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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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MAKING LOVE VS SEXMaking love is more than sex It's the art that goes beyond the skin, it undresses the mind and calmly caresses the soul until it surrenders witho...

Marchmadness032316Sep 2020Sep 2020
I Need You Here Now Poem

I Need You, Here NowMental illness progresses..........

BobbyC7771872Sep 2020Sep 2020

LIFE'S TESTS.Life sends us tests that attitude can over come Yes health can be a factor, far worse for some Then there is romance, to add to the pot Love is imp...

niah930212Aug 2020Sep 2020
Beautiful Me Poem

Beautiful Me!I am simple yet complicated with an intellectual soul yearning to be understood and not easily forgotten. I am a person who appreciates different p...

Marchmadness031594Sep 2020Sep 2020
Kle76am a very special human Poem

Kle76am a very special humanI was inspired to write this After reading a poem she wrote. Its been a long time for me And I feel happy its about thee . Stay strong and ins...

morgen902108727Apr 2020Sep 2020

MINDWhen we seek for wisdom, we get events and arguments which also comes as a method of learning and that's where we learn to become better and smarter....

Unknown1050Sep 2020
Fall Magic Poem

Fall MagicBeautiful fall days this year...

godsprincess1,12233Oct 2016Sep 2020
Words Poem

WordsWords,the strongest tool that I possess. Pure pearls of my thoughts that live deep in the shell of my imagination....

AutumnChild4479May 2019Sep 2020
Bound Hands Poem

Bound HandsYou tell me what you think about the poem....

54xmax1453Sep 2020Sep 2020
The Call Poem

The CallThis crap has been going on since 1995. There are plenty of kids who don't honor their parents, and too many parents and grandparents who spoil their...

mcradloff1661Sep 2020Sep 2020
A Life Well Lived Poem

A Life Well LivedWhen we have outlived the fantasies of life, we just live. We may not be among the chosen few, but still here and not there. No longer in the rhythm...

Marchmadness031580Sep 2020
Pause Poem

PausePause for a moment to detox; unpack unnecessary stress, toxic relationships, financial burdens, dead-end jobs, outdated wardrobes, and dead weight....

Marchmadness031000Sep 2020
this boo though Poem

this boo thoughHearing that Knock on the door A sudden rush of blood flows through me as I know it's the 1ne I've been waiting for Please come in Wide is ma grin...

Rikco111923Sep 2020Sep 2020

star coilnight splash...

Oceanzest1591Sep 2020Sep 2020

VerticalWell! nuff said anti haiku...

FargoFan1140Sep 2020
If I Wrote Something Poem

If I Wrote SomethingIf I wrote something It would be for you If I wrote something it would be for only you And just between you and me If you read it Would you ca...

EyeLook4U1611Sep 2020Sep 2020

One Fateful NightReflective poem upon gazing up into a star-filled nighttime sky about the subject of our most intimate possession, our soul....

Yankee4you2523Sep 2020Sep 2020
rapturecapture2482Sep 2020Sep 2020

SUMMER FALLS INTO WINTERAnymore seems like our days change right from summer to winter and winter to summer with very little fall or spring days....

godsprincess62917Oct 2019Sep 2020
Im Known To No One Poem

I'm Known To No OneWherever I go I'm known to no one And what could I say I'm known to no one Am I a drifter a stranger Or maybe a ghost I'm known to no one Not...

EyeLook4U1170Sep 2020
inspire yourself Poem

inspire yourselfTo be inspirational Let it be like celebrational Cos it is a celebration This life Even with its trouble n strife Married to this game like h...

Rikco111130Sep 2020

WINTER FADE AWAY.....Days seem to alternate, between bright and grey Gradually increasing, towards spring and summer days Nature sets the stage, as skies turn lighter bl...

niah91854Sep 2020Sep 2020
You Right Mate Poem

You Right Mate ?....A recent and sudden passing of a local shopkeeper .......... RIP CV...

Nuwahri6132414Sep 2020Sep 2020
Life Poem

Lifeit is about the struggles in life and concerning covid-19...

paulosfuzz1532Sep 2020Sep 2020

For the RisingCapturing a feeling...

Oceanzest1550Sep 2020
Parade Poem

ParadeThis coronovirus is messing things up. There were no masks being worn at the gas station, since Lafayette County doesn't require them, but I didn't k...

mcradloff1402Sep 2020Sep 2020

She said 'Whatever'In part from a photo of a street corner with early cars from a century ago...

FargoFan1542Sep 2020Sep 2020
Potential Poem

PotentialThe ramblings of a good soul!...

DK10011470Sep 2020
As You Were Poem

As You WereSeems like this present darkness will never end....

BobbyC7771613Sep 2020Sep 2020

No big deal, is it, really?quick 5 minute winsome story of another century; partly free with a crude ABCBA rhyming scheme...

FargoFan1463Sep 2020Sep 2020

That female so fearsome...Just a student's photo so seemingly at odds with who and how she is in reality. The category is really people, or life - no such categories here thou...

FargoFan16510Sep 2020Sep 2020
The princess of Cafe Castle Poem

The princess of Cafe CastleMany a poet had written of her beauty.. She was not unaware of the exotic whispers that blew through the snow covered forests that boardered the...

cafetwo201096030Dec 2012Sep 2020


niah91544Sep 2020Sep 2020
Send my love to you To CS community Poem

Send my love to you..(To CS community)To all my maidens who know how much I love them, and all the golden knights.. Cafe Forever in love with you...

cafetwo20101,08026Jan 2017Sep 2020
She has a name Poem

She has a nameI thank God for his grace to write something like this. I felt like I was transported to third heaven and came back with this message. Love, Cafe...

cafetwo20107669Dec 2016Sep 2020

when she saidWell a life shed...

FargoFan1702Sep 2020Sep 2020

Angry dwarfA dwarf has his reasons never discuss the finer points of pole vaulting...

Oceanzest1471Sep 2020Sep 2020
Majjic Poem

MajjicMiraculous, munificent your amber waves doth glow. Of gaseous masses, planets far-an other worldly show. Round and gold and beautiful You make...

iluvisis11511Sep 2020Sep 2020

Writers blockPoetic tomes, grammatical strife in a high piled, white tiled, scrabble life consonants collide vowels vault the sentence structure isn't neat a...

Oceanzest1672Sep 2020Sep 2020
The Wish Poem

The WishHearts in waiting.....

cafetwo201054910Aug 2011Sep 2020
my love Poem

my loveit talks about the vibes of a healthy relationship...

Unknown1705Sep 2020Sep 2020
MATURITY Poem hindsight...

niah91530Sep 2020

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