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Truly Madly Deeply Poem

Truly. Madly, DeeplyThought up in the moment, written as I read from my mind, freestyle.........

Unknown38813Jul 20111 mins agoJul 2011
Dynamite Poem

DynamiteAnger Management...

madtat291358May 231 mins agoMay 30

Tales from the Ocean of HumanityAn allegory for our voyage through life and our quest for companionship......

Ronnie7792852Jul 20182 mins agoJul 2018

{Tango And Tonga}I was inspired to write this poem after seeing an India film called {"Naya Duar"} meaning new way.Behind this concept is a love story between our Indi...

always_besides5311Apr 20153 mins agoFeb 8
proximity Poem

proximityAt times we've got to stand out side our own circle an look within:)...

Bentlee65012Aug 20093 mins agoAug 2009

{Of what Use...........}I wrote this poem on seeing with what hopelessness peole are living their life.Whether they are rich or poor, everyone is not at peace. Why is it so?...

always_besides5320Apr 20153 mins ago

Mother's Day kissMissing my mother...

Abby19634053May 20173 mins agoMay 2017

Daytonadute RIPDaytonadude will be missed By so many!...

HotrodLarrys66020Mar 20143 mins agoMar 2014

WhereWhere shall I go How will I know Where is the place I'm alive Where do I roam Where is my home When will I arrive Where are my friends Whe...

EyeLook4U741Jul 287 mins agoJul 29

PASSION.....every love felt...leaves a tiny spark...but fast and passion filled, or easy-going and gentle......wins over time...........

niah93240Jul 20177 mins ago

Not Fair And StareA poem that's not good enough A brain that's not smart enough A talent that's just not there A pen in hand anyway Helps to pass the time away Wh...

EyeLook4U1180Aug 20198 mins ago
Check Me Out Poem

Check Me Out!I am written words on paper In insipid flowery phrase I haven't any substance But I still expect your praise You'll scratch your head a little...

gardenhackle4356Dec 20108 mins agoDec 2010
Freedom of Speech Poem

Freedom of SpeechFreedom of speech is a wonderful thing and the more positive things we can do with it, the more wonderful it is....

gardenhackle62411Oct 20108 mins agoOct 2010
Haiku Eclipse Poem

~Haiku~ EclipseFulcrum sun cast moon shadow Earth in brief atmosphered, silver light haze Orbit of three into one...

Bentlee7296Nov 20108 mins agoMay 2017
Oh You My Hero Shy Poem

Oh You, My Hero Shy!A scene in a two-actor drama! Once I read that the saddest thing in the world is loving someone, who used to love you. It is even worse when this love...

marikia3,0382Dec 201210 mins agoDec 2012
The Foot Path Poem

The Foot PathA private time...

sophiasummer8057Aug 201711 mins agoAug 2017
Songbirds Poem

SongbirdsLonely for someone today.......

Spartacus20128368Mar 201514 mins agoMar 2015

WARM THOUGHTSOutside the box, inside the box. Life is a big open drama and actors often think their audience only see how little they want to show....

orientalkoru1455Feb 314 mins agoFeb 8
No Peace Poem

No PeaceSomething I began writing last year but as I tend to do, I got side-tracked and didn't finish. It is now done. Written with no offence to anyone an...

Flame823512Feb 201717 mins agoFeb 2017

This Year The Sun Is Shinning On Sixty FiveLife has snickered away at a lot of lost years As though it wants me to wear a frown Heartaches have come and gone and caused a lot of tears And I...

EyeLook4U1351Aug 201917 mins agoAug 2019

~~~HAWK~~~~I sit in the grass my back against the tree I hear a hawk's lonely "CREEEEEEE" My eyes focus to find him soaring in the sky I have often won...

countryladypoet2402Sep 201219 mins agoSep 2012

if you're reading thisIf you're reading this I'm no longer around it's a note I left I hope it's found when life is tricky you gamble cares so I slid down the appl...

yachtsman_729411May 2121 mins agoJun 2
2 haikus Poem

2 haikusWhen the rain falls the sun shines even brighter when the storm says good-bye. Love with rough knuckles a crooked grin,a big heart spells...

iluvisis12432Apr 201323 mins agoApr 2013

A Single PebbleLove is an all powerful pebble found on the beach.........

Yankee4you3348Mar 201923 mins agoMar 2019

LIVING POOR (MOM)I lived and know about this subject... Truth cleanses your conscience! Tweaked a bit 9/6/17...

lookn2share5232Dec 201625 mins agoDec 2016
a minute as a cricket Poem

a minute as a cricketLol why not eh. Cheers all....

Bentlee6243Jul 200926 mins agoMay 2017
Shadowed Poem

"Shadowed"Sleepless nights Nocturnal minded, insomnia in Domination Slowly losing my mind seems to have some kind of relation Paranoid in situations in whic...

Unknown1910Mar 201126 mins ago
Hope Poem

HopeIt comes quietly with the advent of dawn. It scares away bad thoughts morning by touch. Squats in the corner with a slight smile, to dance in a...

makatka1260Feb 2527 mins ago
God Is Not Invisible Poem

God Is Not InvisibleGod is not invisible, I can see Him in your face... The lines He chose to shape your place in this time-tested space... God is not invisible, when I...

candykid1,957-Aug 201429 mins agoMay 1

we endureI got your picture in my cabin your smiling face is everywhere your ghost is what I sail on through the ocean of your hair and my work it takes me...

yachtsman_729611Apr 2029 mins agoJul 2

The Best ThingIt's time to be over so now I have told her And it's good that it happened before she got a ring I know for certain she must be hurtin' Cause sh...

EyeLook4U1330Aug 201929 mins ago
Nobody But Me Poem

Nobody But MeParentage that could not love me I legacy that set the tone of my life Painful memories are my legacy From childhood to stage I became wife Ever...

kle76am49512Dec 201329 mins agoJan 2014
Happy Days monorhyme Poem

Happy Days monorhymehoo-ray winter is nearly done...

shadow19502686Feb 201930 mins agoMar 2019
Angels with Harps Poem

Angels with HarpsAngels with harps on fluffy white clouds Strumming in sweet serenity Shiny curls and flowing white robes And singing in beautiful harmony Angel...

Yuniksha3005Oct 201431 mins agoOct 2014
oh thanks Poem

oh thanksI'll kill you...

2maybe3833Jun 201032 mins agoAug 2010
Love Haiku Poem

Love HaikuMay that one true love Lift me high above the world Forever kiss me...

Unknown3048Jun 201032 mins agoJun 2010
If I Ever Lost You Poem

If I Ever Lost You.losing someone...

2725dl4073Jan 201333 mins agoJan 2013
307 danube 3135 Poem

307 - danube 3135** Romance and a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. **...

danube31352700Sep 201737 mins ago

Faces Of EmptinessThe initial title I gave this piece was "Soulessness" which refers to a lack of sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling. It focuses on deep empti...

socrates446476Nov 201339 mins agoDec 2016

The Sound Of SilenceSimon and Garfunkel's "The Sounds of Silence" was, and remains, my favourite song of all time. I spent many hours listening to it. Silence is the can...

socrates4488716Feb 201440 mins agoMar 2019
The Fallen Leaf Poem

The Fallen LeafAutumn storms swept through. With battering winds, relentless rain, and the unending torture loosening their grip, the leaves flew. Nov...

LookN4lurve1530Jul 201440 mins ago

Searching for LoveThe poem depicts a person walking down a beach filled with uncertainty searching for any clues about the direction and discovery of love....

Yankee4you99016Apr 201542 mins agoSep 2017

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