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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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WHITEY'S TO BLAME cont...Tell it like it IS!!!! I'm saying what so very many want to!!! Political Correctness...a disease! Tweaked 6/4/20..added...

lookn2share1,14010Nov 2017Feb 2019
In Love Poem

In LoveSelf explanatory...

Happychatty164112Oct 2018Feb 2019
Oblivious Poem

ObliviousPleasant thoughts.....

Happychatty11932Feb 2019Feb 2019
Ozarks Rising Sun Poem

Ozarks Rising Sunit's a shagbark hickory thing.....

Opt_In1501Feb 2019Feb 2019
Sirens Song and Odysseus take two Poem

Sirens Song and Odysseus - take twomay the fizz be with you...

Opt_In1240Feb 2019
bad santa Poem

bad santaxmas time haiku...

OdaMae1530Feb 2019

NATURE'S BAIT.we have a few of the bays on the west coast of NZ......lethal but inviting to the visitor.......

niah925010Jan 2019Feb 2019
reverse UFO engineering Poem

reverse UFO engineeringI tried to sell a second-hand dishwasher to the travelling community of Sligo...

Unknown1473Feb 2019Feb 2019
Texas Roadhouse Poem

Texas RoadhouseMy big gripe with this place is it is way too crowded....

mcradloff1620Feb 2019

Eyes of a Country GirlThere is much to be said about life growing up and living on a small farm in a small town....

Yankee4you6827Nov 2011Feb 2019
my beautiful brain Poem

my beautiful brainit started to rain I am not a ninja but to avoid raindrop before it started I made it stop...

Unknown1521Feb 2019Feb 2019
distant resistant Poem

distant resistantI decided to make trifle successfully of course otherwise I would have not made a decision to do so...

Unknown1180Feb 2019

WINTER ROSEA beautiful Helleborus niger plant like mine. A/K/A Christmas Rose...

godsprincess1,01927Dec 2016Feb 2019
Lays or lies Poem

Lays or liesSex/relationships respond not to rules -emotion rules....

robbieleef1321Feb 2019Feb 2019
Sandie Poem

SandieConnection, life within clouds. I couldn't write directly to her but I had to write. I felt that love had flown but was so buoyed by the love I'...

robbieleef1442Jan 2019Jan 2019
Break up Poem

Break-upWintery weather occasionally stirs up sadness...

yaspark33112Jan 2019Jan 2019

Flower Of The HillsA kind of scriptural redefinition of flesh and beauty.........

Yankee4you2776Jan 2019Jan 2019

Portals of TimeReflecting on what a "day" is...metaphorically of a sonnet for just the fun of it....why else?...

Yankee4you61510Apr 2012Jan 2019

SHOOTING STAR1/29/2019: Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the explosion of the spaceship Challenger! So much danger in exploring the stars. Therefore - dedicate th...

godsprincess8503Jun 2015Jan 2019
prompted by a Kid Poem

prompted by a Kidjust a wink and a smile...

Palmfrond2221Jan 2019Jan 2019

Love Will EndureLove is all about believing who you are what you already believe....

Yankee4you3228Jan 2019Jan 2019
waterfall Poem

waterfallThe experience was like Standing by a towering waterfall Casting a mist that played with light A harpist's fingers making prisms And I felt the...

Palmfrond2336Jan 2019Jan 2019
Musics song Poem

Music’s songI listen to music I remember days, New Saddle blankets, dusty gear Sweet straw under beauty’s feet The air mocks days in duster and hat Rain po...

Palmfrond3786Mar 2018Jan 2019
trurorob2,21653Jul 2010Jan 2019

Crossing the Silent River“Let silence take you to the core of life.” -Rumi...

surprizeme3873Jan 2019Jan 2019
Silent walk Poem

Silent walkHeat of the sun The motion of the water laps the sandy beach Cool breeze The heat envelopes ones senses The gentle breeze Blows within the tre...

wayne342481Jan 2019Jan 2019
One Day Poem

One Day...........Need to return to my country of birth ................

Nuwahri6137412Jan 2019Jan 2019
Baby come along Poem

Baby come alongjust thinking about a man I use to date...

mindy554053Jan 2012Jan 2019
The Value of Pie Poem

The Value of PieCall me pedantic, but sometimes there can be no compromise....

Harbal28015Jan 2019Jan 2019
Over Poem

OverFinally the show's over. done. only me standing there applauding you.. you played a compelling part, true to the lies you told to the end. your perfo...

vikingvixen2375Jan 2019Jan 2019
Cuddle Poem

~ Cuddle ~Tis the warmth of a hug!...

JimEee2806Jan 2019Jan 2019

MEET AND GREETthe thousands I have taught to dance over the years, the ordeal of the first time, certainly gives you something to remember.....and not all good memo...

niah92282Jan 2019Jan 2019
Mighty Soup Poem

Mighty SoupA follow-up on the recipe challenge....

yaspark35410Jan 2019Jan 2019
bulb Poem

bulbI had a great time....

methuzelah1780Jan 2019

When Wisdom WhispersLittle rhyming and rhythmic melody…..about listening to your gut feelings....

Yankee4you3389Jan 2019Jan 2019
World Population Poem

World PopulationThe biggest problem we face in this and the last century I feel....

mcradloff2,0279Feb 2011Jan 2019

Tears From a Red RoseThe red rose is touched by dew :- Tears from a red rose Blood from her womb So few will know. Known by so few Tears from a red rose So few w...

lovecanbereal4709Feb 2017Jan 2019
Growing old Poem

Growing oldOld age creeps upon my face Skin now wrinkles Gone my youth The smooth gone now wrinkled part of me Pain in my heart pain in my sole From my...

wayne342050Jan 2019

SPREADING HONEY.I read that it is better for us to let go of injustice.....because we do not need to be only destroys our peace....of course our inner pea...

niah932018Jan 2019Jan 2019
A Day at the Beach Poem

A Day at the BeachA poem of reflection while looking out at the ocean horizon. Maybe you experienced something like this?...

guitarpoet992243Oct 2018Jan 2019
view Poem

viewmy simple idea...

danube31352301Dec 2018Jan 2019
No Title Poem

No TitleAs the nights grow short and my soul grows long you can find me by the river where hope caries on tell all these stones in my heart were only sa...

elo693105Dec 2018Jan 2019

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