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Coffee Please Poem

Coffee Please .............Where their is love ..................there is magic ....

Nuwahri61790Aug 31

We Wear the Mask BY PAUL LAURENCE DUNBARWe wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,— This debt we pay to human guile; With torn and bleeding hearts w...

hogweed991083Aug 7Aug 15

In LoveSelf explanatory...

Happychatty11648Oct 7Oct 14
My angel in the heavens above Poem

My angel in the heavens aboveits just one i made up a love poem :)...

LonelyTiger22791Aug 1Aug 1
The sad life Poem

The sad lifeIt is about this weekend and the lives with her family and friends...

Unknown611Aug 15Aug 15

INTERNAL LIE DETECTORReal reaction I feel when I'm untruthful, whether on purpose or not....

BobbyC1348580Aug 27

WOMEN HATE FORCE SLAVING THEIR FREEDOMS! Part-11. Here's what prayer & discipline did when we did have it in usa 50-state public schools. Taught the Conscience of our offspring 2 love & respect...

israelismine5421Sep 7Sep 15

MASS SHOOTING, AGAIN!!!It's August 26, 2018. Sitting here in the quiet of my room furiously trying to write poetry that is flooding my mind. And then this. I'm through wri...

BobbyC13481045Aug 26Sep 7

MOTHERS' PORCELAIN DOLLDolls, like clowns, are sometimes evil to certain folks. Why? I suspect they have watched too many horror movies....

BobbyC1348731Aug 26Sep 1

A Poor Man EverydayWhen love can't take care of her And give her all the things she needs Then I know I must walk away Cause it's plain to see I'm a poor man everyda...

EyeLook4U610Aug 15
Judge me not from guddudenz Poem

Judge me not from guddudenzWhen I wrote it, it was hard finding the exact words to match my feelings. It is not targeted at anyone, its just saying what I saw when I was in tha...

guddudenz660Aug 30

294 simple wordsjust some very simple words...

danube3135871Aug 24Aug 24
Eternal love Poem

~ Eternal love ~Tis Love in Bloom! Have you been there?...

JimEee13517Oct 1Oct 4
two sticks Poem

two sticksbe with the spirit my friends...

Oceanzest120-Jul 29
The Question Poem

~ The Question ~Does she or doesn't she?...

JimEee280Sep 25
Alphabetic Innerspiration Poem

Alphabetic InnerspirationA is for awesome, absolutely & amazing Come this far don't give up now or make the stress or mess be phasing B is for beautyfilled, brave n yes bo...

Rikco114783Sep 13Sep 16
Without knowing about us Poem

Without knowing about usWe are the product of a great test of love...

Amed32700Aug 4
The end of time Poem

The end of timeJust stange...

Unknown590Aug 15
The most wonderful of all things in life Poem

The most wonderful of all things in life!The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as t...

PetraM4741Sep 14Sep 18

Alone On a MountainSometimes we need not worry about time....

Yankee4you1073Aug 27Aug 29
Beacon of Stars Poem

Beacon of StarsAlways happy for comments to try and improve. for me this is about hope, inspiration ,each of us will take from it what we feel or need. Hope you like...

coffeeguy2u511Sep 23Sep 23

Fall To EarthIf you should ever find out If you should ever know How I wrote of you long ago Please don't be offended For in my heart love was surely real...

EyeLook4U591Aug 4Aug 4
Time To Go Poem

Time To Gojust occurred to me while thinking of gargoyles..happy for comments...

coffeeguy2u931Aug 5Aug 5
Do You Know Me Poem

Do You Know MeI write lyrics and put them to music, using my guitar. I imagine what I would say to a woman I'm infatuated with, yet do not know....

checkmate1952692Jul 29Jul 30

Sonnet No1My work sometimes requires me to visit people's homes, where I often get an insight into their lifestyle. This is an attempt to describe one in parti...

Harbal803Sep 25Sep 28

Anytime SoonJesus is coming back You know that's a fact Anytime soon The trumpets will surely sound People dropping their cell phones to the ground Anytim...

EyeLook4U521Aug 25Aug 25
red sun Poem

red sunRise its a new day To bask in the heat the sun Temps high Radiates it generates Warmth that ray of sun Heat envelopes Wraps the soul warms th...

wayne34822Aug 17Aug 19
darkhorse5551376Jul 22Oct 15

Belated love..........................

salamuna5115Sep 9Sep 9

THREE LITTLE LEAVESThere were three little leaves that hung together Until one day there was windy weather They dropped to the ground one by one Drifting down withou...

godsprincess27813Jul 21Oct 16

MINER'S SOULI'm a native West Virginian. There were many miners in our clan. When mechanized mining and mountain top removal replaced human hands for extracting c...

BobbyC13485495Aug 14Sep 9
Happy pills Poem

''Happy pills''Pills cannot be happy at all.I used that context to make situation easier in the frame of reality which bites. Very often or constant with severe con...

AutumnChild980Aug 29

Under The FridgeI should clean you more often, so i hear From the bugs that came out from there, last year. I should care and tidy, what others don't Got, I shoul...

InstincThis45-Oct 5

When The Only Idea Is BlueIt's a long drive to the city I'm here all alone nowhere else to go what is there to do And this is the feeling when the only idea is blue The su...

EyeLook4U4390Sep 18

CousinsI like my cousins they all like me They're the best cousins that ever could be They've all got medals for good behavior And they are humble natural...

EyeLook4U360Oct 1
Hello Darkness Poem

Hello DarknessThere is darkness everywhere, fear, ego, hate, malice, jealousy, anger, the list goes on When faced with it, it's always a choice how to react to it...

Rikco114720Sep 13

MORNING HOPE.nothing better than a new be positive...

niah9824Sep 1Sep 4
Loves Dream Poem

~ Love's Dream ~~ Are you seeking the one for you ~ Your prince charming...

JimEee604Oct 412 hrs ago

Who Am I To SayWorld only listens to a few great men time causes everything to fade away People don't know where they're going only a few know where they've been W...

EyeLook4U570Aug 30
Fool in View Poem

Fool in ViewThe illusion of love and how short lived it can be....

ArtStar521Aug 31Aug 31

Recovery Programs - Quick Help Hot Lines1. Any officer of the Law, anyone else that's involved in Law Enforcement that ranges from A to Z, if anyone takes a bribe, if anyone sells their La...

israelismine4940Sep 10

Love keyAll age are obedient to love, Any villages, cities, She lived the millennia And with us will always live! While we are alive, feelings will be,...

Ummka230Oct 13

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