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Here is a list of Poems ordered by Most Liked, posted by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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scattered thoughts pensieri sparsi Poem

scattered thoughts (pensieri sparsi)Only small thoughts... Solo piccoli pensieri......

Omeron1,53196Oct 2018Feb 2019
Occhi Poem

Occhiper occhi profondi...

Unknown78883Oct 2018Oct 2018
il mio respiro per correre my breath to run Poem

il mio respiro per correre (my breath to run)Ci sono speranze che, come i miti, indugiano nelle storie di coloro che li contemplano, e verità che tolgono il respiro alla speranza. Ieri ho sperato...

Daico33013Oct 2018Oct 2018

Lone WolfWinter survival...

Yankee4you65453Feb 2017Feb 2017
what a heart desires Poem

what a heart desireslove is truly a fragile yet special gift gave to all of us, by God himself placed deep with in our hearts...

patrick998335-3Mar 2018
the guardians of our lost souls Poem

the guardians of our lost soulsI was touched by the sad plights of our young souls caught in the abyss of prostitution. I was reading Jeffrey Epstein and the many victims of his...

lindsyjones1,174213Nov 2016Jan 2018
Francis sx with a stranger Poem

Francis (s*x with a stranger)* Melbourne Cup - Australia's famous horse race ** Narrabeen, Dee Why - Sydney Northern Beaches suburbs. *** Grouse - Australian colloqui...

lovecanbereal57733Feb 2017Feb 2017
You are free Poem

You are free...For within the song Our heartbeats Sing together We know That all Illusion fall And in the love Our souls Will be Together We know That...

LuxMe55632Jan 2017Feb 2017

WINTER BLUESPublished in the December 2019/January 2020 issue of the Newark Valley Moonlighter! By the middle of January everyone is feeling the blues from the s...

godsprincess1,146322Jan 2017Jan 28
I cry Poem

I crySometimes I wanna find release At times I wanna shout Inside I'm crying all the time I want to let it out I cry at what the world's become I cr...

Taz027453422Jan 2017Feb 2017
No Peace Poem

No PeaceSomething I began writing last year but as I tend to do, I got side-tracked and didn't finish. It is now done. Written with no offence to anyone an...

Flame8241622Feb 2017Feb 2017
126 in 22 days Poem

126 in 22 daysThis is a poetical stand for those people who have taken their own lives in Ireland this year. If Ireland’s suicide rate keeps going at the same pace....

1r1shmale56542Jan 2017Feb 2017
suddenly Poem

suddenlythis poem is the complexity of the never ending search for significance and Love in our brokenness and pain how at times one call loose there way li...

cozycomfort46512Jan 2017Nov 2017
Everything Poem

EverythingI just wrote this little poem I was inspired and it came to mi mind. Sometimes we forget that life was created to be happy and we lost freshness and...

Annarella41422Feb 2017Feb 2017
The Need of You Poem

~ The Need of You ~Could it be you?...

JimEee43182Mar 2017Mar 2017
YES Poem

YESMy belated mom was a very special to me ... whatever she did, however she reacted with my attitudes, why she did this and that, oftenly ... I can't fi...

Gamagara70152Dec 2016May 7
Lyn the kindness of strangers Poem

Lyn (the kindness of strangers).* Australian saying meaning rough, unrefined. ** Rhyming slang i.e f*cking nuts....

lovecanbereal1,240132Jan 2017Jan 2017
My arms hold you tight Poem

My arms hold you tightIf I had a lady, I would want her to know this....

EarthsSon54132Jan 2017Feb 2017
just a couple of phrases Poem

just a couple of phrasesone reflection I had today about relationships, even happens with friends....

Noego74756402Dec 2015
My Star Poem

My StarAwwwe ..... That again is what I would want to say to my seetheart...

EarthsSon36502Jan 2017

FRIENDSHIPSFriendships cannot be measured in time or space nor can be broken in life's fast pace Crossing angry waves or basking in the sun Sweet friends...

Redex795212Jan 2017May 2017
I Wish You Knew Poem

"I Wish You Knew"This is a poem about is how everybody is having a love/hate relationship, well if you choose to read this and you are in a relationship and you or you...

Unknown44502May 2017
The Quest Poem

The QuestIs it love I seek Is it the connection that holds me Is it truth I need Will lies make my heart bleed Within the darkness I wait Reaching out for...

Cosmicgirl6839302Mar 2017
Springtime Poem

SpringtimeAnticipation of Spring...

godsprincess990352Apr 2017Mar 2020
Stealth Mode Poem

Stealth ModeMy friend, who was killed many years ago. Today Sue...

sophiasummer48732Apr 2017Apr 2017

I'M INVISIBLEMore and more feeling this way. Things in my life lately...

godsprincess2,675752Jul 2017Jul 2020

WHAT I SEEI've seen the fire, that you think that you should hide. try not to show it, bury it down deep inside. though you don't know it I've seen the flames...

ManicCC89832Aug 2017Aug 2017

ANGEL CAFESeptember 2020: It has been 3 years since you left Poetry Corner for eternity in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. We miss you dearly Cafe. Date you...

godsprincess2,893792Oct 2017Jan 30
autumn and remembering Poem

autumn and rememberingJust a passing thought brought about by the beauty of fall...

lindsyjones860152Oct 2016Sep 2017

The NoteSelf explanatory, I hope, like the note!...

trurorob2,350572Jun 2016Jul 2020
Royal Ball Poem

Royal BallAll the autumn trees decked out in their royal robes of color...

godsprincess2,011412Oct 2015Sep 23
Whore Poem

WhoreThey come at night to defile your beauty Old and young blown on a changing wind Flotsam and jetsam cast from a raging sea And most who come know w...

lovecanbereal1,421102Feb 2016Feb 2017
heart and soul Poem

heart and soulfor my man skw just a thought for all who are in love, had been in love and who knows forever loved. Thanks all for your reads. Filomeeena...

lindsyjones1,324172Feb 2016Feb 2017

YOU CAN'T NOT LOOK( Inappropriate dress for kids)!!!! rearranged 08/25/21...

lookn2share1,193182Apr 2016Jan 2019
God Is Not Invisible Poem

God Is Not InvisibleGod is not invisible, I can see Him in your face... The lines He chose to shape your place in this time-tested space... God is not invisible, when I...

candykid2,096-2Aug 2014May 2020

Oh My Love,Where are youWhen I am with you,the only place I want to be is closer … Where are you my love? I need the star shine of your heavenly eyes,after the day's great...

redmorningsun935122Feb 2015Sep 6

Deep In The Ozark WoodsScaley bark& oak ..hickory& pine ,cedar & sassafrass are sure company of mine... Spring draws near bringing fresh mnt air lovingly & abruptly designs...

redmorningsun68572Mar 2015Dec 2018
windless night Poem

windless nightfor my past thanks all for your reads and comments...

lindsyjones870112Dec 2014Aug 2017

El ParqueIts a peaceful place....

trurorob3,347692May 2015Aug 16

NOT THE PERFECT WOMAN2/18/2020: Beware! There is a troll loose in the the CS poetry section. Reading all the guys profiles, it seems like that they all want a wonder w...

godsprincess2,460532Jun 2015Feb 2020

The Plain TruthPersonifying truth...

Yankee4you63242May 2011Sep 2017
the fog of the mystic dreamer by debbie simpson Poem

the fog of the mystic dreamer by debbie simpsonthis poem just came to me one day while i was living up on my home....

mysticrose0050912Aug 2012Jul 2018

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