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Family Poems (543)

Here is a list of Family Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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we endureI got your picture in my cabin your smiling face is everywhere your ghost is what I sail on through the ocean of your hair and my work it takes me...

yachtsman_729611Apr 20Jul 2
Father Poem

FatherToday is Father’s Day in Europe....

virgosign6601Jun 21Jun 21

Father's Day 2020To All Those Worth The Title . . . He may not for nine months have carried us , but it can't be denied he makes half of us ... Though it was...

Islandgirl617061Jun 21Jun 21
Always Here Poem

Always Here............A memorial seat for a local fella where he used to visit regularly.............. his family shared some thoughts with me about it .............

Nuwahri6118210May 14May 19

covid 19there was a girl in china but the radio signal died I told her we were hundred to keep her spirit but I lied people started dropping in the spr...

yachtsman_71324Apr 23Apr 23

The World of Einstein and meEinstein is my dog, he passed 2 months ago, he has been with me for 13 years, he is my son. This poem is for him....

Grace20181681Nov 2019Feb 25
Nark Poem

NarkI have been reading a book written by David Kaczynkski about turning in his brother Ted....

mcradloff1100Feb 22

Happy Mother's Day to our Moms in HeavenWritten May 8, 2011 for Mother's Day....

godsprincess1,48615May 2015Feb 5
Foundation Poem

Foundationto engage or not to engage is a personal choice......

orientalkoru1382Jan 30Jan 30
May God bless Us all Poem

May God bless Us all!Just a thought... Wishing everyone... With loads of love....

angel999991776Dec 31Jan 19
Mama Quotes Poem

Mama QuotesI got lucky enough to see Vicki Lawrence in concert on November 5. She did half the show as herself and the other half as Mama Harper from the TV sho...

mcradloff4092Nov 2016Jan 18

SacrificesDedicated to my parents. Volim vas do beskraja i dalje od toga,najdrazi moji......

AutumnChild1962Nov 2019Nov 2019

Afternoon DelightMy parents were exceptional Always giving the best Deserving the best Loved by many for their gracious Love dedication loyalty Proud to be the...

Rachael_06221710Nov 2019

There was a girlThis was a mostly a true story from many moons ago Up on a mountain top Somewhere over the Great Lakes of Michigan Looking down into a valley Jus...

Rachael_06222082Oct 2019Nov 2019
WWE Rusev Poem

WWE Rusev1. Rusev, I saw the man there in the WWE he tried to help u and Lana reconcile but Lana didn't have not even an ounce of reconciliation in her....

israelismine1100Oct 2019

Hot stuffMemories of Alaska Hot hot hot nights! When he's hot 4 u U r hot 4 him never take it for granted U may never replace him Pretty hard to give that...

Rachael_06221510Oct 2019

MamaDedicated to my mother. Forever and always you are in my heart. Till the end of time and backwards....

AutumnChild2396Oct 2019Oct 2019

Worship What MattersThe feeling you get when you worship what matters in life....

Yankee4you2256Aug 2019Sep 2019


Unknown1865Aug 2019Aug 2019
summers end Poem

summer's endsummer goodbye next year we'll fly she told me... when leaves turn to gold and the whole world gets cold and snows be.. there's a scar in my...

walRU1813Aug 2019Aug 2019

FAMILY BONDS.On one of those days, you tend to cruise Doing chores, just the ones you choose Stress not a factor, taking your time At one with the universe, all...

niah91834Jun 2019Jun 2019
Trapping Poem

TrappingI love those furry little creatures, so I don't trap today, besides it's a lot of work!...

mcradloff1360Jun 2019
Anger Poem

Anger.I wrote this 10 years ago when my daughter cut me from her life. I haven't seen her or my precious grandchildren since. I've obviously worked throug...

GingerGee28118May 2019Jun 2019
only1life1601May 2019May 2019
the swan at port Poem

the swan at portI see you every day it's not important you see me I'm the man who moors his boat near your house beside the quay your son is older than me lear...

walRU1666May 2019May 2019
When a child is born it is a miracle Double Sonnet and Acrostic Poem

When a child is born it is a miracle. (Double Sonnet and Acrostic).*W*hen children are born it's a wonderous thing. *H*earing it's cry opens mothering love. *E*very new heartbeat reminds us of spring. *N*ew life, n...

GingerGee1580Apr 2019
Dont drop me in it Poem

Don’t drop me in itMen, what are they like?...

Harbal1948Apr 2019Apr 2019
I Know You Love Me Poem

I Know You Love MeIt's about a woman and her cold relationship with her mother. It's sad and true. It is....

thehemingway2135Feb 2019Feb 2019
Brothers Poem

Brothersthis poem comes from the chinese tv series Romance of the Three Kingdoms. the poem was writen by Cao Zhi brother to Cao Pi. when Cao Pi took over as h...

pie8221822Feb 2019Feb 2019
One Day Poem

One Day...........Need to return to my country of birth ................

Nuwahri6137412Jan 2019Jan 2019
21 4 1932 24 12 2007 Poem

21/4/1932-24/12/2007Just paying my respects to my lovely mother ............and also wishing everyone here on PC a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year...

Nuwahri611,52219Dec 2014Dec 2018
Its Christmas Time Again Poem

It's Christmas Time AgainThis Poem Is all about Christmas and Santa's dedication to the children, I hope you all enjoy this and also I wish all poets a very Merry Christmas an...

john170219841630Dec 2018
Best feeling in the world Poem

Best feeling in the worldKeeps your love in your heart...

deepjohnson3864Dec 2018Dec 2018
What else Poem

What else ..........For my youngest introverted son ............slowly stepping out from behind his shadows a gentle giant with a great sense of humour ................

Nuwahri612375Nov 2018Dec 2018
Wife Poem

Wife‘Wife!,' cried the impatient husband. ‘Fetch me my boots, I have friends I need to meet.’ Fetch them yourself, thought the wife, as she delivered t...

Harbal44513Sep 2018Nov 2018
What becomes Poem

What becomes.........I understand people will seperate for obvious reasons what I don't understand why the fallout of that separation has to be loaded onto the kids .........

Nuwahri613862Nov 2018Nov 2018

DO NOT READ THIS!Wow! This one is WAY DIFFERENT from any of my usual styles. It felt like I was on a high as I wrote it, or rather, it wrote itself. I just arranged th...

BobbyC13489444Aug 2018Sep 2018
For Jamie Poem

For JamieWhen my second husband died, I think I may have relied too heavily on my daughter for strength, it was her step father, and she has always been the sp...

QuietStormF2672Aug 2018Aug 2018
I have walked the land in the footsteps of my fathers Poem

I have walked the land in the footsteps of my fathersAnother one comes from heart too and one my favorites ones...

sphereman7775821Aug 2018Aug 2018
The sad life Poem

The sad lifeIt is about this weekend and the lives with her family and friends...

Unknown1691Aug 2018Aug 2018

For my daughter Camille, my JuniorThere are so many things in life that we can truly feel blessed. My children are more than one o many reasons 9 II feel how great life is. This is...

lindsyjones5257May 2017Jul 2018

My Scottish Gran’I was so very fortunate growing up a young child to know a very sweet and loving grandmother, (Maggie), who taught me how to study nature and learn al...

Yankee4you69212Jan 2012Jul 2018

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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