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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The Search Poem

The SearchI've given my heart, I've given my soul, I've given myself heartedly-Whole To so many others believing they were mine.. When only to find, That I was...

RadiantFirefly1182Oct 2019Oct 2019

WaitingHow long is too long when the journey seem endless When the odds are not in my favor, but I keep falling victim to time Patience and grace will test...

Marchmadness032004Oct 2019Oct 2019
Lost Trust Poem

Lost Trust???My head is a mess and my heart is dead. I try to be fine but, I just keep dying. Life has been a hell of a ride I don't mean on the good...

RadiantFirefly1303Oct 2019Oct 2019
What We Trust In Our Hearts Poem

What We Trust In Our HeartsLittle fears and doubts should be listened to....

Yankee4you5856Jul 2011Oct 2019
A Lavender Sky Poem

A Lavender SkyThe sometimes strange colors of our winter skies are truly inspirational and beautiful....

Yankee4you77017Dec 2013Oct 2019
Loneliness II Poem

Loneliness IILoneliness takes on a taste for me red Sophi semi dry tested to kill thoughts. Loneliness, it's a return to the apartment, where nobody waits. L...

makatka2694Oct 2019Oct 2019

FaithJust a reminder of what we should always be thinking about. It is an old one, I just polished it a little. Thank you!...

marikia4886Jan 2011Oct 2019

SURRENDERIt was involuntary motions, Uncontrolled reactions, Extreme commotion, Nothing but passion. Clawing for each new breath, Unable to maintain, T...

PlainoldJane8194Apr 2016Oct 2019

Emotional LoveFeeling hopeless and helpless caught up in an emotional state of love Some days I feel like we should just ride the tide The emotional current keep...

Marchmadness031400Oct 2019

KirstenMore memories.... * Sydney suburbs. ** I don't really believe this; I'm being sarcastic/ironic....

lovecanbereal1996Oct 2019Oct 2019
Unhear You Poem

Unhear YouI can't unhear the words you say to me You can't take those words back What is said, is said and words do hurt You can say sorry, sorry can only go...

RadiantFirefly1502Oct 2019Oct 2019
The Definition Of Insanity 06 18 19 Poem

The Definition Of Insanity - 06/18/19I am the definition of insanity My Love for you keeps throwing me into the flames yet I keep running back into your arms, hoping something has change...

RadiantFirefly1342Oct 2019Oct 2019
As i have seen Poem

---As i have seen---Faith,Happiness,Love and Peace for us All.......

jimmydean691310Oct 2019

To the CS lady poetsThe depth of her emotions - like a sea; - Are something that few men can understand. Like Einstein with his relativity Where in this world we're...

lovecanbereal1,09933Sep 2016Oct 2019
Playing the Loners Game Poem

Playing the Loners GameThe poem/song I wrote is complicated, yet; understandable. I grew up in the Army traveling from one state to the next, so by the time I hit my teenage...

DiggableHippy492202Oct 2019Oct 2019

THOUGHTS ABOUT YOU FROM THE IDYou can’t do that! Gets lectured on self worth by Confidence and Self-respect Uncertainty is glumly undecided and Fear isn’t helping one bit, Dr...

ManicCC1442Oct 2019Oct 2019
Limbo Poem

LimboWhen you are not in control...

Lindzi1523Oct 2019Oct 2019

Robyn (one night stand)* Rockdale (inner) south west suburb of Sydney ** Engadine southern suburb of Sydney....

lovecanbereal7617May 2016Oct 2019

Fall MagicBeautiful fall days this year...

godsprincess88630Oct 2016Oct 2019

The Last ButterflyThis poem was published in the October 2019 Newark Valley Moonlighter. Walking in the park dreading the last day of seeing my butterflies....

godsprincess56918Oct 2018Oct 2019
Firefly is Gone 11 17 17 Poem

Firefly is Gone. 11/17/17Hi... I am a friend... Here to inform you that Firefly is gone. She died Tuesday night of a massive Hearteache. She had no final words... Just let o...

RadiantFirefly1790Oct 2019
08 16 18 Poem

08/16/18** I will She'd my tears for you, I will hold on to each and every precious moment we've shared! In My Heart You will always Live! This is not "Good...

RadiantFirefly1110Oct 2019
My Heart Cries Poem

My Heart CriesToday, my heart cries, I sent my not-so-little Brother off to work in Nashville, in which he is now going to stay, as I have wrecked my car and the Je...

RadiantFirefly1250Oct 2019

Michael Jackson MemoriesI have been watching documentary videos of Michael Jackson. The best one was with Oprah....

mcradloff3755Mar 2018Oct 2019

A TreeThe Tree As stately as I stand, I still fall victim to the axe I think that I shall never see a hundred years and that's a fact My leaves fall t...

Marchmadness035687Oct 2016Oct 2019

Songs For HalloweenThere are also songs with a dark nature to them that could be included like Sweet Dreams by Eurthmics or Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson....

mcradloff1190Oct 2019

Me and My PainFrom the series I named: Me and My Pain - a translation from our Georgian poetess. Oh, please, don't fall a prey to too much sadness contained. Cheer...

marikia7468Dec 2016Oct 2019
Dont know Poem

Don't know!brought a tear to my eye with artistic feelings and beauty every word that was written...

samsonx1390Oct 2019
IF Poem

IFSometime there are a lot of "ifs" in our life)))...

salamuna45621Sep 2019Oct 2019
Fallen Poem

FallenCan we ever count our cost, When this long journey seem to have been lost where do you find a smile to put on your face? When the truth is on the...

Unknown1171Oct 2019Oct 2019
Valley of Memories Poem

Valley of MemoriesRooted in this valley We watched the sun fold her petals one by one into the navel of the sky Betraying us into an ambush of shadows Frighte...

Unknown1132Oct 2019Oct 2019
Sunshine Smiles and Rainbows Cry Poem

Sunshine Smiles and Rainbows CryYou really have to hop on board and come along for the ride in this one. :)...

Yankee4you3327Oct 2019Oct 2019
The Sojourner Poem

The Sojourner.This poem is entirely about tons of sad life experiences. You can inbox me If there is really something you want to know about it personally...

Unknown2213Oct 2019Oct 2019

.......Who am I??.....Just asking myself at 2am...

Shynee2803Sep 2019Oct 2019
Last Night Poem

Last NightI had given up given in Came to believe it was just a lost cause I had stopped hurting with the broken heart of a fool But then last night I had a...

EyeLook4U2202Oct 2019Oct 2019

Don't Turn AroundDon't turn around. Just go farther. Into distances and foreign landscapes. Into vastness of immeasurable possibilities out there. Don't look aroun...

AutumnChild2010Oct 2019

THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILDInspired by a picture posted by MadTat! Thank you Tony!...

godsprincess41517Aug 2019Oct 2019
Inside hell Poem

---Inside hell---my brother has been locked away for 6 years and he did not do much.....

jimmydean692322Sep 2019Oct 2019

7I love this movie as it deals with thing that many people struggle with, gluttony lust pride covetousness anger envy, and sloth....

mcradloff1240Oct 2019

The Silent StrengthI think that two penultimate verses tell story for themselves. And everyone who has the same insight as I have will recognize own reflection among my...

AutumnChild2822Sep 2019Oct 2019
The stand up Poem

The stand upThe worst stand up ever....

Sweetnlovely736120Oct 2019
You again Poem

You againWhen he didnt say goodbye...

Lindzi1632Sep 2019Oct 2019

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