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Health Poems (234)

Here is a list of Health Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Bicycle out again - almost 2 yearswell today - extracted from the garage - does the bicycle greet me? Not a whimper!...

FargoFan592Nov 24Nov 25
Wisdom Tooth Poem

Wisdom ToothPoem is one kind of monologue that I had in Serbian about my troublesome tooth. I was decisive to ornament mentioned theme about difficulty in satiri...

AutumnChild2504Aug 11Aug 14

Protests todaymisposted as a comment - removed to here...

FargoFan1114Jul 24Jul 27

COVID SHAPESHIFTERWith speed the virus flowed The world changed and slowed Leaders looked on, unbelieving not sold A cough, a cold, but no, the virus caught hold De...

EXRED317810Jun 20Jun 24
When Poem

When.............How precious is the gift of sight ..........

Nuwahri6127411May 26May 30
Covid Shot Poem

Covid ShotI am screwed for this weekend, but this will allow me some more freedom in the long run....

mcradloff1082May 28May 28
Covid 19 Poem

Covid-19Reflections on current state of Covid-19 pandemic....

gnj4u53720Mar 2020Dec 2020


SUMMIT091733Oct 2020Oct 2020
MATURITY Poem hindsight...

niah91530Sep 2020
Its alright for you to laugh Poem

"It's alright for you to laugh "I met these two old ladies in Bundoran who were quite miserable in their pain and mistakenly thought I was laughing at them... Yet God used that oppo...

LADYCOUNTESS4575Nov 2017May 2020
only1life1820Apr 2020

JUST FOR YOUTo every reader this one is for you>...

kle76am4344Jul 2011Apr 2020

TRYING TIMES.....As street lie silent, but lights shine bright Life seems difficult, though not all fight When nature shows, how to continue Twilight's ruddy glows,...

niah92356Mar 2020Mar 2020
Corona Poem

CoronaI think it's pretty evident what the poem is about. Before the coming of Christianity, the Earth was respected and revered as the great mother. Chriti...

17th_Lancer2425Mar 2020Mar 2020
Blind Poem

BlindA long time ago, I wrote this and it is so applicable even today....

liter4hrs1660Feb 2020
This is my song Poem

This is my song!I am the ruler of this court Hear what I say Listen to me I sing what ever I want I have an attitude Like I am the queen Don't mess with...

Lalinra1,0342Aug 2015Jan 2020

MOVEMENT AND MUSIC.gentle line dancing for the elderly......they may not be able to turn sharply anymore, but they can enjoy........

niah92684Dec 2019Dec 2019

MY HEAD HURTSTingling sensation needles pins, starts in hand. The fun begins. Straight to face all along the arms. too late, No warnings No alarms! Numb...

ManicCC2536Dec 2019Dec 2019
Roe v Wade Poem

Roe v. WadeNot your Body, Not your Fetus, NOT YOUR F*CK-ING CHOICE...

AtYourSide2531Sep 2019Sep 2019
The Power of Acceptance Poem

The Power of AcceptanceI have sence found out once having a stroke the affected area can worsen over time and I believe I've lost a bit more of my short term memory, ya I kn...

AtYourSide2110Sep 2019
R E M Poem

"R.E.M"My friend asked me to write a small skit... poem on REM- Rapid Eye Movement, the 4th stage of sleep. This was my attempt. I tried to give REM...

IvoryPetals3050Apr 2019
ELSEW here Poem

ELSEW-here.It is about having OCD. Always being split between it, and the rest of reality....

Gligeen2553Feb 2019Feb 2019
Not A Loner Poem

Not A LonerNothing to say because it's written on it. Simple question like "are you okay?" really could help someone or people to feel better. OR at least preven...

thehemingway2665Feb 2019Feb 2019
Growing old Poem

Growing oldOld age creeps upon my face Skin now wrinkles Gone my youth The smooth gone now wrinkled part of me Pain in my heart pain in my sole From my...

wayne342950Jan 2019
No Title Poem

No TitleAs the nights grow short and my soul grows long you can find me by the river where hope caries on tell all these stones in my heart were only sa...

elo694055Dec 2018Jan 2019
Horror Hospital Poem

Horror HospitalThis poem is based on a true account that I personally experienced, for legal reasons I was unable to mention the actual hospital, so it was given the...

john170219844166Nov 2018Dec 2018
The One Legged Man Poem

The One Legged ManThis harrowing event really took place and I am testiment to the whole thing, I share my experience of this with you the readers. Thank You...

john170219842680Nov 2018
Sugar Poem

SugarThis poem dictates the misuse of Sugar by manufacturing companies and world promoting that has been going on over the last century, this is my warning...

john170219842580Nov 2018
just hit Poem

just hitIf you can look differently you will find that there are so many other things you can do for the mankind, you can write eBook and publish online, you...

zeroBalance432-Nov 2018
Its Going To Be Better Poem

It's Going To Be Better.__ --- --- - Being made of glass : sure is a pain in my a** I can't fall down and told, not to spin around Its dangerous to...

secludedStar224-Nov 2018
Am not sick Poem

Am not sickI see girls here I see girls there I cannot make a POST CS doesnt allow me to, Girls becomes GHOST !!! (haahaahaa there are girls, even bet...

runningshiva2642Oct 2018Oct 2018
Under The Fridge Poem

Under The FridgeI should clean you more often, so i hear From the bugs that came out from there, last year. I should care and tidy, what others don't Got, I shoul...

InstincThis235-Oct 2018
The Ramblers Poem

The RamblersSince I became a poet, just the other day, I can't seem to stop slipping into verse. This was inspired by my observations while out walking with th...

Unknown3866Sep 2018Sep 2018
Judge me not from guddudenz Poem

Judge me not from guddudenzWhen I wrote it, it was hard finding the exact words to match my feelings. It is not targeted at anyone, its just saying what I saw when I was in tha...

guddudenz2540Aug 2018
We grow old not from an old age Poem

We grow old not from an old ageWe grow old not from an old age Not from the lived years. We grow old for fatigue, For offenses and from sins. From melancholy and hopelessness,...

Ummka4576Aug 2017Jun 2018

Sleep poemYawn, ah I need some bed time, this should do it, try to get through it without nodding off haha....

Oceanzest4941Apr 2018Apr 2018
Be Still Poem

Be StillChill .........

Happychatty16841Jan 2018Apr 2018
where are my wings Poem

where are my wingsI have PTSD and was trying to express my recovery. I dont know if it will make sense to you but it makes complete to me...

stormseeker2234521Mar 2018Apr 2018
Dixie Flags Everywhere Poem

Dixie Flags EverywhereI didn't know she was a confederate soldier Dixie flags everywhere If I want to keep living I'll keep my distance Stand way over here and stare...

EyeLook4U3940Mar 2018
Prison Poem

PrisonLiving with RA...

Artemis3331,0165Feb 2018Feb 2018
What Poem

WhatWhat path is taken Cannot be taken back And footprints mark And wash away Like memories we thought Would be remembered A journal always open...

Palmfrond1,0682Dec 2017Feb 2018
Temporary Release Poem

Temporary Release.Recently I had a worrying health scare but thank God all tests and scans were clear. I wrote this little poem in the hospital car park. I need to s...

Mizzy499026Jun 2014Feb 2018

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