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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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SITTING IN MY DECKCHAIRJust sitting in my deckchair...

EXRED28414Apr 2019May 2019
Missy Moo Where are you Poem

Missy Moo Where are you?I found her, she adopted me and my dog bix, she was mistreated and we gave her a loving home. xx All animal lovers will know the sadness when unexp...

sophiasummer2229Apr 2019May 2019
the Raven Poem

the "Raven"the 'Raven' is a diner that lapps the sea foreshore it haunts my mangled memory as it raps upon my door apple tart and finest cheesecake when I...

walRU1744May 2019May 2019
Time Poem

Time.Today is in the sunset Tonight is in the past The days go by so slowly Though the years go by so fast So believe me when I tell you Nothing at...

Bernician1881Apr 2019May 2019
Haiku Senryu Compilation Poem

Haiku/Senryu CompilationSenryu is a Japanese form of short poetry similar to haiku in construction: three lines with 17 or fewer morae (or on) in total. However, senryu tend...

GingerGee1512Apr 2019May 2019

Kiwi LossWritten in sympathy for the 50 who were mercilessly gunned down and for their friends, families and fellow New Zealanders who suffer these overwhelmin...

gnj4u28411Mar 2019May 2019
The smell of tulips Poem

The smell of favourite time...i feel i dissolve in everything around me, especially when all the fields are full of tulips...

salamuna32212Apr 2019May 2019
Friends Poem

Friends! :)That poem is for the friendship between the people!!!! It means, people can stay best friends, forever!!!! I wrote it, because I believe in the true f...

Mirta20192102May 2019May 2019
The American man Poem

The American man! :)That poem is for the American men!!!! It means the men are very h*rny, then!!!! I wrote it, because I love the hot, handsome, attractive, romantic and...

Mirta20191630May 2019

Standing At The Praying WindowStanding at the praying window Looking up at the blue sky Oh heaven can you help me Standing at the praying window as I cry I only ask for a lov...

EyeLook4U1320May 2019

A Hundred Love Poems Or MoreWhy was that girl always on my mind did I look like a fool oh my For her I wrote a hundred love poems or more It's a little late to apologize but I...

EyeLook4U1390May 2019
on a train to Cornwall Poem

on a train to CornwallI sit transfixed as thought it flies to see warmth twice inside her eyes reflected in the glassy pane two pupils flower past disdain a...

walRU18210Apr 2019May 2019
Grannys Bread Sestina Poem

Granny's Bread. (Sestina).Sestina A complex French verse form, usually unrhymed, consisting of six stanzas of six lines each and a three-line envoy. The end words of the...

GingerGee2008Apr 2019Apr 2019
Spring Mix Poem

Spring MixInspired by spring...

yaspark88114Apr 2019Apr 2019
Paul Hollywood Poem

Paul HollywoodJust a bit of fun, a poem about my celeb crush lol...

Happychatty131212Apr 2019Apr 2019
When a child is born it is a miracle Double Sonnet and Acrostic Poem

When a child is born it is a miracle. (Double Sonnet and Acrostic).*W*hen children are born it's a wonderous thing. *H*earing it's cry opens mothering love. *E*very new heartbeat reminds us of spring. *N*ew life, n...

GingerGee1580Apr 2019
Synchronicity Poem

SynchronicityI need some Synchronicity To have the possibility Of finding out how I can see the light The ones I want to talk to most Are the father son a...

Bernician1650Apr 2019
Sorry dont have one yet Poem

? Sorry don't have one yet.I’d like to be a nest if you were a little bird. I’d like to be a scarf if you were a neck and were cold. If you were music, I’d be an ear....

KLuv751471Apr 2019Apr 2019

The Girl In QuestionOh dear lady where might you be The girl in question Is the answer I need Does she exist or just in my head Every time I write about her the ink...

EyeLook4U1530Apr 2019

The Garden Of EdenBefore man there was the sun and the moon And even the stars appeared soon Then man came along believin' He would always be the ruler over the Gard...

EyeLook4U1180Apr 2019

Touch of AutumnAutumn well in the air here in NZ...

Oceanzest1575Apr 2019Apr 2019

The Sun The Wind And MeThere's nothing to write but write anyway There's nothing to say but say anyway There's nothing to do but do you know The sun and the warm breeze k...

EyeLook4U2061Apr 2019Apr 2019
Night Light Cinquain Poem

Night Light ( Cinquain )Stresses Per Line The first line has one stress, which was usually iambic meter with the first syllable unstressed and the second stressed....

GingerGee1520Apr 2019
My Dream Poem

My DreamWe should listen to our dreams....

Harbal30515Apr 2019Apr 2019

Sixty BluesI'm real gone like the sixty blues Change came along but I said refuse Cause I dig the sixties still walking in my shoes It's a beat like hey man...

EyeLook4U1281Apr 2019Apr 2019
Dante nature is the art of God Poem

Dante: nature is the art of God(or the unwitting brilliance of someone who didn't know it) you never walked.. 'twas more the curve of the earth.. found a mooring.. in the shape o...

walRU2788Apr 2019Apr 2019

BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTHI was half awake and half asleep the other morning and I saw this with my eyes closed. Believe it or not - it's up to you....

godsprincess1,16137Sep 2017Apr 2019

I CAN'T REMEMBER -- author unknownI'm 70years old, I read this poem for the first time when I was about 8, my mother had got it from a friend at work....

Don_Fred2052Apr 2019Apr 2019
ballad of a backwards playing jukebox Poem

ballad of a backwards playing jukeboxI'm going down to the record station.. I'm gonna buy me a backwards jukebox.. I'm going to play all my favourite songs wearing nothing.. but my hat an...

walRU27614Apr 2019Apr 2019
You gotta love him Poem

You gotta love him.It's not about what's on the outside....

GingerGee8968Nov 2018Apr 2019

Turn On A DimeTurn on a dime and look my way Put on the brakes my baby If you believe that music is in the air Give love a chance it's only fair Add your cha...

EyeLook4U1310Apr 2019
Easter Traditions Poem

Easter TraditionsI colored my Easter eggs this morning....

mcradloff1718Apr 2019Apr 2019
School Poem

SchoolThis story was one of the biggest of the last century. Unfortunately, it still is being repeated in different ways in different cities and small town...

mcradloff1520Apr 2019
Aint no Bananas on Mars Poem

Ain't no Bananas on MarsThe uniqueness of Earth.....

cafetwo201067616Jun 2011Apr 2019

No One's Gonna Mention The TimeIt doesn't take money to write It doesn't take success to rhyme But it takes a good heart to be polite And no one's gonna mention the time It do...

EyeLook4U1251Apr 2019Apr 2019
EyeLook4U1270Apr 2019

The Last Of DaysIn years gone by people knew why Men were men And women were women The compass point use to say Jesus saves Now it's been thrown away And no on...

EyeLook4U1301Apr 2019Apr 2019

Love Hearted FriendsI was just standing, Outside your door, Wondering if this new love would end a war. My mind floats Long into yesterdays Like the man in a lov...

BB_snickers4329Mar 2011Apr 2019

HAUNTING SEARCHDifferent to the types of subjects I normally write about. Up late one night ......

Skye52040Apr 2019
No ideal answer Poem

No ideal answerThere is no ideal answer to life's dilemmas or its demise No ultimate thought or idea or eloquent word to enlighten our eyes All there are b...

Masquerader1452Apr 2019Apr 2019
Harbal24719Apr 2019Apr 2019

ALONENESSAloneness is different from loneliness It is an occasion for personal growth It gives an insight into humanness And helps us realize our self worth...

socrates441,31631Nov 2014Apr 2019

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