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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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FargoFan992Jun 14Jun 15
Under the Bridge Poem

Under the BridgePoem is allegorical expression of my personal beliefs and perceptions about diverse sides of painful reality....

AutumnChild2166May 23Jun 14

CameliasThey are pink, and the shrub is over two metres high. Secateurs wait...

FargoFan932Jun 14Jun 14

BookAnd so be it...

trurorob58818May 2020Jun 14

Transparency in DisguisePoetic commentary about 21st Century politics and cyber-news-casts....

Yankee4you1411Jun 11Jun 12
Absent Poem

Absent..Just a short poem to show respect to writers that have left us. Some have sadly died and others have left for their own personal reasons. It's always...

Mizzy446022May 5Jun 11
eeerrrmmmm Poem

eeerrrmmmmRewind n come again With the thoughts to the pen Giving thanks without end Only Love I have to send Put ma muzik n set it as a trend These har...

Rikco111542May 29Jun 10
An Angel from afar Poem

An Angel from afarAn angel from afar who shines like a star I ponder who you are I see your beauty that shines like the sun Your wisdom is spoken with your te...

Unknown1503Jun 3Jun 9
Say youll be mine Poem

Say you'll be mineIf I kissed your lips Would you kiss mine If I held your hand Would you hold mine If I wanted to make you mine Could you find the time We sta...

Abby19631,31533Jun 2015Jun 9
Near but so far Poem

Near but so farI dream of you to kiss those lips wanting you I dream of you each day Shy to talk shy to approach I dream of what to say Your hair dazzles m...

wayne341452Jun 4Jun 9
Quick Ways to Make Money Poem

Quick Ways to Make MoneyJust bumming once again about work and the possible jobs out there, if I got really desperate, so far I'm just gonna suck it up!...

mcradloff4153Jun 2018Jun 9

Lorettarunning with the past...

Oceanzest1464Jun 5Jun 9
Im not a Poet Im just a nice lad Poem

I’m not a Poet I’m just a nice lad!I’m not a poet I’m just a nice lad Who writes lots of poems when happy or sad Artistic I’m not but I’ll give it a lash My pockets are empty I’m des...

DK10011785Jun 6Jun 9
kisses Poem

kissesYou left me in complete bliss Drunken from your kiss Your soft pink lips left kisses ever so soft Felt like butterfly Kisses upon my lips...

Abby19631,03620Jul 2015Jun 9

Some mornings I wokeDon't read too much into it - 5 6 6 1 stanza pattern! make of it what you will....

FargoFan860Jun 9
Lament for a C S Poetess Poem

Lament for a C/S Poetess.This is written in memory of Christina.... ( Pseudonym Odette67), a C/S Poetess who graced this corner for years with special poetry and honest criti...

Mizzy463036Dec 2020Jun 6

White van manturning expectation on its head...

Oceanzest880Jun 6
Janet Jackson Poem

Janet JacksonSome songs are just a joy to listen to, this is one of them. The song is The Best Things In Life Are Free by Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross....

mcradloff1471Jun 4Jun 5

Buyao weijingdining on Chinese...

Oceanzest1142Jun 2Jun 4

Brass TacsThe history of life is sometimes painful and neglectful and difficult, but things we need to share as in poetry and otherwise....

Yankee4you2220Jun 4

LOVE1. Ladies, if you're the kind of woman that likes watching dvd-movies, if you haven't seen: "The Matrix Reloaded," it's a really good movie. 2....

israelismine1340Jun 3
The Irrelevance of War Poem

The Irrelevance of WarThis is a line I came across by an unknown source. The writer did not give his name. Anonymous....

DK10011437Jun 2Jun 2
New reasons to gather Poem

New reasons to gatherNew reasons to gather...

Bigbayle23910May 30
When Poem

When.............How precious is the gift of sight ..........

Nuwahri6127411May 26May 30
Covid Shot Poem

Covid ShotI am screwed for this weekend, but this will allow me some more freedom in the long run....

mcradloff1082May 28May 28

Reagan80's reflection...

Oceanzest1121May 27May 28

How Tender Is Thy MercyObservations of life and faith.......create its own kind of poetry quite naturally...

Yankee4you2176May 26May 28
Poetry Poem

PoetryA heart preserved. The native(s) paint the picture of the spoken word. The universal rhythm. Paint me a picture of realisation. We can count in the da...

DK10011203May 26May 27

Safari suit LennyFictional Lenny from the Colonial Office...

Oceanzest1213May 22May 27

A shotJust watching movie, males sinking shots of whisky - macho stuff - but these were Chinese males sinking 'baijiu'...

FargoFan892May 26May 27

Love IslandLOVE ISLAND Beyond my reach to this love island I castaway my dreams of capture, To a forgotten place. No one live on Love island Except the sh...

MissIreland4064Jan 2020May 27

Last whiskey with Charlesa good night in a border town...

Oceanzest2601May 25May 26
Anima Mundi Poem

Anima MundiAnima Mundi is a poem about deep psychological examination of own inner dimensions. It is also a title of excellent novel by Susanna Tamaro. One of...

AutumnChild1672May 24May 25

ME PLURRY ORANGE SOCKS.Have you ever been to Orange in the middle of Winter ? All you need is some warm clothes & a Toddy. The locals don't seem to mind the Winter but the...

maymyo1181May 24May 24
Do you feel the breeze Poem

Do you feel the breezeDo you feel the breeze Wind envelopes sways the tree Branches now blown away Dancing in the breeze Birds hold on tight Blown from their peach...

wayne341051May 24May 24
The Sound of Truth Poem

The Sound of TruthWe have all heard what we wanted to hear "Truth" that sounds right to our ears But what wisdom is there within us To live based on the feeling of...

NCT0131995676Jun 2017May 24
A Marriage Vow For Pastors Priests Ministers Rabbis Bishops That Love Purity In Their Churches 2 Poem

A Marriage Vow For Pastors/Priests/Ministers/Rabbi's/Bishops That Love Purity In Their Churches-21. For the longest the USA has said, "Money makes a man." A flim-flam saying that's never held its wait like morals from the world's most unpopular...

israelismine1650May 23
SharonF Poem

SharonF* An inner west Sydney suburb....

lovecanbereal5963Jul 2016May 23
She Gets By with Saying Im Sorry Poem

She Gets By with Saying I'm SorryShe gets by with saying I'm sorry While I get stuck with a broken heart Women get away with a lot of things And it happens right from the start...

EyeLook4U1162May 23May 23
A Marriage Vow For Pastors Priests Ministers Rabbis Bishops That Love Purity In Their Churches 1 Poem

A Marriage Vow For Pastors/Priests/Ministers/Rabbi's/Bishops That Love Purity In Their Churches-11. Entering a marriage covenant solely created by God whether you're a priest or not, you may not be religious at all, because God himself invented,...

israelismine1580May 23
Ive No More Time To Bend My Mind Poem

I've No More Time To Bend My MindI've no more time to bend my mind The illusion of love must fade away While I can still think I've got to say As I stop being a fool I wave my h...

EyeLook4U1230May 23
Up Hill Battle Down Hill Age Poem

Up Hill Battle Down Hill AgeIt's an up hill battle and a down hill age But don't say I didn't try I wrote I love you on about every page And someday will come when you see goo...

EyeLook4U1344May 17May 23

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