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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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liter4hrs1990Feb 2020
IN All Poem

IN Allin all of my search my heart has lingered through the dark times and thoughts has ran through my mind like blood through my veins , my days are longer...

Unknown1311Feb 2020Feb 2020

New ArrivalsVisions on a mountainside meadow during a spring day in New England...

Yankee4you2843Feb 2020Feb 2020
Just be Poem

Just beCheer me up with your words, your look, your breath. Drink nectar from my lips whispering your name. Touch me unknown touch fingertips give...

makatka1840Feb 2020

THE OUTER LIMITSDue to someone's criticism on here of my first write - I pulled off and revamped but I doubt it will please. Traveling in time and space. Movie "...

godsprincess44016Feb 2020Feb 2020
Lost Poem

LostThis was extremely difficult to write. I wrote this because I often think of my last girlfriend and how the relationship evolved and ended. I made a g...

justarius2692Feb 2020Feb 2020
The World of Einstein and me Poem

The World of Einstein and meEinstein is my dog, he passed 2 months ago, he has been with me for 13 years, he is my son. This poem is for him....

Grace20182431Nov 2019Feb 2020
Hope Poem

HopeIt comes quietly with the advent of dawn. It scares away bad thoughts morning by touch. Squats in the corner with a slight smile, to dance in a...

makatka1970Feb 2020

NOT THE PERFECT WOMAN2/18/2020: Beware! There is a troll loose in the the CS poetry section. Reading all the guys profiles, it seems like that they all want a wonder w...

godsprincess2,45753Jun 2015Feb 2020
A dropple of rain Poem

~A dropple of rain~Did you ever gaze the stars When the sun was out Did you blow a gentle breeze While the air was still Did you hold that special moment that not...

Bentlee66116Apr 2017Feb 2020

Love Two ships that passed in the night Ugh!Potential nipped in the bud Failure to blossom bloom!...

Rachael_06222470Feb 2020

Love is Networking Sharing!Labor of love! 4 hours Ugh! Lost first draft Had to recreate Alaska to Teacher in need Help w students lesson plan China...

Rachael_06222780Feb 2020

Frozen Porn StarsTheir moments of passion;- Caught for all Eternity. Digitized; And held up endlessly;- For the world to view. What was Lust;- Now an endless...

lovecanbereal3508Feb 2020Feb 2020

Loving Childrens ChallengesIncomplete needs edit Working on it Incomplete Ran out of time...

Rachael_06223094Feb 2020Feb 2020
Logic Poem

LogicLOGIC Alone I think of all the wasted years of me here with a broken heart, and the sleepless nights spent in tears all because my...

sonofadam3983Jun 2009Feb 2020
Song written in spring Poem

Song written in springFind the content and life of your meaning Flourish with each day at sunrise. Enjoy the drops of morning mist And dancing among the grass feel free....

makatka2436Feb 2020Feb 2020
Do We Love Our Teachers Poem

Do We Love Our Teachers?Real love is hard to find in people, especially in a society that has gone so far down the rabbit hole like ours has. I don't know how it is like in...

mcradloff2475Feb 2020Feb 2020
Nark Poem

NarkI have been reading a book written by David Kaczynkski about turning in his brother Ted....

mcradloff2050Feb 2020
Piano Man Poem

Piano Manmy parents...

DearDannah2354Feb 2020Feb 2020
Your Altar Poem

Your AltarBroken glass broken hands Red streams from every cut A plunging sinking of quick sands The suffocating pain penetrates In every hole of m...

marina10003874Feb 2020Feb 2020

The Art of Loves LanguageCommunication key to reward To unlock the door...

Rachael_06222992Feb 2020Feb 2020

Loves embrace DanceLove truely Amazing warmth!...

Rachael_06222722Feb 2020Feb 2020
If I Could Love Poem

If I Could LoveIf I could love, it would be you If I was not a spectator If I could walk, talk with you. Hand in hand That would be the sweetest dream An impo...

Yestome2762May 2013Feb 2020
Lovers Lament Poem

Lovers LamentSitting alone I often think of people who have given up love so their partner could pursue their carrier. Or just let them go to move where their hear...

justarius2372Feb 2020Feb 2020
Storm GB Poem

Storm GBBatterd and bruised Wind and rain Rivers flow deep Rivers flow high Enters towns and Villagers you don't care Batterd you blow Your tor...

wayne342060Feb 2020
Broken pieces Poem

Broken piecesLong ago I Fell In love with you Never did I think You would leave me My heart is bruised and broken Everyone says get over you And Move o...

Abby19631,63421Oct 2015Feb 2020
Rachael_06222751Feb 2020Feb 2020

Darling, Right back at "cha"Banter Creative Playful Pleasing Pleasing teasing Gestures...

Rachael_06222721Feb 2020Feb 2020

My Beloved ChrisLove my hands on silky smooth wood Grain Communications need "Polish" Polish up Love Like sand paper & wood grain Communications need polish...

Rachael_06222341Feb 2020Feb 2020

Oh My Man I Love him so!Life's amazing discoveries!...

Rachael_06222611Feb 2020Feb 2020

My Love Darlin' Hope Joy *UpdatedJoy Is spelled C h r i s Don't be surprised When God gives u What u what u asked for He is the Creator the Sun We are the Rays reflection fr...

Rachael_06222991Feb 2020Feb 2020

Cage of FearWhen we just realize how simple it is to be happy we are free to love ourselves and others....

Yankee4you37611Jan 2020Feb 2020

SADNESS IN POETRYHappy/Sad. It's all in a word....

BobbyC13487282Sep 2018Feb 2020

COMFORT ZONES.crossroads of life....when as we mature, we can be too cautious seeing shadows...

niah92792Feb 2020Feb 2020

4 SEASONS IN A DAY.....just me being impatient......and NZ has such a mild and short winter......compared with the UK where I was born.........

niah945416Oct 2019Feb 2020

PinkLooking for the poems of Ms pink of West Virginia , miss you pink...

ali1103032Feb 2020Feb 2020

GOD'S SPECIAL ANGELSWhat can I say - I really, really love lightning bugs and I have a fanciful imagination! :)...

godsprincess1,00912May 2015Feb 2020
Song Poem

SongLife is a short moment Life is a colorful bird. We live in one world Why is brother fighting brother. Why are wars going on? Why is this so bad?...

makatka2565Feb 2020Feb 2020
Poetry Poem

PoetryA bit of a whim really. I just thought I'd provide my historical perspective....

Macduff54856May 2017Feb 2020
Upon the Lily Pad Poem

"Upon the Lily Pad"to enjoy/relax and soak in all that is around and silently within x...

sophiasummer4432Jul 2010Feb 2020
Ace of Swords Poem

Ace of SwordsA descriptive poem using the Ace of Swords from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck....

17th_Lancer1902Feb 2020Feb 2020
your memory sustains me Poem

your memory sustains meI might have folded all the memories intact inside of me, but it's glow radiate outside my very soul...reflecting the universe around me...where time...

lindsyjones1,02327Apr 2014Feb 2020

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