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Fantasy/Science Fiction Poems (802)

Here is a list of Fantasy/Science Fiction Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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War And PeaceI wrote this one 1-18-11. It consists of story, myth, to reality; or, just a song depending on how you look at it....

DiggableHippy49472Sep 10Sep 11

Laughter Of The WizardI wrote this one 10-17-94, just barely over two months after I "turned on, tuned in, and dropped out" and went to Woodstock '94! lol Putting this in h...

DiggableHippy491653Aug 30Sep 2

GIANTS!1. I've heard people on this earth call other people giants. In my book and the Lords book just because there 7 to 8 to 9 to 15 feet tall they aren...

israelismine780Aug 17
War Haiku another take Poem

War Haiku - another takeFollowing Ocean’s steps...

yaspark22512Jul 3Jul 24

Phantom fantasiesSame dude that ghosted me. Don't care to say much more than that at this time -_-...

SEEKINGinger540Jul 15
Things that go clunk in the night Poem

Things that go clunk in the nightA poem for children, with spooky things woooooh...

Oceanzest651Jul 12Jul 12

Love IslandLOVE ISLAND Beyond my reach to this love island I castaway my dreams of capture, To a forgotten place. No one live on Love island Except the sh...

MissIreland3754Jan 2020May 27
Space Poem

SpaceOne of my biggest disappointments is the lack of funding of space programs. The first man on the moon cost around three percent of the government's b...

mcradloff972May 14May 18
Spooksville Poem

Spooksvillehere's a challenge, write me a scary poem, everyone likes a good horror :)...

Oceanzest25211May 6May 16
I Got It Anyway Poem

I Got It AnywayNow that my heartaches are gone I'll be moving on And I'm glad that tomorrow will bring a brand new day She didn't want to give me closure but I...

EyeLook4U592May 16May 16
Captain Neon Poem

Captain Neonghost rider...

Oceanzest1172Apr 13Apr 15
Vermillion yellow violin Poem

Vermillion yellow violinvermillion yellow violin Word paint...

Oceanzest920Mar 30

Starlight WomanWe all came from stars, and to stars, we will return.......

lovecanbereal23711Mar 17Mar 21

ALTERED EGOThis poem was inspired by the fairy tale mirror mirror on the wall... I thought mirror mirror on the ceiling would be a nice adult Twist. This was...

LADYCOUNTESS31713Jan 2020Mar 19

IS THE WORLD STILL OUT THERE?Update 4/2020: I wrote this a year ago February not knowing what was going to happen in the world in the last few months. Eerily it makes one feel ri...

godsprincess61622Feb 2019Jan 12
Star Trek The Impatient Meditation Poem

Star Trek: The Impatient Meditation(Spock and Bones are sitting in Spock’s quarters as Spock tries to teach Bones how to meditate by focusing the mind through the concentration on the f...

DK10011372Sep 2020Oct 2020
The princess of Cafe Castle Poem

The princess of Cafe CastleMany a poet had written of her beauty.. She was not unaware of the exotic whispers that blew through the snow covered forests that boardered the...

cafetwo201094930Dec 2012Sep 2020

INTERNET DATINGPeople live in bubbles now. Safely in their shell. Appearing to communicate. Getting on well. Witty, charming, intelligent, sweet. Someone you...

Tamotie1361Sep 2020Sep 2020
The Red Button Poem

The Red ButtonMy imagination was stretched beyond limits here...

yaspark4731Feb 2019Jul 2020
Star Trek Pronouncing Danger Poem

Star Trek: Pronouncing Danger!Chekov: “kaptain sensors indicate a wessel approaching”. Kirk: “a what?” Chekov: “it is arming veapons!” Kirk: “what is?” Chekhov: “the we...

DK10011180Jul 2020
Star Trek The Scenes that didnt make it to the big Screen Poem

Star Trek: The Scenes that didn't make it to the big ScreenIt is a play on Star Trek. I am a Hugh fan of Star Trek and Star Wars and Sci-Fi in general....

DK10011240Jun 2020
No Comment Poem

No CommentSimple thoughts....No comments will be accepted....

candykid264-Apr 2020

THE OUTER LIMITSDue to someone's criticism on here of my first write - I pulled off and revamped but I doubt it will please. Traveling in time and space. Movie "...

godsprincess42116Feb 2020Feb 2020
doglover14 godsprincess and southmiami Captured Poem

doglover14/ godsprincess/ and southmiami.. Captured!Lordy am I gonna get it now! Lol....

cafetwo201067419Nov 2016Feb 2020

WINTER FLURRYA Facebook friend of mine wanted me to write a poem using her name as a princess or her little cousin's - I used her name as the princess and her litt...

godsprincess1,29111Feb 2016Jan 2020
When you Lose your Shadow Poem

When you Lose your ShadowLooking at the funny side of things...

yaspark45917Dec 2019Jan 2020
Drogons roar Poem

Drogons roarThe white queen Naked she stand for all to see Three Dragons seen Small in stature Conquest to full fill The iron throne she will want Fr...

wayne342361Jan 2020Jan 2020

Dream CatcherInspired by reading the Legend of the Dream Catcher to write a poem....

godsprincess2,17734Apr 2016Jan 2020
Edmunds Lament Poem

Edmund's LamentThis is a poem about Edmund's thougts when he is held captive by the White Witch. In The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. I wrote this poem a couple...

Lalinra6082Aug 2015Jan 2020
Three Things I Need Poem

Three Things I NeedThree Things I Need, Just for Laughs...

HotrodLarrys30612Nov 2019Dec 2019
The enchanted forests Poem

The enchanted forestsSometimes fairytales feel real...

yaspark4728Nov 2019Nov 2019
Batman Poem

BatmanSuperhero DC comics inspiration....

Brent2251952Oct 2019Nov 2019
Sunshine Smiles and Rainbows Cry Poem

Sunshine Smiles and Rainbows CryYou really have to hop on board and come along for the ride in this one. :)...

Yankee4you3967Oct 2019Oct 2019
A Goddess Heart Poem

A Goddess HeartThe most Beautiful goddesses ever turned to stone….....

Yankee4you3174Aug 2019Aug 2019

The Robot Poet -True A.I?Inspired by a Wikipedia article, inferring that robots with A.I capabilities can produce "realistic" prose and poetry....

lovecanbereal4507Jul 2017Jul 2019
Before The Gates Of Alahsar 1 Poem

Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 1Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Original Version "Before The Gates Of Alahsar." (Bardic Style) (Original Short Version) (Part-1) Sweet A...

weemick19601921Jul 2019Jul 2019

BECAUSE OF MEI wrote this poem at school when I was about 14 or 15 I spent a lot of time on it rhyming the 1st and 3rd lines plus the 2nd and 4th lines in each ve...

LADYCOUNTESSA5029Nov 2017Jul 2019

DAWN IN THE GLENJust felt fanciful!...

godsprincess1,16127Jul 2016Jun 2019
Shining Knight Poem

Shining KnightMy memories...

Bryant671995Jun 2019Jun 2019
Platteville We Have A Problem Poem

Platteville, We Have A ProblemI was hoping that commercial space travel would be possible in my lifetime so that I could travel around this solar system....

mcradloff1972Jun 2019Jun 2019
Fairy tale Poem

Fairy taleA little song I wrote...sometimes I miss yesterday......

madtat292294May 2019May 2019
Dinosaurs on a Plane Poem

Dinosaurs on a PlaneI love the movies that have animals attacking people. The best scene in Jurassic Park was when the Trex ate the lawyer sitting on the toilet....

mcradloff2040Apr 2019

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