappedThe poem is about being stuck in transit and not being allowed to move on. Life paints an illusion that everything is happy and easy and free flowing...

Wizardary1456Aug 11Aug 11
Separation Poem

SeparationThis poem is about heartbreak and trials during tough relationships!...

Roashard750Aug 10
Untitled 0001 Poem

Untitled 0001It's not literal. Well, it is literal. I just had words that came to my mind, so the coordination may be shaky. Don't be sad. It actually comes from a...

Dolphinnn_xx651Jul 27Aug 8
lovecanbereal94-Aug 5

Reflections of Battles WonFor those who hunger for war, I will counter for peace....

Yankee4you1114Aug 3Aug 3
For a friend who left Poem

For a friend who left.I’ve watched tomorrow taken away because of today, Cries for help lost in the melee of life, unseen and unheard, No one is to blame, but still, to o...

optimisticme2032Jul 1Jul 31
Truthfully life with no vision Poem

Truthfully life with no vision!To learn, to know, to be, to grow, and all the could be’s, and All the should be’s lost in ignorance, a waste of space and a Waste of time, a wast...

optimisticme1142Jul 22Jul 24
We are not wrong in our future Poem

We are not wrong in our futureInspired by optimisticme The Future poem thank you...

morgen902101348Jun 18Jul 22
Hiding from the truth Poem

Hiding from the truthThe possibility of normality is lost in diversity, lets start a row, I don't know how, we're humanoid , create a void?, live a life of stupidity?, l...

optimisticme1782Jun 15Jul 22
Earth as Hell Poem

Earth as HellHell on earth...

morgen902105864Aug 2016Jul 22
During a Ceasefire Poem

During a CeasefireSTOP MAKING SENSE!!...

surprizeme2230Jul 20
They Had Forced My Hand Poem

They Had Forced My Hand!1. It wasn't my intention to go back on the internet these four armed foreign USA Male security guard trash have forced my hand. Tell U something for...

israelismine730Jul 7
Free minds Poem

Free minds!Free minds can’t see, free minds can’t be, It’s all an impossibility, freedom cannot be, There is no dictator, there is no creator, There is no fut...

optimisticme14410Jun 29Jul 2
Once there Poem

Once thereWest, pushed them west, to the point where the sun hides push them so far away until no trace what damn race, evil they are Christians like us wil...

MX430450Jul 2
Amazing Poem

AmazingAmazing is the way you can't get it for, it is to them to pick up the pieces of your shattered life indeed, mostly insane, cradle it important thi...

MX430520Jun 29
The Poem

The!The things that you want if not well defined become the Things you wish you had left behind, The wish that you wished and hoped it would be, will c...

optimisticme600Jun 20
Three lines Poem

Three linesWords divide, It seems to be, Do you agree?...

optimisticme770Jun 19
Another Poem

Another PoemYou said something yesterday, that affects my world today, What did I say? You say it was nothing, but I feel bad, I feel sad, you don’t know?, do...

optimisticme781Jun 17Jun 18
Oh no another one Poem

Oh no, another one!It seems nothing changes, don’t ever speak too loud, You are not allowed, those that profess, sometimes regress, And the promise of equality is lost...

optimisticme670Jun 17

PoemWho is real in a world of unreal, who is true in a world of untrue, Who is right in a world of deception, who are you? What makes you right?, what m...

optimisticme800Jun 17

Waiting For A StormLiving life on the fringes of danger.........

Yankee4you1514Jun 14Jun 16
Can you be Poem

Can you be?If you don't understand it please don't comment!...

optimisticme790Jun 15
My inertia Poem

My inertiaI'm lazy as a slug....

MX4301473Jun 3Jun 10
Irony is hitting Poem

Irony is hittingthoughts....

MX430990Jun 8
Open Poem

Open!I have an open mind, come what may, as long as you believe in what I say, My open mind never falters, I’m open , but, I have a defence, It’s a se...

optimisticme952Jun 7Jun 8
The faces of Lies deceits and betrayals Poem

The faces of Lies,deceits and betrayals !Whitish grey, Do you lie? Please tell me why, Greyish white, Harmless and thoughtless, Tale binding with a long tail behind. Light darkish grey...

morgen9021069527Sep 2012Jun 7
Take control Poem

Take control!Who made them smarter than me? Where we not born equally? How did I become me?, and you become you?, What?, How?, did this become true?, Though its...

optimisticme901May 27May 28

in a dream unbidden last nightA dream recalled during my lesson with a Russian/Farsi-speaking student, and related as a story....

FargoFan1031May 26May 26
Really Really Poem

Really! Really!I don't exist in your land, you don't exist in mine, today is only passing time, Who you'll be tomorrow and what you will see, is who you really ar...

optimisticme3201May 17May 21

Dedicated to a HoarderHope it's a good day today...

lindsyjones1812May 18May 18
Its the way it is Poem

It's the way it is!Don't think too much, for it's not allowed, don't verbalize, don't criticize, When written words in cyber space become too much for you to face, Wh...

optimisticme910May 16
Question Poem

Question?So who would walk in another's shoes? perchance to win, perchance to lose, to swap a life, to change a way, to live maybe another day?...

optimisticme660May 14
To be or not to be that is the question Poem

To be or not to be, that is the question!What do you think that keeps people here? The inherent fear? The wanting to go on?, keep singing their song? In the face of adversity, who woul...

optimisticme881May 9May 10

WORLDWIDE CROOKED CHURCH HEADS MAKE CROOKED BEDS! Part - 21. Another church I had walked in 2, I sat down 2 listen 2 this male gentile church head. He was fault-finding & condemning the Harry Potter & The T...

israelismine680May 8

WORLDWIDE CROOKED CHURCH HEADS MAKE CROOKED BEDS! Part - 11. Not always but sometimes the Church can be a dark place where men hide behind the name 'Church.'...

israelismine740May 8
Older and wiser Poem

Older and wiser?We grow old, we get wise, But still we join those who dies, We give direction to the young, don't sing a song so well sung, But if they agreed and...

optimisticme760May 7
War Poem

War!Thunder roars and red sky flies and blinding lights and something dies when all that was has ceased to be the end of life how it used to be when loss...

optimisticme770May 7
When When When Poem

When! When! When!When the flowers fail to bloom, when tomorrow comes to soon, When all that I could be was all that I could see, When yesterday is a memory, of wha...

optimisticme900Apr 30
SILENT VOICES for yankee s challenge Poem

SILENT VOICES for yankee,s challengeA poem written 2013 and nothing changes so i brought it back...

EXRED32215Mar 6Apr 26
Whats new Poem

What's new!Oh what is life?, poetry in motion? love? strife?, the beginning of a new life? when a baby cries, someone dies, the beginning and the end, the foe an...

optimisticme880Apr 25

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