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Dark Poetry Poems (2,486)

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Narc'sFor sure, they goin to fix you to break you. For there is nothing to break with a broken you. So they will goin to sort things out with you. Comfo...

elgigi301402 hrs ago

American Bosses What A Big Circus!1. I had worked many different jobs in years past, and a lot of those Male-Bosses had started treating their male and female employees like dogs doo-...

Israelis1223503 hrs ago
Rainbows in a waterfall Poem

Rainbow's in a waterfall.Rainbow's in a waterfall, magical, beautiful and breathtaking. Lovely to watch, inspiring hope and dreams. But always keep your distance when th...

ladyjewel1425Apr 15Apr 18

Black Night(wrote this at a dark period in my life in my early 20s)...

socrates441262Apr 6Apr 10
Counting Poem

CountingReflections of a changing world since the dawn of 2020...

Jaded_Raven1242Apr 4Apr 7

Part-Two Trump Suggests:1. The company cited a handful of 'regrettable cases of injuries or deaths' among those jumping aboard. It said migrants were jumping on board the ca...

Israelis1221070Mar 14
Israelis1221040Mar 14

Violet FlamesRemember when......

Angeldancer3672Feb 7Feb 14
The Black Mermaid Poem

The Black MermaidWriting about a familiar outcropping of rocks that sometimes take shape and form in the crevices of our mind like passing clouds and give us all a sen...

Yankee4you2772Feb 9Feb 13

The Storm In Mea little inspiration...

Angeldancer2510Jan 10
Love Thats Lost In Time Poem

Love That’s Lost In TimeThis is entirely an abstract form of poetry that tries to define something that’s more imaginary than real....

Yankee4you5166Jun 2023Jan 5
ladyjewel3953Dec 26Dec 31
Life as it is Poem

Life as it isI stood to strong for to damn long, i sat by and watched it all take place, a softened heart among many treasures i hold without a trace i found someo...

jimmydean692982Jun 2023Dec 29
Sorrow at my door Poem

Sorrow at my doorEvery day Since my stepdad passed away, I have seen one magpie in the same spot it was haunting. I recently had a look and I found that the second one...

1r1shmale3494Dec 13Dec 15
Rap a tap Poem

Rap a tapRap a tap, Not feeling the vibe Rap a tap. Information online Sending a text Information untamed. The aftermath can send us insane. R...

1r1shmale2150Dec 14
Let me be Poem

Let me beMy liver is stuffed. Point of no return....

jimmydean694115May 2023Dec 10
A Vespidial Knight Speaking to Yah Poem

A Vespidial Knight Speaking to Yah"One by one dear father I shall reign thine wrath upon them and by thine own steed I shall forcefully alight within them the burning embers of your fu...

Zoharstrius3382Dec 4Dec 6
The Lissome Rhythm Poem

The Lissome RhythmThe Horse's Heart beat pounding between my thighs, I sit upon him as he knows we are about to charge into another Battle. I sit there till mine and hi...

Zoharstrius1940Dec 3
If Hate Comes Without Chains Will Someone Please Hate Me Poem

If Hate Comes Without Chains, Will Someone Please Hate MeA tragic tale of experiences and injustices. May his voice be allowed to be my voice as I help to gain freedom through poetic expression. It is never...

Zoharstrius2511Nov 25Nov 26
To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior Part Three Continued The End Poem

To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior (Part Three) ...Continued. The EndYes the times are changing - yet that's a given - The centuries hath always told People age with the Seasons that change - Yet luck doth favor the b...

Zoharstrius1650Nov 25
To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior Part Two To be Continued Poem

To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior (Part Two) To be Continued...Wherefrom the political curtains hang - plans are made to do more harm Youth of all ages and adults took away - from humanity - the darkened hand's f...

Zoharstrius1100Nov 25
To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior Part One To be Continued Poem

To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior (Part One) To be Continued...Men more than women kill themselves better: when they want to die Yet through the mental fetter, few there truly be, who wants the suicide Everyone...

Zoharstrius1570Nov 25
Below Disney Land Poem

Below Disney LandThe Burning brethren's Words of Hate Stirring around the embers of ruined books Left ashes of burnt pages upon the ground Dispelled for lack of som...

Zoharstrius1460Nov 25
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Poem

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)Knowing not whence the life, my life the bet As if the Gods against me some bet twas set Their presence absent, and their silence met And all I k...

Zoharstrius1350Nov 25


CuspofMagic7749Jan 2011Nov 18
Different Tune Poem

Different TuneWrote this one 11/17/2023. This is rough draft for the first write. Consider a high/medium tempo to low guitar playing while writing this obscure, off...

DiggableHippy492230Nov 17
Dreams or reality Poem

Dreams or realityI laid down in my bed My head hurt My vision blurry No one to hear my story I fell asleep for two days Woke up in a haze was it a dream Or...

Abby196354710Sep 25Nov 13
Different Poem

DifferentDifferent people have different reasons, is today a good day to die?, I cant see, a way, to be, me, Unhappy about life?, can't take the strife?, awa...

optimisticme2080Nov 13

Dedicated to a HoarderHope it's a good day today...

lindsyjones4572May 2022Aug 24

NOTHING LEFTNot much to say about this one. It's dark but I like it...

ManicCC4769Nov 2019Aug 24
Burning Forests Poem

Burning ForestsGlobal warming............

Yankee4you4819Aug 2021Aug 2023
The Ride Poem

The RideWho would have known that a simple drive could start such a chain of events. A country road leading no where....time well spent. Watching as the m...

Happygolucky4u77213Aug 2011Jul 2023

Sound, Music, and TimingJust venting to myself. You just happened to red it. LOL Hugs...

Fadedbluejeans2272Jun 2023Jun 2023
Darkness Waiting Poem

Darkness, Waiting.It's hard to Trust....

ladyjewel1550Jun 2023
Friends Poem

FriendsI'm looking for someone to meet up and hang out by me...

Johnsnow15801892Jun 2023Jun 2023
See Me Hold Me Poem

See Me, Hold Me.I don't know, feeling so much, need to rest a little....

ladyjewel1590Jun 2023
I can trace my heart Poem

I can trace my heartIt's 4am, this woke me....

ladyjewel1550Jun 2023
Trolls Poem

TrollsI've been here since 2011, and I'm still here!...

daradloff2584Jun 2023Jun 2023
As is as is Poem

<——As is as is——>I have had mates who have fought in the war. It’s sort of a memorial and memory of my mate. ?????????????...

jimmydean692070Mar 2023

Wiprofantcontrasts of beautiful phantasies and evil reality...

8Dreams3221Mar 2023Mar 2023
Family values Poem

Family valuesin reality they are not a reality, maybe me maybe you maybe not, so we ain’t saints it’s clear to know we are all looking for our place to flow. thi...

jimmydean692410Mar 2023
Fear Poem

FearBaseless anxieties shouldn’t become permanent roadblocks. Fear is such a raw emotion....

Yankee4you3223Jan 2023Jan 2023

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