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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The Angel Poem

The AngelYou kissed me softly with the dew of the night Your face shone smartly,a captivating sight. In sweet morn, you dry these crystal tears And in night...

Poetnumber119,866167Sep 2011Feb 2020
I Am Poem

I AmThis poem was written after I was laying face down in my pillow sobbing I felt a warm hand on my shoulder Yet nobody was there in the room with me...

LADYCOUNTESSA56710Aug 2017Feb 2020
Pascals Gambit Thrashed out Kind of Poem

Pascal's Gambit Thrashed out (Kind of )So sorry I was to see your pain, Now things can’t be the same again, So sorry was I to hear the news, Fate is chosen, you do not choose. So sorry...

Jazcoleman2963Mar 2019Feb 2020
The Call Poem

The CallI received a call from my Ex girlfriend and it stirred old feelings. This explores some of those feelings....

justarius2480Feb 2020
Our first kiss Poem

Our first kissa beautiful thought...

darkhorse55568626Aug 2014Feb 2020
doglover14 godsprincess and southmiami Captured Poem

doglover14/ godsprincess/ and southmiami.. Captured!Lordy am I gonna get it now! Lol....

cafetwo201068619Nov 2016Feb 2020
The Shadow of Love Poem

The Shadow of LoveI am the shadow that passes through your mind as you remember times long gone now the wind in your hair as you stroll a soft touch as a leave brush...

shadow195047213Nov 2013Feb 2020

Love Is A Decision"Love is a decision, it is a judgement, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forev...

socrates441,9079Sep 2015Feb 2020
I am love Poem

I am lovesearching...

darkhorse55582327Sep 2014Feb 2020

SPARKLESLove love my sparkle angel dust in nature and on my floor even though I vacuum!! Not glitter but sparkle dust!!...

godsprincess33813Jan 2020Feb 2020
Love Is Poem

Love IsMy ex girl friend although we parted friends chose to neglect a promise made.I told her I don't think she understood love. She responded referring to...

justarius2360Feb 2020

WARM THOUGHTSOutside the box, inside the box. Life is a big open drama and actors often think their audience only see how little they want to show....

orientalkoru2295Feb 2020Feb 2020

"My Mom the Best Divine Kind"Love the pure motive Stanley the inspiration To this one Quality interaction at home "Honey time" A family of 9 - 7 children Both sides much cou...

Rachael_06222382Feb 2020Feb 2020
Interest Poem

InterestI was watching some old clips of Ross Perot and his main push was to reduce the national debt which was four trillion in 1992. I have heard nada on t...

mcradloff1820Feb 2020
Seemingly Searching Endlessly Poem

Seemingly Searching Endlesslyreal true love search....

liter4hrs1831Feb 2020Feb 2020
Tango And Tonga Poem

{Tango And Tonga}I was inspired to write this poem after seeing an India film called {"Naya Duar"} meaning new way.Behind this concept is a love story between our Indi...

always_besides6171Apr 2015Feb 2020
Happy Mothers Day to our Moms in Heaven Poem

Happy Mother's Day to our Moms in HeavenWritten May 8, 2011 for Mother's Day....

godsprincess1,70715May 2015Feb 2020

My Beloved Loving Mother"My mom an exceptional Masterpiece One of a kind Piece of Art"...

Rachael_06222070Feb 2020

ONE FOOT INFRONT OF THE OTHER....Last year seemed to be a roller coaster ride for me.....but I also made so many good friends and look forward to 2020.......

niah92746Feb 2020Feb 2020
Timeworn Away Poem

Timeworn AwayWasted wait away. Waiting time wasted away. I watch the wait. I wait on the watch. More and more time wasted away. Always waiting for this and th...

DearDannah2140Feb 2020

My Beloved Father ***UpdatedLoving togetherness Long but true Family child hood wonderful Peace...

Rachael_06222920Feb 2020
Anticipation Poem

Anticipation.Quietly sat, in the moments of time Silent-still, do we search for a sign Passing quickly, minutes of a day Waking our senses, stirring a way T...

niah92838Jan 2020Feb 2020
Why are we Here Poem

Why are we Here?A speck of flysh*t floating in Infinity, What are we more; (from a cosmological point of view)? A question no one knows, Though some will say....

lovecanbereal3048Jan 2020Feb 2020
Clearance rack Poem

Clearance rackOverheard this sorting through the clearance rack...

yaspark43512Jan 2020Feb 2020

HARMONYmet a young lady having a rough day, and I briefly described our encounter....

liter4hrs1760Feb 2020

My "New Dear David Mmmm ...!"Hopes of David A man that shares Endearing meaningful Words...

Rachael_06222160Feb 2020
Sometimes Poem

Sometimesjust a short sweet reminder life is a reflection of ourselves....

liter4hrs1830Feb 2020
Blind Poem

BlindA long time ago, I wrote this and it is so applicable even today....

liter4hrs1660Feb 2020

LOVE.What is love for us, only we can define Are there any rules, or do we draw the lines All have different needs, but one leads the way To be loved th...

niah92734Jan 2020Feb 2020

Love story time *Updated improvedPermission slip for sports It's only $200 per kid or more For 4 kids: (three step kids 1 son) So what if you r sometimes a single parent men have a...

Rachael_06223254Jan 2020Feb 2020
Unjust Inquisition Poem

Unjust InquisitionMy Dearest Father in Heaven; I know it's not my right tonight to inquire of Your position... Curiosity, has obviously, gotten the best of me......

candykid2,03626Sep 2014Feb 2020

Loving Library MemoriesChildren story hour: In Honor of an English Teacher Professor "Luc," Serving in China I met 2 days ago On Connecting Singles...

Rachael_06222512Jan 2020Feb 2020
If Only Poem

If Only ..........This just for all the people out there that have history their not so proud of but strive to be the better version of themselves ....... they make no...

Nuwahri612808Jan 2020Feb 2020
This little piggy Poem

This little piggy ........Waiting ....... always contemplating...

Nuwahri6131110Jan 2020Feb 2020
Poor Poem

PoorTraveling on a poor road in a poor place People round here look in the mirror At their poor face Poor empty buildings got nothing to sale Poor s...

EyeLook4U2040Feb 2020
Lucky Fella Poem

Lucky FellaMountain top raindrops falling down Determined to be alive I go driving around Rain messes with my view Perhaps the rain is lonely too No that...

EyeLook4U1820Feb 2020
Another Great Singer Poem

Another Great SingerIt is like looking for a needle in a hay stack to find a good song out there these days. When I was growing up in the 80's, it was hit after hit afte...

mcradloff1790Feb 2020

Dreams of Our LoveSwan scene: Basking in his glow...

Rachael_06223896Jan 2020Feb 2020

My Darlin' My Dear DavidTrue love on connecting singles...

Rachael_06223365Dec 2019Feb 2020

WINTER FLURRYA Facebook friend of mine wanted me to write a poem using her name as a princess or her little cousin's - I used her name as the princess and her litt...

godsprincess1,30311Feb 2016Jan 2020
Cold Turkey Poem

Cold TurkeyI raised my own turkey one year, to be part of our Yuletide fare, he lived in the house like a pet, and we spared no expense on his care. When i...

Unknown37011Dec 2019Jan 2020
Impeach Poem

ImpeachYou need look no farther than the mirror to see why we have had such a bad history of really bad leaders....

mcradloff2024Jan 2020Jan 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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