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Dark Poetry Poems (2,736)

Here is a list of Dark Poetry Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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This poem is explicitCan you tell I was irate when I wrote it? You FEEL me?...

SEEKINGinger1093Aug 31Sep 4
Burning Forests Poem

Burning ForestsGlobal warming............

Yankee4you1418Aug 13Sep 2
In lofty dreams Poem

In lofty dreamsIts best to let everyone who reads this make their own assessment. I have not a clue of the inspiration of this poem at the moment....

Unknown951Aug 30Aug 31

The Plagiarist (My USB)For those who cut/copy/paste/print out another's original work, from this site; and claim it as their own. Advice to other (original) CS poets: co...

lovecanbereal46419Oct 2019Aug 6
Letter from a wolf Poem

"Letter from a wolf"Your depravity, the raging bull that didn’t spare the tip of its horns. You’re a rose with too many blood thirsty thorns. On your chess board, I’m j...

IvoryPetals1082Jul 25Jul 28
Dreams Of You Poem

Dreams Of YouLoneliness is often just like dreaming for someone missing from your heart...

Yankee4you1754Jul 26Jul 27
Blind pursuit Poem

Blind pursuitIn a blind pursuit of forgotten dreams I lay to rest upon a mountain beside silver streams There was a day I believed and thought I could not be d...

Unknown1001Jul 23Jul 24

John Wren** John Wren (1871-1953): Labour Party Powerbroker, and underworld figure. Owner of racetracks, and Boss of the "Collingwood Tote" (Melbourne). ** T...

lovecanbereal388-Oct 2017Jul 2
Behind the Hill Poem

Behind the HillThis is a scheme of my thoughts about evilness which is so prevalent in this world. Dominant and much powerful than goodness. I saw darkness in so...

AutumnChild1492Jun 25Jun 27

"STRONGER?"About one's mental exhaustion ......

justruby792Jun 22Jun 22
HAIKU FOR YOU with bonus feature of authors interpretation What do ghost see in a mirror Poem

HAIKU FOR YOU (with bonus feature of author's interpretation) - "What do ghost see in a mirror?""What do ghosts see in a mirror?" Oak's underbelly. where dreams...

surprizeme1311Jun 21Jun 21

"THE 3 A.M BREAKDOWN"About a temporary setback in terms of mental health ......

justruby560Jun 21

ERASED AND UNWRITTENA story of a long-distant relationship with a closeted monster / predator ......

justruby811Jun 17Jun 18
Lightning skies Poem

Lightning skiesDarkness hails Purple blue flashes White lightning Booms and cracks Stretch across darkened skies Hail wind blows gust those teeth of flashe...

wayne341022Jun 15Jun 16
Sonnet 17 Poem

Sonnet #17In the earlier sonnets, the poet's main concern was to persuade the youth to marry and reproduce his beauty in the creation of a child. That purpose c...

worldwide23691Apr 2017May 14
Oh My Cripled Soul Poem

Oh! My Cripled SoulOh, My Crippled Soul! Abandoning the thought of love is like a pitchfork that pierced a heart that didn't bleed That which became my enemy was twice...

Marchmadness031264May 1May 12
Stealing Poem

StealingWe lost our WOW program at work due to five people who were using the program to line their pockets, and my mom waits to see her freedom stolen from h...

mcradloff1153Apr 9Apr 10
A thousand islands in the sea Poem

A thousand islands in the seaA thousand islands in the sea I am an island, all on my own, Eroded by the oceans foam, God’s heaven temporarily on loan, Like a grazing sheep,...

Jazcoleman3435Dec 2019Apr 3
Last Dance Poem

Last DanceRather mindless fascination and inspiration gotten looking out my kitchen window as old leaves and grass and flower head were whipped up into the air...

Yankee4you2276Mar 20Mar 23
Halloween special Hooded chair Poem

Halloween special - Hooded chairNow which one would you think would be the infamous chair that even Napoleon sat the night before his defeat? Trivia. . . its a real story and ru...

morgen902105,92016Oct 2013Mar 20
Spectre of the night Poem

Spectre of the nightYou feel a breath a icy chill Cold to touch You stand and stir on edge Was something Thier From corners eye you spy This thing a person stan...

wayne341582Mar 17Mar 18
Enter the light i Poem

Enter the light iI dreamed of light A up hill tunnel so bright Shines from heaven above Voices heard from distant past Familiar sounds Voices long gone They s...

wayne341422Mar 14Mar 16
Drugs Poem

DrugsI find reasons to stay out of the drug problem, thou I have indulged in pop and junk food, which is probably one of the biggest contributors to our lo...

mcradloff2016Mar 12Mar 16
The Hooded Chair French Poem

The Hooded Chair (French)did it with imtranslator...

morgen902108866Jun 2013Mar 15

Sunday week at 2pmBit tongue in cheek, but there you have it...

trurorob48412Feb 2020Mar 14
Alone Poem

AloneThis is a poem to remind us that with age we become lost from friends are families that once we where always with and as time goes by we lose touch...

wayne341613Mar 10Mar 13
Six walls Poem

Six wallsSix sides I can not move look within These six walls Contained ears closed To the dreams around I can't bare the sounds The scream the bangs...

wayne341391Mar 9Mar 9
God Poem

GodQuestions that run through my head sometimes......

madtat291606Mar 4Mar 9
Fear Poem

FearA lil dark poetry on mental wellness......

madtat291363Mar 4Mar 5
warrior Poem

warriorhe grew up tall in this small land and worked the beaches field and strand until reward won mind and hand and left his youth for golden band...

yachtsman_72223Mar 2Mar 4
Dream Walker Poem

Dream WalkerThe darkness and uncertainty of life during this pandemic is very unnerving....

Yankee4you3447Apr 2020Feb 27
Talking Tina Poem

Talking TinaI was watching the Twilight Zone episode The Living Doll....

mcradloff1972Oct 2020Feb 23
Destiny Poem

DestinyTake away my sin Don't cast me aside For I feel hollow within My strength withers My arms are thin My body withers From decades toil Now...

wayne342431Feb 22Feb 23
Surf Poem

Surf5am.. I take my board and smell the sky the tide swims round the breeze a spell and says goodbye the initial hit of cold and salt gives wa...

yachtsman_729615Feb 1Feb 13
questions Poem

questionscould a woman love the light could she'd gladly lease each part could the angel of our darkness make a mooring in her heart could a human heart...

yachtsman_71884Feb 10Feb 12

The End TimesThe "damage done" by idiots........

lovecanbereal2157Jan 20Feb 3
Pandemic Poem

PandemicStreets silent Lockdown begins We hide from the unseen for the silent killer lurks On winds of breath carried blown in the wind can't be se...

wayne341222Jan 23Jan 23
Dont Send Me There Poem

Don't Send Me ThereI had over an hour conversation with my mom on the possibility of her going into a nursing home. The song at the beginning of my poem is Devil Inside...

mcradloff1755Jan 2Jan 5
Unknown720Dec 2020

—-I am a broken heart—-My life is a funeral dying in life living in death remains not yet to be sold beginning to old, to many deaths to many ways to call it home, the remai...

jimmydean691140Dec 2020
Smile Poem

SmileSome story about the masks...

salamuna43720Mar 2020Dec 2020
Boogie street Poem

Boogie streetO crown of light, o darkened one.....

Unknown621Dec 2020Dec 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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