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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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TASAL5296Jul 2010May 12
When a child is born it is a miracle Double Sonnet and Acrostic Poem

When a child is born it is a miracle. (Double Sonnet and Acrostic).*W*hen children are born it's a wonderous thing. *H*earing it's cry opens mothering love. *E*very new heartbeat reminds us of spring. *N*ew life, n...

GingerGee2963Apr 2019May 12
pay attention Poem

pay attentionCome on let's Piece this together The pain n the pleasure Through any length n any measure Delving deeper under pressure Trying to find the a...

Rikco11860May 11
Pigeon Poem

PigeonEveryday I go down and read to the pigeons. We have an agreement. I read to them and I take one home for dinner. Pigeon 1: “look it’s that tuned lo...

DK10011934May 4May 11
Liquid Dimensional Frequency Poem

Liquid Dimensional FrequencyRip rending bending Descending ascending Uncomp n comprehending Destructive forces amending n mending Pour empty full cup to All sending Unfrien...

Rikco11800May 10
Only a fool Poem

Only a foolOnly a fool would believe in a dream As she comes to him upon silver streams Only a fool sees such beauty as he sings her a song because he feels...

Unknown3306Feb 20May 10
Oceanzest1193May 9May 9
I saw Poem

I sawI saw suffering today. It was closed, quiet, curled up into a small ball, dressed in thin robes. I saw suffering today. His big eyes looked at m...

makatka2655Dec 2019May 9
Garage Sale Drama Poem

Garage Sale DramaI was lucky enough to be off work today so I could get a few garage sales in. I asked a woman I bought a joke book about Norwegians if she was, she l...

mcradloff600May 8
YES Poem

YESMy belated mom was a very special to me ... whatever she did, however she reacted with my attitudes, why she did this and that, oftenly ... I can't fi...

Gamagara7015Dec 2016May 7
innerSpiration Poem

innerSpirationWhat are you waiting for? Why don't you let that Love pour? A little more A lotta more I implore to endure The thin n thick of it The two face...

Rikco111212May 1May 7
One day Poem

One dayKnowing why I want to cry Vision in eye Persistent more to try Deny the mind think blind When time young kind Struggle through fire...

jaysone11382Apr 30May 5

Station EarthHumanity deserves an equal applause when everyone gets tuned into the same station. Where you have freedom of expression on Station Earth...

Yankee4you1651May 4May 4
To a warrior Poem

To a warriorjust some regrets ........

salamuna52113Mar 3May 4

Candy Cruiserhaving fun writing some rap lyrics...

Oceanzest1311May 3May 4
This Is How I Pray Poem

This Is How I PrayI'll ask the moon to serenade you I'll ask the stars to hum along As moon beams walk you home And when you reach your doorstep turn around Look...

EyeLook4U1251Apr 30May 4

Silence Molds Clouds All Dayinspired by Beatle's: - Julia - Julia, sleeping sand, silent cloud, Touch me, So I sing a song of love, Julia...

surprizeme1411May 3May 3
A Town Of Somewhere Poem

A Town Of SomewhereNothing for me to see Nothing for me to do That place had a name And now I'm forgetting it too Friends have all disappeared Into thin air If...

EyeLook4U640May 3

SURVIVORVery few women are interested in a handicapped man, as God is my witness, I'm doing the best that I can. I shed real tears, the lonely part of life, s...

BADDGUY19562574Jan 21May 1

In Honor of Love can be "Real!"Honor of Men: Men should be HOME Not overseas on foreign soil! *Updated: A Gentleman, Hero, Defender, Admirer That will give & Support Acknowl...

Rachael_062265711Apr 2020May 1

Jujulife within the walls...

Oceanzest991Apr 29Apr 30
Oceanzest1281Apr 29Apr 30
An ANZACS daughter Poem

An ANZAC'S daughter..........My Grandfather would be very proud of his daughters resilience to the Wars Of Life........unfortunately he left behind two beautiful girls under the a...

Nuwahri6160910Apr 2017Apr 28

My ANZACIn recognition of Anzac day an my grandfathers contribution 'lest we forget'...

Nuwahri611,83645Apr 2011Apr 28

Turning the ashre-spiriting love for those that need it.....

Oceanzest1512Apr 25Apr 26
my selector Poem

my selectorWhen my selector drops that beat and it feels so sweet can't help but skin teet and dance shank dem feet feeling like I'm on heat This rhythm Tones...

Rikco111070Apr 26
Senses Poem

SensesOver under everywhere The sense of peace suds bubbles gives liquid care Invisible body feeling it there From thin air Undeniable mist feeds...

jaysone11100Apr 26
I Dont Know Where I Am Poem

I Don't Know Where I AmThe river is winding round round The river is winding round round The world is spinning round round And I don't know where I am The river is loo...

EyeLook4U1251Apr 25Apr 25
Not Yet Poem

Not YetMy dad died in one of those toxic hell holes called a nursing home. I remember a dream I had as a child about hell, the feeling I got was pretty clos...

mcradloff1411Apr 23Apr 25
Inauguration Glide Poem

Inauguration/Glideit is what it is...

poetandwriter1082Apr 23Apr 25
That shopping bag Poem

That shopping bagYou carry that bag Where ever you go Full to the brim It took you to carry it contents within Why you want to burden with this stuff why you wa...

wayne341580Apr 24
Sadness Poem

SadnessTrying to define, a philosophical stance of eliminating sorrow. But somehow end up in a Theistic view....

angel999991170Apr 24

NEW LIFESpring has sprung and Easter is this coming Sunday. Write a poem every year for my church's Easter Memorial Bulletin....

godsprincess30110Mar 31Apr 23

Live from KranjiIn several trips to Singapore over the years I once enjoyed a day at Kranji racecourse....

Oceanzest1404Apr 16Apr 23
Forlorn Poem

ForlornThe sky is dark The shdes of dark blue Dwelling in my eyes Swollen with pain The rain shall rejoice For the very drops Fall with my forlorn Th...

bollywood1060Apr 23
Cry Away My Love For You Poem

Cry Away My Love For YouThere was a boy and a girl who at times they didn't get along So he sat down and wrote a sad song it went this away And that away and now right away...

EyeLook4U950Apr 22
Saying Things Poem

Saying ThingsSaying things safely like you're the boss Saying things safely like I'll never make you cross Saying things truthfully like I love you Saying thin...

EyeLook4U1261Apr 20Apr 22
I wish you were near Poem

I wish you were nearI wish you were near You were hear In this dark blue night After the wind is blown Bringing the soothing rain Where the air is cool and cam W...

bollywood790Apr 18
When I met you first Poem

When I met you firstWhen I met you first To love you was my thirst I love in such a way That none has a word to say But see the greatest lover on his way...

J147621665Apr 3Apr 17
To Clap Or Not To Clap Poem

To Clap Or Not To ClapGot a lot of claps last week for The Ghetto by Elvis, got no claps last night for Burning Down the House by Talking Heads....

mcradloff1363Apr 16Apr 17
No one to come Poem

No one to comeI know there is no one to come But I still have my windows open Gazing hopefully Into the distant pathways Where the flowers have fallen I am Ju...

bollywood1412Apr 15Apr 17
Anomaly Poem

AnomalyI had recently a birthday .. usually it was a warm sunny day. but this time it suddenly started to snow, it was a little bit strange and unusual.......

salamuna2386Apr 8Apr 16

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