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just adjusting to the start of a kiwi spring.....

Far Side Of The Moon

Far Side Of The Moon

He hasn't had a relationship in nearly twenty years When it comes to romance he's been on the far side of the moon For a long time he hasn't shed any tears He's out of touch and you know he's not returning anytime soon He's disconnected in the

The Battle

It would seem that I have been away for a while

The Perfect Scientist

The Perfect Scientist

Historians have long debated... Two topics that seem unrelated... Prophets have long clearly stated... Scientists have no faith... The evidence is all around you... Sparkling stars, the ocean blue... Forests of rain... Emotional pain... Sun

When The Only Idea Is Blue

When The Only Idea Is Blue

It's a long drive to the city I'm here all alone nowhere else to go what is there to do And this is the feeling when the only idea is blue The sun shines through my window upon my easy chair I know when I was younger I'd never be sitting there

The most wonderful of all things in life!

The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as the years increase. this inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous t

Sunset blues

Sunset blues.......

Looking west after locking up at work .................along the dirt road and further .........very much further ........

TIME (Eternity Together)

Spend each moment together as if they were timeless.

Rule No 1ne

Rule No 1ne

It is not fair to seek a fiancé unless you are already happy in yourself Many want to find somebody to make them happy but that won't work When you're both already happy before meeting you have the opportunity to be yourself without masks or playing a character to please Rule No 1ne:Happiness is an inside job

Alphabetic Innerspiration

Alphabetic Innerspiration

A is for awesome, absolutely & amazing Come this far don't give up now or make the stress or mess be phasing B is for beautyfilled, brave n yes bold Brutal the way you display that Love you can't hold C is for calm, care creative n calculating This existence called creation collectively collaborating D is for dance, dream, divine n destiny And a desire to delve deeper into those bettermost parts of me E is for everything, empathy n elegance Even at the so called end the epilogue still eloquent F is for funtastik, free, Force n friend Happy are they whom find even 1ne on which they can depend G is for grace, gratitude n goodness Giving glory momentarily n multiplying this bless H is for happy, heart, heaven, humble n honour The hardest nuts get the heaviest test n reap the highest of honours I is for infinite, I am, integrity & insight Into the inner irie I n I J is for journey, joy & the jewel that is you Indefinable by names like Muslim, Christian or Jew K is for kundalini, kind, kool & kin Kindly telepathically kissing L is for laughter, Love, like & learn Letting go n laying low to be elevated in return M is for mother, maker n music Mystically unravelling this mystery as we move it N is for nature, nice, nurture noble n nourish With no nonsense but with the right tools n common sense any newborn would flourish O is for observant, omnipotent, opportunity n overflowing Optimistically optimistik n naturally glowing P is for peace, positive, passion, patience n perception Please practice persistence in understanding those reflections Q is for quality, quest, quirk n quintessential Can't be quiet all the time communication is essential R is for real, royal, righteous n rare That relative reason you radiate so brightly everywhere S is for soul, star & Spirit A simple smile, sparkle bright, even in da shit T is for truth, timeless, teacher & thanks Meditation is therapeutic so take time to join its ranks U is for ultimate, universe & unity Unique we are, to be honoured indefinitely V is for valour vigilant n vital On your voyage use your voice whether town or tribal W is for wonderful, warm, welcome & weed Haahaaa Welcome the world n nurture the seed X is for xenial, X factor & X-Men Everybody wanna be a star Funny thing is you already are Y is for yes, young, yoga n yield Yea baby, get ya swag on working that field Z is for zeal, zany & zest Don't worry about this zoo Zoom in n focus on your test Be blessed Why? Cos you already are??


9/17/2018 It will be a year since you went to be with our Heavenly Father. We still love and miss you dearly! Sept. 2017: Love to Cafe Jim - we will miss you dearly

Remembrance of Our Dear Poet Cafe

As I read through your thoughts dismay feelings abroad touching are dear hearts with your golden words step by step you cultivated a gift of life too talented to not be given away to us your imaginary thoughts of your maiden Queens and King

Its A Little Late To Say Goodbye

It's A Little Late To Say Goodbye

It's a little late to talk of love A little late to even try And the saddest part of all It's a little late to say goodbye I should have kept all this from you Yes that's what I should have done Even though it is true just a few more lines the


Tapping into our inner mind to find ways to resolve troubling issues. ALL OF US HAVE POWER TO OVERCOME ANY PROBLEM. And, there's a way out of anything. There is no PLACE you can be where Angels cannot find you.


I was asked what is the most or like? Surely they are usually linked?



1. Here's what prayer & discipline did when we did have it in usa 50-state public schools. Taught the Conscience of our offspring 2 love & respect & honor their neighbors as themselves. When u grow-up hating & disrespecting & dishonoring neighbo



Going to The Meg tonight again. This is a parody of I'm Just A Bill from School House Rock I used to watch in the 70's and 80's. I love shark, though I am afraid of them.

