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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Color red Poem

Color redAt countless drops of rain on the window pane, through wind branching clouds, refracts the sun shine of his morning smile, spreading him out i...

ivek594514Sep 2015Sep 2019
Window to the yard Poem

Window to the yardAfter a wakeful night, like after a battle in which everyone is defeated, Aware that there will be more, I light a cigarette by the open window. W...

ivek591312Sep 2019Sep 2019
Going Under Poem

Going UnderEven in death... you still hold on...

Sweetnlovely731542Sep 2019Sep 2019

A Flower in the WindI assume that flower in the wind will always stay true to himself. Covered with threads of delicately purplish aura above his reclusive persistence.....

AutumnChild2850Sep 2019
The essence Poem

The essenceIn my mind, you are the thought, in my heart you are the beat, I can’t live without both, it’s your love that make me fit. You are sp...

ivek593885Aug 2015Sep 2019

NORTHERN GODDESSYou can google Northumberlandia as she is called she can be seen from up high. I have walked up her and at the very top viewing point some open cas...

EXRED27110Aug 2019Sep 2019
Wading the Waters of Lethe Poem

Wading the Waters of LetheLittle is noticed, less remembered. Not completely written down, and cut at the templates. What is not burned is wholly lost but for the mention in...

Caprikious1400Sep 2019
What you didnt have to say Poem

What you didn't have to sayIt speaks for its self ....

Msneedsreallove31251Sep 2019Sep 2019

HOVERING HALO>written in Sept now deleted.....edited and re posted........

niah92064Sep 2019Sep 2019

DepthsDepths hide so many secrets known only to themselves. And no one really knows what exists in that expanse of inner dimension. With all those undiscl...

AutumnChild2412Sep 2019Sep 2019
Sound Bites Poem

Sound BitesWatched the democratic debate on September 12....

mcradloff1270Sep 2019
the trail Poem

the trailshe looks at me dark hair runs down the corridor of her shoulder, still warm from the last shot of whiskey, her words stop me cold: "You know bi...

walRU1571Sep 2019Sep 2019
Loving without Owning Poem

Loving without OwningNot all true love end up together. And simply the pain heals by just keep loving him....

TearUp3535Sep 2019Sep 2019
walrus Poem

walrusa white cloud of teeth approaches looks.. and reconsiders 02:03 at the nightclub a confrontation I work the door a struggle we trade I r...

walRU1801Sep 2019Sep 2019
the song of evening Poem

the song of eveningI was never taught how music's sold and bought all I know is every girl I ever knew had lyrics.. but never you girl you are a ce...

walRU2025Sep 2019Sep 2019
God vs religion Poem

God vs religionThis is my much studied truths of who God really is and is not. For those with a case of "religiousitis" there is a cure thou this journey can only be...

AtYourSide2335Sep 2019Sep 2019
The School of Love Poem

The School of LoveYour love taught me how to grieve, While I have been in need, for centuries, For a woman to make me grieve, And to cry upon her arms Like a sparro...

FellahOfficiel156-Sep 2019
The Fortune Teller Poem

The Fortune TellerShe sat down with fear in her eyes, Contemplating my upturned cup. She said: don’t grieve, my son, You are destined to fall in love; My son, the o...

FellahOfficiel106-Sep 2019
Letter from under the Water Poem

Letter from under the WaterIf you were my friend, Help me to leave you... Or if you were my beloved, Help me to be healed of you... If I had known that the sea was so dee...

FellahOfficiel98-Sep 2019
Book of Love Poem

Book of LoveNizar Qabbani’s Masterpieces...

FellahOfficiel1160Sep 2019
I Love You Poem

I Love YouI Love You More Than words Could Ever Say I feel it growing in my heart each and every day All this Love I feel Has never felt so real You give me...

FellahOfficiel116-Sep 2019

9/11/2001An old write Tweaked 9/27/19 added 2 lines...

lookn2share1,1325Nov 2014Sep 2019

REFLECTION POOLOut of all my 9/11 poems - this one gets to me every time I read it. So much pain and sorrow and over the years it has not lessened. The WWII generat...

godsprincess2,38718Sep 2015Sep 2019
Dont allow yourself to be Scammed by a Catfish Poem

Don't allow yourself to be Scammed by a CatfishDO NOT THINK IT CAN'T HAPPEN TO YOU...

AtYourSide1723Sep 2019Sep 2019
The Parade Poem

The ParadeI have been to three parades so far this year. I may see three more this year yet....

mcradloff1441Sep 2019Sep 2019
Somebody Out There Poem

Somebody Out ThereAs you sit there wondering Just maybe somebody out there will hear the sounds The sound of the ocean The sound of the wind The sound of the rai...

YellowMellow4201794Sep 2019Sep 2019
jimmydean691972Sep 2019Sep 2019

SolitudeSolitude, unlike loneliness, is a special gift that is both precious and deserving....

Yankee4you2054Sep 2019Sep 2019
the last job Poem

the last job"when I buried hate and then forgave a poem grew around the grave" The old man appeared surly, because he WAS surly. He spent the latter pa...

walRU1731Apr 2019Sep 2019
Remembering Poem

RememberingJust something about the past...

TearUp2093Sep 2019Sep 2019
Roe v Wade Poem

Roe v. WadeNot your Body, Not your Fetus, NOT YOUR F*CK-ING CHOICE...

AtYourSide1771Sep 2019Sep 2019

KARMAKarma, is what the UNKNOWING religiously Taught Folks call Hell, which Hell is an Impossibility given God is an all Loving and Forgiving Spirit. Karmi...

AtYourSide1431Sep 2019Sep 2019
No PC For Me Poem

No PC For MePolicital Correctness is a Liberal Disease, ALWAYS tell and live within your truths...

AtYourSide1311Sep 2019Sep 2019
The Trojan Horse of Islam Poem

The Trojan Horse of IslamWords do not excist to explain the seriousness of the Horrific happenings that are going on around the world. USA is not alone is this battle over Ide...

AtYourSide1310Sep 2019
The Power of Acceptance Poem

The Power of AcceptanceI have sence found out once having a stroke the affected area can worsen over time and I believe I've lost a bit more of my short term memory, ya I kn...

AtYourSide1340Sep 2019
The Joys Of The Swnging LifeStyle Poem

The Joys Of The Swnging LifeStyleAfter more than 40 years of Swinging I learned a new term a couple of weeks ago, referred to as ‘Stags and Vixens’, which involves watching your partn...

AtYourSide3130Sep 2019

A Womans BeautyA woman's beauty may well surpass her soul - A woman's beauty won't be revealed to all. A woman's beauty - for the man who sees it not; - That man...

lovecanbereal1,14116Mar 2016Sep 2019


WILDANDREADY1,07710Apr 2015Sep 2019
On Going Thoughts of Love 1 Poem

On Going Thoughts of Love 1To often we forget the meaning and importance of Love, this is an On Going collection of phrases I've coined over the years...

AtYourSide1671Sep 2019Sep 2019
World of fools Poem

World of foolsOnce, many years ago I read this poem in English lesson. I never forgot. I think this tells about our - most of rhe times - silly behaviour of mankin...

mystiksunrise1591Sep 2019Sep 2019

Strong Enough to Catch YouTime is the only portal we must travel in our journey home....

Yankee4you2546Sep 2019Sep 2019
Pure Heart Broke Poem

Pure Heart Brokei wrote this because i have lived this recently with a woman i gave my all to, but it just wasn't enough.......

Kennyboy0791603Sep 2019Sep 2019

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