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For YouShe will wake in the morning with tousled hair, moves her body, and I wont care, if she wakes in her sleep, and breaths oh so deep, I will know she is...

optimisticme2406 hrs ago

WishingI wish I was you, someone once said, I said, I wish I was you too, for all of my troubles would be gone away, for you to take, I would forsake, but I...

optimisticme2306 hrs ago

The Beginning of the EndI saw the light tonight,, twas blue, red,, and bright, the world in all its glory, showed me its story, you covet what you can,, its all in the plan,...

optimisticme2107 hrs ago

Fly soloWe went fishing after my Godpa passed away this September. I went fishing with my Godmother as that was the way she wanted to remember him. They love...

summercold16017 hrs ago

You Are Never Alone!I composed my latest masterpiece while in the depths of depression. Engulfed in my pain and suffering. Because poets and stuff are made to suffer and...

Master_Troll350Nov 25

Cricketing memoriesI wrote this poem whilst sitting watching a game in later life...

Sparky337200Nov 25

When I walk up that short riseTen years or more ago but unforgotten....

FargoFan110Nov 25
Wild Wild Waterfalls Poem

Wild, Wild, WaterfallsGentlemen, this is how to write lyrics to woo the ladies, take good notes :), I'm off to find my guitar.....

Oceanzest566Nov 2513 hrs ago

dark cloudsdark clouds hovering in the sky permeate my being creating a state of sombre calmness deep within the core of my psyche unperturbed by dis...

socrates44624Nov 2413 hrs ago

Bicycle out again - almost 2 yearswell today - extracted from the garage - does the bicycle greet me? Not a whimper!...

FargoFan422Nov 24Nov 25
Third Gear Poem

Third GearLook! Look look!! Look look!! Look ya..... When I put ma finger to da pen Uncomprehend what I comprehend Literally making ma mind bend To...

Rikco11230Nov 24
optimisticme59-Nov 23

Break FreeHeart aching for the freedom we are losing everyday in the world...

BlissfulRaven331Nov 23Nov 23

DEEPER INSIDEDistance won't dear hurt the love we had with each others,far distance is not even enough to tear the word of love... When your heart can still lov...

TouchbyAngel281Nov 23Nov 23
Two thirty Poem

Two-thirtymusing on the day. What's your favourite time?...

Oceanzest433Nov 22Nov 23
Yankee4you834Nov 22Nov 23

DEEPER INSIDEWhen you have been hurt in different ways,when you have given yourself to a relationship,the other person is bringing it down...the moment you notice...

TouchbyAngel340Nov 22

EarthThis one I wrote was 12-10-1993. This is the idea of pre-history, history, future tense post-history and then a time when there will be no history at...

DiggableHippy49520Nov 22
optimisticme421Nov 21Nov 22

A Walkers RamblingsAlong the footpaths a mile and a half's stroll Cross the motorway good job there's no toll Ice House wood where summer flowers bloom Negotiate the...

Sparky337311Nov 21Nov 22

PenfriendsDedicated to CS penfriends......The Agony Aunt I'll never see.......

lovecanbereal461Nov 21Nov 21
Green Mussels Poem

Green MusselsWeekday escape to a quiet beach...

Oceanzest462Nov 20Nov 20
optimisticme822Nov 18Nov 22


optimisticme540Nov 18
optimisticme590Nov 18
To Pass The Time Poem

To Pass The TimeEveryone wants an artist a picture of beauty A painting that touches their soul But I'm not so good that's what I've been told But I don't paint...

EyeLook4U622Nov 18Nov 19
Oceanzest693Nov 18Nov 19

Paperboys dayMemories of Youth...

Sparky337764Nov 17Nov 22
Tech rant Poem

Tech rantTiring of the IT change onslaught...

Oceanzest582Nov 16Nov 16
For a fighter Poem

For a fighterTry to make yourself see how bad you are maybe in your decisions, maybe you are going through a bad time, but do not give up It is the solution, set y...

AMETO37613Nov 16Nov 17

nothingI listen to the loneliness of those that reside here, to hell with the world and all its fear, dont spend your time in contemplation, of what it could...

optimisticme781Nov 15Nov 17

PRICELESSTorn canvases in an empty room The pain inside this tomb Soul shattered by crowd that booms Shouting your weaknesses across streets so dense You q...

marina10001042Nov 14Nov 17

HellThis one I wrote was 10-20-2019. There is meaning for this song; but, meaningless now. All and all, this can be viewed at different aspects. Past, pre...

DiggableHippy49732Nov 13Nov 14
Before The Gates Of Alahsar 2 Poem

Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 2This is the second write in my ancient tale, "Before The Gates Of Alahsar."...

weemick1960370Nov 13
Privacy Poem

PrivacyLooking for a private moment in a world that is obviously out of control with tracking you!...

Crystaltopaz592Nov 13Nov 14
Float Away Poem

Float AwayLost love, dead marriage, loathing her husband and pretends to love him for that night and drinks herself to sleep until she floats away. Grasping at...

Crystaltopaz631Nov 13Nov 15
No Place For The Hoidays Poem

No Place For The HoidaysMy mom went in a nursing home, so my favorite three holidays will have no family in them, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, because her house go...

mcradloff633Nov 13Nov 17
Nights Passion Poem

Night's Passion.The first write in my Vampyre series....

weemick1960795Nov 12Nov 16

Be careful what you sayOften times things are said that cannot be taken back. Or can often make us look like a fool....

Ninurta1477Nov 12Nov 25

Two Friends Of Mine.A Sonnet dedicated to my two life-long friends....

Mizzy417413Nov 12Nov 23
Conscience Poem

ConscienceJust as I ponder on my thoughts I feel uneasy to comprehend For life itself is a struggle People say only the fittest will survive Am I one of the...

angel99999531Nov 11Nov 11

GeraldineI remember, when I was about five, being bullied, I remember, Geraldine, like a saviour, came to save me, I was about five, she was only about eight,,...

optimisticme670Nov 10

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