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surprizeme1030May 62 hrs ago
Starpiercer Poem

StarpiercerIf all the sharp stars, fell down from up high, from spaces beyond deep blue skies... Would you even try, to catch at least one, or stare glaring as...

candykid471Aug 6Aug 621 hrs ago

Lost On YouJust my association on one truly good song by LP with the same title. Precious gem in this modern era of superficial lyrics and contents also....

AutumnChild972Aug 4Aug 5Aug 7

Deja VuDeja Vu-ability to feel or percieve things that mind experienced in some mysterious way unexplainable to human psyche....

AutumnChild720Aug 3Aug 5
Contrition Poem

ContritionThese sins of mine, persist with time, consisting of bad thoughts... Then transfer to, actions untrue, just look what I have taught... I brought tru...

candykid63-Aug 1Aug 2
Princess Priya Poem

Princess PriyaReally ??? Okey-Dokey !!!...

PassionateArtist410Jul 30Jul 31

I'M INVISIBLEMore and more feeling this way. Things in my life lately...

godsprincess2,27775Jul 2017Jul 30Jul 30
Meditation Poem

MeditationPSALM 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah...

PassionateArtist942Jul 13Jul 29Jul 19
Meditation Poem

MeditationPSALM 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah...

PassionateArtist971Jul 13Jul 29Jul 15
Princess Shruthi Poem

Princess ShruthiPinocchio - Hi-diddle-dee (An Actor's Life For Me) 720HD

PassionateArtist470Jul 26Jul 26
Princess Shruthi Poem

Princess ShruthiPinocchio - Hi-diddle-dee (An Actor's Life For Me) 720HD

PassionateArtist350Jul 26Jul 26

Desire of a FlowerI wrote this a few years after my wife died back in the late 90's. The words speak for themselves....

lonnieray651Jul 24Jul 24Jul 24

TENNIS: (THE CLICK SIDE)The Truth Always... Tennis is great but some people not so much Added verse 8/3/17 Tweaked 7/21/20...

lookn2share1,0483Jun 2017Jul 21Sep 2017

surfI'd rather go home and live up a tree than to be dry forever and forget the 'ol sea and I'd rather go hungry than eat on the street than miss...

yachtsman_71306Jul 21Jul 21Jul 25
Gritante990Jul 18Jul 18

INJUSTICE IS COLOR BLIND!!Bring back "Truth" Reaction... 6/11/20 STC...

lookn2share2272Jun 10Jul 15Jun 11
The Woods Poem

The WoodsWrote this the night after Tiger came back to win a shock fifth green jacket at the Masters Augusta National. They thought he would retire but he c...

DK1001820Jun 28Jul 15

WHAT I SEE III7/13/20 Just saying......

lookn2share1920Jun 28Jul 13

the trailshe looks at me.. some small hotel in some small town.. her dark curls run along the corridor of her pale shoulder.. her words hit home.. " you know,...

yachtsman_71233Jul 13Jul 13Jul 14

the unasked questionbaby, hills run dry beneath your velvet sky outside i queue for gas in the rain baby, I don't know how the tale of us will go don't walk aw...

yachtsman_71192Jul 12Jul 12Jul 16
Fissures Poem

FissuresToo fast to live, too young to die.......

candykid2073Jun 11Jul 11Jul 22

GOD'S ETERNAL LIGHTUpdate: For some reason they removed the picture off of here so cannot show it. But this poem was based on my sister-in-law's Pandemic painting she...

godsprincess2418May 9Jul 11Jul 6

ISOLATIONIs but the formula for growth. A bookend of recalibration of the response dynamic. If buried treasure is there to be found then the possibilities are...

DK1001470Jul 8Jul 8

neat whiskey (and untidy women)drank whiskey from her navel after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar and lightnings just...

yachtsman_71283Jul 8Jul 8Jul 11
Nature Poem

NatureExcept for perhaps some edits later on IT IS COMPLETE. I thought I would post a poem as I was writing so you could watch the process. I hope you enjo...

justarius21511Apr 25Jul 7Apr 28
Her Page Has Poems Poem

Her Page Has PoemsOften Wondered Where Deleted Comments Go >...

PassionateArtist6322Dec 2013Jul 7Jan 2015

Spinning and Spooning“We all spin in the same orbit” from one of Rachael_0622 poems* and her comment that one of candleinthewind’s poems** struck a note with its line “no...

gnj4u98813Apr 19Jul 2Jun 28

we endureI got your picture in my cabin your smiling face is everywhere your ghost is what I sail on through the ocean of your hair and my work it takes me...

yachtsman_729611Apr 20Jul 2Jul 2

guitarI spent monday just walking through town searchin' for magical timbers of brown I watched tuesday morning arrive like a swan calm at the surf...

yachtsman_73916Jul 1Jul 1Jul 4

Making love in the rainMaking love in the rain...

Gritante1453Jun 30Jun 30Jul 3

NO AND'S IF'S OR BUT'S #CVIJust saying... 10/18/18 twk 5/30/20...

lookn2share4472Oct 2018Jun 29Oct 2018

30 yearswe came from near we came from far to trust the truth to duel and spar to stand upon the hill of scarves to nurture all that darkness star...

yachtsman_77523Jun 27Jun 27Jun 27
Your Love Poem

Your LoveYou touch me with your love and care Shower me with loving attention and affection You tell me you don’t care If you have me by your side for one...

marina10007246Jun 27Jun 27Jul 1
current events Poem

current eventsAt first not caring that some statues and memorials were being removed. As well as the naming of schools, highways, buildings, etc. I thought that...

hedistuff6801Jun 22Jun 22Jun 23

Father's Day 2020To All Those Worth The Title . . . He may not for nine months have carried us , but it can't be denied he makes half of us ... Though it was...

Islandgirl617061Jun 21Jun 21Jun 21
surprizeme1290Jan 19Jun 20

The Silent LandlineTelephoneWARNING POEM RATED R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. ADVISED FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY BROKEN IN BY TAKEN LSD ALREADY. POEM MIG...

surprizeme2511Nov 2019Jun 19Nov 2019

Silence Molds Clouds All Day“Let silence take you to the core of life.” -Rumi...

surprizeme1121May 11Jun 19May 12
Resistance Poem

ResistanceI was studying electronics at the time I wrote this but lost interest. I hold this piece close to my heart. Where it belongs....

DK10016602Jun 19Jun 19Jun 20

Almost Drowning*Narrabeen - A Sydney beach True story of how I almost drowned on Christmas Day, when I was nine years old, and how my father rescued me - saving my...

lovecanbereal73716May 2016Jun 16Jun 7
Something To Ponder Over Poem

Something To Ponder OverThis is the English translation of a Dutch Poem written by Toon Hermans, and which I thought appropriate to share at this time....

AI_19841136Jun 14Jun 14Jun 15
A horse for the course Poem

A horse for the course!It is just a humorous tale. I love horses and if I ever won the lottery id buy a horse and put him in training....

DK10011014Jun 10Jun 10Jun 12

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