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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Who Knew Poem

Who KnewWho's to know I am here Who's to know I am me Who's to hear what I have to say And who knew I was here yesterday There's no one to look into my...

EyeLook4U2095Mar 2019Apr 2019
courage Poem

couragewhen the clinker fails in the boards of your heart when the gunnells dip and you lose your chart when you sail alone through the seas of ste...

walRU2434Mar 2019Apr 2019
Tonight Poem

~~~Tonight~~~was dreaming of summer and the warm, comforting breeze..with the moon shining down...

countryladypoet4164Apr 2014Apr 2019
He Was Not Frightened By The Sins Of Man Poem

He Was Not Frightened By The Sins Of ManHe came into the world to be the way And sometimes people thought he was hard to understand But he kept pressing on day after day He was not frigh...

EyeLook4U1201Mar 2019Mar 2019
Warm For My Soul Poem

Warm For My SoulIf I could start over and all my money became my own I could move to Florida where the weather Is warm for my soul It's cold here in the mountains...

EyeLook4U1260Mar 2019

No More Love(*) I've given up on internet dating, maybe I can meet a nice girl down by the bus stop, or on the train - or something. (**) No more love - (excep...

lovecanbereal5617Aug 2016Mar 2019
Ghostwriter Poem

GhostwriterThis haunted temple of mine inside is just a spirit prison... Housing cold dark spirits that control my every thought... I have not chosen these fro...

candykid1,74745Nov 2014Mar 2019

GOLDEN DROPS OF HOPEAdjusted poem a little - always trying to make words better! :) Daffodils - the symbol of rebirth and Hope as used by the Cancer Society. Wishing a...

godsprincess1,36030Jan 2018Mar 2019
My Dog Poem

My DogI made order in the attic and found my dog's collar. It still has her smell...i started to cry realising how much i was missing that poem...

salamuna53224Nov 2018Mar 2019
similar Poem

similarI don't know....

methuzelah1751Mar 2019Mar 2019

On the IssuesI looked at Ron Paul and his stance on some of these issues as he is one of my favorites through the years who ran for president. Ross Perot, Jill St...

mcradloff1650Mar 2019

PURE SURVIVALObservations...

EXRED33216Mar 2019Mar 2019
Welcome Sun Poem

Welcome SunAfter days and days of clouds and snow and rain, the sun comes out....

Yankee4you3067Mar 2019Mar 2019
Angel eyes who came to me Poem

Angel eyes who came to mei got the idea from chatting to ladies online and one special one...

mercipowtout1653Mar 2019Mar 2019
Leap to Freedom The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog Poem

Leap to Freedom (The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog)At yelping speed she travelled across an emerald lawn, pursued by gnarling nightmares as the darkness nipped the dawn. Her ears, amber triangles...

GingerGee1482Mar 2019Mar 2019
The Golden Elders Poem

The Golden EldersI dedicate this very short write to each and every one of you that has learned great wisdom in your God-given years here upon this earth....

candykid1,38522Sep 2014Mar 2019
The Brook that babbles Poem

The Brook that babblesThis brook and its natural surroundings are a welcome respite most city folk desperately seek these stressful days. We often forget that it is the si...

Skye51762Mar 2019Mar 2019
so long distance to you Poem

so long distance to youI feel you so near me, And I don’t know why, So far over high mountains, over wide blue ocean, Did you come to me from the sky? I’d want it’...

Wayofbaloon2862Nov 2018Mar 2019
Mirror mirror on Dragons shield for cafe2 Poem

Mirror mirror on Dragons shield (for cafe2)Mirror mirror of the dragon's shield, Who is the best knight in our Poetic Kingdom? Tell me truly is it the one and only me?! No my lord its not yo...

morgen9021055314Mar 2013Mar 2019
Melodramatic life Poem

Melodramatic lifeListening to Lighthouse :(wake me up when sept ends) while feeling this...

morgen9021054413Jun 2012Mar 2019

SuspenseJust a little poem....

marikia6879Dec 2010Mar 2019
Silence Poem

SilenceTalk to me Silence So I will find out I'm not alone In the world Where life is a shadow Of survival syndrom Please talk to me Silence.........

salamuna4444Apr 2018Mar 2019
Life and Liberty Poem

Life and LibertyWhen something old is new again....

Yankee4you2967Mar 2019Mar 2019
Simple truth Poem

Simple truthnothing in this life depends on us......

salamuna36714Dec 2018Mar 2019

The EndThe Beatles is probably the best group ever and Paul McCartney being the best single musical writer and performer. The first part of this poem is the...

mcradloff1510Mar 2019
Just Because Poem

Just BecauseNarcissists break people down emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically ... why? Because they can...

Skye51600Mar 2019
A Natural Healer Poem

A Natural Healer.....feeling sad.....Christchurch NZ....

niah930619Mar 2019Mar 2019
Devils Dice Poem

Devil's DiceSomething new and ancient It's got a tale ...Beware...

morgen902104879Aug 2017Mar 2019

Population StatisticsI have been interested in population growth for some time. To figure the doubling time, you take the growth rate and divide it into the number 72. S...

mcradloff5448Mar 2013Mar 2019
Spring Time Poem

Spring TimeThe Spring brings things which the Winter witch stole... Flowers soon bloom, bright colors unfold... Trees resist breeze, and bring forth their frui...

candykid1,07527May 2014Mar 2019

SnowdropsLittle snowdrops hiding where you are, Straighten your stalks and open up. Spring is coming fast, hear the creeks? Winter vainly tries to check its...

marikia57914Feb 2011Mar 2019
I believe in Jesus do you know why Poem

I believe in Jesus you know why?I believe in HIM! I believe in HIM, Not because he saved my life so many times, Not because he fixed my hand from an accident, Not because he is t...

morgen9021065814Oct 2012Mar 2019

To a TrollInspired by recent troll attacks on CS poets, who, don't forget, put their work up here for free, for all to enjoy....

lovecanbereal6267Aug 2016Mar 2019
Brush Fire in Spring Poem

Brush Fire in SpringThe annual spring ritual of burning of dead grass releasing nutrients in the hillside pastures of home....

Yankee4you1582Mar 2019Mar 2019
IF Poem

IFThe importance of such a little word......

GingerGee2247Mar 2019Mar 2019

BEFORE DARKNESS.looking at the stillness, when no trees move and peace reigns........

niah91977Mar 2019Mar 2019
Maturity Poem

MaturityThis poem about our personal growth as we learn from life's experiences especially those in the context of our relationships......

Mrpoetic1320Mar 2019
uptown girl Poem

uptown girlyou and me in a little car shop buying dreams with the money we got but dreams are free at the break of dawn one by one we let them go n...

walRU1792Mar 2019Mar 2019
From Parent to Child Poem

From Parent to ChildBased on an extract from Author: Medard Laz (from the book "Love Adds a Little Chocolate"). * My Mom typed out the above poem for me when I was a tee...

Skye51724Mar 2019Mar 2019
Road to Nowhere Poem

Road to NowhereIt appears that very few really take the time to get to know & understand the person they are chatting to on these sites. Everyone wants a quick fix....

Skye528115Mar 2019Mar 2019

HAIKU SPRINGNatures circle...

EXRED22716Mar 2019Mar 2019
Tainted for NZ Poem

Tainted - for NZWhite Supremacy?……in a land like NZ? It is so very wrong, so cruel, so deplorable. How sad it is for those who lost their lives, all 49 of them and...

orientalkoru26110Mar 2019Mar 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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