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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Socrates Said Poem

Socrates Said ..........Just having a dig at this challenge ...........

Nuwahri6133212Mar 20Mar 22
Dogs Poem

DogsWatching Eight Below which about sled dogs who help rescue a scientist and then their care giver goes back to rescue them in Antarctica....

mcradloff1618Mar 19Mar 22
The Heathen Poem

The Heathen* I have disabled comments for this poem, because I don't want to start a Shit Fight, in the PC (that would be most unseemly); anyway, the blogs are...

lovecanbereal135-Mar 21
just breathe Poem

just breatheIn this situation Where infatuation n auxiliaration Intoxication of liberation Wait wait Yes wait be patient As it all comes together Like...

Rikco111320Mar 21
Alcohol Free Poem

Alcohol FreeWith joy multiplying No way I am denying This truth Like the connection with da bluetooth Beaming Streaming Infinitely beaming And seeming...

Rikco111998Mar 11Mar 21
Fast Food Poem

Fast FoodSonic tonight!...

mcradloff1745Mar 6Mar 21
Starlight Woman Poem

Starlight WomanWe all came from stars, and to stars, we will return.......

lovecanbereal25811Mar 17Mar 21
Halloween special Hooded chair Poem

Halloween special - Hooded chairNow which one would you think would be the infamous chair that even Napoleon sat the night before his defeat? Trivia. . . its a real story and ru...

morgen902106,03116Oct 2013Mar 20
Moon Poem

MoonFly me to the moon Even if it’s on a spoon I want to go up there and see The light you shine down on me You never let me down Every night you...

Abby196350218Jun 2019Mar 20

ALTERED EGOThis poem was inspired by the fairy tale mirror mirror on the wall... I thought mirror mirror on the ceiling would be a nice adult Twist. This was...

LADYCOUNTESS33113Jan 2020Mar 19
Spectre of the night Poem

Spectre of the nightYou feel a breath a icy chill Cold to touch You stand and stir on edge Was something Thier From corners eye you spy This thing a person stan...

wayne341742Mar 17Mar 18
Why do you read my poems Poem

Why do you read my poemsAre you a vouyer to my past To read my words From my lifes journey On my journey of life's toil To find my hidden sole my life You read with...

wayne341814Mar 9Mar 18

The Story of LifeThis poem applies to all living things: animals, plants, birds, fishes, insects, etc. Regardless of the type, they all undergo the stages of: Bir...

socrates4424711Mar 11Mar 18
Oceanzest1512Mar 18Mar 18

EastChina nights...

Oceanzest1363Mar 17Mar 18
Ahyra2547Mar 15Mar 16
Enter the light i Poem

Enter the light iI dreamed of light A up hill tunnel so bright Shines from heaven above Voices heard from distant past Familiar sounds Voices long gone They s...

wayne341682Mar 14Mar 16

The Lladro testA reflection on Lladro porcelain figurines...

Oceanzest1813Mar 13Mar 16
Drugs Poem

DrugsI find reasons to stay out of the drug problem, thou I have indulged in pop and junk food, which is probably one of the biggest contributors to our lo...

mcradloff2266Mar 12Mar 16

THE THREE WISHESHope you like Leprechauns everyone!! GETTING READY FOR ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!...

godsprincess70526Mar 2019Mar 16
Reaching for the Light Poem

Reaching for the LightFrom birth, reach for the light....

gnj4u1,49744Dec 2009Mar 15
The Hooded Chair French Poem

The Hooded Chair (French)did it with imtranslator...

morgen902109086Jun 2013Mar 15
Special poem for ALL poets of Poets Corner Poem

Special poem for ALL poets of Poet's Corner.From the past to the present poets ... I once again post this tribute to All . And lest not forget our Lost ones too and those missing whom might re...

morgen902101,84266Oct 2012Mar 14

Sunday week at 2pmBit tongue in cheek, but there you have it...

trurorob50512Feb 2020Mar 14
Alone Poem

AloneThis is a poem to remind us that with age we become lost from friends are families that once we where always with and as time goes by we lose touch...

wayne341933Mar 10Mar 13
Sweet Lady of the Lakes and Fells Poem

Sweet Lady of the Lakes and FellsA Sonnet to my poetess buddy & muse....

Mizzy41,49743Aug 2015Mar 12
Serenity Poem

SerenityThis poem is about losing someone dear to your heart and finding the strength in the little that is salvaged,,, and the light that shines way after yo...

Sweetnlovely732105Mar 10Mar 12

To My Dear Old FriendThis is to a dear friend who passed away a few years ago. He´ll always be in my heart... and my soul. I woke up early one morning with the above line...

Dan_7772177Mar 11Mar 12

The Canterbury TalesAs far as I have ever got in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, but an enchanting start, good for those experiencing Spring....

Oceanzest961Mar 11Mar 12
the undressed oak Poem

the undressed oakhe sat on the old deck chair and thought about her about how she tied a strand of blonde behind her ear when she was anxious how the sun made p...

yachtsman_72836Nov 2020Mar 10

~The 3 legged duck~:) ha i love it, cheers all....

Bentlee97217Aug 2009Mar 10

In a Field of DreamsA discussion about normality......and it isn't that bad....

Yankee4you1750Mar 10
The love Poem

The loveThis talk about things in the air...

Bigbayle231371Mar 9Mar 10
Six walls Poem

Six wallsSix sides I can not move look within These six walls Contained ears closed To the dreams around I can't bare the sounds The scream the bangs...

wayne341581Mar 9Mar 9
Deny Poem

"Deny"I wrote this poem when I 'd felt betrayed by people that I 'd felt stigmatized me when they didn't really know me or understand me. I think poetry at...

rhythm801930Mar 9

Getting down with PlinyGaius Plinius Secundus, called Pliny the Elder, was a Roman author, a naturalist and natural philosopher, a naval and army commander of the early Roma...

Oceanzest1012Mar 8Mar 9
Why Poem

WhyGot tired of being overworked, underpaid, underappreciated everyday......

madtat29812Mar 4Mar 9
something shimmering and right Poem

something shimmering and rightpause and feel it so familier yet you've never seen it with your eyes a kind of innocent expression something naive something wise...

yachtsman_739810Feb 15Mar 9
overproof Love Poem

overproof LoveI Love you Yes I do How can I prove it to you? But there is no need to prove anything Love is like a song that sings And brings Harmonious h...

Rikco111717Mar 6Mar 9
God Poem

GodQuestions that run through my head sometimes......

madtat291806Mar 4Mar 9

and now its jazz.. [a tribute to Jack Kerouac]Alright you miserabilists, had enough of self-piteous poems for this week, suns out, I'm having a beer and there's no COVID for miles, fluffy white cl...

Oceanzest1533Mar 5Mar 8
Stand and fight Poem

Stand and fight.The poem is about how man has been enslaved through religion and the ruling classes and how it's now time to listen to our ancestral God's and fight a...

17th_Lancer2684Feb 27Mar 8

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