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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Her Monday smile Poem

Her Monday smileHer Monday smile carried me to Tuesday when she would sustain me with a toss of her hair On Wednesdays I'd show up early just to absorb her exot...

cafetwo201063216Jan 2013Jul 26
Knock Knock Poem

Knock,KnockPoem is interaction with my own self. With that nub in the center of being that desperately wants to be exempted....

AutumnChild1714Jul 24Jul 26
wings Poem


realdeal890830Jul 26

Three butsOn a long hike in China waking hoping to see the sunshine on rice terraces...

FargoFan570Jul 26
Sun Poem


realdeal8901193Jul 25Jul 26

Padrone del MondoPer essere Padrone del Mondo ci vuole poco: Un paio di scarpe robuste quando fa freddo E una camicia larga e lunga quando fa caldo. Poi si deve an...

Eugenia7321883May 18Jul 25
Love Poem


realdeal8901142Jul 24Jul 25
If I were a bird Poem

If I were a bird……..It speaks for itself …….....

Nuwahri611905Jul 23Jul 25
Pics Poem

PicsThe pics in National Geographic are among my favorite, a magazine I've had coming since 1986....

mcradloff1062Jul 24Jul 24

The angel in my beerthere's an angel in my beer...

Oceanzest2199Jul 12Jul 24

TangoGo tango with guts...

Oceanzest1532Jul 22Jul 24
Blind pursuit Poem

Blind pursuitIn a blind pursuit of forgotten dreams I lay to rest upon a mountain beside silver streams There was a day I believed and thought I could not be d...

Unknown1211Jul 23Jul 24
War Haiku another take Poem

War Haiku - another takeFollowing Ocean’s steps...

yaspark24612Jul 3Jul 24

~~~~COFFEETIME~~~~~Do you like coffee, no I LOVE my COFFEE and drinking coffee is the best past time for getting through any type of day, as we drink and have fun drinki...

breathless225387Sep 2011Jul 22
Imker84-Jul 22

To Show ... To Believe ... To Accept and Embrace ....I want to show you That there is true and lasting love to be had ... That there is life after hurt, And sunshine after the storm , And it’...

Islandgirl612683Aug 2019Jul 22
my love Poem

my lovemy question is are you my love after reading this come find me and see and find a passion that can split the heavens and a fire that burns brigh...

alfred_tennyson1082Jul 20Jul 22
Comfortable Slippers Poem

Comfortable Slippers.Written years ago. as seen in my books....

Romanticaman1052Jul 20Jul 22

The One for Us ....You and I search and hope for the same ... though the love of our life may still yet to have a name ... The one we'd want to love with all our h...

Islandgirl615586Jun 2017Jul 22

Backcountryslice of country...

Oceanzest1436Jul 15Jul 21

Dog on a ChainHold up in the storm comrades...

Oceanzest1303May 31Jul 20
The Path Poem

The Path ...I love Nature Center paths & trails ... for romance, too....

RedHeadedTaurus88920Feb 2011Jul 20
growing old Poem

growing oldam sad guys cant help it writing crap all the time. wish i was better at it...

alfred_tennyson1152Jul 19Jul 20
Oceanzest840Jul 20

Summer RainsSometimes we need to be cleansed by the summer rain....

Yankee4you1433Jul 18Jul 20

Of Animals and Humans .....As I often watch videos of animals rescued and finding love .. after so much hardship and abuse , sometimes too late , and sadly had to...

Islandgirl612471Aug 2019Jul 19

Father's Day 2020To All Those Worth The Title . . . He may not for nine months have carried us , but it can't be denied he makes half of us ... Though it was...

Islandgirl618963Jun 2020Jul 19

The pear vs the fashion estateMusings on my pear, munch, munch...

Oceanzest1051Jul 19Jul 19
the river Poem

the riverfor amanda my wife of 40 years who died on 30/4...

alfred_tennyson1185Jul 18Jul 19
A bottle of life Poem

A bottle of lifeOur life is much more prosaic than our desires .............................

salamuna1895Jul 17Jul 18
Anne Poem

Anne* A Sydney suburb (changed) ** Wife (or) Husband *** Name changed...

lovecanbereal1335Jul 9Jul 18
my monster Poem

my monsteralex my grad son is 4 months old he misses his grand mother who died on 30/4 too she loved him so much...

alfred_tennyson660Jul 18
time Poem

timefor my wife of 40 years who died on the 30/4...

alfred_tennyson880Jul 18
early light Poem

early lightfor my wife of 40 years that died on 30/4...

alfred_tennyson620Jul 18
hope Poem

hopeis what i write now i cant sleep since my wife of 40 years has died....

alfred_tennyson820Jul 18
Hey Siri Poem

Hey Siri!This toy is the best one I've had since Stretch Armstrong! A toy I got for Christmas in 1976....

mcradloff1043Jul 16Jul 17
Hoodwinked Poem

Hoodwinked……..Rising above , changing views , sharing love …..through food...

Nuwahri6119610Jul 12Jul 17
Why you ghostin Poem

Why you ghostin?Jeeze, I forgot about this one. When I compile my list of poems to go into my book for publishing, this will be the starting poem....

SEEKINGinger1553Jul 15Jul 17

PuzzlePuzzle time...

Oceanzest1405Jul 15Jul 16

ListenRandom words, watching a Canadian movie with Innuit......

FargoFan772Jul 15Jul 16
Infinite Urges Poem

Infinite UrgesBasically a poem about unrequited love. He knew my feelings but, we had spiritual differences that preventing him following through on mutual feel...

SEEKINGinger20110Jul 12Jul 16
Leaning on hollowed sticks Poem

Leaning on hollowed sticksI swear, if any Wiccan or other pagan reads the 2nd to last stanza and understands it, I'll laugh my arse off....

SEEKINGinger730Jul 15

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