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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Vanishing Poem

VanishingI dance with the wind like a broken leaf swirling in gusts of joy. Indian summer turns a thin thread, and autumn comes to my heart. Color pale...

makatka1381Nov 2019Nov 2019

LonelinesMajor injury Strokes Paralyzed Hospitalized He is Institutionalized 1.5 years All due to nasty nicotine addiction Planned by cig companies Ever...

Rachael_06221820Nov 2019

Christmas 4 your manHave enjoyed this With just one But alcohol He loved more...

Rachael_06221390Nov 2019

Afternoon DelightMy parents were exceptional Always giving the best Deserving the best Loved by many for their gracious Love dedication loyalty Proud to be the...

Rachael_06221710Nov 2019

Beloved Mother & Dedicated FatherMy dad and mom are exceptional Unique people dearly Beloved, Faithful, loyal, honest, gave their Heart and soul always Gave their all to love fa...

Rachael_06221480Nov 2019

PUZZLE PIECEI have never felt I quite have fit into any of the spaces of my life I have been in - still searching for my own special spot....

godsprincess34710Sep 2019Nov 2019
Thanking You Poem

Thanking Youembracing gratitude & appreciation on every level n latitude remaining patient injoying lifes story humble n meek to unlock this glory...

Rikco111972Oct 2019Nov 2019
Choose to shine please n thank you Poem

Choose to shine please n thank youBe the change Light up the world Because you can...

Rikco111260Nov 2019

No Man's LandHow much I miss my Yugoslavia. Land that doesn't exist anymore. I was a child when war began in Croatia and Bosnia. Serbia was excluded from those...

AutumnChild2686Nov 2019Nov 2019
Irish People Poem

Irish PeopleStarting to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with all the Irish entertainers I have enjoyed over the years....

mcradloff67515Mar 2014Nov 2019

"YOU" P.On line dating Who knows the truth I don't ???...

Rachael_06222671Nov 2019Nov 2019
People Ive Worked With Poem

People I've Worked WithMy coworkers really suck, or maybe it's just me that just doesn't like all this human interaction crap!...

mcradloff1140Nov 2019
Nights Poem

NightsWhen I am unable to see a wink I beg the night to give me some sleep....

marikia5856Jan 2011Nov 2019
An Evening of French Poem

An Evening of Frenchthe once love of my life, memories and dreams...

Johnkul1381Nov 2019Nov 2019
Fair Lady Poem

Fair LadyI was in love with my golden lass. I was trying desperately to show her my love.......

Johnkul1230Nov 2019
Keeping America Beutiful Poem

Keeping America BeutifulWatching an old informative commercial from the 70's with the Indian crying over the bag full of fast food containers thrown out of someone's car....

mcradloff2432Jul 2018Nov 2019
Christmas Shopping in November Poem

Christmas Shopping in NovemberAlready watching Thanksgiving and Christmas movies. I started off with Charlie Brown's Thanksgving and also watched the best of Saturday Night Live's...

mcradloff1381Nov 2019Nov 2019

I DREAM OF YOUI dream of you Do dreams come true I hope so Cos I dream of you Behind closed eyes Asleep at night I kiss you Behind my closed eyes When m...

ManicCC1795Nov 2019Nov 2019
Born with IT Poem

Born with ITI derived this poem version from the book "The Journey Home" as IT touched the core of my being....

Gongdo1151Nov 2019Nov 2019

Today Will Be The DayIn honor of the birth of my granddaughter....

Yankee4you2334Nov 2019Nov 2019

There was a girlThis was a mostly a true story from many moons ago Up on a mountain top Somewhere over the Great Lakes of Michigan Looking down into a valley Jus...

Rachael_06222082Oct 2019Nov 2019
November tears Poem

November tearsNovember tears fall asleep to their music, the noise of fallen leaves, fast twilight that steals a ray of sunshine dry grass on the hills of P...

makatka1622Nov 2019Nov 2019
Watch Poem

WatchIt was all me and my true love and now she has gone....

surfer466624Apr 2012Nov 2019
Gritante3622May 2019Nov 2019
Gritante2731Oct 2019Nov 2019


WILDANDREADY64812Apr 2015Nov 2019
Intimate encounter Poem

Intimate encounterOh my beloved, my darling Angel I opened my heart for you to come in At the moment I gave up all hope In ever meeting you by divine guidance...

Gongdo1190Nov 2019
Love Me Poem

Love & MeLove & Me Is as the Fool card in the Tarot, Carrying the knapsack of talents and gifts on my shoulder. Not caring if I have 2 different shoes on...

Gongdo1200Nov 2019

Signs by the RoadThere are so many signs by the road. Perception needs to find those shattered,so crucial details. They maybe seem meaningless. But for me the littl...

AutumnChild1802Nov 2019Nov 2019
Batman Poem

BatmanSuperhero DC comics inspiration....

Brent2251372Oct 2019Nov 2019

Men can blow itMen need an education Men r from mars Women r from Venus Tired of this Merry go round...

Rachael_06222012Nov 2019Nov 2019

Believe in PossibilitiesI am not going to let a man use me or be a player Want the real thing only Rachael...

Rachael_06221882Oct 2019Nov 2019

Dancing in the Dark''Dancing in the dark'' has a message to send away. Through the bad times still exists that cheerful place inside. Little space where many worries m...

AutumnChild2144Oct 2019Nov 2019
The forbidden fruit Poem

The forbidden fruit!What is this fruit? Does it have a name? I will tell truth, though not seeking fame. We heard it's forbidden, nothing else we know. This truth was hi...

byfaith3955Jan 2011Nov 2019

Falling LeavesThe powerful change of seasons underway prompts me to account for the passage of yet another year....

Yankee4you2172Oct 2019Nov 2019

WAVESDedicated to Trudy for her inspiration This is a final draft of Waves I posted here some time ago but now deleted...

ManicCC1912Oct 2019Nov 2019
Happy Halloweenie Poem

Happy HalloweenieHappy Halloweenie To > You > Too Booooooooo)))...

PassionateArtist1151Oct 2019Oct 2019
Ranch Womans Prayer Poem

Ranch Woman's PrayerPrayer of a rancher's wife. Often said silently in church or during the week....

ReaderOfSouls5574Mar 2011Oct 2019

The Lonely SwanI have a friend who had a pair of Trumpeter swans but the female died and now he is one lonely swan. Not sure, but I have heard that swans mate for l...

godsprincess1,03720Nov 2016Oct 2019
WWE Rusev Poem

WWE Rusev1. Rusev, I saw the man there in the WWE he tried to help u and Lana reconcile but Lana didn't have not even an ounce of reconciliation in her....

israelismine1100Oct 2019

Hot stuffMemories of Alaska Hot hot hot nights! When he's hot 4 u U r hot 4 him never take it for granted U may never replace him Pretty hard to give that...

Rachael_06221510Oct 2019

A Gentleman with pure intentionsPowell was the inspiration He knows his name Have never met him Don't know him well But he appears to have much heart...

Rachael_06221540Oct 2019

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