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A Waltz with Angels Poem

A Waltz with Angels.I often feel that lost kindred souls are never far away....

Mizzy452417Apr 8May 20

A Righteous Man's LifeDedicated to My Dada who passed away on 01st May 2023. A man who walked the narrow path throughout his lifetime. But, received God's Grace and Merc...

angel999991896Apr 30May 11
Mom And Dads Prayer For Their Daughter Poem

Mom And Dad's Prayer For Their Daughter1. A father and a mother that really love's their Daughter They would want U to seek to find A real Pure genuine man that's true, that would never...

Israelis122890May 3
Mens Commandments Not Womens Poem

Men's Commandments Not Women's!16. Adam got shamed and blamed by God. God had refused to shame and blame Eve because Adam was left in charge chief of all operations over Eve and the...

Israelis1221300May 3
The Chair Poem

The Chair.It was writen at christmas time. My mother had died two months earlier. So at christmas I took the sleeper train to another country and stayed there a...

Jocky58750Apr 21
Me Poem

MeI love you I hate you I need you Afraid to love Afraid to be loved Push most away Scared of you Have many fears Don’t abandoned me...

Abby19633178Apr 10Apr 18
Gray Hair And Wrinkles Poem

Gray Hair And Wrinkles!1. I remember walking past a high-school there were a bunch of teenagers more males then that of females. As I walking past their school city bus s...

Israelis1222112Mar 31Apr 1
Floating Awareness Poem

Floating AwarenessDrifting in thought an element of rot the stench was in the air Whod it be, the next one caught whilst villagers danced with flair Round and r...

Zoharstrius3952Dec 6Dec 6
To Those That Love Him Part Two Poem

To Those That Love Him! Part Two1. Psalm 138:8 New King James Version "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the w...

Israelis1222580Nov 6
Summer Fairies Poem

Summer FairiesA poem written after a day out with two of my daughters aged five and seven one summer in 2008. ©...

Kacey012344Aug 2023Aug 2023

Memories of Mom (MOM)Written on May 11, 2014 for Mother's Day in Memory of my Mom. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mom!...

godsprincess1,1469May 2015Jul 2023
My Dad Poem

My DadTo my strength today. To all the amazing Men here. Happy father's Day....

ladyjewel1942Jun 2023Jun 2023
Damen Poem


ladyjewel2153Jun 2023Jun 2023
The Tree Poem

The Treei Wrote it as i had a lot going on in the family, Always a good base in life is a solid tree.Plus i lost my wife, so if you like a 5 min outburst and...

colwest2404May 2023Jun 2023
Let us repent Poem

Let us repentJust Random thoughts...

lindsyjones4426Mar 2022May 2023
Where will I be Poem

Where will I beI write my poems With glee Happy thought Of what I could be I could marry I could stay single Able to do anything These thoughts occupy...

wayne343212Mar 2023Mar 2023
Mary K Latourneau Poem

Mary K. Latourneau1. Mary K. Latourneau Television calls it a scandal. In my book there was no scandal! She committed no crime! Yes I'm aware there was what the U...

Unknown2610Aug 2022
Who Poem

Who?Who becomes you when you cant be? Who becomes the order of your destiny? Who were you when you were you? What changed, what made you be, the you...

optimisticme2041Jun 2022Jun 2022
Serenity Poem

SerenityWhat happened yesterday will happen today, what was will be, and all our thoughts, our longing for serenity, can never be, the young need to learn,...

optimisticme1880Jun 2022
Uncle Buck Poem

Uncle BuckI watch about five movies a week, John Candy died in 1994, but I usually watch this one every year. His other great movies are Planes Trains and Auto...

mcradloff2742May 2022May 2022
Him the P guy Poem

Him, the P guy!This relative of mine goes to bed at nine, Wakes up and drinks at twelve, that's fine, But when he disturbs our sleeping time, I draw the line,...

optimisticme2100May 2022
Correct Poem

Correct!So you're not rich? got nothing to show for your life, but what did you sow? Children who grew to be, proud for anyone to see, No monetary li...

optimisticme1830May 2022
I Really dont Poem

I Really don't !I really don't like the way you think, I really don't like your granite sink, I really don't like your taste in food, I really don't like your precio...

optimisticme2290May 2022
Human Male And Female Poem

Human Male And Female!1. Law enforcement all over the world will jail or execute women at different times in the world. In the eyes of God, God will never jail and execute...

Unknown1990May 2022
Senryu Poem

SenryuParental stress....

Mizzy43107Mar 2022Mar 2022
lindsyjones2804Mar 2022Mar 2022
Just a thought Poem

Just a thought-So where did you find Jesus? Hiding in a tree? away from you and me? Until you tracked him down, and then,,, what? The rain stopped?, the sun came o...

optimisticme3183Feb 2022Mar 2022
Just for them Poem

Just for themI could write about the rose that grows, its beauty, coulourful and majestifully superior, but I wont, I could not give a f*ck, I dont give a f*ck abo...

optimisticme2332Feb 2022Feb 2022
optimisticme2933Feb 2022Feb 2022

OVERMELTIf the only true mercy ever shown to Man by the fates is Woman isn’t her “Otherness” vital? Or are our offspring to be an amalgam of a sort o...

utterlytruthfull2281Jan 2022Jan 2022
Unique Poem

UniqueI never knew the flower that fell, I never knew, who you were, I never knew you, I never knew my heart would break, only for,,for your sake, and now I...

optimisticme2380Jan 2022
nnnnnnvbnvnbvn Poem

nnnnnnvbnvnbvnMy PERFECT grandson!!!...

optimisticme2320Jan 2022
Pics Poem

PicsThe pics in National Geographic are among my favorite, a magazine I've had coming since 1986....

mcradloff2752Jul 2021Jul 2021
my monster Poem

my monsteralex my grad son is 4 months old he misses his grand mother who died on 30/4 too she loved him so much...

alfred_tennyson2150Jul 2021
Somebody somewhere Poem

Somebody somewhere……..What can I say ….....

Nuwahri6144415Jun 2021Jun 2021
When a child is born it is a miracle Double Sonnet and Acrostic Poem

When a child is born it is a miracle. (Double Sonnet and Acrostic).*W*hen children are born it's a wonderous thing. *H*earing it's cry opens mothering love. *E*very new heartbeat reminds us of spring. *N*ew life, n...

GingerGee4353Apr 2019May 2021
An ANZACS daughter Poem

An ANZAC'S daughter..........My Grandfather would be very proud of his daughters resilience to the Wars Of Life........unfortunately he left behind two beautiful girls under the a...

Nuwahri6180910Apr 2017Apr 2021
Senses Poem

SensesOver under everywhere The sense of peace suds bubbles gives liquid care Invisible body feeling it there From thin air Undeniable mist feeds...

jaysone12780Apr 2021
Not Yet Poem

Not YetMy dad died in one of those toxic hell holes called a nursing home. I remember a dream I had as a child about hell, the feeling I got was pretty clos...

mcradloff2950Apr 2021Apr 2021

May God bless Us all!Just a thought... Wishing everyone... With loads of love....

angel999995518Dec 2019Jan 2021
Unknown2461Dec 2020Dec 2020
sand Poem

sandfriends hear me now and hear my plea I've wintered long in fields of sea I've fought and fight against the wind I've seen both poles and seen them...

yachtsman_73193Dec 2020Dec 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2024. All rights reserved.

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