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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Masks Poem

Masks?We got the word that starting in June there will be no masks required at work if you have your covid shots and have two weeks after, then they put a s...

mcradloff1146May 21May 23
In your shadow Poem

In your shadowTo one who knows...

Unknown1261May 22May 23

DAFFODILSThis is one of the most famous of Lyric Poetry ever written......

worldwide24818Mar 2017May 23

Precious Memories ( Happy Birthday Mother)In Memory of My Mother.please excuse any mistakes,I'm growing rusty....

lilygold761172May 22May 22
Let Me Play Poem

Let Me Play >Let Me Play > In Your Garden Where The Warm Lily Grows Swollen In Time Up Through The Moist Grass Wet With Dew...

PassionateArtist6502Jun 2016May 22
Oceanzest1342May 19May 20

Two Stars and The MoonHere's a little romantic imagery to brighten up a lonely soul....

Yankee4you2041May 19May 20

SHINING STARI wrote this several years ago. I think it's self explanatory....

BADDGUY19562676Jan 17May 20

LOVING YOUoh sha na na na sha na na na na sha na na na na...

OdaMae2762Feb 2019May 20

Jute dayscollecting the fruit in Central America...

Oceanzest790May 20

Until We Meet AgainIn Memory of my Precious daughter who left me 23yrs ago,this day.Time passes but memories never will....

lilygold7642215Sep 2019May 19

Vivo in un posto ...Vivo in un posto dove le onde arrivano sotto la casa. Un giorno sono giocose e piene di simpatia, L’altro giorno sono minacciose e ti sputano in fac...

Eugenia7321602May 18May 19
Space Poem

SpaceOne of my biggest disappointments is the lack of funding of space programs. The first man on the moon cost around three percent of the government's b...

mcradloff1102May 14May 18
Words Poem

WordsThere are words that are not words they are just but symbols of a meaning that brings upon a hidden feeling that cannot be described...

Unknown4841Jun 2016May 18
Patience Poem

PatienceYou keep sane on rainy days you make me smile when your not looking you steer our ship to a beautiful place where you wait for me to s...

Unknown2681Aug 2017May 18
Not Poem

NotIt is not this body that you see that is me it is I who lives within can you see that is me...

Unknown2711Sep 2017May 18

DOPO DI MEDopo di me voglio che nulla rimanga di me. Bruciatemi, affidate le mie ceneri ad un vento tenero e giudizioso O ad una tempesta amara e disperata....

Eugenia7321181May 18May 18
Should I Pour You A Glass Of Wine Poem

Should I Pour You A Glass Of WineIf I write would you read If I turn up the music will you dance If I promise will you believe If I ask you would you give me a chance I want to...

EyeLook4U1111May 17May 18
Sonnet 16 Poem

Sonnet #16Time is one of my most Treasured Assets; so this is an interesting Sonnet that sums it up for me.......

worldwide24402Mar 2017May 17
Auguries of Innocence By William Blake Poem

Auguries of Innocence (By William Blake)This poem has always caught my attention, especially the first verse. It certainly makes you think about life and its consequeces. Auguries of Inn...

FireyRose3222Nov 2017May 17

Song CCCXXIXTranslation from the Russian language edition of Petrarch’s “Song Book”, Song CCCXXIX On April 6, 1327, after Petrarch gave up his vocation as a pr...

marikia5674Apr 2011May 17
Illusion of love Poem

Illusion of loveDont know why this, as it's not that great but, feeling a bit disillusioned lately....

Unknown1262May 16May 17

Spooksvillehere's a challenge, write me a scary poem, everyone likes a good horror :)...

Oceanzest26411May 6May 16
I Got It Anyway Poem

I Got It AnywayNow that my heartaches are gone I'll be moving on And I'm glad that tomorrow will bring a brand new day She didn't want to give me closure but I...

EyeLook4U842May 16May 16
Dont Cry Poem

Don't Cry“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” Audrey Hepburn Music and lyrics A. Bogolyubov Performed by Tatyana Bulanova I translated th...

marikia3935Mar 2019May 16
Prayer Poem

PrayerWritten by Ilya Chavchavadze – Georgia’s greatest poet. You can listen to the hymn written based on this poem sung in Georgian by maidens’ choir, the...

marikia7788Mar 2013May 16
The Poet Weeps Poem

The Poet Weepsa poem I wrote years ago...

chattcatt6163273Mar 2018May 16
Not every day can be roses and wine Poem

Not every day can be roses and winea poem i wrote years ago...

chattcatt6164711Mar 2018May 16
Sonnet 17 Poem

Sonnet #17In the earlier sonnets, the poet's main concern was to persuade the youth to marry and reproduce his beauty in the creation of a child. That purpose c...

worldwide23861Apr 2017May 14
Sonet 22 Poem

Sonet #22Forever Young...

worldwide25373Apr 2017May 14
Oceanzest1181May 14May 14
ME Poem

MEI believe we all see a shadow of our real selves...... x...

Phoenix543011May 2018May 14
Your world is different from my world Poem

Your world is different from my worldMy world is like a river There is no storm to suffer It's calm and it's smooth Its wave is tiny and gentle. Your world is like a sea It's rough...

Unknown4171Jun 2018May 14
Deaths Opus Poem

Death's OpusHere, On the other side of the page where lost days go, where lost poems go, where forgotten dreams are breaking up like morning fog. Go........

snowcoveredmuse23202Jul 2018May 14
Oceanzest1163May 13May 14
Perspective Poem

Perspective...Lost my VERY OLD account, decided to create another to share a few thoughts. Dan...

dan_james1021May 13May 13

CALLING ALL POETS!Please add a line. Let it take the poem forwards. Allow it to be as open as possible for the next line that follows. You can add more than one line, b...

Gligeen2469May 10May 13
If I Was Your Man Poem

If I Was Your ManIf I was your man I would help you stand I would hold you up and pull you out your sinking sands And I know its hard for you to trust a man But...

Herzmann401312May 12May 13
a three lined poem

a three lined poemThis talks about .... Looking at the autumn sky at dawn. A scenic beauty. As the dawn breaks to a new day, the faint dark night brightens up to a new...

Unknown4015Sep 2018May 13
The Wise Man Poem

The Wise ManMany of us speak on things without root knowledge. And because of not having root knowledge we usually will speak about anything, positively or negati...

Unknown3093Feb 2019May 13

ImaginationTransitional poetry about an illusionary moment set in time....

Yankee4you1381May 12May 13
Oh My Cripled Soul Poem

Oh! My Cripled SoulOh, My Crippled Soul! Abandoning the thought of love is like a pitchfork that pierced a heart that didn't bleed That which became my enemy was twice...

Marchmadness031484May 1May 12

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