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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Woman Poem

WomanAs beautiful as God's Eternal Wife... I cannot look upon you... Your beauty overwhelms my senses... Suppression of breath... Skin standing on end....

candykid1,72750May 2014Feb 2019
Dating Poem

DatingMy poem speaks the lure of dating sites by individuals who seek true love using a forum that is filled with the unknown. It can be a scary but also qu...

Mrpoetic2123Feb 2019Feb 2019
ELSEW here Poem

ELSEW-here.It is about having OCD. Always being split between it, and the rest of reality....

Gligeen1703Feb 2019Feb 2019
Lips Poem

~ Lips ~Women use lipstick to attract men And men relish the attraction ~...

JimEee25813Feb 2019Feb 2019

Tapestry of ClayPlay on nature……and a little play on words……too...

Yankee4you3013Feb 2019Feb 2019
Destiny Poem

DestinyIf the person is created for you, It is intended to you by destiny. How many it would not leave, It will be with you again. Remember these words,...

Ummka1782Feb 2019Feb 2019
Friendship Poem

Friendshipeveryone has dark moments few are lucky enough to have friends such as you my poet friends extra special tnx to M.M, Ken and to Phyllis and Sophia th...

shadow195054627Mar 2013Feb 2019
Her Eyes Poem

Her EyesIt is honest raw emotion at its hard core best...

TrulalaRocks1330Feb 2019
Choose which sorrow Poem

Choose which sorrow.When someone who does not know how to express love has children, they pass that inability on to their child. This coupled with knowing how things can...

Gligeen1995Feb 2019Feb 2019
Parrots villanelle Poem

Parrots (villanelle)Full of colour and so very gay my voice it can be very shrill keep me happy so I won't stray See my feathers all in array I sit and watch upon t...

shadow195057713May 2013Feb 2019
Walls Poem

WallsTrump has become like a swear word in this country. There are many who hate him, and many who love him. I wonder if Kanye West loves all the extra m...

mcradloff1540Feb 2019
In the soil within Poem

In the soil withinRed barren dust from the ground the Sound you are their My precious The sound from within The lure of greed tainted Man's soul For lie in...

wayne341611Feb 2019Feb 2019

Equanimity“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same” (Extract from Rudyard Kipling's poem “If”) equanimity -...

socrates442182Feb 2019Feb 2019

Springtime In The MountainsTrying to create a little springtime mood in this one…….....

Yankee4you2512Feb 2019Feb 2019
What we might know Poem

What we might know.Operating from love instead of fear....

Gligeen1772Feb 2019Feb 2019
A dream Poem

A dreamAbout a person who was only thinking of herself ........................

Joaonl4032Dec 2016Feb 2019
I Know You Love Me Poem

I Know You Love MeIt's about a woman and her cold relationship with her mother. It's sad and true. It is....

thehemingway2135Feb 2019Feb 2019
What in the World Poem

What in the WorldMy favorite of the songs I've written. This was written expressly for my late wife when she was still alive. Didn't intend for it to be prophetic....

CMerlyn4938Dec 2014Feb 2019
Enclosed pain Poem

Enclosed painSix sides Closed in walls Gray barran Graffiti lurks cold to breath Lights flicker Senses void Hightened pain Ears closed Shouts of pain...

wayne342432Feb 2019Feb 2019
Dream me Poem

Dream meThought I'd try something a bit different. Hope you like....

cafetwo201094226Apr 2013Feb 2019
Forgotten Poem

ForgottenMost of you can relate to this...

morgen9021033714Oct 2018Feb 2019
A nightmare unfolds Pt 1 Poem

A nightmare unfolds...Pt.1There is a place, We were told not to go, The four of us, A girl included, With signs and symbols seen, All around the place, Hiding shadow with...

morgen9021057113Sep 2012Feb 2019
Halloween special Hooded chair Poem

Halloween special - Hooded chairNow which one would you think would be the infamous chair that even Napoleon sat the night before his defeat? Trivia. . . its a real story and ru...

morgen902105,30014Oct 2013Feb 2019
Not a Loner anymore Poem

Not a Loner anymoreI read something very moving and touching...

morgen902102216Feb 2019Feb 2019
Brothers Poem

Brothersthis poem comes from the chinese tv series Romance of the Three Kingdoms. the poem was writen by Cao Zhi brother to Cao Pi. when Cao Pi took over as h...

pie8221822Feb 2019Feb 2019
Not A Loner Poem

Not A LonerNothing to say because it's written on it. Simple question like "are you okay?" really could help someone or people to feel better. OR at least preven...

thehemingway1955Feb 2019Feb 2019
Cupid Poem

CupidSong for Valentine...

Happychatty12375Feb 2019Feb 2019

YesterdayThis is about observing where and when the sun rises and falls at different times of the year; year after year in the same place....

Yankee4you27611Feb 2019Feb 2019

TAKING CONTROL.Some people do not have our best interest at heart........

niah91764Feb 2019Feb 2019
The Child Poem

The ChildIt was the first time i had seen through the eyes of a child....

Jocky584226Jan 2018Feb 2019

My Celestial LoverA sonnet in tribute to the great Goddess Ceres.....she's so lovely!!!...

Yankee4you1,03815Jun 2012Feb 2019
my spacious circular satin sheet bed Poem

my spacious circular satin sheet bedLong, freestyle comic relief. Not quite as naughty as (one might Think)...

Opt_In1651Feb 2019Feb 2019

Daydream DoerI'm a daydream doer That's how I stay busy in my mind Come along with me and this is what you will find I walk along the little Venice canal in...

EyeLook4U1441Feb 2019Feb 2019
Wasted Poem

WastedWell, I wrote this to tell you about a girl. Her mother never even remember her birthday. She never gotten wish from her dad and her mom in all her...

thehemingway1693Feb 2019Feb 2019
Cabernet Reverie Poem

Cabernet & ReverieThe perfect pair....

K_Ann_701804Feb 2019Feb 2019
I am free Poem

I am freeIt was written some time ago, but i needed to follow a long road to realise how much i enjoy my freedom now...

salamuna43420Jan 2019Feb 2019
Madison Trip Poem

Madison TripI took off from work for four days off. I try to break up the year with some time off as I work six days most weeks. I also saw a coyote on the way...

mcradloff1703Feb 2019Feb 2019

WINDThe wind that goes no where that we all chase to no end....

007Loverman1591Feb 2019Feb 2019
Spanky and Our Gang Poem

Spanky and Our GangValentine's throwback 1960's or so...

Opt_In1571Feb 2019Feb 2019
Love Will Concuer All Poem

Love Will Concuer AllSelf explanatory...

Happychatty14348Jan 2019Feb 2019
BeneathePines1950Feb 2019
scattered thoughts pensieri sparsi Poem

scattered thoughts (pensieri sparsi)Only small thoughts... Solo piccoli pensieri......

Omeron1,4509Oct 2018Feb 2019

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