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to the CENTURY's MURDER...some TIMID ...they cant wait 7 days in SECLUSION...

runningshiva551Oct 21Oct 21

~ Lie to Me ~Do you care? Now tell me ~ Don't Lie! Lol...

JimEee1258Oct 22Oct 29
The Conversation Of Teardrops Poem

The Conversation Of TeardropsYou've got to stop thinking about her Was the conversation of teardrops in my eyes It was years ago I met her years later today I can't forget her...

EyeLook4U741Nov 1Nov 8

soulfulit is kindness the still of my rush it is the non of judge the easing to believe it is voice and laughter's warmth the breath seek...

Sacred_Angel1043Oct 31Nov 4

Carnelian MoonMoons are a favorite spectacular subject to write about....

Yankee4you611Nov 25Nov 25
methuzelah622Dec 25Dec 27

~ Cuddle ~Tis the warmth of a hug!...

JimEee514Jan 1118 hrs ago
Does The Church Know Marriage No Poem

Does The Church Know Marriage? No!1. Marriage it is just as delicate As a glass window pane! We the church we think if a person has been married 2 times or more, They’re committing...

israelismine350Dec 2

Rare EarthsGood and Happy Holidays to all !...

BeneathePines6662Dec 23Dec 30

LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES.....I'd encourage all nice warm and loving people to comment on Is sex is sacred..Is lust a wonderful...are we open to infinite divinity of union...Is s...

hvfun69_69420Dec 22
MIRA Real Superstar Poem

MIRA Real SuperstarItalian fb delete this video Natural Born Boogie _ Humble Pie

PassionateArtist1010Oct 29
BeneathePines1031Dec 2Dec 3

so long distance to youI feel you so near me, And I don’t know why, So far over high mountains, over wide blue ocean, Did you come to me from the sky? I’d want it’...

Wayofbaloon991Nov 15Nov 15

Got Your LoveAnother little abstract about why love is so necessary....

Yankee4you833Dec 5Dec 5

bird haikubird raises its wings insect in grass stirs to look and is gobbled up checking all around bird steals remnants of dog food then flies to the...

socrates44703Dec 17Dec 23
My Multiverse Lover Poem

My Multiverse LoverAbout someone I met on the internet...

morgen9021012717Dec 14Dec 20
WWE Charlotte Flair Seth Rollins Poem

WWE Charlotte Flair & Seth Rollins:1. Charlotte Flair & Seth Rollins: I really believe you two are genuine about true friendship. The Mcmahon Family has never turned their backs on...

israelismine270Dec 17

Something besides looksIt is about falling in love I guess...

yaspark1329Dec 3Dec 5
B Poem

"B"I wrote about the words which start with the letter B. One of them is the word which define my given name. So,that is the way it is..........

AutumnChild1062Nov 27Dec 13

A wave rideIt’s about feeding from negative to do good...

yaspark1188Nov 30Dec 2
A Broken Crutch Poem

A Broken Crutch........Addiction and death ...........the two go hand in hand some by accident some by choice...

Nuwahri6115911Nov 6Nov 8
Symptoms Poem

"Symptoms""Symptoms" are product of my imagination with the several grains of reality....

AutumnChild960Dec 2
Its lovely to see you again Poem

It’s lovely to see you againHow time passes quickly by No more than a blink of an eye Is this really where we meet Among so many strangers as we share a seat It’s been...

Brexit01411Jan 12Jan 12

~ Tis Halloween Eve ~Tis a bit on the dark side ~ But then so are Ghosts & Ghouls & things that go bump in the night!...

JimEee896Oct 29Nov 1
Christmas wont be Christmas Poem

Christmas won't be ChristmasJust feeling kind of down this time of year, since I lost my husband. Wasn't sure I wanted to post it, but just had to get my feelings out.....

QuietStormF19512Dec 7Dec 10

~ Halloween Remembrances ~I hope you enjoyed the Halloween Barn Dance ~...

JimEee12713Oct 30Nov 4
Forgotten Poem

ForgottenMost of you can relate to this...

morgen9021012212Oct 24Oct 30
Stargazing Poem

StargazingNot a poem.. Just a silly story.. ?? Sometimes the mind loses itself in meanders of impression of an instant.. Just a quick second.. Weird introspec...

Franbee802Nov 2Nov 9

Imagination and PleasurePowers of imagination fan the flames of pleasure for many…...I love to imagine things all the time because it makes me very happy. :)...

Yankee4you1243Nov 18Nov 19

~ Dream ~Tis only a fantasy!...

JimEee6566Jan 4Jan 10
To my Beloved Goddess Poem

To my Beloved GoddessDance with me, my s*xual Goddess under the soft moon shining on the wide open fields far beyond the toil an trouble of my busy mind Dance with...

AtYourSide531Nov 7Nov 8

New Years Resolutions 2018Just throwing out some things I would like to have real in my life....

mcradloff7810Dec 30Jan 5

Is Love Gonna Be EnoughAwkward to speak about, that feeling so insecure sometimes is really very natural and ok sometimes....

Yankee4you6975Jan 3Jan 11

FOREST HUSH.Coolness of a forest, sheltered from sun and giving solitude......for those wanting to replenish soul.....with nature's gift....

niah9580Dec 4
Amongst the madness Poem

Amongst the madness..........Blessing a complete stranger in the madness of shopping because he had a smile to share ..............

Nuwahri616898Dec 24Dec 29
I Dont Understand Poem

I Don't UnderstandI don't understand how to be rich I don't understand being poor But I understand being sad There's nothing to explore I can't explore today I c...

EyeLook4U261Jan 1511 hrs ago
SHE is FIRE Poem

SHE is FIREYeh... I was and I am still OBSESSED though I know SHE is gone behind those densed beard... the time SHE comes ...she distract me, the time SHE go...

runningshiva1100Oct 20

SEE-SAW MOMENTS.referred to as simmering love....usually before any commitment.........

niah96838Jan 4Jan 6

Angel Child.Blushing puce, cheeks all aglow, Is there something I should know? Dancing fingers, fidget, twirl, What's afoot my Angel Girl? Sold your siste...

GingerGee883Dec 28Dec 28
Does She Know Poem

Does She KnowDoes she know or doesn't she know Maybe she'll never find out I've been dreaming on poetry corner With so many things to write about Does she...

EyeLook4U541Nov 26Nov 30

SOLACE FOR SOULSNothing to "tell" about this poem...Good people do not "kiss & tell"...

hvfun69_69610Dec 22
Itch Time Poem

Itch-TimeItchY BitchY SixtyNine I don know how Qurrantine !!!...

runningshiva880Oct 21

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