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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Tell me whywhy did you lie You know, you made me cry With you, I really did give it a try Why did you say, all was ok You said I was number one, in your h...

Abby19631,15022Jul 2015Jul 2019
Stay with me Poem

Stay with meStay with me - never leave me now, There’s nothing else that matters, I am here, I’m stuck with you now, And your life with me will be better. T...

marikia5195Jan 2011Jul 2019
Smiling Tears Poem

Smiling Tears.............For the young aboriginal lady overwhelmed by my engaging smile ..........walk tall and stay proud...

Nuwahri612858Jul 2019Jul 2019
the last Irish wolf 1786 Poem

the last Irish wolf, 1786to the day the darkness brings an end I am the last Irish wolf the darkness is my friend they killed me and they skinned me as the virgin...

walRU1863Jul 2019Jul 2019

The Darkest RoseSuch is an emptiness now found in the New England woods this time of year. Visting the grave of my mother, this sonnet is very darkly reflective of my...

Yankee4you62817Nov 2012Jul 2019

LifeA piece of my new journey in life....

Abby196334313Jun 2019Jul 2019
Without Love Poem

Without LoveGalaktion Tabidze (1892–1959) - the 20th century Georgian poet whose writings profoundly influenced all subsequent generations of Georgian poets. He s...

marikia4,7699Jul 2013Jul 2019

REDACTEDLittle is noticed and even less remembered....

Caprikious1510Jul 2019
The artist that drew the rain Poem

The artist that drew the rainall is about a good friend of mine from our childhood. he was a very talented artist. he passed away few years ago...

salamuna24910Jul 2019Jul 2019

Rattlesjust some black humour!!...

trurorob1,43945Jan 2011Jul 2019
Dont be sad Poem

"Don't be sad"Here goes. A race on toes. To a place I don’t know. Travelling under darkness and the sun’s glow. To a land with the taste of foreign words. Dres...

IvoryPetals5536Mar 2014Jul 2019
guitar Poem

guitarI spent Monday just walking through town.. searching for magical.. timbers of brown Tuesday's arrival.. flooded my deck.. from the truest of branch...

walRU1762Jul 2019Jul 2019
Tommy Poem

TommyI'm the strongest man in Ireland said tommy to his friend, I'm the strongest man in Ireland it's hard to comprehend, I'm the strongest man in irelan...

Barry19714993Aug 2011Jul 2019
The Moon Poem

The MoonThis poem is my idea of how the moon finds the strength to rise every night to give her light to the world. She hopes and takes pleasure in love....

AnnyBee12167Jul 2019Jul 2019
Celebrate Spring Poem

Celebrate SpringLoving Nature had always been a passion of mine. Different spirit to welcome each season and one just can't help but trip over themself with Joy...Whe...

AnnyBee12387Jul 2019Jul 2019

DEAR DIARYI remembered my first diary and how I felt keeping this precious book....

AnnyBee12024Jul 2019Jul 2019

The Robot Poet -True A.I?Inspired by a Wikipedia article, inferring that robots with A.I capabilities can produce "realistic" prose and poetry....

lovecanbereal3877Jul 2017Jul 2019

MY NEW GARDENObservations making my new garden grow for birds and ME...

EXRED34421Jun 2019Jul 2019
some nights Poem

some nightswhen the river is gentle when sound runs and sighs when starlight is music when I first heard your lies your blonde hair silk curtains fell...

walRU2004Jul 2019Jul 2019
Black Sheep Poem

Black SheepSimple really...Or is it...?...

madtat293227Jun 2019Jul 2019
madtat2953816Apr 2013Jul 2019
believe Poem

believeTo be honest, I dont know what in the world I just wrote was just bored but I like it..??????????...

sasha1771183Jul 2019Jul 2019
I see you Poem

I see you ..........Always trying to pick peoples heritage through their features .............

Nuwahri6133711Jul 2019Jul 2019

CHILDHOOD MEMORIESGlad to share it.........

Shynee2021Jul 2019Jul 2019
Before The Gates Of Alahsar 1 Poem

Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 1Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Original Version "Before The Gates Of Alahsar." (Bardic Style) (Original Short Version) (Part-1) Sweet A...

weemick19601301Jul 2019Jul 2019

YESMy belated mom was a very special to me ... whatever she did, however she reacted with my attitudes, why she did this and that, oftenly ... I can't fi...

Gamagara5744Dec 2016Jul 2019
believe Poem

believeTo be honest, I dont know what in the world I just wrote was just bored but I like it..??????????...

sasha1771310Jul 2019

A Flower Is BornCelebration of everything unique and beautiful found in this world...

Yankee4you2739Jul 2019Jul 2019

Silent Shadows“Let silence take you to the core of life.” -Rumi...

surprizeme1800Jul 2019
Deaths Army Poem

Death's ArmyTime to repent...

morgen902105666Jun 2012Jul 2019
devil claims your soul Poem

devil claims your soulIn black caverns deep The devil does dwell rules his domain with fiery breath Wth fire and flame Hot breath of fire And lust The horns of t...

wayne343661Oct 2013Jul 2019

ChanceGive her a chance Don't just take a glance She could be the woman you have been searching for Open the door Never ignore Watch her eyes as they...

Abby196331910Jun 2019Jul 2019

SIGNS OF NATURE.The wonder of Nature.......

niah924910Jul 2019Jul 2019
Seek Poem

SeekThis is a short poem of a heart hoping even in fear.It is incomplete,words pouring out of me in a few seconds. Commanding me to bring these feelings...

AnnyBee12499Jul 2019Jul 2019

Something LostThose people and all those times and moments we shared together; only we let slip them through our fingers....

Yankee4you2070Jul 2019
Liebes Gedicht Poem

Liebes GedichtIch liebve es...

NoobMaster691410Jul 2019

Fan In The WindowAn old farmhouse and a fan in the window The sun is just rising and sunlight is falling Onto the kitchen floor Biscuits and gravy are waiting on th...

EyeLook4U1462Jul 2019Jul 2019
Work List of Hired On Poem

Work List of Hired OnI made a list back in 2015 and 2017, though I couldn't find the data. I am pretty sure the totals have lost a lot from those years as the turnover ra...

mcradloff1290Jul 2019

Hot RushShe holds relief, In her hands;- A few white grains of rice. And down that river, Now she flows;- Forgetting all her vice. Just half a minu...

lovecanbereal180-Jul 2019

ALL I HAVE LEFTi bring this to everyones attention cause i do not want this to happen to anyone else...

WILDANDREADY2106Jul 2019Jul 2019
Ugly Critters Poem

Ugly CrittersI put it under Humor ,though I'm not laughing!...

rusticbink7177Sep 2015Jul 2019
If Poem

If.....Have A listen...:) if we make the rules and we’re in control if all we can los...

awwj528091Jan 2019Jul 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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