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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Fire and Ice Poem

Fire and IceSome say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate T...

alexandre_aguiar960Dec 2020
If you forget me Poem

If you forget meIt describes how important love is in our lives. Neruda seems to show the reader that he or she should feed relationship with attention and love....

alexandre_aguiar860Dec 2020
Ive a pain in my head Poem

I've a pain in my head'I've a pain in my head' Said the suffering Beckford; To her Doctor so dread. 'Oh! what shall I take for't?' Said this Doctor so dread Whose na...

alexandre_aguiar940Dec 2020
One arvo Poem

One arvo ........Been finding hard to express myself lately ....... l have been trying just to write freely as I see it...

Nuwahri612078Dec 2020Dec 2020
E M Forsters poem

E.M.Forster's poemIt describes how we should be ready to encounter problems in life and surpass them....

alexandre_aguiar1351Dec 2020Dec 2020

Earth, Sea and SkyNature's Trinity iambic pentameter sonnet (ten syllables per line) (successive lines rhyme scheme)...

socrates442664May 2020Dec 2020
Love lost Poem

Love lostI still think of you often I still yearn for your touch My soul finds repose in your arms. I still miss your blue eyes Your laugh and your smil...

theleoqueen781692Dec 2020Dec 2020
Unknown1111Dec 2020Dec 2020
Boogie street Poem

Boogie streetO crown of light, o darkened one.....

Unknown701Dec 2020Dec 2020
Moon in Scorpio Poem

Moon in ScorpioWhen I close my eyes I can feel you inside me When they’re open- I can still feel the ache Your energy is calm, Commanding and brave With one...

theleoqueen781330Dec 2020
Emptiness Poem

Emptinesssome of the dark images......a kind of my own black tetragon)...

salamuna45219Sep 2020Dec 2020
Christmas Poem with a thought Poem

Christmas Poem.....with a thought...I has posted this poem on the site, at this time 3 years ago... It has since been archived, so I thought about starting a new thread..... (with a litt...

twinself1,08019Dec 2009Dec 2020
Our search for love in dating sites Part 1 Poem

Our search for love in dating sites Part 1!(Relationship) Finding relationship today is asking for miracle, Because most breathing life though a spiracle. We come and we go and we do talk...

Rhyme_Less1171Dec 2020Dec 2020
Lighting the Way Poem

Lighting the WayI love this season…a cause to ponder meaning within creation, including what we create and celebrate. While recognizing the illuminary icons that lig...

gnj4u92022Dec 2009Dec 2020

SILENT BEAUTY.Twilight....a special time of every day....

niah923412Dec 2020Dec 2020
Our search for love in dating sites Part 2 Poem

Our search for love in dating sites Part 2!YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ PART 1 FIRST (Complicated minds) What has happened to that simplicity of life? In war with love, in dissension heart & mind....

Rhyme_Less1291Dec 2020Dec 2020
H Prosefxh Pou Egine Litania GREEK Poem

H Prosefxh Pou Egine Litania! (GREEK)Kapos etsi xekinise mia prosefxi pou egine litania, Me mia prosklisi ke apo mena mia thisia, Eftasa sti xenitia ftera ston erota kardia. H istor...

Rhyme_Less1140Dec 2020
Afto pou den emathes pote GREEK Poem

Afto pou den emathes pote! (GREEK)To poso poli sagapisa pote den tha to mathis, ap tin zoi mou perases ke omos semna exathis. Esy kali mou mou xarises sta xili mou filia, opos ekina...

Rhyme_Less780Dec 2020
San 7 Star me Gnorises GREEK Poem

San 7 Star me Gnorises! (GREEK)San seven star me gnorises me efta asteria fotina, pou se tris meres kanan ta xiliades milia midenika. Irtha konta sou mousa mou ton erota na imniso...

Rhyme_Less1160Dec 2020
Marina Bay Poem

Marina Bay!Marina bay is the point yet not the destination, There is a harmonic essence, angelic creation. Like out of the shadows in the darkest night, I see...

