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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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God Is Not Invisible Poem

God Is Not InvisibleGod is not invisible, I can see Him in your face... The lines He chose to shape your place in this time-tested space... God is not invisible, when I...

candykid2,094-Aug 2014May 2020
Youre down Poem

You're down?This is for you....

cheesecake892686Apr 2020May 2020
Jet Set Are You Wet Yet Poem

Jet Set Are You Wet YetYou caption it...........

Rikco111540May 2020
Choice Poem

ChoiceLika snake somewhat slither through these barriers of time Pick him pick her pick any1ne willing to free their mind Bound to infinite eternity Wit...

Rikco111580May 2020
across the universe ballad of ballads Poem

across the universe - ballad of balladsThis is a "ballad" poem, which I created using actual names of songs categorized under "ballads", and from a to z, with a couple letters missing. . ....

junemoonchild1670Apr 2020
No Comment Poem

No CommentSimple thoughts....No comments will be accepted....

candykid272-Apr 2020
Stay Home Poem

Stay HomeStay home save lives....

cheesecake891640Apr 2020

Good Witch of the NorthGood witch of the North Rachael_0622 Im sorry...

Rachael_062259019Apr 2020Apr 2020

Sound of AngelsMy grandfather's account of a friend's death. This is my interpretation....

ReaderOfSouls66210Nov 2010Apr 2020

Blessed By A Good HorseA tribute to the horse I lost in September '09. I never did have the time to mourn him but now I do.He was a beautiful dapple gray, hence the color I...

ReaderOfSouls7128Jan 2011Apr 2020
the immpossible Poem

the immpossibleit means nothing is impossible in life...

Unknown1350Apr 2020
The Bestest Medicine Poem

The Bestest MedicineHaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaa...

Rikco111590Apr 2020
Knock Knock Poem

Knock Knock!!Just Keep Going...

Rikco112456Mar 2020Apr 2020
old cars and rusted hearts Poem

old cars and rusted heartsthe cafe was closing and the air was darker than age Mary was fixing her order and her world had become like a cage will you still se...

yachtsman_729911Apr 2020Apr 2020
You And A Lot Of You Poem

You And A Lot Of YouWhen you come it will be you, a lot of you for me....

cheesecake891641Apr 2020Apr 2020
Intimate Companions Poem

Intimate CompanionsThey were old ~ both he and she, Never thinking feelings like this Could again ever be. Both were lonely~ Both were blue~ Both needed each...

doglover1474520Jun 2016Apr 2020
iron bars Poem

iron barsI came from the sea I came from the sea is that woman still there does she still wait on me? I toiled on the sea I toiled on the sea until I t...

yachtsman_73435Apr 2020Apr 2020
only1life1760Apr 2020

SILENT CLUES.....can love be rekindled...

niah988112Apr 2016Apr 2020
Nature Poem

NatureExcept for perhaps some edits later on IT IS COMPLETE. I thought I would post a poem as I was writing so you could watch the process. I hope you enjo...

justarius34211Apr 2020Apr 2020
Dark Matter Poem

Dark MatterThe only thing that matters in this cursed dark universe... Are things unseen in sick dark dreams that bring what surely hurts... Invisible stars to...

candykid1,83947Jul 2014Apr 2020

Poetry Corner Games people play***Updated 3 poets Play top of the mountain To manipulate and laugh As you fall from the mountain top To The bottom In the ALL poem list *And he...

Rachael_06223515Apr 2020Apr 2020

A Prayer For Poetry Corner And FriendsA prayer that speaks for all of us here at PC. :-)...

ReaderOfSouls1,22120Aug 2012Apr 2020

LOVE LINES # 2Love, love. love. Being in love with love....

JoyCrest5627Aug 2017Apr 2020

Loves Courage up for the Assignment!Stamina Courage love Freedom of enslavement Abuse of any kind Prejudice Bad working conditions Anything Any dilemma has A solution Pray about...

Rachael_06221920Apr 2020

Under Cherry Blossom SkiesI am always amazed how I am attracted to and drawn into nature such a cherry tree in blossom....

Yankee4you3085Apr 2020Apr 2020
her question my answer Poem

her question (my answer)she looks at me, mid pub, and asks in a way, rhetorical as if she knows something I don't and will never "why do you live on a boat?" for the...

yachtsman_72654Apr 2020Apr 2020
The woodsman Poem

The woodsmanWinter with snow. The woodsman emerges from the forest. He has a red checkered jacket and blonde hair. He stops and places his leather boot on the top...

skyguy7772031Apr 2020Apr 2020
covid19 Poem

covid19Unseen Silent your there Can't be seen You wander You lurk Victims you seek The weak the volunable The sick Victims of all to the ends...

wayne342581Apr 2020Apr 2020

SIR HOPELike every little girl I dreamed of my Knight in shining armor would come and sweep me off my feet....

godsprincess2,15530Aug 2015Apr 2020
Skate Poem

SkateIt is an ontological analysis of forward rolling motion, botany and world class cuisine....

Duhaul1520Apr 2020

A Schoolboy's Dream (circa 1984)* Upper Blue Mountains townships (they were back then); really just outer suburbs, of Sydney, now....

lovecanbereal2558Apr 2020Apr 2020
Full Circle Poem

Full CircleThis one I wrote about a year after i left my marriage. I was living in my shop and decided to start writing again for something to do. Ithink this wa...

justarius2314Jan 2020Apr 2020
Online Dating Poem

Online DatingA fun tale about the trouble with online dating....

justarius3295Feb 2020Apr 2020
On and On and On She Goes Poem

On and On and On She GoesI must be a terrible person....

doglover1434212Apr 2020Apr 2020
Alone Poem

AloneThis is about letting go when you know it is the right thing to do....

justarius2833Feb 2020Apr 2020
Love Was When Poem

Love Was WhenLove was when she let down her hair love was when she looked at me Love was when in the sound of her voice I could tell how much she cared Love was...

EyeLook4U2003Apr 2020Apr 2020
In The Next Life Poem

In The Next LifeI'd ease the pain for love....

cheesecake891630Apr 2020
Distance Poem

DistanceDreamin' for a no ordinary love....

cheesecake891820Apr 2020
I Can Count To Ten Poem

I Can Count To TenCounting.........

kle76am1843Apr 2020Apr 2020
What You do to Me Poem

What You do to MeWhen I think of love, I think of you When the skies are grey, you turn them blue When fear grips darker, you bring the light When hope feels empty,...

Iamdavidcameron1934Apr 2020Apr 2020
Only music Poem

Only musicIt is al about the power of music.........

salamuna26910Apr 2020Apr 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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