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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Ill Set You Free Poem

I'll Set You FreeLetting go of someone...

Aronbrowneyes072654Aug 2019Aug 2019
Familiar stranger Poem

Familiar strangeris written to a person, who possibly is not knowing me at all. Robert my friend thank you a lot for your corrections....

salamuna98818Sep 2018Aug 2019
sweetwater lilly and the trapper Poem

sweetwater lilly and the trapperback there in a second when fur met bearded face a fabric smell conductor on a horse to a special place near creek and stony edge a place you...

walRU1522Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Ghost of Kissing Bridge A Terzanelle Poem

The Ghost of Kissing Bridge (A Terzanelle)Kissing bridge is an old covered bridge said to be haunted by a young women, who many years ago, took her life there after her parents refused to allo...

Yankee4you75217Apr 2012Aug 2019
Where Am I Poem

Where Am I............For my older sister ...........recently retired from nursing of thirty odd years or more .......headed off around Oz by herself driving a v8 four whee...

Nuwahri612809Jul 2019Aug 2019

Car RepairsAnother car repair, I figure total cost of this car 5,500 plus abut another 5000 in repairs so far. It is a 2000 Cavalier. I do love to drive it!...

mcradloff1796Jul 2019Aug 2019

It's Hot Hot Hot!Another hot day, maybe the planet is heating up....

mcradloff2198Jul 2019Aug 2019

People Who Annoy MeWatched Malala Yousafzai on the Stephen Colbert Show. She is such an inspiration and she inspired this poem....

mcradloff79410Sep 2015Aug 2019

Sad PoemJust thinking of some random things that are depressing. Work and the raining cold day helped....

mcradloff6088May 2015Aug 2019

Poisoning Pigions in the ParkA shortened version of Tom Lehrer's famous song, thought of it because yesterday was the first day of spring, and I saw rain and a few robins, no pigi...

mcradloff5104Mar 2011Aug 2019
Yasmine Poem

Yasminesilver willow in the blue of sky summers flowers in a dreamers eye love was but a touch with memory and time was filed emery like casting wight do...

elo691662Aug 2019Aug 2019
My Dream Date Poem

My Dream DateTotally abstract daydreaming about a dinner date with my dream-girl while out walking on a deserted street....

Yankee4you89413Nov 2013Aug 2019
Because of You Poem

Because of YouThis poem is for you...

Aronbrowneyes071541Aug 2019Aug 2019
Come With Me Poem

Come With MeA woman who wants to have a man for real reasons and not about choosing her for being the last option....

Pinky_Swear1553Aug 2019Aug 2019

THE FORGOTTENPeople who use family and friends. Then they move on to a new life and leave these people behind thinking - I'm too busy but they will always be ther...

godsprincess93615Mar 2018Aug 2019
wrapped hands Poem

wrapped handsall I was given was strength a dull and blunted tool I stare out at beauty with the clarity of a fool all I was given was ferocity a rulebook w...

walRU2036Aug 2019Aug 2019
ships 1847 Poem

ships (1847)your giant ships sailed out the tide to block my village far and wide to plunder food from famine soil to thieve our hope with our own toi...

walRU1550Aug 2019

Beauty never touching the groundSun, shining bright, Life feels alright Leaves all green, Flowers in bloom , Colors bursting, Birds chirping away, Hummingbirds, dancing around,...

Abby196325116Jul 2019Aug 2019
The Third Companion Poem

The Third CompanionThis was created 15 years ago for a personal website in order to make one-of-a-kind furniture and sculptural items for sale. There's an old saying tha...

jayoh9991211Aug 2019Aug 2019
Your Place in the family of Things Poem

Your Place in the family of Things.“You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft...

OnlyLiveTwice1551Aug 2019Aug 2019
for Obama Poem

for ObamaI might be wrong but he just claimed this fight is not about Islam, yet he fails to address that when an attack is done, it is claimed to glorify th...

lindsyjones1,77521Nov 2015Aug 2019
Enslaved by love Poem

Enslaved by love.This a true story of my life after divorce and giving my self to a woman. It was i trip to hell!...

byfaith3863Feb 2011Aug 2019
Wise Words Poem

Wise WordsTidbits of wisdom from People of experience...

rusticbink1,0557Apr 2017Aug 2019
Fading Flower Poem

Fading FlowerIt’s a seasonal thing....... heading towards late summer....

Yankee4you2152Aug 2019Aug 2019
tides in the moon Poem

tides in the moonTears for the moon she weeps water the river keeps now in ocean sleeps tell tides have arisen reaching for the sky only to crash in a dreamers ey...

elo691401Aug 2019Aug 2019

Of Animals and Humans .....As I often watch videos of animals rescued and finding love .. after so much hardship and abuse , sometimes too late , and sadly had to...

Islandgirl611200Aug 2019
Scar on my skin Poem

Scar on my skinmy wrists shackled to her feet Laughing at my will breaking a wretch in black lipstick has me without bones I'm crawling she stakes her nails in m...

PDXGuitarHero1120Aug 2019


WILDANDREADY1412Aug 2019Aug 2019

Spanking SunParts borrowed by Nathalia Crane's poem "The Janitor's Boy"...

surprizeme1300Aug 2019
Not Fair And Stare Poem

Not Fair And StareA poem that's not good enough A brain that's not smart enough A talent that's just not there A pen in hand anyway Helps to pass the time away Wh...

EyeLook4U1190Aug 2019

To Show ... To Believe ... To Accept and Embrace ....I want to show you That there is true and lasting love to be had ... That there is life after hurt, And sunshine after the storm , And it’...

Islandgirl611351Aug 2019Aug 2019
FRIENDS Poem was my birthday last week and I was playing indoor lawn bowls (its winter here in NZ) with many bowlers from this county....surprising me as they a...

niah925214Jul 2019Aug 2019

A JUNE DAYThe month of June is the most favorite month of the year for brides. Why? Well I think it is the beautiful flowers that bloom at that time of year....

godsprincess3309Jun 2019Aug 2019

RoadInspired by Walt Whitman’s “From Song of the Open Road”...

marikia6438Feb 2011Aug 2019
roads and all Poem

roads and allwell heaven knows and heaven lies I'm driving down this road under stationary skies distances are vast I can see no end it's easy just to c...

walRU34913Mar 2019Jul 2019
CHILDREN Poem week helping in a school holiday project.... a puppet show taught with a Kiwi theme........

niah91430Jul 2019
the girl in the poster Poem

the girl in the posterthey said misfortune stalked you.. they said that life was hard in the genetic school of poker you were dealt the hardest card a rogue gene: yo...

walRU1995Jul 2019Jul 2019
For someone Ive loved before Poem

For someone I’ve loved before.When u can’t say the words u wanted to say or elaborate the word I LOVE YOU to someone and there there......

Gie11061791Jul 2019Jul 2019
A Parallel Universe Poem

A Parallel UniverseThis is an enjoyable collaboration with Christian Candykid on a fantasy theme. Beautifully blending a logical/pragmatic mind with an imaginative/creat...

soulgoddess1,62524Jul 2015Jul 2019

Into the PurplePurple is the colour of my soul. I often see her in my thoughts. Also within the profoundest parts of who I am. As some invisible halo above my ent...

AutumnChild2502Jul 2019Jul 2019
a title by any other name Poem

a title by any other namestands the chance of opposition and uh being created of thin air but when darkness shrieks down the hallway at ya and calls you a living punk well...

eeejay1000Jul 2019
Deep Into My Soul Poem

Deep Into My SoulSometimes when life feels all uphill, it is more like climbing a cliff....

Yankee4you30814Jul 2019Jul 2019

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