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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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An Irish St Ptricks Day Love Poem

An Irish/St.Ptrick's Day Love PoemA poem of love on St. Patrick's Day. :)...

ReaderOfSouls99610Mar 2012Jan 2020
Dusk Poem

DuskIt's a poem about Nature...

telluric1420Jan 2020
Dream Catcher Poem

Dream CatcherInspired by reading the Legend of the Dream Catcher to write a poem....

godsprincess2,19834Apr 2016Jan 2020
Wordplay Poem

WordplayJust wordplay again....

candykid1,18328May 2014Jan 2020

The Human TouchWomen gathers' to their bosom Men pointers To stay focused Will add to poem next Need to edit the following in: Read the short poem about...

Rachael_06222490Jan 2020

The Human TouchWomen gathers' to their bosom Men pointers To stay focused Will add to poem next...

Rachael_06222250Jan 2020
A Personal Lorica Poem

A Personal LoricaThis Lorica is written based on the 24 runes of the Elder Germanic Futhark. It can also be used as a blessing by substituting “you” for “I”. Lorica...

17th_Lancer1770Jan 2020

The Natural Love of ChildrenMoms secret recipe To content happy children...

Rachael_06222951Jan 2020Jan 2020

NEW YEAR WISHESDID 2019 end on a sad or happy note All depends on your own life's luck Did she play happy with your year? Or played you down, Or a mixture of b...

EXRED32922Jan 2020Jan 2020
Rachael_06222380Jan 2020

the park benchmemory's cellular fragrance......

sjena8304Jun 2015Jan 2020

The lady of the lakeShe was like the uncertain redolence of a future. Flight suspended on the inconstancy of the lake... A february dead in memory , weather sadly...

sjena1,0921Feb 2018Jan 2020

the sea of treesaokigahara forest (japan)also known as the suicide forest of sea of trees......

sjena7373Jun 2015Jan 2020
Rachael_06222292Jan 2020Jan 2020

Old Cat In The ShedNow you know what the cat is thinking..........

Yankee4you2771Jan 2020Jan 2020
To Be Snow Or Not To Be Snow Poem

To Be Snow Or Not To Be SnowThis is a parody of To be or not to be from Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I may go to a hockey game tonight....

mcradloff2112Jan 2020Jan 2020
Black Magic Poem

Black MagicSome dark stuff...more coming......

madtat297264Jun 2015Jan 2020
The History of the Earth Poem

The History of the EarthYou've never let me love you... But I still do. You sever every attempt to... Unfortunately true. Despite your resistance my heart will appeal,...

candykid1,06918Apr 2014Jan 2020
The Wisdom Of Solstice Poem

The Wisdom Of SolsticeBlessed be you all this Solstice Night....

CelticPoet1273315Dec 2014Jan 2020

MOON OF MY ANCESTORSI wrote this poem as a result of my trip to Ireland. It was actually SIX years ago that I went and May 8th was the day I returned to my front door. Th...

CelticPoet121,61854May 2012Jan 2020
Moments in Life Poem

"Moments in Life"There are my moments in my personal life that I have listed and each of these 9 moments have shaped who I am today. So I let them be reminders of wha...

TotalHonesty2175Jan 2020Jan 2020
Wahkan1801Jan 2020Jan 2020
This is my song Poem

This is my song!I am the ruler of this court Hear what I say Listen to me I sing what ever I want I have an attitude Like I am the queen Don't mess with...

Lalinra1,0342Aug 2015Jan 2020
Edmunds Lament Poem

Edmund's LamentThis is a poem about Edmund's thougts when he is held captive by the White Witch. In The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. I wrote this poem a couple...

Lalinra6162Aug 2015Jan 2020

SnowPerceptions of winter scenes...

Yankee4you2802Dec 2019Jan 2020
Sunny day Poem

Sunny dayHer Hair sways, She dances in the sun Her eyes sparkle , She glances at the sun Her heart beats, She feels the heat of the sun Smile dances...

Abby196341319Oct 2019Jan 2020
In search of a romantic lady Poem

In search of a romantic ladySearching for the elusive love...

poettarek2510Jan 2020

WORDS......At this time of year when Christmas Cards are rare, we can at least send video messages making the world so much smaller, at a time of sharing.........

niah92524Dec 2019Jan 2020

CHRISTMASThoughts on Christ's birth....

lilygold7630311Dec 2019Jan 2020
Silhouette Poem

SilhouetteOne day when you relapse and you do really need someone as a companion to comfort you, someone you expect to be your best side to at least giving you...

thehemingway2592Dec 2019Jan 2020

Christmas MornTo all my fellow poets and friends on CS " Merry Christmas 2019 "...

Yankee4you2955Dec 2019Jan 2020
Amber Sunrise Poem

Amber SunriseUnder an amber sunrise The world becomes empty And sadness envelopes my mind Beauty is arms length But just beyond my grasp Brown worlds in a cry...

Danielguy19651825Dec 2019Jan 2020
What I Got For Christmas Poem

What I Got For ChristmasI have gotten many gifts over the years. I wore my sister's gift of a Galena Golf Club shirt on Christmas since she and her whole family didn't show...

mcradloff2051Dec 2019Jan 2020
A Single Rose Poem

A Single RoseMy Heart was so broken by lost love that I felt Angels trying to comfort me. But even they couldn't help and cried with me....

RockinPoet2012Dec 2019Jan 2020

Tomorrow's VoyageNew Years !! Something very symbolic to a new year like in voyages in time, we will head across unknown chartless territory to new horizons....

Yankee4you37011Dec 2019Jan 2020
2020 Resolutions Poem

2020 ResolutionsI was watching a docomentary called Plastic Planet....

mcradloff2105Jan 2020Jan 2020
The Town Of All Alone Poem

The Town Of All AloneThis part of Kentucky is dying Most of the people who were here are dead and gone In this part of Kentucky no one is crying There's no one left to...

EyeLook4U1720Jan 2020
My raft Poem

My raftIt was written a couple of months ago , but it s still actual for now...

salamuna63715Apr 2018Jan 2020
Rachael_06222360Jan 2020
Rachael_06222940Jan 2020

Love is what Legends are made of!Patience must have her perfect work Loves work and Love must fit (MBE)...

Rachael_06222851Jan 2020Jan 2020
Nostalgie Poem

NostalgieIt is all about living far away from the place where you was born and spent your childhood.......

salamuna45912Feb 2019Jan 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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