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Forgiveness Poems (306)

Here is a list of Forgiveness Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Sorry folks....I tried to redoI tried to re-edit Neighbors part 2, but to no avail consider it two views...

DiggableHippy49410Nov 27

FAMILYThe family,,, they are there,, they expect something that i dont know,, i never ask for anything,,but they expect soo much,,, I dont know why,,im jus...

optimisticme910Sep 21
Life Poem


realdeal8901837Jul 24Jul 27
Try Try Try Try Poem

Try. Try. Try. .TryTry. Try. Try try...

Bigbayle231403Jun 26Jun 28

How Tender Is Thy MercyObservations of life and faith.......create its own kind of poetry quite naturally...

Yankee4you2176May 26May 28
In your shadow Poem

In your shadowTo one who knows...

Unknown1261May 22May 23

DARKNESS TO LIGHTPosting again in 2021 as Holy Week starts tomorrow. Original post: Recently saw the movie "Risen" and it inspired me to write this poem. I usually...

godsprincess1,76138Mar 2016Apr 8
Ive seen the Poem

I’ve seen the ..........A very old mate I haven’t spoken to for a long time ...........

Nuwahri612378Mar 23Mar 25
distracted Poem

distracted........every where i go i see people looking down at their phones and such.......

Nuwahri615797Jun 2013Mar 6
To Find Whats Left Poem

To Find What's Left* I'm not religious, in the least (hardly). I merely feel the Energy must dissipate somewhere when we "die"....

lovecanbereal2602Mar 2Mar 3
Though of the day Poem

Though of the dayAccept is the key Let go is the lock Together they open doors...

jaysone11874Nov 2020Nov 2020

WORDS....Friend...lover or foe.......

niah91570Nov 2020

HOW DO I FORGIVE ME?You helped me up I knew you cared You gave me your trust I shouted out loud threw it away left it between us broken I am lost lost lost a...

ManicCC1620Oct 2020

No big deal, is it, really?quick 5 minute winsome story of another century; partly free with a crude ABCBA rhyming scheme...

FargoFan1463Sep 2020Sep 2020

Surrender FaultsSurrender to all my Faults Life is like a jungle You just never know who you'll meet I'm.a lier a murder and a cheat I wonder what people will t...

MissIreland2540Jun 2020
To the Wife and Girlfriend Bashers Poem

To the Wife and Girlfriend Bashers* I have zero respect for any "man" who uses violence against a woman......

lovecanbereal5556Aug 2017May 2020
A Peaceful Word Here At PC Poem

A Peaceful Word Here At PCJust some quiet thoughts on recent events here....

ReaderOfSouls1,21617May 2012May 2020
Untitled Love Poem

Untitled LoveShe laid broken in a heap. Her eyes staring straight forward. One arm twisted completely off. And a leg crumpled behind her. There was a horrible...

Unknown5247Jul 2010May 2020
for a beautiful world Poem

for a beautiful worldits a worried world because of corona virus .everybody locked down to live alone....

sabeel2236Mar 2020Apr 2020
Tampon Resistant Poem

Tampon ResistantAfter decades of servitude, I refuse to be pegged nor plugged Signed, No love lost...

SundaySilence2477Mar 2020Mar 2020
people on earth Poem

people on earthif 90bc people think you are roung then you are proplom are are roung .but that dose not mean there are right .c0mming from someione that could not e...

Unknown1270Dec 2019

Foolish PrideLife and decisions can be very difficult at times. When are you the door mat or the one with foolish pride? And it is not always a happy move to let b...

Happygolucky4u72212Apr 2011Dec 2019

Lost and FoundThe value one places on oneself is never dependent on others....

Yankee4you3311Nov 2019Nov 2019
Wonder Poem

WonderI wrote this , when I was about 30 yr's old. I was disappointed with the school systems of America. The way student's were being conditioned to be bet...

LKNG4LTR2262Nov 2019Nov 2019
Liebes Gedicht Poem

Liebes GedichtIch liebve es...

NoobMaster692150Jul 2019
If Poem

If.....Have A listen...:) if we make the rules and we’re in control if all we can los...

awwj528861Jan 2019Jul 2019
guys Poem

guystrue story...

Ali_heart2444Jun 2019Jun 2019
reality Poem

realitysure right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re lonely. They’re missing somebody. They’re in love with someone the...

Ali_heart1970Jun 2019
Mohammed is looking nervous Poem

Mohammed is looking nervous.... :)Mohammed is looking nervous He needs a place to hide He stole a Bible from the motel Where he drank and partied all night It’s his first time i...

awwj522193Jan 2019Jun 2019
peace be with you Poem

peace be with youJust a thought Thanks all for your read...

lindsyjones90315Jun 2014Jun 2019
Out Live The Snakes Poem

Out Live The SnakesThere once was an old man who lived a long life I asked what his secret could be he answered polite He said this answer might not sound so great Bu...

EyeLook4U2091Apr 2019Apr 2019
I believe in Jesus do you know why Poem

I believe in Jesus you know why?I believe in HIM! I believe in HIM, Not because he saved my life so many times, Not because he fixed my hand from an accident, Not because he is t...

morgen9021073514Oct 2012Mar 2019
Choices we make Poem

Choices we make...just a thought...very happy with my life but I was talking to someone yesterday about a mutual friend who seems to never settle with a person...and th...

orientalkoru85519Mar 2014Dec 2018
A Tribute to My Late Brother Poem

A Tribute to My Late BrotherWith a broken heart I say to you You will remain with me in spirit in whatever I do I wish that I had the chance to say goodbye But I hope that you...

poettarek1,6077Nov 2015Nov 2018
FJ Poem

FJ.............Probably my greatest friend never to be ...........I was very stupid and selfish when I was young .....drugs and alcohol ruled my life but changed me...

Nuwahri614394Nov 2018Nov 2018
God is Hated Poem

God is Hated...If you say goodbye are far away of GOD, this is only i can say. Enjoy!...

runningshiva3546Oct 2018Oct 2018
Reproch Poem

ReprochI found too many Out there Asperser, Quite educated From school/college though But They seem will never amend Themselve, They will still writ...

runningshiva2330Oct 2018
Never Poem


knowledgeantruth3290Aug 2018
Forgive Us Father Poem

Forgive Us FatherForgive us father for we know not what we do We often do things trying to impress you Often faltering hoping to reach you Sometimes I wonder if w...

Windrifter3310Aug 2018
A Mothers Love Poem

A Mothers LoveI was taken from home at 22 months and placed in home then adopted at age 4. Within a mothers heart, due to unfortunate circumstances; we were taken a...

shortnsassy19599041Jul 2018Jul 2018
Letting yourself go Poem

Letting yourself goI wrote this a long time ago because I need to forgive myself of letting someone control me and to psychically and mentally abuse me. It has caused m...

OnyxAuset4296May 2018May 2018
No Title Poem

No Titlethe bones of my soul like scarecrow trees awaiting Spring blossoms...

elo691,1565Feb 2018May 2018

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