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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Intimate Companions Poem

Intimate CompanionsThey were old ~ both he and she, Never thinking feelings like this Could again ever be. Both were lonely~ Both were blue~ Both needed each...

doglover1474620Jun 2016Apr 2020
iron bars Poem

iron barsI came from the sea I came from the sea is that woman still there does she still wait on me? I toiled on the sea I toiled on the sea until I t...

yachtsman_73455Apr 2020Apr 2020
only1life1820Apr 2020

SILENT CLUES.....can love be rekindled...

niah988312Apr 2016Apr 2020
Nature Poem

NatureExcept for perhaps some edits later on IT IS COMPLETE. I thought I would post a poem as I was writing so you could watch the process. I hope you enjo...

justarius34211Apr 2020Apr 2020
Dark Matter Poem

Dark MatterThe only thing that matters in this cursed dark universe... Are things unseen in sick dark dreams that bring what surely hurts... Invisible stars to...

candykid1,84047Jul 2014Apr 2020

Poetry Corner Games people play***Updated 3 poets Play top of the mountain To manipulate and laugh As you fall from the mountain top To The bottom In the ALL poem list *And he...

Rachael_06223535Apr 2020Apr 2020
A Prayer For Poetry Corner And Friends Poem

A Prayer For Poetry Corner And FriendsA prayer that speaks for all of us here at PC. :-)...

ReaderOfSouls1,22320Aug 2012Apr 2020

LOVE LINES # 2Love, love. love. Being in love with love....

JoyCrest5637Aug 2017Apr 2020

Loves Courage up for the Assignment!Stamina Courage love Freedom of enslavement Abuse of any kind Prejudice Bad working conditions Anything Any dilemma has A solution Pray about...

Rachael_06221930Apr 2020

Under Cherry Blossom SkiesI am always amazed how I am attracted to and drawn into nature such a cherry tree in blossom....

Yankee4you3115Apr 2020Apr 2020
her question my answer Poem

her question (my answer)she looks at me, mid pub, and asks in a way, rhetorical as if she knows something I don't and will never "why do you live on a boat?" for the...

yachtsman_72684Apr 2020Apr 2020
The woodsman Poem

The woodsmanWinter with snow. The woodsman emerges from the forest. He has a red checkered jacket and blonde hair. He stops and places his leather boot on the top...

skyguy7772031Apr 2020Apr 2020
covid19 Poem

covid19Unseen Silent your there Can't be seen You wander You lurk Victims you seek The weak the volunable The sick Victims of all to the ends...

wayne342671Apr 2020Apr 2020

SIR HOPELike every little girl I dreamed of my Knight in shining armor would come and sweep me off my feet....

godsprincess2,15930Aug 2015Apr 2020
Skate Poem

SkateIt is an ontological analysis of forward rolling motion, botany and world class cuisine....

Duhaul1530Apr 2020
A Schoolboys Dream circa 1984 Poem

A Schoolboy's Dream (circa 1984)* Upper Blue Mountains townships (they were back then); really just outer suburbs, of Sydney, now....

lovecanbereal2578Apr 2020Apr 2020
Full Circle Poem

Full CircleThis one I wrote about a year after i left my marriage. I was living in my shop and decided to start writing again for something to do. Ithink this wa...

justarius2344Jan 2020Apr 2020
Online Dating Poem

Online DatingA fun tale about the trouble with online dating....

justarius3305Feb 2020Apr 2020
On and On and On She Goes Poem

On and On and On She GoesI must be a terrible person....

doglover1434312Apr 2020Apr 2020
Alone Poem

AloneThis is about letting go when you know it is the right thing to do....

justarius2843Feb 2020Apr 2020
Love Was When Poem

Love Was WhenLove was when she let down her hair love was when she looked at me Love was when in the sound of her voice I could tell how much she cared Love was...

EyeLook4U2013Apr 2020Apr 2020
In The Next Life Poem

In The Next LifeI'd ease the pain for love....

cheesecake891640Apr 2020
Distance Poem

DistanceDreamin' for a no ordinary love....

cheesecake891840Apr 2020
I Can Count To Ten Poem

I Can Count To TenCounting.........

kle76am1903Apr 2020Apr 2020
What You do to Me Poem

What You do to MeWhen I think of love, I think of you When the skies are grey, you turn them blue When fear grips darker, you bring the light When hope feels empty,...

Iamdavidcameron1934Apr 2020Apr 2020
Only music Poem

Only musicIt is al about the power of music.........

salamuna27010Apr 2020Apr 2020
kiss Poem

kissyou and me sitting on the edge of memory the radio sings about the things we want to do your kisses bring a rising spring of honeydew i...

yachtsman_72343Apr 2020Apr 2020
covid 19 Poem

covid 19there was a girl in china but the radio signal died I told her we were hundred to keep her spirit but I lied people started dropping in the spr...

yachtsman_72224Apr 2020Apr 2020

Love Let's do it let's fall in loveAnimals calling their mate Blooming into song a fragrant poem Mmmm ... Hear the sounds instruments See their mating calls Smell the fra...

Rachael_06222944Apr 2020Apr 2020
tales of the everyday Poem

tales of the everydayFor John Prine...

yachtsman_72546Apr 2020Apr 2020
A gift from God Poem

A gift from GodSuch a beautiful daughter, you are to me What a blessing, God gave to me. The smile, on your face, Shows your beauty , and your grace. My daughte...

Abby196337811Jul 2019Apr 2020
Night Sky Poem

Night SkyI was daydreaming about when I got home about 3:00 am and the sky started to get totally involved with the Northern Lights. So i took that thought and...

justarius2258Jan 2020Apr 2020
I know Im Not perfect Poem

I know I'm Not perfectI'm not good at writing poetry,you already know But I'll try my best because I want to show to you how much I love you how much I care if only you...

wheelchairguy381,24517Jan 2012Apr 2020

I met herI met a lovely angel the other night my God it felt so very right ! Her smile melted my heart I felt her warmth right from the start. She wi...

JimNastics1,00718Apr 2010Apr 2020
Prayer Poem

PrayerLight the lamp Let it shine in the dark That I could recognize the way. Show direction When the road is winding When I can't reach my destination...

makatka2017Apr 2020Apr 2020

BROKENI write quite a lot now "I am Broken and alone" and I wrote this in about 15 minutes when i Woke in the middle of the night. At the time I was just s...

justarius58516Dec 2019Apr 2020

LIARsNOPRIZE4U! Love? Heartbreak?LiarsNoPrize4U poem: Scammers No Prize 4 U U broke my heart n 2 Scammers no worries not impressed They can only last 3 days to 3 weeks At most...

Rachael_06224505Feb 2020Apr 2020
The Gathering Poem

The GatheringA homage to all those friends who freely share their time with others....

justarius2887Mar 2020Apr 2020

My Enchanted ValleyDescriptive write about the place I call home....

Yankee4you3304Sep 2019Apr 2020
A Culture of Silence Silence is not Golden Poem

A Culture of Silence “Silence is not Golden”I chose to speak out; maintaining silence is self-harassment an assault of my power Not speaking my truth marginalizes me and my self respect A stif...

Marchmadness032782Oct 2019Apr 2020
2014 IS YOUR YEAR Poem


kle76am59011Dec 2013Apr 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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