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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Do We Love Our Teachers Poem

Do We Love Our Teachers?Real love is hard to find in people, especially in a society that has gone so far down the rabbit hole like ours has. I don't know how it is like in...

mcradloff2485Feb 2020Feb 2020
Nark Poem

NarkI have been reading a book written by David Kaczynkski about turning in his brother Ted....

mcradloff2070Feb 2020
Piano Man Poem

Piano Manmy parents...

DearDannah2374Feb 2020Feb 2020
Your Altar Poem

Your AltarBroken glass broken hands Red streams from every cut A plunging sinking of quick sands The suffocating pain penetrates In every hole of m...

marina10003894Feb 2020Feb 2020

The Art of Loves LanguageCommunication key to reward To unlock the door...

Rachael_06223002Feb 2020Feb 2020

Loves embrace DanceLove truely Amazing warmth!...

Rachael_06222762Feb 2020Feb 2020
If I Could Love Poem

If I Could LoveIf I could love, it would be you If I was not a spectator If I could walk, talk with you. Hand in hand That would be the sweetest dream An impo...

Yestome2772May 2013Feb 2020
Lovers Lament Poem

Lovers LamentSitting alone I often think of people who have given up love so their partner could pursue their carrier. Or just let them go to move where their hear...

justarius2372Feb 2020Feb 2020
Storm GB Poem

Storm GBBatterd and bruised Wind and rain Rivers flow deep Rivers flow high Enters towns and Villagers you don't care Batterd you blow Your tor...

wayne342090Feb 2020
Broken pieces Poem

Broken piecesLong ago I Fell In love with you Never did I think You would leave me My heart is bruised and broken Everyone says get over you And Move o...

Abby19631,63821Oct 2015Feb 2020
Rachael_06222771Feb 2020Feb 2020

Darling, Right back at "cha"Banter Creative Playful Pleasing Pleasing teasing Gestures...

Rachael_06222731Feb 2020Feb 2020

My Beloved ChrisLove my hands on silky smooth wood Grain Communications need "Polish" Polish up Love Like sand paper & wood grain Communications need polish...

Rachael_06222361Feb 2020Feb 2020

Oh My Man I Love him so!Life's amazing discoveries!...

Rachael_06222631Feb 2020Feb 2020

My Love Darlin' Hope Joy *UpdatedJoy Is spelled C h r i s Don't be surprised When God gives u What u what u asked for He is the Creator the Sun We are the Rays reflection fr...

Rachael_06223011Feb 2020Feb 2020

Cage of FearWhen we just realize how simple it is to be happy we are free to love ourselves and others....

Yankee4you37711Jan 2020Feb 2020

SADNESS IN POETRYHappy/Sad. It's all in a word....

BobbyC13487282Sep 2018Feb 2020

COMFORT ZONES.crossroads of life....when as we mature, we can be too cautious seeing shadows...

niah92822Feb 2020Feb 2020

4 SEASONS IN A DAY.....just me being impatient......and NZ has such a mild and short winter......compared with the UK where I was born.........

niah945616Oct 2019Feb 2020

PinkLooking for the poems of Ms pink of West Virginia , miss you pink...

ali1103042Feb 2020Feb 2020

GOD'S SPECIAL ANGELSWhat can I say - I really, really love lightning bugs and I have a fanciful imagination! :)...

godsprincess1,01112May 2015Feb 2020
Song Poem

SongLife is a short moment Life is a colorful bird. We live in one world Why is brother fighting brother. Why are wars going on? Why is this so bad?...

makatka2575Feb 2020Feb 2020
Poetry Poem

PoetryA bit of a whim really. I just thought I'd provide my historical perspective....

Macduff54896May 2017Feb 2020
Upon the Lily Pad Poem

"Upon the Lily Pad"to enjoy/relax and soak in all that is around and silently within x...

sophiasummer4442Jul 2010Feb 2020
Ace of Swords Poem

Ace of SwordsA descriptive poem using the Ace of Swords from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck....

17th_Lancer1912Feb 2020Feb 2020
your memory sustains me Poem

your memory sustains meI might have folded all the memories intact inside of me, but it's glow radiate outside my very soul...reflecting the universe around me...where time...

lindsyjones1,02527Apr 2014Feb 2020
Mirror Mirror on the Wall Poem

Mirror Mirror on the WallI look in the mirror and what do I see Surely that image cannot be me My eyes are still blue and my hair is still blonde Of those little wrinkles I...

Buffybear5562Apr 2011Feb 2020

True BeautyA real true person!!...

trurorob1,53034Dec 2009Feb 2020
Loneliness Crowds All Places Poem

Loneliness Crowds All PlacesThis Poem came to me while walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans. You can actually see loneliness in the faces of People. So very Hi to th...

RockinPoet1963Dec 2019Feb 2020
The Dreams Poem

The DreamsRemembering my high school sweetheart....

justarius2320Feb 2020
Noble decade the 60s Poem

Noble decade- the 60sLate night has led me to another 'vague scribble' i consider worthy of sharing with the 60s as a kid, i remember in the city our lives at nig...

Ronnie7791811Jan 2020Feb 2020

Silence Molds Clouds All Day“Let silence take you to the core of life.” -Rumi...

surprizeme2831Jan 2020Feb 2020

"Loves secret recipe" Bend mend shareSpontaneous fruitage shared by Two Joyvial Banter Very kind Endearing words Back and forth Kinda appreciation Like tennis Keep hitting the b...

Rachael_06223062Feb 2020Feb 2020

My Love Happy Valentines Feb14 2020In the works Creating Processing Brb Spontaneous combustion: Love is sublime It is a reachable desire Willingness Effort Unselfishness Giv...

Rachael_06222664Feb 2020Feb 2020

My Darling Where R U? I Need U!I Need you! Want you! Love you!!! Only a Real man will Do!...

Rachael_06223506Feb 2020Feb 2020

Love Is.......Inspired by more than just an love....

Yankee4you58911Oct 2011Feb 2020
Enchantment Poem

~ Enchantment ~Ah! Tis Love, true love, that makes the world go around! Have you found it yet?...

JimEee8717Jan 2019Feb 2020
Dragon Cult Ritual Poem

Dragon Cult RitualLike a moth into the light, the world is ours to unite, so purified, as we ignite, and toss ourselves into his flame, to free ourselves of natur...

SchylerSilvey4504Jul 2017Feb 2020

VALENTINES DAY 2020Valentines Day can be a beautiful romantic day for those in love. But for some it can be a heart wrenching day - especially for women that men pass b...

godsprincess3708Feb 2020Feb 2020
History in Stone Poem

History in Stone .........Graveyards and grave stones ...........

Nuwahri6132511Feb 2020Feb 2020

My Special LadyIts a poem about a special lady whom I know She really makes my heart sing...

Baddabing664461Oct 2017Feb 2020
Destiny Poem

DestinyFor those people who believe in destiny....

Aronbrowneyes072652Sep 2019Feb 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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