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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Voice through void Poem

Voice through voidWell, my girlfriend left me. I had to0 much to drink and wrote down some of my thoughts and feelings. I have never written a poem in my life before...

jaysone12638Aug 2020Aug 2020
ana maria Poem

ana mariayou can ride of the zest of a smile, girl if you want to you can walk on the side of the earth, girl like I do like a bird who can sing...

yachtsman_72162Aug 2020Aug 2020
When spirits fly Poem

When spirits fly..Can't love you enough Though I wish I Could love you More I wanna pour my Magic into your Soul But there are so Many thorns in Your heart I...

cafetwo201079314Dec 2016Aug 2020
Dont Dilly Dally Around Poem

Don't Dilly Dally AroundYour mama sent you to a country store She said Don't dilly dally around You're walking barefoot on a dusty road And you don't hear any sound Of...

EyeLook4U1732Aug 2020Aug 2020
Love Hearted Friends Poem

Love Hearted FriendsI was just standing, Outside your door, Wondering if this new love would end a war. My mind floats Long into yesterdays Like the man in a lov...

BB_snickers58510Mar 2011Aug 2020
Covid 19 Poem

Covid-19As the planet battles Covid-19 New Zealand dug in quick and it payed off enormously. So peaceful in the streets, hope all is well with you......

Oceanzest2419Jul 2020Aug 2020

What Is Simple AnymoreSharing the adventures of a kayak journey along a beautiful lakeshore....

Yankee4you2906Aug 2020Aug 2020
These Masks Suck Poem

These Masks Suck!I finally got back to the libary last week so I can go on here and other places on the net. I am wearing a mask right now and I hate it....

mcradloff1975Aug 2020Aug 2020
Masks and the office Poem

Masks and the officeMasks may introduce a new dynamic into the office haha...

Oceanzest1882Aug 2020Aug 2020
Be aware of the vultures Poem

Be aware of the vulturesthis planet is moving backwards with rigged political views in those that go directly against the ten commandments law has become a twisted ac...

darkhorse5552667Jul 2020Aug 2020
Blue Magic Poem

Blue MagicBlue magic in the night Moonbeams dance with delight Covers your face and your eyes are blue magic Listen to the stream nearby Moonbeams drift...

EyeLook4U1441Aug 2020Aug 2020
The Situation Poem

The SituationI don't know the situation I don't think I can I don't know the situation Yes it's way out of my hands She walks around with a ring on her finger...

EyeLook4U1401Aug 2020Aug 2020
Just Mick Poem

Just.......MickThis is not my attempt at a poem....just s few simple word's I felt I had to put on acknowledge the untimely passing away of a dear friend...

TadhgusMaximus5809Nov 2014Aug 2020
Several Hundred Miles And Several Hundred Weeks Poem

Several Hundred Miles And Several Hundred WeeksThe sun was in my eyes when we said goodbye I will never know if she had a smile Or if there were tears on her cheek And now we have been apart...

EyeLook4U1462Aug 2020Aug 2020
To A Child Dancing In The Wind Poem

To A Child Dancing In The WindI was thumbing through an anthology of W B Yeats' poems and I warmed to this one which I thought I would share. I follow the innocence of youth theme...

Oceanzest1490Aug 2020
Summer Love Poem

Summer Lovea moment in time with your lover on a beach...

Oceanzest1751Aug 2020Aug 2020
blonde Poem

blondebearded, wild quick tempered be my natural place is on the sea my northern star her memory the anchor locker and the quay nets to fire ro...

yachtsman_72813Jul 2020Aug 2020

IN MEMORY OF MOM FOR MOTHER'S DAYBRINGING BACK FOR MOTHERS DAY MAY 14, 2017 - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY IN HEAVEN MOM! Not sure sensories is a word as it doesn't like the spelling but goo...

godsprincess1,31334Jul 2016Aug 2020
That Old Home Time Feeling Is Gone Poem

That Old Home Time Feeling Is GoneI find myself sitting all alone And that old home time feeling is gone There's an echo of yesterday with no way to reply And time is quickly passin...

EyeLook4U2083Jun 2020Aug 2020
I Dont Know If I have A Friend Poem

I Don't Know If I have A FriendI traveled all the way to town just to find alone It was a sad experience but I should have known Lonely is everywhere I go it's everywhere I've bee...

EyeLook4U1520Aug 2020
Towering Wino Poem

Towering WinoDon't dream about this guy :)...

Oceanzest1570Aug 2020
Contrition Poem

ContritionThese sins of mine, persist with time, consisting of bad thoughts... Then transfer to, actions untrue, just look what I have taught... I brought tru...

candykid167-Aug 2020
The Red Button Poem

The Red ButtonMy imagination was stretched beyond limits here...

yaspark4821Feb 2019Jul 2020
Marianne Poem

Mariannestep into the make believe footfalling into stones where memories are citadels wider than truth her bones I never knew the right words you...

yachtsman_73439May 2020Jul 2020

I'M INVISIBLEMore and more feeling this way. Things in my life lately...

godsprincess2,66675Jul 2017Jul 2020
Princess Priya Poem

Princess PriyaReally ??? Okey-Dokey !!!...

PassionateArtist1560Jul 2020
Where Poem

WhereWhere shall I go How will I know Where is the place I'm alive Where do I roam Where is my home When will I arrive Where are my friends Whe...

EyeLook4U1741Jul 2020Jul 2020
Stirring of the coals Poem

Stirring of the coalsWinter lust...

Oceanzest1640Jul 2020
Princess Shruthi Poem

Princess ShruthiPinocchio - Hi-diddle-dee (An Actor's Life For Me) 720HD

PassionateArtist1630Jul 2020
Princess Shruthi Poem

Princess ShruthiPinocchio - Hi-diddle-dee (An Actor's Life For Me) 720HD

PassionateArtist1320Jul 2020
Where People Are Lost And Never Found Poem

Where People Are Lost And Never FoundIt was a long way to nowhere As I traveled on the trail of years It wasn't much of a road map That got me here And now my conversations are the...

EyeLook4U1871Jul 2020Jul 2020
blessed born day Poem

blessed born dayTaking this opportunity to thank you all Thank you very much everbody For the experiences on this journey The lessons that curved swerved n turned...

Rikco111590Jul 2020
surf Poem

surfI'd rather go home and live up a tree than to be dry forever and forget the 'ol sea and I'd rather go hungry than eat on the street than miss...

yachtsman_72446Jul 2020Jul 2020
Desire of a Flower Poem

Desire of a FlowerI wrote this a few years after my wife died back in the late 90's. The words speak for themselves....

lonnieray1361Jul 2020Jul 2020

ADDICTEDADDICTED A feeling so strong it can’t be wrong A love so true that in my heart you belong A need so deep like it’s been there for too long A day s...

Elham25187-Jul 2020
Fantasy Poem

FantasyJust current mood........

salamuna3678Apr 2020Jul 2020
Fissures Poem

FissuresToo fast to live, too young to die.......

candykid2993Jun 2020Jul 2020
Gritante3320Jul 2020
Abby Abby Poem

Abby AbbyEmotionally drained...

Abby196351114Jan 2020Jul 2020
Gritante3490Jul 2020
Bengawan Solo Poem

Bengawan SoloI like the Indonasian song with the title "Bengawan Solo" very much.This song is translated into many foreign languages,,so I tried to translate the...

Unknown1680Jul 2020
I am your soul Poem

I am your soulWhen you know it's real Like a done deal Nobody can tell you how you feel Something like an encryption A conviction You don't need no subscripti...

Rikco111430Jul 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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