Rhyme_Less1090Dec 2020
Ive met you in my dreams Poem

I've met you in my dreams!I can’t but think perhaps you are, The fragments of a fallen star. That Heaven cast down so sweet, Now, I can’t wait for us to meet. I can’t but...

Rhyme_Less850Dec 2020
Summer is over yet hope is still on Poem

Summer is over, yet hope is still on!I am staring in silently the distance, Listening to the crickets in the grass. Watching the orange sun die in the West, Enjoying the last of summer...

Rhyme_Less600Dec 2020

Wet DreamJust checking to make sure everyone is awake out there. lol...

Happygolucky4u68117Feb 2011Dec 2020
Numb Poem

NumbNumb, that’s how I feel Some say ,what’s the big deal I can’t feel I can’t smile I can’t laugh Numb ,that’s how I feel Pleasure no longer...

Abby19633205Sep 2020Dec 2020
Starpiercer Poem

StarpiercerIf all the sharp stars, fell down from up high, from spaces beyond deep blue skies... Would you even try, to catch at least one, or stare glaring as...

candykid2785Aug 2020Dec 2020
Book of Life Poem

Book of Life .....,,,,,People sometimes overlook the person because of what they see on the outside ...........

Nuwahri6196014Jun 2020Dec 2020

Connection to NatureDedicated to those who experience a direct personal connection to Nature independent of any explanation. (Any attempt at explanation detracts from...

socrates443997Sep 2019Dec 2020
This Empty Soul Poem

This Empty SoulI wrote this for a beautiful mother, a beautiful wife, an awesome singer who is going through a lot at the moment. When another woman pours her heart...

orientalkoru46010Aug 2019Dec 2020
sand Poem

sandfriends hear me now and hear my plea I've wintered long in fields of sea I've fought and fight against the wind I've seen both poles and seen them...

yachtsman_71613Dec 2020Dec 2020
the air did move in silent sing Poem

the air did move in silent singthe air did move in silent sing as linnets sung on warble wing and truth did shine upon it's clock as two moored souls depart the dock time bent...

yachtsman_72386Dec 2020Dec 2020

UNIVERSAL WINGS.thought without spoken words...

niah91310Dec 2020

MEN seek one Real dedicated honesthuge interest seek One For Real man...

Rachael_06224984Nov 2019Dec 2020

Love Grace Brave Poet & Cowgirl!Veterans have to be brave in Basic to share a bedroom with 50 women ugh! They can be good or mean Courage to leave your family behind to serve your...

Rachael_06223454May 2020Dec 2020

ONLINE ADDICTION......Oh dear, it happens again and again I often feel males, would like to tame Women met in life, to do as they believe Not be our own person, and so u...

niah92055Nov 2020Dec 2020

Two Clocks in Separate PlacesThe things we are most familiar with will keep us apart and bring us back together...

Yankee4you4644Dec 2020Dec 2020
Love Poem

LoveI love and lost really to love again Love have no boundaries or no color...

Badassb1651Aug 2020Dec 2020

SHADOWS OF LIFE.You're in my dreams, do you know who you are. Maybe your the moon, or a bright shining star Magic of the night, warmth on every dull day Your words...

niah92958Nov 2020Dec 2020
My short version of my poem D Poem

My short version of my poem :Di just thought of it just now...

JesseJames221472Dec 2020Dec 2020
Snow Poem

SnowI love snow, it's so pretty!...

mcradloff1123Dec 2020Dec 2020
Damn the Squirrels Poem

Damn the SquirrelsThe squirrels have been waiting, its more than nuts :)...

Oceanzest1835Nov 2020Dec 2020
Four Seasons Poem

Four SeasonsI can’t erase you from my memory And my heart loved only you I think of you consciously and subconsciously I see you in my dreams And I f...

Unknown1101Dec 2020Dec 2020
Gossip Poem

GossipThe dark clouds gathered before thunder Oh I wish (if only) the rain would deliberately rain down and touch carefully her palm The most importan...

Unknown970Dec 2020

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