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Feeling let down by a complete stranger online.


Veterans Day - please honor our Vets! In our area we have had 2 or 3 younger Veterans commit suicide in the past 2 weeks. Very upsetting statistics. We need to support the men and women who have given their time and a lot for our protection.

tilts the chalice

tilts the chalice

[this one took a little time; in little ways ode fashion]

If The Dead Could Speak

I am going to visit some graves this weekend, even a pet cemetery.

To New Poetry Corner Poets

Advice to New Poets: Focus on the quality of your poetry And continue to improve it with each write Through your sustained effort and tenacity Your true poetic talent will come to light


Written in surreal remembrance to my late mother on a cold and wet April morning in the New England countryside.

The Man Who Never Smiled.

True story. Happened long, long ago. Never got the bird and haven't had a beer in over 30 years. To this day I still have trust issues. Probably why I'm still single! Note: The places depicted here are real but some will be unknown to some International members.


I've seen overwhelming evidence! TOO MANY improbable comebacks...Teams play like champions one half and somehow forget how to play the second half! Most games (especially the most relevant) come down to the final seconds to keep fans in there seats til the end. ESPN and other networks have to have stories to tell each week. Stories are turned into drama...because it works best! If last years Super Bowl didn't stir any faith...nothing will. twkd and added 2 lines on 5/25/18

A Life Well Lived

A Life Well Lived

A tribute to my grandmother who had a large hand in my upbringing.


For all the innocent children who are being slaughtered at our schools and around the world.

blades of green

blades of green rise from the brown spreading all around soon to be sprinkled with yellow all aglow in the sunshine wings of gossamer flit as they hover in the air before landing amid the splendour of the brightly hued décor painted

Nothing Much

Nothing much!

My beautifull lover

inspired becos im sick of cutting my toe nails becos iv nothing better for doing..


I'm a Artist... Finally I have some speech in paint.... ??? Maybe/ could be/ most probably. If no one listens to your tongue... " PAINT IT ". !!!??


BRINGING BACK FOR MOTHERS DAY MAY 14, 2017 - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY IN HEAVEN MOM! Not sure sensories is a word as it doesn't like the spelling but googled it and said it was a word - who knows. All I know is it rhymed. In Memory of my Mom who passed away August 5, 2008 - wish I could have written it a little more eloquent - but my Mom was a practical person and she passed that on to me. I only started publishing my poems in the Newark Valley Moonlighter and on here after she passed away - she never really knew that impractical side of me or understood it as she lived through the Depression on a farm with 5 other siblings and 2 hard working and strict parents - her life was not easy. My parents divorced after 33 years of marriage. Her children and family came first and was very important to her - no time to be impractical.

Rush or Crush... (in a maddening world)

Life in a hectic world...time and emotions (being in a whirlwind)

Bound For Nothingness

in memorium to the families of victims of violence everywhere. are we bound for nothingness?


I have fever In my body. Feeling of unrest. I do not know Anymore Who are My friends. Millions of people Live in poverty. Half of the world Hates another half. Millions of people Are suffering. Millions are dependent On drugs. There


Love to look at these trees when I walk in the park each day. The winter picture reminded me of silent sentries standing guard.

Garage Sales and Gossip

This information about my family wasn't pleasant to hear, woke me up this morning along with the daily dread of going to a bad job. At least the friend said I was a good kid.

Topaz body extended on the wilderness

A poem of my own.

House of Glass

House of Glass

My house of glass, destroyed so fast, by nothing more than greener grass, forever my domain of shame, a scattered relic of subjective blame. Yet as I look beyond the mess, I see a chance, though so slim, to mend it all whole again, but whilst I

No title

No title

How shall I liken unto thee My beloved flower who pretty much made a fool of me. True love requires patience that many may know but how is one to believe based upon the quality you show? True love has no ego to bruise nor has nothing


If you live in reality, you know this is true! Trillions cures... The monies in Bandaging us up! They are wicked and less than humane!!!! Tweaked a bit 5/24/18



YOU ARE MY DESTINY My destiny is in your hands! I decided to stay with you I am always yours you are always in my heart I'm a little worried.....about me do you accept me to enter me into your world This is my first and last


"LOATHSOME LIFE" 5/12/18 twk..5/24/18

The Rivers Of My Tears

I originally posted this when I was told life was waving me goodbye only to be told 45 days later that I was going to live long after all. I can only be thankful and grateful. Just revisiting my past. Thanks again for all your peruse.


What a memory. Only I will know. thanks for all your read and comments

Take My Hand

Take My Hand

Happy to be finally going home.

Alone Inside Stare

there is a song by british rockers, the police, called "king of pain." my life has been a series of very tragic experiences, for myself and those i care about. i deal with them ok most of the time. but once in awhile i find myself sitting alone, with my eyes closed, staring.

To The Author from Her Mister Right

To The Author from Her Mister Right

This is about the list of required characteristics that we all make. Sometimes it exists in our heads, but many of us have scribbled it down somewhere, and maybe kept it for luck! It's a list of all the qualities and characteristics that our perfect match will have. And, in this poem, the real match, which is not to be found in that perfect and exhaustive list, but in the essence of it, in the pauses for idle thought between the words, speaks to us, perhaps a little despairingly in places :-) Hope you like!


I was thinking of people when I wrote this. I'm a little violet.

my eyes

my eyes



Just feeling life as a course

The Center of The Sun

The Center of The Sun

A thermal eruption of internal emotion... Bask in this white hot fire and ocean... True love unrefined... Substance redesigned... A cosmic expression.. Of total devotion... The love that I have for you... Is hotter than the center of the su

My True Love

Abstract imagery of fleeting love……………..

We Share The Same Sun

Lying down in a patch of vernal ground.

Love has no color

Love has no color

in this world i have noticed divisions in human race which is causing us to hate each other for no apparent reason.This is my call to every race that let us accept each other the way God sees us

Sonet 22

Sonet #22

Forever Young

I can't Love you.

My love for you is a sweet, yet bitter contradiction, I want to meet you but I don't want to see you, your beauty will blind me! I want to fall in love with you, but I want to let you go, I want to kiss you, but I'm afraid to miss you, I want to

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Alex7: "Sending Smiles ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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