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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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WORDS......At this time of year when Christmas Cards are rare, we can at least send video messages making the world so much smaller, at a time of sharing.........

niah91734Dec 18Jan 7

CHRISTMASThoughts on Christ's birth....

lilygold7621511Dec 2019Jan 6
Silhouette Poem

SilhouetteOne day when you relapse and you do really need someone as a companion to comfort you, someone you expect to be your best side to at least giving you...

thehemingway1862Dec 16Jan 6
Christmas Morn Poem

Christmas MornTo all my fellow poets and friends on CS " Merry Christmas 2019 "...

Yankee4you2155Dec 25Jan 6
Amber Sunrise Poem

Amber SunriseUnder an amber sunrise The world becomes empty And sadness envelopes my mind Beauty is arms length But just beyond my grasp Brown worlds in a cry...

Danielguy19651205Dec 26Jan 6

What I Got For ChristmasI have gotten many gifts over the years. I wore my sister's gift of a Galena Golf Club shirt on Christmas since she and her whole family didn't show...

mcradloff1331Dec 28Jan 6
A Single Rose Poem

A Single RoseMy Heart was so broken by lost love that I felt Angels trying to comfort me. But even they couldn't help and cried with me....

RockinPoet1192Dec 30Jan 6
Tomorrows Voyage Poem

Tomorrow's VoyageNew Years !! Something very symbolic to a new year like in voyages in time, we will head across unknown chartless territory to new horizons....

Yankee4you28511Dec 30Jan 6

2020 ResolutionsI was watching a docomentary called Plastic Planet....

mcradloff1345Jan 3Jan 6
The Town Of All Alone Poem

The Town Of All AloneThis part of Kentucky is dying Most of the people who were here are dead and gone In this part of Kentucky no one is crying There's no one left to...

EyeLook4U1050Jan 6
My raft Poem

My raftIt was written a couple of months ago , but it s still actual for now...

salamuna53615Apr 2018Jan 6
Rachael_06221100Jan 4

ShelterSilences will always be my salutary shrine. My holy grail that heals without real treatment. Synonyms for precious moments of pure peace and deserve...

AutumnChild2872Dec 24Jan 4
Rachael_06221330Jan 3

Love is what Legends are made of!Patience must have her perfect work Loves work and Love must fit (MBE)...

Rachael_06221531Jan 3Jan 3
Nostalgie Poem

NostalgieIt is all about living far away from the place where you was born and spent your childhood.......

salamuna34112Feb 2019Jan 3
2020 Poem

2020He came in the cover of the night music and street dances. He came with a shot of traffic jams hugs and good luck wishes. He came when I was...

makatka1431Jan 1Jan 1

ANGEL CAFESeptember 2019: It has been now 2 years since you left Poetry Corner for eternity in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. We miss you dearly Cafe. Sept...

godsprincess2,39574Oct 2017Dec 31
Send my love to you To CS community Poem

Send my love to you..(To CS community)To all my maidens who know how much I love them, and all the golden knights.. Cafe Forever in love with you...

cafetwo201088525Jan 2017Dec 31

A PlaceDeprsession and how those caught in the trap desperately try to escape. My first poem for three years, trying to start again....

trurorob38816Nov 2019Dec 31
Winter Poem

WinterI look out the window see snowflakes. Like ballerinas dancing to inaudible music. People wrapped in colorful scarves wandering through the stre...

makatka2239Dec 20Dec 30
unknown Poem

~~~unknown~~~Sorry I was to loud to proud, Listen i could listen but you hear me as if I'm dead or do i not exist, I didn't scream, Felt past this all, Fell...

jimmydean691310Dec 30
Rachael_06221460Dec 28

THE CHRIST IN 'CHRIST'MASThe Christ in Christmas (Simplified)!...

godsprincess5006Dec 2016Dec 28
I like Poem

I likeI like to think that you are. Seeing your gaze roving along the lines of my body. Enigmatic smile your lips I like to know that you are. Gr...

makatka1170Dec 28
marikia82919Dec 2011Dec 27
Rachael_06221540Dec 27
the meaning of life Poem

the meaning of lifeif you a baby read aboub it...

Unknown800Dec 26
people on earth Poem

people on earthif 90bc people think you are roung then you are proplom are are roung .but that dose not mean there are right .c0mming from someione that could not e...

Unknown670Dec 26
life and the after Poem

life and the afterits tme to live and not to die .its time its time to stop all the killing .its to starf giving ……...I have more but people out there can add … t...

Unknown670Dec 26

CHRISTMAS NIGHTMerry Christmas everyone!...

godsprincess52311Dec 2017Dec 25
hey you a Christmas thought Poem

hey you ! a Christmas thought :)just a thought. love you all my cyber friends. xx virgosign...

virgosign1,11917Dec 2009Dec 25
godsprincess62912Dec 2016Dec 24
Christmas Poem

ChristmasIsaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and she will call Hi...

PassionateArtist1604Dec 22Dec 24
Electricity Godsend Or Curse Poem

Electricity - Godsend Or CurseThis is a poem about the Electricity and how it can be friend or foe to us....

john17021984890Dec 24
A World In Ruins Poem

A World In RuinsThe moral to this poem is never try to interfere with natural evolution....

john17021984890Dec 24
A Poem From The Heart Poem

A Poem From The HeartThis Poem seems self explanetory, however what comes from the heart and soul of the Author is to be the Storyteller who wants his work to be passiona...

john17021984850Dec 24
A Poem From The Heart Poem

A Poem From The HeartThis Poem seems self explanetory, however what comes from the heart and soul of the Author is to be the Storyteller who wants his work to be passiona...

john17021984940Dec 24
The Birth of Our Savior Poem

The Birth of Our SaviorI truly wish each and every one of you blessings this holiday season. Please forgive the modern spelling of 'Savior' over the probably much preferred...

candykid1,40629Dec 2014Dec 22

Chemistryjust a thought of the moment...

TommyWords961Dec 21Dec 22
godsprincess7595Dec 2016Dec 21

MOVEMENT AND MUSIC.gentle line dancing for the elderly......they may not be able to turn sharply anymore, but they can enjoy........

niah91814Dec 18Dec 21

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