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Here is a list of Poems ordered by Random, posted by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Gritante990Jul 18
Special Time Poem

Special TimeWe just can't believe, until it's all we can give....

cheesecake891131May 24May 25
The Horse Clinician Poem

The Horse ClinicianLast Fall my beloved and I went to go watch our neighbor who trains horses, and he recounted to us his feelings on the whole thing. This is a tellin...

ReaderOfSouls953May 19May 20
Little Apples will grow Again Poem

Little Apples will grow AgainNature. Where the growth formula lends its hand. The internal reflection of the root dynamic expresses itself and shares the mirror image as they blos...

DK1001700Jun 9
A horse for the course Poem

A horse for the course!It is just a humorous tale. I love horses and if I ever won the lottery id buy a horse and put him in training....

DK10011014Jun 10Jun 12

FALSE LOVELife.....People....Places...... Things.........

SUMMIT09760May 17
The Rose Part 2 Poem

The Rose (Part 2)This is the second part, which came to me a few years later. This one, I made it up!...

AI_198417217Jun 8Jun 9

surfI'd rather go home and live up a tree than to be dry forever and forget the 'ol sea and I'd rather go hungry than eat on the street than miss...

yachtsman_71306Jul 21Jul 25

Personal JesusHeavenly kingdom is inside of us. I embraced my distinctive personal Jesus. That wonderful extent of many complex elements that define my persona an...

AutumnChild1547May 19May 21

30 yearswe came from near we came from far to trust the truth to duel and spar to stand upon the hill of scarves to nurture all that darkness star...

yachtsman_77523Jun 27Jun 27
MysteriousGirl806912Jun 25Jun 27

REALITY CAN STRIKE ONE FALLINGOne can have delusion or a mirage, but reality can strike us and it hurts?...

JoyCrest103-May 25

Don't Dilly Dally AroundYour mama sent you to a country store She said Don't dilly dally around You're walking barefoot on a dusty road And you don't hear any sound Of...

EyeLook4U351Aug 2Aug 3
Driving Error Poem

Driving ErrorDriving Instructor: “why do you keep coming back Dave?” David: “I want to pass”. Driving Instructor: “you won’t pass unless you take the goddam...

DK1001580Jun 10
Work It Baby Poem

Work It BabyCome on everybody Everywhere Take a seat Take a chair Feel this energy flowing through the air This moment of magnificence bound n compelled...

Rikco11430Jul 17

Pearl Of The Southern SkiesRomantic adventure where love is the treasure...

Yankee4you1392Jun 4Jun 4
Tip Toe Through Time Poem

Tip Toe Through Time .........this girl dances with the spirit of the land within her .......... returns home to the small country town where her mum lives ..........

Nuwahri611438Jul 9Jul 12

Lost On YouJust my association on one truly good song by LP with the same title. Precious gem in this modern era of superficial lyrics and contents also....

AutumnChild972Aug 4Aug 7
MissIreland1112Jul 8Jul 9

Shape of the HeartI seek consistently peculiar features in sights that surround my senses. That little fragment of natural gimmick was noticed unexpectedly. Tiny bra...

AutumnChild990May 16

Mariannestep into the make believe footfalling into stones where memories are citadels wider than truth her bones I never knew the right words you...

yachtsman_72479May 11Jul 31
current events Poem

current eventsAt first not caring that some statues and memorials were being removed. As well as the naming of schools, highways, buildings, etc. I thought that...

hedistuff6801Jun 22Jun 23

Earth, Sea and SkyNature's Trinity iambic pentameter sonnet (ten syllables per line) (successive lines rhyme scheme)...

socrates441383May 17May 22
What the Poem

What the ............Not sure ha ha .........

Nuwahri616550Jun 26
no picture Poem

no pictureI am a member of several dating sites . and it really gets to me when you get a profile that says no picture no message . it's not so much on here thi...

Leibherr5801050May 30

neat whiskey (and untidy women)drank whiskey from her navel after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar and lightnings just...

yachtsman_71283Jul 8Jul 11

ISOLATIONIs but the formula for growth. A bookend of recalibration of the response dynamic. If buried treasure is there to be found then the possibilities are...

DK1001470Jul 8
On the cross Poem

On the crossOn the cross he suffered But we never feel bothered We only think about how to get comfortable life as rainbow But never care with what is going t...

Unknown800May 19

Just SpeakingJourney through life we all travel together or alone...

Yankee4you2485May 14May 16
Lost Hope Poem

Lost HopeAlways had problems with hydrangeas - just can't keep them alive!...

Sunbeam7651Jun 27Jun 29
Poppies Bright Poem

Poppies BrightLove the Poppy.... a hope for brighter times ahead...

Sunbeam76591Jun 21Jun 26

PoetryMetaphor or tone Meter or rhyme Poet corner has it all Multipurpose thoughts and feelings Deriving with elegance As techniques slowly show Uniqu...

southmiami4321280Aug 6
Contrition Poem

ContritionThese sins of mine, persist with time, consisting of bad thoughts... Then transfer to, actions untrue, just look what I have taught... I brought tru...

candykid63-Aug 1
Mysterious man Poem

Mysterious manI wrote this poem as a reflection of my longing for someone who stole my heart...

nenankoe1433May 26May 28
Snowy mountain Poem

Snowy mountainI like scenery...

Unknown850May 18

Several Hundred Miles And Several Hundred WeeksThe sun was in my eyes when we said goodbye I will never know if she had a smile Or if there were tears on her cheek And now we have been apart...

EyeLook4U20112 hrs ago11 hrs ago
Your Love Poem

Your LoveYou touch me with your love and care Shower me with loving attention and affection You tell me you don’t care If you have me by your side for one...

marina10007246Jun 27Jul 1

Summer SkiesThoughts along a seashore sunny day...........

Yankee4you7311Jun 23Jun 25
Love it or leave it Poem

Love it or leave itJust be n let be...

Rikco11930Jun 29
Star Trek Pronouncing Danger Poem

Star Trek: Pronouncing Danger!Chekov: “kaptain sensors indicate a wessel approaching”. Kirk: “a what?” Chekov: “it is arming veapons!” Kirk: “what is?” Chekhov: “the we...

DK1001450Jul 12

APPRECIATE THE STRUGGLEJust lockdown thoughts again....

JoyCrest1261May 18May 19
Distance Poem

DistanceThis poem was written especially for all those lovers and individuals missing their loved ones and affected by Distance. For those in long distance r...

Darlingbabylove690Jun 4

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