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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Oh My Love Where are you Poem

Oh My Love,Where are youWhen I am with you,the only place I want to be is closer … Where are you my love? I need the star shine of your heavenly eyes,after the day's great...

redmorningsun7249Feb 2015Sep 2019
girl from elsewhere Poem

girl from elsewherethere'll be people on sundays standing in doorways praying to statues they want to believe her face amongst many a sunflowered penny shined...

walRU2054Aug 2019Sep 2019
A Bull Story Poem

A Bull StoryJust a little bit of bull dust....

Macduff51533Aug 2019Sep 2019
A Summers Night Dream Poem

A Summer's Night DreamSharing the evening stars and the Summer's night with your dream partner what more could one ask for ~...

JimEee1593Sep 2019Sep 2019

Worship What MattersThe feeling you get when you worship what matters in life....

Yankee4you2256Aug 2019Sep 2019
Love Energy Poem

Love EnergyI just feel that the greatest energy is love, Thats what we were put on this planet to do. Love is the meaning of life. Not what you have, where u liv...

Kennyboy0791230Sep 2019
Painted Words Poem

Painted WordsYou paint the words i can see An understand the meaning of thee Revealing inner identity Beautiful an lovely...

Nuwahri616099May 2011Sep 2019
True Christians Poem

True ChristiansThe end times are drawing nigh. Let us have true humility, so that we are caught up when Jesus come....

angel999992498May 2019Sep 2019

THE TURTLEYesterday driving home this really happened. Wish you could have seen him/her and if a turtle can have a determined ignoring concentrating look on it...

godsprincess65820Jun 2017Sep 2019
airin Poem

airin’Manners & respect go a long way...

Rikco111270Sep 2019

Thoughts of you[]As I lay in my bed Music fills in my head Memories, of you, Leaves me feeling blue, As I toss and turn I, yearn for you when am I, going to...

Abby196350130Jul 2019Aug 2019
Beauty Poem

BeautyThis is a poem that describe the beauty of a damsel...

Unknown1412Aug 2019Aug 2019
the girl after the girl after you Poem

the girl after.. the girl after youold boats they can charm any ocean fibreglass lord knows runs afoul and for every newsflashy gimmick there's a hundred year handcrafted d...

walRU1521Aug 2019Aug 2019
How to Survive an Active Shooter in the Workplace Poem

How to Survive an Active Shooter in the WorkplaceThe work world continues to be a place of suffering for many, those who can still find work in it. The slain man was a father of two children with a...

mcradloff1432Aug 2019Aug 2019
The sunset Poem

The sunsetToday's reflection...

KKat092685May 2019Aug 2019

Ode to FelicitasA story about love and its re-discovery....

Yankee4you2424Aug 2019Aug 2019
Wishing and Hoping Poem

Wishing and HopingWhen we are born, we don't have a choice. Our parents will love us, we listen to the voice. As we grow older, we then start to wish, toys,nice f...

theoneuwant581082Aug 2019Aug 2019
Goals Poem

GoalsI am on a karmic rehabilitation tour, I am currently undoing all the effects of my last visit as bodhisattva....

Caprikious1110Aug 2019
Yes I do Poem

Yes I doWho feels it knows it...

Rikco111582Aug 2019Aug 2019
Being The Rainbow Poem

Being The RainbowYou must believe in yourself so much that magik actually happens, the universe responds to your vibration Vibrate higher lighter brighter On purpose...

Rikco111280Aug 2019
A man without Love Poem

A man without Love......I have become an empty shell Filled will heartache pain and despair If I cannot praise you or raise you, who am I without whom I love I must love...

Marchmadness032085Aug 2019Aug 2019
Whose is the real monster Poem

Whose is the real monster?i got tis inspired poem from MrLeo617 while reading his poems if i was the lover betrayed wit a Magnum gun in my hand would i pull the trigger...

morgen9021048312Jul 2013Aug 2019
Special poem for ALL poets of Poets Corner Poem

Special poem for ALL poets of Poet's Corner.From the past to the present poets ... I once again post this tribute to All . And lest not forget our Lost ones too and those missing whom might re...

morgen902101,36349Oct 2012Aug 2019


Unknown1865Aug 2019Aug 2019
Loneliness Poem

LonelinessLoneliness is silence in its loudest form; it lives in your head and your heart Loneliness sits alone, it eats alone and sleeps alone Loneliness is...

Marchmadness031952Aug 2019Aug 2019

YOU, ONLY YOU!Something like a whole word acrostic, following my fellow poet's suit!...

marikia92717Nov 2011Aug 2019
For Now Poem

For NowLike an untamed mustang, Galloping the dusty northern plains, You touched my hair, Caused a pause, For once I wasn’t blamed. Disheveled, Focus...

SundaySilence1612Aug 2019Aug 2019
Ode to the scammers Poem

Ode to the scammersI think its self explanatory ....

Dreamdiva1826310Aug 2019Aug 2019

This Year The Sun Is Shinning On Sixty FiveLife has snickered away at a lot of lost years As though it wants me to wear a frown Heartaches have come and gone and caused a lot of tears And I...

EyeLook4U1351Aug 2019Aug 2019
Dawning Poem

DawningThough it is too late we must carry on though we break the night still will come the dawn....

Caprikious1050Aug 2019
Train to now where Poem

Train to now whereThe wheels turn the noise echos on the tracks voices heard chit a chat music loud deafens ones ears One longs for peace and solitude Destination kn...

wayne341680Aug 2019

Solace and LiberationA helping hand that means a lot...

Yankee4you1711Aug 2019Aug 2019
Rhetorical question Poem

Rhetorical questionWhat is love Slavery or liberation? Reward or punishment? On a sunny day, or dark night? I do not remember But I'm dying without her...

makatka1851Aug 2019Aug 2019
My Vacation Poem

My VacationI have been wanting to go to California all my life. Most of my trips as a child were to Arkansas where I went to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis only...

mcradloff1736Aug 2019Aug 2019
90s Songs Poem

90's SongsI do karaoke every Thursday night unless there is a Packers game, Thanksgiving, or bad weather. The DJ said he was having a 90's costume party with 1...

mcradloff1664Aug 2019Aug 2019
A Little Information Poem

A Little InformationI am going to a shark movie tonight called 47 Meters Down: Uncaged....

mcradloff1110Aug 2019

MY LOVEWaiting and waiting for Love to come...

godsprincess1,73749Jul 2015Aug 2019
captain morgan worse poem ever challange Poem

captain morgan (worse poem ever challange)hope this made the grade of the stupid poems. lol.....

kickit2262613May 2012Aug 2019
The tale of Ancient Bull untold Poem

The tale of Ancient Bull untold ...Strange i'm writing about my self ...suppose to be title Ghost writer but somehow morph into this ....

morgen9021061914Nov 2012Aug 2019

LIGHTNonet line1 - one syllable line2 - two syllables line3 - three syllables line4 - four syllables line5 - five syllables line6 - six syllables...

socrates4427713Jul 2019Aug 2019
Loneliness Poem

LonelinessLoneliness terrifies with silence when i open the door. I'm listening in my footsteps I'm counting stairs. Loneliness accompanied lighted cand...

makatka1611Aug 2019Aug 2019
Ode to Mother Nature Poem

Ode to Mother Nature.You gave up sublime euphoria As I sought for what might be mine I tasted the essence of wonderment As I drank from the cup of time I found answe...

Bernician2014Aug 2019Aug 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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