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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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SEE-SAW MOMENTS.referred to as simmering love....usually before any commitment.........

niah98398Jan 2019Jan 2019

POSITIVE STEPS.Positive approach to the new year....with a little caution as well as a smile..........

niah97484Jan 2019Jan 2019
Youth and maturity Poem

Youth and maturityYouth and maturity sat down on a bench … Youth told: You will be able to live as I. The maturity answered: Beauty is not eternal, Learn to share be...

Ummka1852Jan 2019Jan 2019
Your Heart Poem

Your HeartWrote 7 years ago . Just in less than I/2 hour...

rusticbink3702Mar 2017Jan 2019
New Years Resolutions 2018 Poem

New Years Resolutions 2018Just throwing out some things I would like to have real in my life....

mcradloff19810Dec 2018Jan 2019
Hide not from me Poem

Hide not from meHide not from me your loving sight Or parts that stretch to darkest night Keep not away the broken thought Or boundaried desires of your soul Sh...

flaxmeadow1,1527Jan 2011Jan 2019
A rowdy ride Poem

A rowdy rideHappy New Year to the poetry page folk!...

yaspark9626Dec 2018Jan 2019
Risotto Poem

RisottoI wasn’t sure if I should post this in poetry or recipes. In the end I decided against recipes just in case anyone should be foolish enough to try an...

Harbal98017Dec 2018Jan 2019

AwokenHaiku style influenced prophesy of the second coming of Christ. Why not? Watch out Godzilla, here's comes JC !! :)...

Yankee4you8264Jan 2019Jan 2019
indecent observation Poem

indecent observationball in play....

methuzelah7940Jan 2019
Broken soul Poem

Broken soul ....Well , a broken soul has no purpose , nor does it have true meaning,you can't compare a broken soul to a broken heart there is no parts to mend the so...

honeybear30001,0254Sep 2017Jan 2019
Far From Perfect Poem

Far From Perfect !written by me ,Bink...

rusticbink1,42610May 2015Jan 2019

Shadows of LifePowerful new prose now that Mars is coming into view….....

Yankee4you9504Jan 2019Jan 2019
Heres Hoping Poem

Here's Hoping............Just wishing all the people searching for a better life in this world find some form of happiness in their search ......never give up ......let hope b...

Nuwahri618784Jan 2019Jan 2019

If I Were A Rich ManThey can stare with an evil look animosity Staying mad cause of who I would like to see That's ok anyway they turn their head But if I were a rich...

EyeLook4U7580Jan 2019
dirty jokes and sister Poem

dirty jokes, and sistersomething always not right....

methuzelah7940Jan 2019
theysay Poem

theysaythey say we'll come to our end one day they say we just won't matter they say we'll become our own prey with thoughts as mad as a hatter they sa...

agoodguy2have1,23514Aug 2011Jan 2019

There's No Place To Be But AloneThere's no place to be but alone I'd make an effort but where is there to go Yesterday is over and today is almost gone The rain is so blue It'...

EyeLook4U2284Dec 2018Dec 2018
Happy New Year Poem

Happy New Year!I wrote and posted this poem last year, and couldn't think about anything better, so don't bear me grudge if I post it again. Merry Christmas and Hap...

marikia1,36518Dec 2010Dec 2018
A Christmas Ring Poem

~ A Christmas Ring ~Hoping the women on C/S get their Christmas Wish!...

JimEee84910Dec 2018Dec 2018
Rare Earths Poem

Rare EarthsGood and Happy Holidays to all !...

BeneathePines7922Dec 2018Dec 2018

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas from God to earth Wise men followed a star from far away Humble to know how much we are worth We have a savior to take our sins awa...

EyeLook4U7672Dec 2018Dec 2018
Merry Christmas Not a Poem Poem

Merry Christmas! Not a Poem.Just keeping in touch with...old friends and new poets!...

orientalkoru3178Dec 2018Dec 2018
Have you seen the light Poem

Have you seen the lightI see the light that shines on me it's not the sun but something within me All my life I have seen this light is it my soul that my minds eye has in...

knowledgeantruth7050Dec 2018
Amongst the madness Poem

Amongst the madness..........Blessing a complete stranger in the madness of shopping because he had a smile to share ..............

Nuwahri618588Dec 2018Dec 2018

JOYOUS often in life are we caught out by our own every aspect of life........

niah992214Dec 2018Dec 2018
missing earth or whatever Poem

missing earth, or whateverHammering my nails....

methuzelah7300Dec 2018

A Christmas SparrowWriting on the many happy little birds strolling through the park one winter day at Christmas....

Yankee4you8014Dec 2018Dec 2018

XmasWhether you are country or city, Xmas will become you. Its raining here in NZ, supposed to be hot, bring on Summer...

Oceanzest8182Dec 2018Dec 2018
21 4 1932 24 12 2007 Poem

21/4/1932-24/12/2007Just paying my respects to my lovely mother ............and also wishing everyone here on PC a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year...

Nuwahri611,52219Dec 2014Dec 2018
Gnome aching things right Poem

Gnome aching things right.A little fun with the sprinkler......

GingerGee1861Dec 2018Dec 2018
Angel Child Poem

Angel Child.Blushing puce, cheeks all aglow, Is there something I should know? Dancing fingers, fidget, twirl, What's afoot my Angel Girl? Sold your siste...

GingerGee2903Dec 2018Dec 2018
Heard a Noise Poem

Heard a NoiseGoing....

methuzelah1862Dec 2018Dec 2018

REFLECTION.....just my reflections......with all my family in the UK, I spent Christmas with a friends family.....reminding me what makes a family tic.......and how...

niah91720Dec 2018

Feeling BlueThe holidays can be very hard on me...

Abby196373627Nov 2018Dec 2018
Paths we take Poem

Paths we takeComments I sit in silence Or walk my cell The darkness is a living hell The iron bars The rot and smell This place will never sell Footf...

Onthcrestofawave6066Apr 2018Dec 2018
absolute nothing Poem

absolute nothingI read a book....

methuzelah1,7360Dec 2018

The Looking GlassLittle abstract about seeing things through a mirror you wouldn’t normally be able to see, like round a corner....

Yankee4you1943Dec 2018Dec 2018

A Child's ChristmasMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all CS folks! Please remember the Children!...

socrates441,03122Dec 2014Dec 2018
Choices we make Poem

Choices we make...just a thought...very happy with my life but I was talking to someone yesterday about a mutual friend who seems to never settle with a person...and th...

orientalkoru79419Mar 2014Dec 2018
mid dell Poem

mid-dellthey are the ones, unless, they are not....

methuzelah1860Dec 2018

bird haikubird raises its wings insect in grass stirs to look and is gobbled up checking all around bird steals remnants of dog food then flies to the...

socrates442263Dec 2018Dec 2018

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