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You can’t do that! Gets lectured on self worth by Confidence and Self-respect Uncertainty is glumly undecided and Fear isn’t helping one bit, Dreamer is dreamily dreaming future-fairytale maybe dreams, Caution is cautiously warning It may n

Could You Be Real...

This just came to me. After speaking with someone I've met on here.... Did not proofread so please be kind. As this is just my heart as it unwind... :-D

Robyn (one night stand)

* Rockdale (inner) south west suburb of Sydney ** Engadine southern suburb of Sydney.


More memories.... * Sydney suburbs. ** I don't really believe this; I'm being sarcastic/ironic.


Dedicated to Trudy for her inspiration This is a final draft of Waves I posted here some time ago but now deleted

Fall Magic

Beautiful fall days this year


September 2019: It has been now 2 years since you left Poetry Corner for eternity in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. We miss you dearly Cafe. Sept. 2017: Love to Cafe Jim - we will miss you dearly

The Last Butterfly

This poem was published in the October 2019 Newark Valley Moonlighter. Walking in the park dreading the last day of seeing my butterflies.


Be with me through my tears Stay close to me when I fear That nothing good can ever happen. Wipe away my pain When noone else can think Or imagine of my sufferin. Help me bury all d insults,sarcasm, and taunts Which others bestow upon me De

Unhear You

I can't unhear the words you say to me You can't take those words back What is said, is said and words do hurt You can say sorry, sorry can only go so far I can't unhear the words you've said, You've said them so many times I am not perfect and

Tammy is Gone. 11/17/17

Hi... I am a friend... Here to inform you that Tammy is gone. She died Tuesday night of a massive Hearteache. She had no final words... Just let out one big sad sigh. She died with tears left in her eyes... No one knows Why... Do you?? Tammy lef


** I will She'd my tears for you, I will hold on to each and every precious moment we've shared! In My Heart You will always Live! This is not "Goodbye", Just a "See Ya Again Sometime" I will Be Strong and Carry On, So that I May carry You with Me

My Heart Cries

Today, my heart cries, I sent my not-so-little Brother off to work in Nashville, in which he is now going to stay, as I have wrecked my car and the Jeep has been giving us a fit. My heart Cries as I long for the day all our struggles will be noth

The Definition Of Insanity - 06/18/19

I am the definition of insanity My Love for you keeps throwing me into the flames yet I keep running back into your arms, hoping something has changed .... Nothing Ever Changes, We continue to run around in this endless circle, Me: Lost & Confu

Michael Jackson Memories

I have been watching documentary videos of Michael Jackson. The best one was with Oprah.

the face of god

the face of god

I took a walk in ancient clothes across your face, a mile and as I tired I took a rest in the corner of your smile my crops slept in barren fields before my primary death then your eyes became a sun and moon as birds danced in your breath

A Tree

The Tree As stately as I stand, I still fall victim to the axe I think that I shall never see a hundred years and that's a fact My leaves fall to earths floor to cover the past; longing for the sweet sounds of nature to guard my present After


How long is too long when the journey seem endless When the odds are not in my favor, but I keep falling victim to time Patience and grace will test your ability to call a truce Is there an end to my waiting or is it a callous to my compromise? S

Loneliness II

Loneliness takes on a taste for me red Sophi semi dry tested to kill thoughts. Loneliness, it's a return to the apartment, where nobody waits. Loneliness, It's a morning look in the mirror where do you see the signs passing time. Loneliness



When you are not in control



Dedicated to my mother. Forever and always you are in my heart. Till the end of time and backwards.

Americas Got Talent Part 2

America's Got Talent! Part--2

1. All the past and present crime a number of these males have caused in the usa. Those countries that we have an extradition treaty with, those males that love to re-offend again. 2. Your own past bad and ugly behavior has shown and told on you. I wouldn't doubt these countries that we have an extradition treaty with, they have your picture and what past crime that you've committed. If you ever visited these few foreign-governments, you screw-up over there and personally break their laws, they will force their jail time on u, it could 40 or 50 years before they decide to release u back into usa authority. After you finish serving jail time over the crimes you committed against their government.

