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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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all alone Poem

all aloneliterally just wrote this off the top of my head. but is expresses how I feel right now. alone. lonely and my strong desire for real female companions...

liter4hrs2120Jan 2020
Rattler Poem

RattlerIn a depressed state of mind, this poem came to me faster than any poem I have ever written in my life. the words litterally popped out of my head fas...

liter4hrs1720Jan 2020
ONE Poem

ONEI dated a Pastor for a while and while it never worked out she and her friends were amazing people. I reflected on their contribution within their lit...

justarius2271Jan 2020Jan 2020
Foundation Poem

Foundationto engage or not to engage is a personal choice......

orientalkoru2352Jan 2020Jan 2020
The Tree Poem

The TreeKeeps happening This thing called change...

Tinaw331562Jan 2020Jan 2020
We are Children Born Today Poem

We are Children Born TodayI am writing a book and it seemed the right time in a characters position in the story that she sing a song. She is alone on a trip to guide a boy who...

justarius2155Jan 2020Jan 2020
What If Poem

What IfI am in a restaurant and see people consumed with their cell phone and wondered how many opportunities are missed....

justarius2462Jan 2020Jan 2020
Moving On Poem

Moving OnA lady I dated for about a year and a half Is moving away. She was the first lady I dated after the break up of my abusive marriage. She showed me ho...

justarius2434Jan 2020Jan 2020
One Last Time Poem

One Last TimeDuring my time with a lady I dated for a while I became part a her core group of friends. When she decided to move away we gathered to say our farewel...

justarius2225Jan 2020Jan 2020
Once upon a river Poem

Once upon a river .......The beautiful pioneer river I cross every day ........

Nuwahri6136415Jan 2020Jan 2020
Simply Wonderful Poem

Simply Wonderful..........Amazing story ......... inspired me...

Nuwahri613268Jan 2020Jan 2020
The Walrus and the Carpenter The Sequel Poem

The Walrus and the Carpenter (The Sequel)“We have eaten all the oysters,” the Carpenter proclaimed. The Walrus looked around to see no single one remained. “They were so plump and tasty,...

Unknown2799Jan 2020Jan 2020
War is it really the answer Poem

War, is it really the answer?For those involved in wars for the intention of world peace...My respect to all of you whose lives had been pawned for such cause..history shows thous...

lindsyjones93610Sep 2016Jan 2020
When you Lose your Shadow Poem

When you Lose your ShadowLooking at the funny side of things...

yaspark46917Dec 2019Jan 2020

Moon BeamJust watching and saying……how nice....

Yankee4you3305Jan 2020Jan 2020
Drogons roar Poem

Drogons roarThe white queen Naked she stand for all to see Three Dragons seen Small in stature Conquest to full fill The iron throne she will want Fr...

wayne342531Jan 2020Jan 2020
A Lil Peace of mind Poem

A Lil Peace of mindwas staring at the ceiling of my caravan when i wrote this..The inspiration probably came from the weird yellow patterns...

samsonx2193Oct 2019Jan 2020

True love and love of waterBliss in Alaska The land of the Last Frontier Endless Exciting Experiences U make your own excitement...

Rachael_06223042Nov 2019Jan 2020

Flirty DancingHot dancing show...

Rachael_06222070Jan 2020

The Perfect GentlemanMany Meaningful Memories of a Good man After his 80 Plus years on School house earth I never thought I'd see another Perfect Gentleman! Nothin...

Rachael_06222350Jan 2020

Love from a Real Man Gentleman OnlyA well known poet here On CS Was the inspiration For this poem Composed in its entirety 2 hours my composition completed After reading his in...

Rachael_06222682Jan 2020Jan 2020

Love in her time of NEED!Kangaroo Pouch affect for warmth heating pad solution vs. agony: See read: I offered this inspiration To one in need...

Rachael_06222332Jan 2020Jan 2020
Dad Died Yesterday Poem

Dad Died YesterdayThis is about my dad who I miss a lot....

mcradloff43514Dec 2019Jan 2020

The PeaceThat beautiful silent time of day!...

trurorob3,51166Jul 2010Jan 2020
Rachael_06223192Jan 2020Jan 2020
Drama farmer Poem

Drama farmerThe less you blame things on others the happier you'll be...

Rikco112784Nov 2019Jan 2020
2020 Poem


WILDANDREADY26910Jan 2020Jan 2020

ACCEPT ME AS I AMRecent experiences in my life with friends. They all think I'm too serious and take life too serious....

godsprincess77512Jun 2018Jan 2020
Poem for Megan Poem

Poem for MeganFor seven years I've longed for your love, That's deep and blue as the ocean's bliss - As winged she flies - a lonely dove - Through the storm's ey...

lovecanbereal1,43613Dec 2015Jan 2020
My 100th Poem

My 100th PoemI hope this explains some of the themes, behind my previous poems. * Some use of irony here....

lovecanbereal59112Aug 2017Jan 2020
shall we have another year Poem

shall we have another year?Lyn and I met on this site two years ago...and the love grows stronger with every passing day...happy new year!...happy birthday dear wife!...

hedistuff1,25420Jan 2011Jan 2020
The Ultimate Prize Poem

The Ultimate PrizeTime squandered in waiting for a lover to return. So take the courageous step to move on in search of someone new. Time waits for no one and soon...

Ieremia1761Jan 2020Jan 2020

Her Soft TouchInspired by the girl of my dreams......on just another lonely night...searching for my heart.......

Yankee4you8319Jan 2013Jan 2020

LOVES LIGHTAfter a week of reflection on a relationship that recently ended I discovered I have several take always frrom it. this is part of that reflection....

justarius2020Jan 2020
surprizeme2070Jan 2020
Angst Poem

AngstIt's a poem on personal angst....

telluric1661Jan 2020Jan 2020
Meanwhile Poem

Meanwhile...Trying to describe in a few words the 2-tier nature of uk society at the present time.... those who service a corporate machine and those who live wi...

Ronnie7791751Jan 2020Jan 2020
A Good Woman Poem

A Good WomanFuture Thoughts?...

HotrodLarrys39513Dec 2019Jan 2020
Rachael_06222423Jan 2020Jan 2020

A Battle Cry for LoveA fight song for the endangered warblers. Join me in promoting and protecting our natural heritage and raising environment awareness....

Yankee4you3136Jan 2020Jan 2020
Mama Quotes Poem

Mama QuotesI got lucky enough to see Vicki Lawrence in concert on November 5. She did half the show as herself and the other half as Mama Harper from the TV sho...

mcradloff4752Nov 2016Jan 2020
Rachael_06222492Jan 2020Jan 2020

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