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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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MalalaThis is a tribute to Malala, recent recipient of a Nobel Prize....

socrates4486015Oct 2014Dec 2019
Czarina Kristina Poem

Czarina KristinaAnd Jump ^ Like An Athlete At A Track Meet...

PassionateArtist1800Dec 2019
Beautiful Kristina Poem

*Beautiful* KristinaLove's Subpoena = My Javelina Wasn?t Tina))) With Coquina's Clutch >>>...

PassionateArtist1940Dec 2019
Twisted Dimensions Poem

()----Twisted Dimensions----()just of the top of my head and the search for truth in life wow so enjoy...

jimmydean691840Dec 2019

SIMPLE JOYS.Pride means many hide their needs......but a caring person sees and understands...

niah92200Dec 2019

Sexiest Male Dancer Ever!Poem # 29 My Beloved Lucas, God just sent me a message To share w You! For your eyes only From heaven above: Maybe u r who u said u r Ma...

Rachael_06222270Dec 2019Dec 2019
Fire it uP Poem

Fire it uPWe all want a magikal solution Perhaps we ought to believe in magik then Hmmmm...

Rikco111890Dec 2019
Actually its you that needs you the most Poem

Actually, it's you that needs you the mostAre you Loving yourself right?...

Rikco112442Dec 2019Dec 2019
Once In Awhile Poem

"Once In Awhile"Just another song...

1Graywolf1530Dec 2019
Killing Fields part 1 Song Lyrics Poem

Killing Fields (part 1) Song LyricsIn the mode to share. This is a song about the horrers of war....

1Graywolf1630Dec 2019
Through the Night song lyrics Poem

"Through the Night" (song lyrics)I wrote this song about 20 years ago and have forgotten alot of the words. The first 4 verses are from memory, the rest I wrote tonight in hopes of t...

1Graywolf1772Dec 2019Dec 2019
godsprincess1,49212Dec 2016Dec 2019
What may pass Poem

What may passThis poem represents the loss of a friend .thinking good and bad times. Learning from experience of past . And that time will heal....

Notresspassing2663Nov 2019Dec 2019

Sexiest Male Dancer Ever!Poem # 29 My Beloved Lucas, God just sent me a message To share w You! For your eyes only From heaven above: Maybe u r who u said u r Ma...

Rachael_06221740Dec 2019
In a not green green Poem

In a not green, greenIn a not green, green room dreams come easier by the glow of the stars of the Moroccan lamp. In a not green, green room the silence is broken...

makatka1940Dec 2019
Pain Covered Blood Poem

Pain Covered BloodCan you feel the pain even it’s unseen? When the sun sets, all precious days has begin. Or not at all. Got lot of things to fight for each da...

thehemingway2170Dec 2019
but you said Poem

but you said.....But you said liked me so what happened liked spending time with me so what happened .....I was funny so what happened .....I...

Alex44002263Dec 2019Dec 2019
Worry Man Poem

Worry ManI'm going to do magic today to straighten the tangled scroll thoughts and actions, actions and thoughts and winding roads of life. I bought cand...

makatka2191Dec 2019Dec 2019

Love is in the AirPeace My old friend Best holiday wishes...

Rachael_06222544Dec 2019Dec 2019
Christmas Tree Ornament Poem

Christmas Tree OrnamentThese are my first ornaments that have sound. I get one every year. In 2012 when I was out of work I found a picture ornament in the trash. I have...

mcradloff1770Dec 2019
The Journey Poem

The JourneySome literary and mythic allusions in this one. When Theseus destroyed the Minotaur he returned to Athens by ship. The signal was that if he had white...

Macduff588620Jun 2016Dec 2019

Lieing for Love!Lie vs. truth He's only fooling himself...

Rachael_06222480Dec 2019
I come to you in my dreams Poem

I come to you in my dreams.Missing my granddaughter...

lilygold7626910Dec 2019Dec 2019

MY HEAD HURTSTingling sensation needles pins, starts in hand. The fun begins. Straight to face all along the arms. too late, No warnings No alarms! Numb...

ManicCC2526Dec 2019Dec 2019

Lonely BeastMy neighbors dog....

Yankee4you43612Dec 2019Dec 2019
Now Poem

NowThe setting sun caresses curtains eyelashes heavy from kisses black night insomnia. Just like your lips used to be and hands wading on my body...

makatka2170Dec 2019

Love in AlaskaThis is survival In any cold climate...

Rachael_06223343Nov 2019Dec 2019

I THOUGHTThe man who inspired this one still has not seen it. Interesting how one person can inspire us in many ways. Is that what love is meant to do? I gu...

smallworlds7527Jul 2012Dec 2019
godsprincess1,19210Dec 2016Dec 2019
Weeping Angel Poem

Weeping AngelI was thinking I'm painting an angel on my shoulder will save me lulling will comfort me when I cry. I waited for signs of better moments happy...

makatka2080Dec 2019

InfidelityWell I enjoyed writing it...

trurorob1,68529Jan 2019Dec 2019

HAIKUSaw this yesterday...

EXRED30010Dec 2019Dec 2019
Window Poem

WindowWhen I look at the window stray clouds are starting to argue. The heavy rain is crying with tears washing the windows of my memories. When I look...

makatka2012Dec 2019Dec 2019
Yankee4you3386Dec 2019Dec 2019
In the raindrops Poem

In the raindropsI want to stay in the raindrops in the raindrops I want to swim away I want to take a bath in the raindrops in raindrops I want to get lost I wan...

makatka1791Dec 2019Dec 2019
Whats The Weather Like Poem

What's The Weather Like?I have been to some of these places. The hottest place I was at was Arizona City, Arizona and the coldest place was Winnepeg, Canada....

mcradloff1690Dec 2019
Walking the lonely path Poem

Walking the lonely pathJust thoughts when lonely...

lilygold763648Sep 2019Dec 2019

WAITINGA lull in the storms thats all...

EXRED35818Nov 2019Dec 2019

NOTHING LEFTNot much to say about this one. It's dark but I like it...

ManicCC2778Nov 2019Dec 2019
Chrysalis Poem

ChrysalisChrysalis never thinks of herself as a beauty but she knows that what will become inevitable. She's waiting until the right time comes pupatio...

makatka2202Dec 2019Dec 2019

A DREAMa poem for a beautiful girl i recently met....

munsterdreamer6293Nov 2011Dec 2019

Love: Did you think you were gonna get all that for Free? NOTLove takes Real Work For the man and the woman Do u want the real thing? Or a Cheap Dollar store replica? Are you willing to do the work? How muc...

Rachael_06223172Dec 2019Dec 2019

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