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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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KISSI look for you I miss you you're in a thousand memories I have forgotten the warmth, but yearn fervor where are you? I'll find you in this li...

Sagittus1781Nov 2020Dec 2020
The Flower Poem

The FlowerThey joy of love and life and death and regret....

PaddyPtah1422Dec 2020Dec 2020
This Side Of Nowhere Poem

This Side Of NowhereIn a little town this side of nowhere And across the county line there still aint no hope For happiness with someone to marry And I didn't even mai...

EyeLook4U1541Sep 2020Dec 2020
Driving Miss Daisy Poem

Driving Miss Daisy......Unusually black night driving back from a job .........

Nuwahri612317Nov 2020Dec 2020
Covid 19 Poem

Covid-19Reflections on current state of Covid-19 pandemic....

gnj4u53520Mar 2020Dec 2020
Christmas Cards Poem

Christmas CardsI try to write something in each one to let them know what I have done this last year. Missing my dead dad, dealing with my mom's dementia and he eve...

mcradloff1040Dec 2020
Last Thanksgiving Poem

Last Thanksgiving?I have to wait and see if we have a Christmas get together. My sister and her kids have boycotted my Mom and Shane and want nothing to do with them....

mcradloff1714Nov 2020Dec 2020
Last Chance Lover Poem

"Last Chance Lover"Some say loving is gambling But my card decks have other use Nowadays games and relationships are scrambling Surely there is a certain abuse The...

givemelove1432Dec 2020Dec 2020
An image of my beloved Poem

An image of my belovedIf I could paint a vision of beauty and truth to decorate the heavenly skies they would be your dreamy eyes Oh but what brush shall I use to your m...

Unknown2414Nov 2020Dec 2020

A FRIEND HAS DIEDIn remembrance of Doloris O'riordan...

justarius1702Nov 2020Nov 2020

MORNING HOPE.who can doubt the positive start of a new day.......

niah91764Nov 2020Nov 2020
Dylan JFK Poem

Dylan (JFK)round up the usual suspects of men round up some more and do it again pain is a letter stamped with a trowel and a life cruelly taken is mu...

yachtsman_71863Nov 2020Nov 2020
Piton Poem

Pitonspot of mountaineering haiku...

Oceanzest1684Nov 2020Nov 2020
The wish Poem

The wishThe feeling Familiar Our life Part of us This can’t be Break free A man I am, inner me Ultimately foresee In him I seek closure...

jaysone11532Nov 2020Nov 2020
Before There Was Stress Poem

Before There Was StressBefore there was stress there was being young Before there was stress there was being alive Before there was stress I was me Now I'm just someone t...

EyeLook4U1302Nov 2020Nov 2020

LIVE LOVE LAUGHMy blueprint to life!...

Unknown1984Nov 2020Nov 2020

THE NIGHT SLEEPSHAIKU! He sneezed. God bless you. She responded....

surprizeme1691Nov 2020Nov 2020

My HEART.The Journey of my heart ....

Unknown3037Nov 2020Nov 2020


niah92288Nov 2020Nov 2020

Pitch Dark After SupperThere has never been a greater need for the world to come together to face down our problems....

Yankee4you3335Oct 2020Nov 2020
The Month Of Everything Poem

The Month Of EverythingThere's a song I want to sing There is joy I need to bring Have you heard of the holy wedding It's happening soon in the month of everything All...

EyeLook4U1862Nov 2020Nov 2020
believe Poem

believeis it wrong to set aside my limits and believe to enter a creation of thought and mystery to understand that things may change within my belief, in...

jimmydean691892Nov 2020Nov 2020
sea of keels Poem

sea of keelsheaven knows and heaven tries unpick the wrongs you've done unpick the lies cos you don't know how it feels trudging through a day in a sea...

yachtsman_72164Nov 2020Nov 2020
Take care of your crown Poem

Take care of your crownJust some thoughts.......

salamuna2927Nov 2020Nov 2020
Ice Poem

Ice?sugar and spice...

Oceanzest1732Nov 2020Nov 2020
Lowly Poem

LowlyIt has all corners and it's more than just these words its spiritual and abstract in terms of poem but it heals the soul , it improves mental ability...

Unknown1512Nov 2020Nov 2020
Vacation Day Poem

Vacation DayIt's fun to take some of that moola and do something fun with it. Tonight I'm going to a Chinese buffet with a friend....

mcradloff1231Nov 2020Nov 2020
Be A Dreamer Poem

Be A DreamerHow can we be free, when freedom to dream, s'not available Where dark-deeds,cold-steel black-hearts, always seem to prevail When suffering evi...

ManicCC1171Nov 2020Nov 2020
All Things Must Come To Pass Poem

All Things Must Come To Pass.All things must come to pass as one So hope should never die. There's no height or bloody might That a free man can't defy. There's no source of f...

Fer5098-Nov 2020
The Wolf Poem

The WolfThe Wolf Where can I go? There’s no where left. The land of forests is bereft? Persecuted all our lives, From the dawn of time, From the first...

17th_Lancer1673Nov 2020Nov 2020
scars Poem

scarsPop, it's that time of year when Christmas is nearby the earth has made its trip again around the velvet sky we fought like tigers all the t...

yachtsman_71874Nov 2020Nov 2020
That time again Poem

That time againLate fall is not easy on us unless we take time to appreciate the good and also to reflect on our life...

yaspark2718Nov 2020Nov 2020

Whispers In The WindThis was from my own personal experience, working as a volunteer with the horses, and caring for them, and also part of a children´s book that I wrote...

Dan_7773065Nov 2020Nov 2020
You fit into me Poem

You fit into me.You fit into me Like a hook into an eye. A fish hook An open eye....

Fer50126-Nov 2020
A Heart Thats True Poem

A Heart That's TrueIt's the values I look for in a female.You start a relationship with the foundation of friendship. Gaining trust and friendship values which is truth,...

LoveMachine122101482Nov 2020Nov 2020
William Shakey Poem

William ShakeyAn ode to the life less lived...

Oceanzest1600Nov 2020
Canadian girl Poem

Canadian girlI met her in the winter in a bar upon the hill when the dark was carved by starlight and the moon had paid the bill I stepped in from the wild...

yachtsman_71952Nov 2020Nov 2020
cars and girls Poem

cars and girlsthe cafe was closing and the air was darker than age Mary was fixing her order and her world had become like a cage will you still see me...

yachtsman_72397Nov 2020Nov 2020
Alone Poem

AloneFrom childhood´s hour I have not been As others were I have not seen As others saw I could not bring My passions from a common spring From the sam...

Fer50134-Nov 2020
Though of the day Poem

Though of the dayAccept is the key Let go is the lock Together they open doors...

jaysone11854Nov 2020Nov 2020
Ireland Poem

IrelandMy wanderer boat, shaked by the winds Brought me to this mysterious island. Like everybody´s dream when you´re castaway, Job, kind people, love m...

Fer50127-Nov 2020

WORDS....Friend...lover or foe.......

niah91560Nov 2020

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