Playing the Loners Game

The poem/song I wrote is complicated, yet; understandable. I grew up in the Army traveling from one state to the next, so by the time I hit my teenage years I came to realize that I was/am a loner! I really never belonged or fit in anywhere. The girls liked me and the boys wanted to fight me!! lol Til one day in December of 1988, I met this girl, she was 16 and I was 18; and from that point on life gave purpose! The word loner no longer existed. Unfortunatly, over the span of 30 years being together our love lost it's luster. A little over a year ago she told me she no longer loved, nor; wanted me anymore and that she's felt that way for a long time. When I talked of future travels out of state and perhaps living there for awhile, her thought of travels are to the mailbox! lol



1. A MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH: Your Commander & Chief of Heaven said, 'he sent his Son in2 the world 2 save-it, not 2 Condemn-it!' John 3:17, Luke 19:10 2. Any time the world and the church join together preaching Condemnation, I've read too many true stories where students in grade-school, high-school and even College, when they feel they've been backed-up in a corner with no-way-out, they commit SUICIDE. What kind of parents are you, letting your half grown-up kids PREY on their other Co-students? I call that, Death Dealers Speech! Proverbs 18:21 3. Church, I already know what your thoughts are about PLAYBOY, THE ADULT INDUSTRY, PORN GIANTS, ADULT FANTASY. Your bible says, Your Commander & Chief of Heaven didn't send his Son into the world to CONDEMN-it. What ever happened 2 the old fashion moral of praying for people? People now days when they feel preyed-upon too much, the first thing that comes to their mind is to commit SUICIDE. 4. Because of what this WHITEHOUSE has permitted this new president to do, the United States doesn't have a PRAYER TO STAND-ON OUT THERE IN SO MANY FOREIGN-GOVERNMENTS, when a woman's family money is STOLEN FROM HER in the same way this new Commander & Chief had did to Story Daniels, this will start a war. If this happens, then they can't wait to prey-on-you just like a roaring lion comes to prey on you and devour you. 5. The dangerous things about different ally's, if you make them angrier with you than a bee-hornet, they might turn against you, in 2019 these armies with join each other from 4 to 7 armies of them, to become very strong in the earth. 6. One last number of men. These men have no-conscience 4 the laws of God & Man. They refuse 2 give-in-2 Suicide, they're very timid, when they feel the world has done them wrong, when they feel they've been preyed-upon 2-much in their mind, when they feel they've been backed-up in a corner with no-way-out, they will take the law in 2 their own hands. Law Enforcement is always on the constant non-stop look-out 4-these men. U got your good, your bad and your Ugly men in terms of behavior, when they get ready to do something, they won't give-u a warning, it just happens, at the very least time that u would expect-it.

Songs For Halloween

There are also songs with a dark nature to them that could be included like Sweet Dreams by Eurthmics or Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.

A Lil Peace of mind

was staring at the ceiling of my caravan when i wrote this..The inspiration probably came from the weird yellow patterns

Me and My Pain

From the series I named: Me and My Pain - a translation from our Georgian poetess. Oh, please, don't fall a prey to too much sadness contained. Cheer up!


I have never felt I quite have fit into any of the spaces of my life I have been in - still searching for my own special spot.

Don't know!

brought a tear to my eye with artistic feelings and beauty every word that was written


Sometime there are a lot of "ifs" in our life)))


Can we ever count our cost, When this long journey seem to have been lost where do you find a smile to put on your face? When the truth is on the inside it feels I've fallen from Grace Will we ever find our way home, Or stay stuck in this pla

the wild road

the wild road

Hearts? yes be they a bell still dimly all a chime though faint and pure it sleeps a'rest neath the fraying canvass of time yet what is comfort friend? what is rest and what balances the ledger of your heart when all her m

Americas Got Talent Part 1

America's Got Talent! Part--1

1. Darci Lynn Farmer, you've been such an inspiration 2 me, in disciplineless & prayless USA nation. I'm sure if u sit down with your mom & dad, they will tell u they were raised in a time where there was prayer & discipline in all 50-state pub




Valley of Memories

Rooted in this valley We watched the sun fold her petals one by one into the navel of the sky Betraying us into an ambush of shadows Frightened we tremble as the wind weeps through the trees like a blind man's wife looked outside on a

Sunshine Smiles and Rainbows Cry

You really have to hop on board and come along for the ride in this one. :)

Thanking You

Thanking You

embracing gratitude & appreciation on every level n latitude remaining patient injoying lifes story humble n meek to unlock this glory

Walking the lonely path

Walking the lonely path

Just thoughts when lonely

The Sojourner.

This poem is entirely about tons of sad life experiences. You can inbox me If there is really something you want to know about it personally

Toilet power Dad growls

Toilet power, Dad growls

You know me ... And my quicky lines ....Ha ha ha

.......Who am I??.....

Just asking myself at 2am



I'm up, I'm down, I'm trying not to frown, feel like I’m falling, Don't let me hit the ground. I cry, I sigh, Don’t know why. I laugh, Don’t want to break in half I smile , If only for a while. I don’t like. take a hike. I love , Hear

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MrRick77: "Pride"(meet us in the puzzles)

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