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Food Poems (162)

Here is a list of Food Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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FargoFan1242Sep 2Sep 3
Graham Crackers Poem

Graham CrackersI wrote this for my son. It was inspired by the works of Shel Silverstein....

SEEKINGinger1767Aug 12Aug 14

~~~~COFFEETIME~~~~~Do you like coffee, no I LOVE my COFFEE and drinking coffee is the best past time for getting through any type of day, as we drink and have fun drinki...

breathless225387Sep 2011Jul 22
Succulent salsa Poem

Succulent salsaThis poem was for the following poetry contest (which I won a silver medal for). Yay! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

SEEKINGinger1304Jul 12Jul 13
SIETE MODOS Ladino djudeo sefardi Poem

SIETE MODOS (Ladino/djudeo-sefardi)Anonimo judeosefardí (Isla de Rodas)...

GUZMAN18614Jul 2011Jun 25
That shopping bag Poem

That shopping bagYou carry that bag Where ever you go Full to the brim It took you to carry it contents within Why you want to burden with this stuff why you wa...

wayne341580Apr 24
Fast Food Poem

Fast FoodSonic tonight!...

mcradloff1745Mar 6Mar 21
cast out Poem

cast outin the garden Lush and green Adam and Eve Play and wander Forbiden to eat the fruit The apple of desire Wearing their fig leaves to spar...

wayne346051Mar 2014Feb 23
Party Poem

PartyI'd like to leave this party it's not fun anymore The buffet doesn't taste The way I remembered Food to be I'd like to leave this party Too d...

Palmfrond2154Apr 2020Apr 2020
theoretical physics Poem

theoretical physicscambridge on a sunny morn a professor deep in thought a quasi quantum quandary his mind now overwrought now the kernel of dilemma the cause o...

yachtsman_729816Apr 2020Apr 2020
Cold Turkey Poem

Cold TurkeyI raised my own turkey one year, to be part of our Yuletide fare, he lived in the house like a pet, and we spared no expense on his care. When i...

Unknown37011Dec 2019Jan 2020
Be Twixed Poem

Be-TwixedHow do you like your chocolate?...

LADYCOUNTESSA2371Nov 2019Nov 2019
Sweet nothings Poem

Sweet nothingsJust a little fanciful confection for consideration...

madtat2939310May 2019Jun 2019

OPEN CRUSHvintage lemonade...

OdaMae2000Feb 2019
Texas Roadhouse Poem

Texas RoadhouseMy big gripe with this place is it is way too crowded....

mcradloff3170Feb 2019
The Value of Pie Poem

The Value of PieCall me pedantic, but sometimes there can be no compromise....

Unknown35915Jan 2019Jan 2019
Mighty Soup Poem

Mighty SoupA follow-up on the recipe challenge....

yaspark46610Jan 2019Jan 2019
Risotto Poem

RisottoI wasn’t sure if I should post this in poetry or recipes. In the end I decided against recipes just in case anyone should be foolish enough to try an...

Unknown1,07217Dec 2018Jan 2019
Poetry for beginners Poem

Poetry for beginnersA Haiku reciipe...

yaspark3909Dec 2018Dec 2018
Tarnished and bent Poem

Tarnished and bent...You ripped my "beating for only you". heart, right out of my chest. So, I placed it on your untouched dinner, you'd left on the bench. Then...

Unknown3113May 2018Jun 2018
This is my new poem

This is my new poemis is my new poem I'm just testing This is my new poem I'm just testing is is my new poem I'm just testing This is my new poem I'm just testing is is...

CraftySquirrel4691Feb 2018May 2018
Chocolate Covered Bacon Poem

Chocolate Covered BaconI finally got my skiing in. I used to pay by the date when we had snow early. Today would have cost me eight dollars in the past, when skiing starte...

mcradloff3670Dec 2017
Kneading and Stirring Poem

Kneading and StirringNothing to do, nowhere to go Summer has passed, soon it will snow The honey has settled to an amber glory In the kitchen I'll prepare a story for...

K_Ann_703580Oct 2017

WINEJust a bit of fun...

steve12234643Sep 2017Sep 2017
Its breakfast time Poem

Its breakfast timeMy breakfast today...

Mapmaker4987Aug 2017Aug 2017
Too Fat Patricks Story Poem

Too Fat: Patrick's StoryThis is an ode to an old show I saw on Jerry Springer back in 1995 on a man so fat they had to cut a hole in his house to get him out....

mcradloff1,03315Mar 2012Aug 2017
The Sum Poem

"The Sum"oh well food for thought...

sophiasummer7699Aug 2010May 2017
Popeyes Poem

PopeyesAte out at a restuarant last night that reminded me of Friedman's that closed up around 2000. They had Bacos for their salad bar, which I had only s...

mcradloff3880Feb 2017
Free Food Poem

Free FoodGot some free donuts, pop, and pizza today at work. Enjoyed it very much, but why did some of the mean workers in my department buy it for everyone?...

mcradloff8907Mar 2015Feb 2017
Big Jims Buffet Poem

Big Jim's BuffetI love to eat out. I am going to Texas Road House tonight. Just imagining a restaurant that I would love. If you have ever had king crab, it is qui...

mcradloff4080Jan 2017
The Bin Poem

The BinThe bin In the corner you just sit Stirrin glirren As i throw rubbish in Stayle odours From last nights Saturday takeaway Stirren back at me...

wayne345091Jan 2017Jan 2017
Subway Poem

SubwayJust thinking of the last sub I had at Subway. I bought two footlongs for their special coupon for 12 dollars. I am not doing that again. It's bett...

mcradloff4962Nov 2016Nov 2016
Self Preservation Poem

"Self Preservation"My mother bottled so many different sorts of fruit, was beautiful.... I just wasn't in to it, when it came to, pickling onions. But yes I did.......

sophiasummer88014Aug 2010Nov 2016
Yelping Poem

YelpingI was looking up some resturarants on Yelp. I love to eat out. Tomarrow I am going to UNO's in Platteville and get a large deep dish pizza with saus...

mcradloff5730Jul 2016


WILDANDREADY96112Mar 2016Jul 2016
Single tastes like Cloves Poem

Single tastes like ClovesZap and undeniable hot but the class by themselves is bug repellent Same could be said of several seasons & spice nutmeg or cinnamon paprika...

BeneathePines6811May 2016May 2016
What Manna Again Poem

What? Manna Again?Exodus 16 4 Then the LORD said unto Moses: 'Behold, I will cause to rain bread from heaven for you; ... 31 And the house of Israel called the name...

PassionateArtist1,0844Mar 2016Apr 2016
Jello United States Poem

Jello United StatesI have a mold of the 48 states that shows the outline of each state in the jello mold....

mcradloff7770Feb 2016
The Arctic Hunter Poem

The Arctic Hunter......something about my past.......

honeybear30008420Jan 2016
Come Here Poem

Come Here!Oh! The seafood! Of lit poles to guide the way a table of yummage a gorgeous display Sit around my friends gorge to our hearts content...

sophiasummer89115Apr 2013Dec 2015
life is a pickel Poem

life is a pickelsweet beginnings never to end,salty tears will you send.Bitter ending must you relish life from beginning to end....

puppylove27250Aug 2015Aug 2015
An Herbal Tea Poem

An Herbal TeaI just first sampled a healthy tea Acknowleged to be the cat's meaw It reeks of grass and tastes like crap...

pjatheart6000May 2015

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