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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Prostate Cancer and Arthritis Poem

Prostate Cancer and ArthritisA sister once told me If the male sperm sits too long in the testicles It could cause prostate cancer and it's important For men to have multiple e...

phreeyomind1921Dec 2018Dec 2018
last Poem

lastif this is the last thing I ever write, it is because of you how could you throw love away you were h*rny? you are mindless. soulless. worthless...

eeejay2100Dec 2018
Best feeling in the world Poem

Best feeling in the worldKeeps your love in your heart...

deepjohnson3864Dec 2018Dec 2018
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Poem

Yesterday, Today, TomorrowYesterday, and all the yesterdays have gone, passed. The mistakes, the wrongs, all our regrets, they stretch back from this time, back to our beginnin...

steve12234337Apr 2013Dec 2018
Horror Hospital Poem

Horror HospitalThis poem is based on a true account that I personally experienced, for legal reasons I was unable to mention the actual hospital, so it was given the...

john170219843446Nov 2018Dec 2018
The Perfect Poet Poem

The Perfect PoetThis is my view of the Perfect Poet and his ability to create outstanding work....

john170219842322Dec 2018Dec 2018
Paint my picture Poem

Paint my picturePainting can be fun...

wayne342312Dec 2018Dec 2018
Why did We Meet I asked the God Poem

“Why did We Meet?” - I asked the GodMy translation of a Russian poetess for your pleasure, dear poets! This poem is not about giving up on the past, we will cherish it to the end. It i...

marikia2695Dec 2018Dec 2018
Santas Elf has fallen in Love Poem

~Santa's Elf has fallen in Love ~Hey! Elf's can fall in love too! Lol...

JimEee2136Dec 2018Dec 2018
Lost souls Poem

Lost soulsIn body and soul You where here Taken from us Now your gone Are tears flowed Hearts broken I carried your box to heavens gate The doors o...

wayne342701Dec 2018Dec 2018
Santa Claus Poem

Santa ClausI haven't sat on Santa's lap in about 40 years. Back then I was too afraid of him to say much....

mcradloff1691Dec 2018Dec 2018
To have or to have not Poem

"To have or to have not"Yearning for the impossible dream...

JimEee1540Dec 2018
Magical Fingers Poem

~ Magical Fingers ~~ It's cuddling time ~ Lol...

JimEee1954Dec 2018Dec 2018
For YOU Poem

For YOUJust wanting to spread some comfort love and joy Please pass it on...

Happychatty14509Oct 2017Dec 2018
Haiku the mother Poem

Haiku the motherWinds water fire rage The mother strives for peace She teaches lessons...

EXRED30113Nov 2018Dec 2018
A passing moment Poem

A passing moment............Speaks for itself..........

Nuwahri613348Nov 2018Dec 2018

June 2018Not so good at punctuation just saying how if we are open in our hearts like a flower opens to the sun it's like our mind can enter that portal back i...

NOSTRUS2853Jun 2018Dec 2018
Missing You Poem

~ Missing You ~Tis a poem of wishing & want!...

JimEee2212Dec 2018Dec 2018
When im free Poem

When im freewhen I am free the dark well move into light and set my wings for final flight, maybe in the day but probably in the night, when I am free I well let...

honeybear30006414Mar 2015Dec 2018

GIFTED FREEDOM.Unspoilt nature........

niah928712Dec 2018Dec 2018
Something besides looks Poem

Something besides looksIt is about falling in love I guess...

yaspark2549Dec 2018Dec 2018

Got Your LoveAnother little abstract about why love is so necessary....

Yankee4you2333Dec 2018Dec 2018

HOARDER OF BEAUTY.a mountain that one passes when travelling south....always worthy of a glance..........

niah91956Dec 2018Dec 2018


lookn2share2381Nov 2018Dec 2018

Capturing TimeI feel 'a cosmic green light' staying on for me to write just now....

Yankee4you2324Dec 2018Dec 2018
Yearning for You Poem

~ Yearning for You ~Lost in the Heavens of Love! Lol...

JimEee35111Dec 2018Dec 2018

Branch in a ForestFlying above lower Manhattan recently I was inspired to write about me feeling like a stick from the forrest somewhere over New York City....

Yankee4you22810Dec 2018Dec 2018
habit Poem

habitneeding no one, not you with no uncrossed lines sure as can be in theft and blameless flight mist assuring friend, purrs pleased and pleasingly m...

eeejay1320Dec 2018

FOREST HUSH.Coolness of a forest, sheltered from sun and giving solitude......for those wanting to replenish soul.....with nature's gift....

niah91740Dec 2018
Haiku leaves Poem

Haiku leavesgodsprincess poem about leaves brought this to mind....

EXRED35711Nov 2018Dec 2018
France bleu blanc rouge sang Poem

France.. bleu, blanc... rouge sang..Impression du moment... sur l'état de la France... et ce qui s'y passe.. et pourquoi... ?? Little report of current situation.. about what is happe...

Franbee1431Dec 2018Dec 2018
BeneathePines3571Dec 2018Dec 2018
What else Poem

What else ..........For my youngest introverted son ............slowly stepping out from behind his shadows a gentle giant with a great sense of humour ................

Nuwahri612375Nov 2018Dec 2018
A wave ride Poem

A wave rideWhat I have learned from riding the dark wave...

yaspark2638Nov 2018Dec 2018
Fireballs Diary Entry Poem

Fireball's Diary EntryTrying to bring Rudolph's experience into the way kids who are different are treated in school today....

mcradloff1491Dec 2018Dec 2018
I Wish to be child Poem

I Wish to be childWish to be fitter ... 10-year-old butter I'm just a magnet! I have a little butter in the thought ... I want to go out on the storm night ... Tho...

Sacred_Angel2091Dec 2018Dec 2018

Does She KnowDoes she know or doesn't she know Maybe she'll never find out I've been dreaming on poetry corner With so many things to write about Does she...

EyeLook4U1461Nov 2018Nov 2018

Poetry TownDriving down poet avenue I'm looking for rhyme street It always feels like deja vu Except this time the rain is turning to sleet I slip and slid...

EyeLook4U1652Nov 2018Nov 2018
Where and When Poem

Where and When?This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine......... The title though means nothing to others is actually the whole inspiration behind the po...

Happygolucky4u48810Aug 2010Nov 2018
Fighting the Good Fight Poem

Fighting the Good FightI wrote this poem as a tribute to some of the good people I’ve met in the CS forum and blogs....

Harbal2338Nov 2018Nov 2018

my tomorrowJust remembering. A most potent memory. Thanks for all your reads....

lindsyjones76210Sep 2014Nov 2018

The DoctorMy mind keeps playing the role of a doctor Another therapy session every day or two There was a girl that's why my chart has lots of pages doctor M...

EyeLook4U1570Nov 2018

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