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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The Doctor Poem

The DoctorMy mind keeps playing the role of a doctor Another therapy session every day or two There was a girl that's why my chart has lots of pages doctor M...

EyeLook4U1580Nov 2018

A Tribute to My Late BrotherWith a broken heart I say to you You will remain with me in spirit in whatever I do I wish that I had the chance to say goodbye But I hope that you...

poettarek1,3437Nov 2015Nov 2018
Was it a dream Poem

Was it a dream?A silly poem that came out of nowhere...

yaspark3376Nov 2018Nov 2018
The Radio Poem

The RadioA magical trip back in time to the 1920's were the total entertainment package was the humble radio, I hope you love this timepiece....

john170219841440Nov 2018
Gaslight 2 Poem

Gaslight (2)The nostalgia view of the Gaslight, I have written Gaslight before even though this poem has similar overtones it is a completely different poem altog...

john170219842032Nov 2018Nov 2018
Alone On a Mountain Poem

Alone On a MountainSometimes we need not worry about time....

Yankee4you3505Aug 2018Nov 2018
The One Legged Man Poem

The One Legged ManThis harrowing event really took place and I am testiment to the whole thing, I share my experience of this with you the readers. Thank You...

john170219841920Nov 2018
My Friend Karinya Poem

My Friend KarinyaThis is a tribute to a friend I met very recently, who I thought the world of I will miss her a lot, though nothing is permanent in life even love....

john170219842402Nov 2018Nov 2018
Carnelian Moon Poem

Carnelian MoonMoons are a favorite spectacular subject to write about....

Yankee4you1971Nov 2018Nov 2018
The North Carolina Pearl Poem

The North Carolina PearlIn the land of North Carolina there's a beautiful girl Long ago when she was in Kentucky I didn't know I was looking at a North Carolina pearl S...

EyeLook4U1850Nov 2018
A Prawn By Any Other Name Poem

A Prawn By Any Other Name.Well...when you think about this poem in a metaphorical's really quite profound!...

Macduff53365Jul 2017Nov 2018
Getting Old Is A Drug Poem

Getting Old Is A DrugOut of a haze out of a daze into the clear sunlight Today feels real and the way I feel I am feeling alright I hear people all around my feet on...

EyeLook4U9960Nov 2018
A cloud Poem

A cloudJust my current mood...

salamuna37612Nov 2018Nov 2018

Haiku 6 - butterflies, dragonfly, old treewings of gossamer gently pulsating the air butterflies in flight tail of dragonfly skimming the water's surface while taking a drink b...

socrates448408Oct 2013Nov 2018
Sugar Poem

SugarThis poem dictates the misuse of Sugar by manufacturing companies and world promoting that has been going on over the last century, this is my warning...

john170219841730Nov 2018
The Novelty Shop Poem

The Novelty ShopA nostalgic romp through history we will recall 'The Novelty Shop'...

john170219841600Nov 2018
I made a deal with the devils apprentice Poem

I made a deal with the devils apprenticeMeh, i just ramble sometimes . zzzzzzzzzzz...

secludedStar128-Nov 2018
Wife Poem

Wife‘Wife!,' cried the impatient husband. ‘Fetch me my boots, I have friends I need to meet.’ Fetch them yourself, thought the wife, as she delivered t...

Harbal44613Sep 2018Nov 2018
hello Poem

hellolive free to see no insult at all...

Unknown2471Nov 2018Nov 2018
Love is Maddness Poem

Love is MaddnessThe silence is blissful within my padded walls till the voices start i'm tormented once more, crying whilst cradling rocking back and forth how...

itchywitch96011Oct 2012Nov 2018
Something To Write Poem

Something To WriteNot sure what I'm trying to say Not skilled in the plan of poetry Not skilled in the plan of life another day is before me My heart longs for somet...

EyeLook4U1812Nov 2018Nov 2018
Lost Poem

~ Lost ~Tis just a dream of fantasy ~ Wine & Roses...

JimEee2232Nov 2018Nov 2018
Runaway Love Poem

Runaway LoveThat feeling that you get when your heart races with love, perhaps? :)...

Yankee4you4611Nov 2018Nov 2018
What becomes Poem

What becomes.........I understand people will seperate for obvious reasons what I don't understand why the fallout of that separation has to be loaded onto the kids .........

Nuwahri613872Nov 2018Nov 2018
Life is lair Poem

Life is lairIm tired....we olse the time ..every time....our shapes are changing....our life details are the end...we dy....we finish...

Thewhitelife17001771Nov 2018Nov 2018
Heavens Kiss Poem

~ Heaven's Kiss ~A bit of bless! Tis Just a Kiss!...

JimEee1772Nov 2018Nov 2018
Imagination and Pleasure Poem

Imagination and PleasurePowers of imagination fan the flames of pleasure for many…...I love to imagine things all the time because it makes me very happy. :)...

Yankee4you2723Nov 2018Nov 2018
Book of Love Poem

~ Book of Love ~Chapter One Awaiting Chapter Two Our Affair...

JimEee2034Nov 2018Nov 2018

The World Just ClosedAs usual just my strange take on the World economic situation....

trurorob1,49740Aug 2011Nov 2018
Happy Holidays Poem

~ Happy Holidays ~Wonderful holidays to brighten up our days!...

JimEee2098Nov 2018Nov 2018
Thanksgiving Poem

~ Thanksgiving ~Tis the Holiday season to adding weight to the belly line "Happy Holiday"...

JimEee1350Nov 2018
High Times Poem

High TimesLate Fall, a church harvest supper, up in the mountains of New England...

Yankee4you35211Nov 2018Nov 2018

REO SpeedwagonWe had some of the cheapest seats, at 59 dollars. The ones up front I figure went for around 300 dollars. REO Speedwagon is a good show....

mcradloff1812Nov 2018Nov 2018

Green Bay PackersI've only seen the Packers lose one in the 11 games I've gone to, the first year Aaron Rodgers played as the quarterback in 2008....

mcradloff4282Nov 2018Nov 2018
Confession Poem

ConfessionIt's about overcoming the fear to be vulnerable...

yaspark2486Nov 2018Nov 2018
Flight of a Dove Poem

Flight of a DoveAgreement. (c) Yankee4you 2015...

Yankee4you7032Mar 2015Nov 2018
A Family Get Together Poem

~ A Family Get Together ~A day of Thanksgiving...

JimEee2568Nov 2018Nov 2018

MANS FOLLYThe ground was bare as was the air from gusts and thrusts to stir compacted soil. The mothers toil came fast as the destruction cast darkness...

EXRED3329Nov 2018Nov 2018
Impolite dreams Poem

Impolite dreamsIt's all about dreams...

yaspark3058Nov 2018Nov 2018
FJ Poem

FJ.............Probably my greatest friend never to be ...........I was very stupid and selfish when I was young .....drugs and alcohol ruled my life but changed me...

Nuwahri613364Nov 2018Nov 2018
moon in the darkness Poem

moon in the darknessYou are on the sky my little moon, In the darkness, which covered my mind, but I feel the morning behind horizon, this dark makes my so blind...

Wayofbaloon1770Nov 2018
Novembers Rain Poem

November’s RainA poem reflective of the season and the approaching winter snows, moody and muddy is November in the Appalachian mountains....

Yankee4you4946Nov 2018Nov 2018

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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