Familiar stranger

is written to a person, who possibly is not knowing me at all. Robert my friend thank you a lot for your corrections.

True Happiness!

the greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves... you don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her... if you love someone, let

Hello Darkness

Hello Darkness

There is darkness everywhere, fear, ego, hate, malice, jealousy, anger, the list goes on When faced with it, it's always a choice how to react to it No don't hate or run from it Love embrace where possible & try to understand it In the darkness is where we harness the most light This is not about religion, but about empowering n believing in you

Eternal Breath

Eternal Breath.

This poem was written 38 years ago after my Love had died In the States. I would have taken her eternal breath Into me and she would have dwelt within me always. This was not to be. Maybe It Is the curse of one such as myself to walk his many lifetimes alone. Not likely, this Is me we're talking about. As you see, always have to lighten the mood when thinking of this lady. My thinking here, If I go back to an older corner, where I belong, why not make my first write an old write that means much to me. The poem tells the way It should have been.

Loves Own Lullaby

Love's Own Lullaby

The first poem in my "Poetry For Jill" Series.


Wow! This one is WAY DIFFERENT from any of my usual styles. It felt like I was on a high as I wrote it, or rather, it wrote itself. I just arranged the words on a piece of brown paper bag as I sat at a bus stop. I believe the first time a child catches a parent in a lie, or observes them doing something immoral or illegal, they are very confused and sadly may even, like the child in this poem, question that parents love for them. And now for something completely different...Is the crying this little girl heard coming from outside or inside the house? Is it her mother? Her sister? Does she believe it could be her daddy that's making it happen. And what could this child possibly feel when she looks at him? She asks him twice if he loves her.



This poem means I dream not for Mr. Right, just someone to share our lives with and find some happiness for the both of us; thats not to much to ask surely?


Roses floating in a pool of sorrow A pool reflecting no more tomorrows Sadness gripping all those around Loved ones gone no more to be found Every year they gather to remember What happened on the 11th of September Memories of horror and fear

Dilemma Lemon

Dilemma Lemon

I got something you want to read You got something you want to say But you can't say a thing cause you don't write Now aint that a dilemma lemon So here is another line Won't you take another bite Detectives are everywhere but poetry is no


Overwhelming evidence! TOO many Improbable comebacks...Teams play like champions one half and forget how the second half! Most games (especially the most relevant) are kept dramatic til final seconds so fans stay in there seats til the end. ESPN and other networks have to have stories to tell each week. Stories (even made up ones to keep drama alive)...because it works best! If last years Super Bowl didn't stir any faith...nothing will. twkd and added 2 lines on 5/25/18

Lonely Side Of Town

Lonely Side Of Town

Taxi take me down to the lonely side of town My tears I need to hide Along the walk by the riverside I need a special place to pray And ask the Lord to take my burdens away The skies have been so gray And there's no love around Taxi take

I Write

I Write

Simple poem about imagery in poetry...

A September Day Tribute

Tribute to all those loss September 11, 2001

So Wonderful To Kiss

So Wonderful To Kiss

I need to sing a song but I don't know what I need to find a girl and love her a lot I need to write a poem much better than this I need to find a girl who is so wonderful to kiss I never claimed to be a gifted writer The only gift I need is

Recovery Programs Quick Help Hot Lines

Recovery Programs - Quick Help Hot Lines

1. Any officer of the Law, anyone else that's involved in Law Enforcement that ranges from A to Z, if anyone takes a bribe, if anyone sells their Law-Enforcement Division out for money, you're not worthy of being a Law-Enforcement Officer of the Law, that U had sworn to serve and to protect, for in doing this, you ruin the public trust they had put in you. 2. What makes this issue even worse, you endanger other foreign-officers that you work side by side with in other foreign-governments, to bring loose criminals to justice.


I'm a native West Virginian. There were many miners in our clan. When mechanized mining and mountain top removal replaced human hands for extracting coal, West Virginia fell into a recession that is still apparent today.


I believe God does at times have Angels intervene in His children's lives. Only, it may not become clear to us until years later.



1. Obama never sued a woman, he never blamed a woman for what the United States Government had legally let these women do! President Obama never set up a woman using the FBI to to do his dirty work, Obama was never dirty to begin with, Obama was never dirty, he's happily married still, good for him!


that special moment, we may experience in life.......never to be forgotton.....


Life ain't right sometimes. In spite of our attempts to cope we can't seem to iron out all the wrinkles. We seem paused (stuck!) in a terrible place where our dreams appear gone forever and all we focus on is our problems, past, present, and future.


Happy/Sad. It's all in a word.


Encouraging a close friend after her near total collapse under the weight of a very troubled past that simply refused to let her be.


Self talk. Be ready 24/7 for a "call" from your Telephone Inside. Just might be the one you've been waiting for. Just a little humor.

Belated love


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danube3135: "A real friend"(meet us in the poems)

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