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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The Last BonfireReflections of life along the shores of a big freshwater lake, where many years in our youth were like seasons when all would meet together and party...

Yankee4you3925Nov 2013Jun 2019
His to keep Poem

"His to keep."Ever wonder if life is just a series of randomness. Or is filled with preordained mile marks of destiny. Does selflessness worth more than pleasures...

IvoryPetals2084Jun 2019Jun 2019

HEART WEALTHFeeling taken for granted, is not unconditional love.........

niah92276Jun 2019Jun 2019

ReflectionsLife has so many tiny pieces scattered all around us.........

Yankee4you30810Jun 2019Jun 2019

THIRD PARTY.often a new relationship comes with commitments.....children.........

niah91880Jun 2019

SEEKING......some prefer the early feelings....othesr want to jump the initial moments, and rush to conclusion........

niah92406Jun 2019Jun 2019

MoonFly me to the moon , Even if it’s on a spoon I want to go up there and see, The light you shine down on me You never let me down , Every night y...

Abby196334114Jun 2019Jun 2019

I'm a DreamerI dream of all kinds of things Of Angels and butterfly wings Shooting stars to make a wish on Blessings from the rays of the sun S...

godsprincess77415Aug 2018Jun 2019
Click go the shears Poem

Click go the shears ......Grey Nomads are retired and travel the countryside ............this time of the year they travel from down south to dodge the cold and head north for...

Nuwahri6124910Jun 2019Jun 2019
Apocolypse Poem

ApocolypseI dreamed it vividly one night....

madtat295379Mar 2010Jun 2019

FAMILY BONDS.On one of those days, you tend to cruise Doing chores, just the ones you choose Stress not a factor, taking your time At one with the universe, all...

niah91834Jun 2019Jun 2019
ragnarok Poem

ragnarok"father's fly me strength of two all wars are old yet I am new" the trees will bud bodies without any eyes as the calm before battle sleeps in t...

walRU1895Jun 2019Jun 2019

No More Sad PoemsNo need for sad poems A millionaire is not going to give me money To brighten up my life And make all my days be sunny The rich have jets and ya...

EyeLook4U1863Jun 2019Jun 2019
Not Tonight but Tomorrow 1978 Poem

Not Tonight but Tomorrow (1978)I came across this poem last night, and it captivated me with the phrasing and usage of his words....

Talos19822540Jun 2019
Shining Knight Poem

Shining KnightMy memories...

Bryant671455Jun 2019Jun 2019
another Poem

"another"a town called Another a town like the others where people dug coal mines drank with their brothers I met her in winter when cold slept in s...

walRU2024Jun 2019Jun 2019
Long Walks Poem

"Long Walks"That is a secret to me...

Bryant672003Jun 2019Jun 2019
Game Shows Poem

Game ShowsI've spent a lot of my TV watching time watching game shows. One I wish they would bring back is Name That Tune where they got some songs with a clue...

mcradloff1742Jun 2019Jun 2019
Click go the shears Poem

Click go the shears ......".Grey Nomads are retired and travel the countryside ............this time of the year they travel from down south to dodge the cold and head north for...

Nuwahri611722Jun 2019Jun 2019
2 Million Stars Poem

2 Million StarsI looking at the sky outside my room and its dark. *Ok, it was night* I think we need 2 million stars to made it bright. LOL....

datatraveler311130Jun 2019

The Smell of DeathThe smell of the lake in late fall.....when the waters turn very many organisms die....and decay before the ice comes......

Yankee4you63810Oct 2011Jun 2019

KIWI WINTER.Thankfully in the north we don't see snow, but we get chilly nights...thankfully warmer mid-days.......

niah92158Jun 2019Jun 2019

<<<< SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.>>>>In ones search for the elusive love ... many thoughts remain of someone special.......

quarterhorse7959Jul 2016Jun 2019
New Bride Poem

New BrideThis is a poem about the power of nature on ssensuality....

GingerGee2567May 2019Jun 2019
Im sorry Poem

Im sorryWrote this awhile back, Apologies for the repetition, just the way it came out......

madtat298177Jan 2016Jun 2019

Fly Again“ If you love somebody, set them free! “...

Yankee4you3585Jun 2019Jun 2019
Man Without A Face Poem

Man Without A Facethis inspire from man without picture profile that angry because i want to know the truth why he hiding his face so i give him a question. But he is a...

datatraveler3150510Feb 2017Jun 2019

The Succubus (She Devil)The Demon Mistress of last night's horror Dreams away in sacred little fancies And sick the morning after to abhor Now that you have cast your necr...

lovecanbereal9179May 2016Jun 2019
Steve 1223 look for long time woman Poem

Steve 1223 look for long time womanTribute to Steve's 'NICE LADY' poem..sooo funny.....

cafetwo20105045Nov 2012Jun 2019
The single squirrel Poem

The single squirrelSeen a squirrel in a little tree the other day...thought "he must be lonely..."...

madtat291,81335Jan 2014Jun 2019
Natures Song Poem

Nature's Song.most nights I watch the changing glow at sunset......

niah927010Jun 2019Jun 2019
Elephant never forgets Poem

Elephant {never forgets}Song... Sometimes... longing for a love that was, You forget all the bad and only remember the good......

madtat292623Jun 2019Jun 2019
Sweet nothings Poem

Sweet nothingsJust a little fanciful confection for consideration...

madtat2930210May 2019Jun 2019
For God sake Take the pill Poem

For God sake ...Take the pill !LCBL was commenting about the pill I read So that gave me this quirky inspiration . Thanks bro ... Thou those pills are a multi billion dollars mo...

morgen9021034425Mar 2019Jun 2019

Mandela EffectMandela effect what's it all about Either it is or it isn't once I was for sure But now I have some doubts Are there any old history teachers sti...

EyeLook4U1731Nov 2018Jun 2019
narc shell Poem

narc shellyou promised so many lies, cheated and shunned me. messed with me, tried to mould me. you hardly ever wanted to hold me. you threw me to the wind. bl...

vikingvixen1270Jun 2019

DAYDREAMINGJust daydreaming AGAIN...

EXRED25912Jun 2019Jun 2019
My nocturnal friend Poem

My nocturnal friendI have not seen you out for many a night, what happened to you, my nocturnal friend? You used to be a common evening sight, but now those sighting...

Harbal26222Jun 2019Jun 2019
Lower Back Pain Poem

Lower Back PainI've got Lower Back Pain and its so hurt....

datatraveler311420Jun 2019

Lonely Is An Everyday ProblemI write to much cause there's no one to talk with And when I'm not writing I think to much Cause there's no one to talk with And lonely is an ev...

EyeLook4U1844Jun 2019Jun 2019
loveless Poem

lovelesswith couples everywhere you look holding hands and here you are alone wondering if love will ever find you....

kickit2260613Oct 2011Jun 2019
Sheeple Poem

SheepleSong I wrote...I can see the 1%er's in a board meeting somewhere discussing their fiendish plan......

madtat291812Jun 2019Jun 2019

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