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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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i will push on Poem

i will push on...I bend but not broken down. I may have lost, but I'm not a loser. I've failed, but I'm not a failure. I've fallen hard and will get up and continue...

Unknown1675May 2019May 2019
But to me Poem

But to meI suppose this is about going along with the crowd and not stopping to question it....

Harbal29126May 2019May 2019

No One Knows* As per the Greek myth of Helios....

lovecanbereal2318May 2019May 2019
i was floating on a cotton bud Poem

i was floating on a cotton budwe see what we want to see, though it is getting more and more difficult to see the good over the bad of this world. peace....

virgosign4999Aug 2018May 2019

Love rhymeWalk with me in the eager night brass bold black horse billow taste this frontier bone stripped love sea grave green wept willow...

Oceanzest1931May 2019May 2019
Big thoughts in small shoes Poem

Big thoughts in small shoes.How negative things have long life....

Gligeen1270May 2019

Requiem For YouthDeath has so many shapes. She is synonym for total disappearance. Or maybe transition to some better place after earthly existence....

AutumnChild2756May 2019May 2019
trucks waitresses and dockyards Poem

trucks, waitresses and dockyardsthe dark swam down from the ceiling.. to a world all studded with stars and she turned the key in her pickup.. and drove home like all the rest of...

walRU2444Jan 2019May 2019
Suggestions to make the world a better place Poem

Suggestions to make the world a better place.Stop teaching hatred through bad examples. Stop teaching fear through violent reaction. Stop all the killing. Stop all the war. Stop shouting "gun...

Gligeen1150May 2019
The Price of Obedience Poem

The Price of ObedienceSociety says this is the way and so I play Over and over again always losing the game From the rules I just can’t or won’t stray In the end I find...

kle76am1462May 2019May 2019
on strawberry hill Poem

on strawberry hillFor Vanessa...

walRU1742Apr 2019May 2019
The pitfall Poem

The pitfallFearing the anguish of a lost closeness....

Gligeen1360May 2019

BeginningsFalling in love........

Yankee4you3689May 2019May 2019

No OneNo one to talk too but a lot on my mind And if you are reading this You may find it a waste of time For I'm known as no one and there's a reason...

EyeLook4U1311May 2019May 2019

A Grumpy FishReally hating aquariums written from a fish's perspective I suppose...

Yankee4you56010Dec 2011May 2019

PEACE TALKS"Knock, knock, peace here. Can I please pull up a chair? I would like to chat a bit. You look tired please sit. I know you have been searching f...

kle76am6144Sep 2015May 2019
Bertha Poem

BerthaWhile showering....

methuzelah2381Dec 2018May 2019
Quick Money Poem

Quick MoneyThe money that is stolen daily by many citizens of this country and others who are rewarded for stealing by coming here has this country and it's peop...

mcradloff1461May 2019May 2019

They Say That You Are Still AloneLove is always interesting subject to write about. Main topic of my poem is a state that stayed unrealized,untouched,unkissed. But,there is always a...

AutumnChild2724May 2019May 2019

Someone Time Has PassedThey are words to no one I've spoken to no one They're just words on paper to be burned or thrown in the trash While others enjoy conversations I'm...

EyeLook4U1421May 2019May 2019
Transitions Poem

TransitionsMy father died on May 30th, 1990 while I was still in my teens yet I wrote this in 2004 or 2005 when I worked on Cruise ships and inspired to write....

wrenaud2622May 2018May 2019
only1life1601May 2019May 2019
Woman of Glass Poem

Woman of GlassLove shattered by a heart of stone Once shimmering like a jeweled dome A promised vow of joy untold Now a dimond tear on a ring of gold Bleedi...

cafetwo201053615Oct 2011May 2019
iron bars Poem

iron barsI came from the sea.. I came from the sea.. is that woman still there.. does she still wait on me..? I took a life.. I took a life.. as a life tri...

walRU1862May 2019May 2019

BrokenMy poem speaks about things that happened and marked the most important aspect of existence. Line of the soul. And now instead of that full circle s...

AutumnChild2622May 2019May 2019
Old School Poem

Old SchoolI was filled with regret for the two hours and 45 minutes I was there, regret for not asking this beautiful woman out when I had the chance, and for n...

mcradloff1522May 2019May 2019
the swan at port Poem

the swan at portI see you every day it's not important you see me I'm the man who moors his boat near your house beside the quay your son is older than me lear...

walRU1666May 2019May 2019
A grown up kid Poem

A grown-up kidThis was first written for my son and keeps changing...

yaspark26610May 2019May 2019
cautionary tale Poem

cautionary taleto a five penny piece I shrunk to the size as life made me hard in the head and the eyes so press ganged was I on a leathery ship that liv...

walRU23916May 2019May 2019
My first internet date Poem

My first internet date!I hope none of you ever experience what I did....

Thelastjubileeyr1432May 2019May 2019

SITTING IN MY DECKCHAIR (2)I viewed the world's life With my own, with untold strife Full of joys and pain both We are in unison, betrothed Neither could put wron...

EXRED2072May 2019May 2019
My One Poem

My One!I hope you like it....

Thelastjubileeyr1822May 2019May 2019
Twisted Magical Poem

Twisted MagicalOne Grew Wings?...

sophiasummer2113Apr 2019May 2019
Gritante2730May 2019
wandering anger Poem

wandering angerI met her in the winter.. in a bar upon the hill.. when the dark was carved from starlight.. and the moon had paid the bill I came in from the wil...

walRU2738Mar 2019May 2019

MAKING LOVEMaking Love...

Unknown1940May 2019
Yankee4you2370May 2019

I am Finally Freehello my friends I love you all.....

lindsyjones1,48833Feb 2014May 2019
Gritante3462May 2019May 2019

Devoted Shadow WriterDevoted shadow writer never said who he was It's a mystery if the lady ever knew ever had a clue How much he wrote about love Devoted shadow writ...

EyeLook4U1320May 2019

HAIKU APPLESBranches whispered Winds helping with their message "Apples are falling"...

EXRED2534May 2019May 2019

DANCE TO THE BEATThis picture was posted on Facebook and I loved it....

godsprincess1,27615Jul 2016May 2019

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