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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Intimations of Immortality Poem

Intimations of Immortality.Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass, Of glory in the flower. We will grieve not, rather find, Strenght in what remain...

Fer50145-Oct 2020

HOW DO I FORGIVE ME?You helped me up I knew you cared You gave me your trust I shouted out loud threw it away left it between us broken I am lost lost lost a...

ManicCC1620Oct 2020

COUNTING COINSThey like to think themselves as heroes. They are the Self-Serving type. They like making war on ev-ery-one, and count-ing coins at night.They conte...

ManicCC1130Oct 2020
FargoFan1561Oct 2020Oct 2020

DECIDE YOUR PAINTINGDoing what makes you happy......with a positive attitude...never giving up........

niah91650Oct 2020

REGENERATING LIFE.Early morning, the promise of a new day Dull and grey, till sun comes out to play Changing emotions, as warmth spreads Confirmation of outcome, not...

niah91502Oct 2020Oct 2020
Twinkies Poem

TwinkiesI watch horror movies from September 15 and Halloween. This movie is one of my favorites. The Burbs is another funny Halloween movie....

mcradloff1170Oct 2020
the perfect woman Poem

the perfect womansay it in a sequence of silent lullabies say it in the echoed phrases of goodbye say it a way that one day makes me care say it so I kayak th...

yachtsman_72093Oct 2020Oct 2020
mountain man Poem

mountain manI'm rough hewn Lil you picked me still to your North star I'm the black trace elements fly to fill the sky.. you bring the things I lack I...

yachtsman_71412Oct 2020Oct 2020
Poppy Poem

PoppyPoppy's lined in rows Thier petals flutter in the light winds they flutter in the silent breeze Thier red petals glow Remember them the fall...

wayne341490Oct 2020

The Silent Landline (takes another mofo)WARNING POEM RATED R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. ADVISED FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY BROKEN IN BY TAKEN LSD. POEM MIGHT...

surprizeme2651Oct 2020Oct 2020

The Old October SkyOur mood matches changes in the seasons........

Yankee4you1881Oct 2020Oct 2020
one of mine Poem

one of mineWe were meant for biking miles in the fog, for laughing our aching ribs. Summer is only a word. But an orange word. Red sun spilling into the sky. bur...

Unknown1462Oct 2020Oct 2020
I Ever Knew Poem

I Ever KnewYou're sweet and kind and your heart is so true You're the prettiest girl ever I ever knew All these sweet things I long to say to you Should w...

EyeLook4U1601Oct 2020Oct 2020
A Different World Poem

A Different World ..........So many people have so many unique qualities ....... if only the ignorant opened their eyes...

Nuwahri6132610Oct 2020Oct 2020
Survive Poem

SurviveI constantly help the wrong people .. just have to go through it........

salamuna2855Oct 2020Oct 2020
when Poem

whenwhen I tamed rage and tried anew a road emerged that led to you when I quit work and made a career I fed with tune my starving ear wh...

yachtsman_71633Oct 2020Oct 2020

Joketime for some levity...

Oceanzest1922Sep 2020Oct 2020
instinct Poem

instinctI could've had religion but I loved God too much I could've fought for a living in boxing rings and such but I guess we are who we are and we c...

yachtsman_72195Oct 2020Oct 2020

October…. The GoddessSights of brilliant foliage inspired this poem....

Yankee4you2072Oct 2020Oct 2020

Sun DaysA splash of rain on the window pane I'm lying here thinking of you again Sunday drives in our old Renault 5 Driving aimlessly around the countrysi...

MysteriousGirl802496Oct 2020Oct 2020
Protector Poem

Protectormemories from within...

jaysone11712Oct 2020Oct 2020

SpamYou never know!! or do you??...

trurorob2,06853Jul 2010Oct 2020
Hope Poem

HopeHope is the birthplace of our dreams; it’s perched in our souls. Hope sings an eternal song avoiding all impossibilities with a returning option. Ho...

Marchmadness037158Aug 2014Oct 2020

Trees sighingLife in the driest continent...

FargoFan1694Oct 2020Oct 2020
Breakout Poem

BreakoutA parody song of Breakout by Swing Out Sister about the corovirus. We have ten people at work who have been infected in the last two weeks....

mcradloff1492Oct 2020Oct 2020

shades down lowwriting a little hiphop and doing some song creation...

Oceanzest2212Oct 2020Oct 2020


SUMMIT091733Oct 2020Oct 2020
FargoFan1851Oct 2020Oct 2020
ordinary love Poem

ordinary loveI see you everyday its not important you see me I'm the the man who moors his boat near your house upon the quay your son is older than me lear...

yachtsman_73398Sep 2020Oct 2020
South Wall Blues Poem

South Wall Blues............It’s very rare I come here ...........

Nuwahri6131514Sep 2020Oct 2020
Canada Five Dollar Bill Poem

Canada Five Dollar BillI went to Canada in 2003 and 2005 and brought home a five dollar bill, a two dollar coin(silver with a golden polar bear in the middle) and a dollar c...

mcradloff1191Oct 2020Oct 2020
Wood Chopped Water Carried Poem

Wood Chopped Water CarriedThis poem is inspired by a transformative near-death experience....

oasisb1471Oct 2020Oct 2020
confusing Poem

confusingfeeling this way, today. Forever....

jaysone12939Aug 2020Oct 2020
after effects Poem

after effectsresidual effects, picking up pieces...

jaysone12677Aug 2020Oct 2020
Star Trek The Impatient Meditation Poem

Star Trek: The Impatient Meditation(Spock and Bones are sitting in Spock’s quarters as Spock tries to teach Bones how to meditate by focusing the mind through the concentration on the f...

DK10011522Sep 2020Oct 2020
Friends Poem

Friends‘Friends’ Kirk: “we can count in the dark Spock but did logic form in the dark?” Spock: “a fascinating question captain” Kirk: “one you can a...

DK10011592Sep 2020Oct 2020
let it be my mantra Poem

let it be my mantrawhat do you believe this is what i believe destiny...

jaysone12286Sep 2020Oct 2020
from the outside Poem

from the outsideI’m at the gate Waiting, bright is the house On the boundary I lean Seeing the happy, smiling people at home Does anyone notice, I’m calling...

jaysone12484Sep 2020Oct 2020
Ever Since She Went Away Poem

Ever Since She Went AwayShe's talking to people about me There's not much anyone can say Perhaps she will find I've been sad for a long time Ever since she went away No...

EyeLook4U1340Oct 2020

The Last LeafOne by one the leaves will fall until all is gone....

Yankee4you2251Sep 2020Oct 2020

PEACE TO INNER SOUL.Giving benefit of the doubt, until you can no more.......comes in many

niah92106Sep 2020Sep 2020

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