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Forgiveness Poems (327)

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DARKNESS TO LIGHT4/9/2023: Another Easter has arrived and he has given this World so many chances. Will we have one more year of chances? Orig. message: Recently saw...

godsprincess2,03744Mar 2016Apr 15

Bittersweet MemoryI kept this yellow ribbon to tie It around the old oak tree I wondered if it would make you Actually think of me I leant across the trunk today...

Angeldancer720Apr 9
Moving Poem

Moving...I went back to him again. How could I be that silly? Finally the love I had for him is gone. Since July 2019 I've moved 20 + times! Back and forth to...

Millie04022625Jan 6Apr 5
New start Poem

New startH E A R T A C H E I S G O N E The weight that once held me down, Now lifted, I'm no longer bound, The pain that once consumed m...

Partnern1503Feb 21Mar 9
Fadedbluejeans2090Sep 2022
The Game Poem

The GameSitting here waiting for the day, the price I may pay, Age old, not knowing how this came be, I cannot see, For once I was young, seems like ye...

optimisticme2562Aug 2022Aug 2022
Be you always Poem

Be you always!The guarantee of non existance when it hits you between the eyes, makes you realise, that the games we play in our so called lives, well, it's all j...

optimisticme2081Aug 2022Aug 2022
Poets who Poem

Poets, whoI walked into a world of diversity, easy to see, do you agree?, is it you or is it me? You don't like what I write?, should I stop? or ignite a new w...

optimisticme2896Jul 2022Jul 2022
New Poem

New!What can you do to create a new you? Listen.....L Observe....O Verify........V Engage........E Herein endeth the lesson!...

optimisticme1340Jul 2022
No Blame Poem

No Blame!I’m like this because of you, I’m like this because you Never saw it through, I’m like this because the Winter Sun never shone! I’m like this be...

optimisticme1702Jun 2022Jul 2022
Regeneration Poem

Regeneration!There’s a sadness in being, a sadness in seeing Our creation decline, Twas not your vision nor twas not mine, But we will begin again as we have...

optimisticme1130Jun 2022
This wont work Poem

This won't work!It seems that the only way forward is to go back, When things were simple, no attack, too many Freedoms mean too many hurts, too many dies, Too ma...

optimisticme1431Jun 2022Jun 2022
Please come back Poem

Please come backDedicated to one I have offended...

lindsyjones2603May 2022May 2022
The world in darkness Poem

The world in darknessEmbrace Light....

lindsyjones31215Mar 2022May 2022
Tomorrow Maybe Poem

Tomorrow? Maybe!Tomorrow is the start of what we want to be, tomorrow is the future, tomorrow is the key, And all that life has shown me, and all I want to see, is...

optimisticme1431May 2022May 2022
Who Knew Poem

Who Knew?Who decides?, who hides?, who becomes the leader?. Who becomes the feeder? Who creates the fear?, Someone near?, Who knew?, not me or you?, who kn...

optimisticme1310May 2022
NEW Poem

NEW?So, imagination IS creation, I imagined you, you imagined me and that is what we see, Simple at first, but complex over eternity!, constant imaginati...

optimisticme1470Apr 2022
Lord forgive us Poem

Lord forgive usHave mercy on me Lord. Because of me, you suffered....

lindsyjones1571Apr 2022Apr 2022
I am a sinner Poem

I am a sinnerMy prayers...

lindsyjones2967Mar 2022Apr 2022
The young Poem

The young!The young, what can you say? naive and innocent, and damm frustrating, no sense of life, always rushing in, and they know it all, until they fall, and...

optimisticme1602Apr 2022Apr 2022
Ice cream just ice cream Poem

Ice cream, just ice creamit is about now....

optimisticme1552Mar 2022Mar 2022
Reconciliation Poem

ReconciliationA play on big words commenting about all the current diplomacy going on the big geopolitical world stage!! It's always better to reconcile our dif...

Yankee4you2735Mar 2022Mar 2022
Time to reflect Poem

Time to reflect.Desist! resist! for we dare not fall into this wayward quest, hearts broken in foolish folly, love scorned as life persists and all for what?, tis bet...

optimisticme1771Mar 2022Mar 2022
Its a whole new world hopefully Poem

Its a whole new world {hopefully]A prison ship in the vastness of space, prisoners all, the human race, illusions of freedom to keep all blind, no truth allowed, there's nothing to fi...

optimisticme1762Mar 2022Mar 2022
peace be with you Poem

peace be with youJust a thought Thanks all for your read...

lindsyjones1,07016Jun 2014Mar 2022

More on CrowsA little fun on a serious topic - not a few criticise her for lack of civility, I applaud her distaste disapproval dismissal and consistency....

FargoFan1563Feb 2022Feb 2022

CURE-ALLAlas the implacable enemy of man is not himself but what he thinks he ought to be What he had done but shouldn’t have done makes what h...

utterlytruthfull1471Jan 2022Jan 2022
Just Imagine Poem

Just ImagineImagine we are just a thought? What would you be?, A millonaire?, A captain at sea?,,, Anything you wanted to be, to fly to the stars?, to land on the...

optimisticme1510Dec 2021

Sorry folks....I tried to redoI tried to re-edit Neighbors part 2, but to no avail consider it two views...

DiggableHippy491980Nov 2021

FAMILYThe family,,, they are there,, they expect something that i dont know,, i never ask for anything,,but they expect soo much,,, I dont know why,,im jus...

optimisticme2030Sep 2021
Try Try Try Try Poem

Try. Try. Try. .TryTry. Try. Try try...

Bigbayle232493Jun 2021Jun 2021
How Tender Is Thy Mercy Poem

How Tender Is Thy MercyObservations of life and faith.......create its own kind of poetry quite naturally...

Yankee4you3426May 2021May 2021
In your shadow Poem

In your shadowTo one who knows...

Unknown2281May 2021May 2021
Ive seen the Poem

I’ve seen the ..........A very old mate I haven’t spoken to for a long time ...........

Nuwahri613758Mar 2021Mar 2021
distracted Poem

distracted........every where i go i see people looking down at their phones and such.......

Nuwahri616487Jun 2013Mar 2021

To Find What's Left* I'm not religious, in the least (hardly). I merely feel the Energy must dissipate somewhere when we "die"....

lovecanbereal3812Mar 2021Mar 2021
Though of the day Poem

Though of the dayAccept is the key Let go is the lock Together they open doors...

jaysone12774Nov 2020Nov 2020

WORDS....Friend...lover or foe.......

niah92580Nov 2020

HOW DO I FORGIVE ME?You helped me up I knew you cared You gave me your trust I shouted out loud threw it away left it between us broken I am lost lost lost a...

ManicCC2610Oct 2020

No big deal, is it, really?quick 5 minute winsome story of another century; partly free with a crude ABCBA rhyming scheme...

FargoFan2563Sep 2020Sep 2020

Surrender FaultsSurrender to all my Faults Life is like a jungle You just never know who you'll meet I'm.a lier a murder and a cheat I wonder what people will t...

MissIreland3810Jun 2020

To the Wife and Girlfriend Bashers* I have zero respect for any "man" who uses violence against a woman......

lovecanbereal6686Aug 2017May 2020

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