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The Movie Of May Poem

The Movie Of MayThe sky is so very blue Leaves on the trees are so very green Then the sun comes shinning through And a day in May unfolds this scene I like to...

EyeLook4U441May 14May 14
No name Poem

No name!Why don't you tell me?...

Heartbeatfast0071332Mar 22Apr 3
Our daughters wedding day Poem

Our daughters wedding dayI sit here as the tears stream down my face In two weeks our baby girl will take on a husband You won’t be here I know you will be watching with...

Abby196323714Mar 11Apr 13
live in hope Poem

live in hopethey say each day is different and that no to days are ever the same,s...

patrick998110-Feb 26
Only a surfer Poem

Only a surfer.........Three absolutely magic days ....... We usually need a heap of wind to whip up the ocean but a passing cyclone far out to sea and a long way from us se...

Nuwahri611822Feb 23Mar 9
I cant Love you Poem

I can't Love you.My love for you is a sweet, yet bitter contradiction, I want to meet you but I don't want to see you, your beauty will blind me! I want to fall in l...

Lusade581May 15May 15
Father Time Poem

Father Timea old poem I wrote...

chattcatt616510Mar 22

Over The Kopu-HikuaiI know nothing of poetry....obviously.....but I wanted to pen a few words in memory of a beautiful person. He was very special to me, and still is....

BerrySmoothie2735Apr 29May 8
hugs Poem

hugsrivers of the souls they fly notes in song passing by golden threads of time marking stitches in a rhyme weave which we believe without the boun...

elo691083Mar 12Mar 15

I guess...Seems i cant post my stories here... only get 4000 characters to work with... so here is a little dity i wrote a while back. enjoy Thanks, Rev@32...

TattoedMonk660Apr 5

GOWNS SO we in NZ should be heading to winter, the other side of the world still in snow, dreams of sunshine.......

niah9930Mar 7
Musics song Poem

Music’s songI listen to music I remember days, New Saddle blankets, dusty gear Sweet straw under beauty’s feet The air mocks days in duster and hat Rain po...

Palmfrond1082Mar 30Mar 31

Snow Is FallingSnow is falling again ..looks great ..but i cannot wait for the warmth of Spring and Summer :)...

Happychatty11194Mar 17Mar 22
The Suitor Poem

The SuitorA little fairy tale :-) It's not a limerick, but I couldn't think which style fitted...pantoum, ghazal...what on earth are those?!...

MerryOars1524Mar 7Mar 10

BelieveJust feeling life as a course...

Mollyresa842May 15May 19

My raftIt was written a couple of months ago , but it s still actual for now...

salamuna1268Apr 20May 4
Too Much Poem

Too MuchThis poem is part of “Pethetic Little Thing,” curated by Tavi Gevinson...

Crunia1042Apr 11Apr 11
The Old Ways Poem

The Old WaysSometimes I get to missing the old ways the old days I just can't find the words to explain when in peoples hearts there was a flame And it became a...

EyeLook4U660Mar 10
Love has no color Poem

Love has no colorin this world i have noticed divisions in human race which is causing us to hate each other for no apparent reason.This is my call to every race that...

Bongst741655Mar 15May 17

PlaytimeHaving been raised in foster care, I thought writing about it might bring a new perspective. As with most of my poetry, what it did was bring some pe...

gerryonbroadway720Apr 17

Cute Red DressAt times we all need a miracle to pull us through, lift us up, and keep us going....

BobbyC1348500Apr 30

Raining In My HeartMy life that has turned awry...sad thoughts....

roseoscura1205Mar 14Mar 15
Gods Dilemma Poem

God's Dilemmaa poem i wrote years ago...

chattcatt616480Mar 22
Untitled Poem

UntitledThis is about the moment, 20+ years after last being in the sea, when I followed the sudden urge, in spite of wearing a long floaty skirt, to run into...

MerryOars1233Mar 10Mar 12
Bedbugs Poem

BedbugsBedbugs when they are engorged on your blood can get to as big as the head on a Lincoln penny. They usually feed at night when you are asleep and cra...

mcradloff1052Feb 24Mar 7
Chuck E Cheese Poem

Chuck E CheeseI have been going to all the area Chuck E Cheese. I am going to Davenport, Iowa today. I have been to Madison, Janesville, and Onalaska, Wisconsin s...

mcradloff660Mar 17
Die Your Way Industries Poem

Die Your Way IndustriesJust having some fun with the subject of assisted suicide which I believe is legal in Oregon....

mcradloff942Apr 21May 4

THE LITTLE VIOLETI was thinking of people when I wrote this. I'm a little violet....

godsprincess1187May 10May 19
As one listens to the rain Poem

As one listens to the rainfrom my black notebook...

Crunia1495Mar 4Mar 7

Call To Me.....I hear your voice, it calls to me Around me look, trying to see Know it's important, hear the call Dreams hover, must soon fall Life searched, u...

niah91422Mar 1Mar 4
PumpkinPJs1193May 2May 8
Irish Lovers heart Poem

Irish Lover's hearta poem i wrote years ago...

chattcatt616670Mar 22
Cards Poem

CardsWhy I wrote this? I was still learning about life and love and heartache. The key question is when... 1982 +/-...

Darcin731Apr 13Apr 14
I am Poem

I amI am a curser A blamer I don't bend my knees to seek Your redemption I am a fornicator An adultrer I don't stop exposing my soul with so much...

Descentguy39520Apr 29

LIFE GIVES A BOOKMARK.....whatever happens in life, some friendship blossom, many fall by the wayside....we are left to guess why..........

niah91514Mar 5Mar 9
you Poem

youthe sun is shining bright today i can feel it,s warming glow i thought it may be responsibl...

patrick99899-Mar 3
actor Poem

actora dream that calif; persons who wanted it can understand and new Yorkers who had the dearm which never happened thanks al...

giliberti1280May 11
Revelation Poem

RevelationAbout lucid dreaming and uncovered communication breakdowns revealed while sleeping....

ONELoveALL840Apr 8
BerrySmoothie2033May 135 hrs ago
Love Is Poem

Love IsThis is a poem by the author Rocky Rochford. He has published a number of poems over the years, but this is my favourite one. It appears in his novel,...

JohnnyNoman1032Apr 6Apr 7
You Poem

YouBe exactly who you want to be, Do what you want to do. I am he, and she is she. But..... You're the only you!!...

stephengriff70-Mar 6
Simply Fade Away Poem

Simply Fade AwayI can see that you are happy I can tell by the smile on your face So I won't interfere I'll just simply fade away I can tell your life is wonder...

EyeLook4U961Mar 12Mar 12

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