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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Lemme Pull You Close Poem

Lemme Pull You Close >On The Far Corner > Of Flat Earth ? He 'Magellaned' Her With Simple Truth...

PassionateArtist5683Aug 2010Oct 2018
Mirellissima Mire Poem

Mirellissima MireHappy Birthday Mire...

PassionateArtist2710Oct 2018
Occhi Poem

Occhiper occhi profondi...

Unknown7238Oct 2018Oct 2018
Winchesters hunt Supernatural Poem

Winchester's hunt - SupernaturalCampbells and winchesters, Dean,sam and John, Together they are the Hunters, Of the unknown Supernaturals.

morgen902102,2113Sep 2013Oct 2018

I'm BackHi to all of the CS poets - here's a sonnet of sorts Oh how I've missed what you all have to say - And hooray, hooray, I'm back online today....

lovecanbereal51715Jun 2017Oct 2018
il mio respiro per correre my breath to run Poem

il mio respiro per correre (my breath to run)Ci sono speranze che, come i miti, indugiano nelle storie di coloro che li contemplano, e verità che tolgono il respiro alla speranza. Ieri ho sperato...

Daico2601Oct 2018Oct 2018
Farewell Poem

Farewellthat poem was written during one of crazy moments of my life when i have a feeling that i can leave soon . Robert thank you again for your correcti...

salamuna30810Oct 2018Oct 2018
Ghosts Poem

GhostsGetting ready for Halloween with some ghost stories I've heard among my friends and family....

mcradloff2471Oct 2018Oct 2018
God is Hated Poem

God is Hated...If you say goodbye are far away of GOD, this is only i can say. Enjoy!...

runningshiva2786Oct 2018Oct 2018
I am who I am Poem

I am who I amBe Yourself...

jarred18034Jun 2014Oct 2018

Lords of the Prairies - A Tribute To The BisonThe arrival of vast waves of white settlers in the 1800s, and their conflict with the Native American residents of the prairies, spelled the end for t...

socrates4474611Jun 2014Oct 2018
By Gods Grace Poem

By God's GraceThere is no such COINCIDENTs happens in this world, this is HIGHTIME, we should be familiared with it, if not, we will die out in guessing why !!!...

runningshiva1921Oct 2018Oct 2018
Kevkl1470Oct 2018
Warning to runningShiva Poem

Warning to runningShivaAre you the ten thousands That speaks ill of the millions Are you the starved class caste That justify your superior race Where great kings res...

morgen902102541Oct 2018Oct 2018
Generosity Greed Poem

Generosity GreedThe ancients gods can sing and dance The modern ones can speak in tongues And none of them wants marbles When gold is what they are after...

morgen902101,12722Feb 2018Oct 2018

You're A Stranger To MeHello lady I don't know you you're a stranger to me You wear white gloves and a bright blue dress I've seen you long ago maybe somewhere way out wes...

EyeLook4U1791Oct 2018Oct 2018
The Idea of being a Moderator Poem

The Idea of being a ModeratorAs far as i remember I have never insult ANYONE, what i write i do write in the broad- day-light, why people concern ??? It is absolutely my own, it...

runningshiva186-Oct 2018Oct 2018
No Love Poem

No LoveThis site has no one (to love)...

runningshiva1942Oct 2018Oct 2018
welcome Seeking Ginger Poem

welcome Seeking GingerFor you to know we care This is our Sanctuary...

morgen9021046515Oct 2018Oct 2018
worth Poem

worth“I'm not worth having anyway” I have to disagree I think you meant that we were not worth it, to you or that something else was worth more don't...

eeejay2825Oct 2018Oct 2018
Felled Down Poem

Felled DownThis is not a POEM though... Let me clear why do i use three dots(...) in my writing, graphology says people who use three dots in their writing are...

runningshiva1660Oct 2018
Alone in my stoop Poem

Alone in my stoopThis is WHY I was canceled my membership last night that GREAT-MIND works under silence, they know whatever they do have NO IMPACT on the gentry as no...

runningshiva1810Oct 2018
What Da HELL Poem

What Da HELLBecause Of extream condemnation These days, Nearly nobody creative Comes ?!? Nobody educated Likes this sort of DEFAMATION....

runningshiva1340Oct 2018
Reproch Poem

ReprochI found too many Out there Asperser, Quite educated From school/college though But They seem will never amend Themselve, They will still writ...

runningshiva1530Oct 2018
Not that bad Poem

Not that badyou:: Tell me that I'm beautiful me:: i will tell you right you:: Tell it aloud a night. me:: I will hug you tight you:: Tell me I mean every...

runningshiva1680Oct 2018

to the CENTURY's MURDER...some TIMID ...they cant wait 7 days in SECLUSION...

runningshiva1521Oct 2018Oct 2018
Itch Time Poem

Itch-TimeItchY BitchY SixtyNine I don know how Qurrantine !!!...

runningshiva1910Oct 2018
SHE is FIRE Poem

SHE is FIREYeh... I was and I am still OBSESSED though I know SHE is gone behind those densed beard... the time SHE comes ...she distract me, the time SHE go...

runningshiva2300Oct 2018
Prison of Love Poem

Prison of LoveYou be there for some REASON I make better for my MISSION, Away You meet there for some VISION I seat bare for the SEASON, You May You...

runningshiva1582Oct 2018Oct 2018

Creation and CremationBurning a pile of leaves....

Yankee4you2113Oct 2018Oct 2018

Final Passage of FallDescriptive write of nature changing seasons right now....

Yankee4you5106Nov 2017Oct 2018
Rain Poem

RainThe last hurricane is the same name as me!...

mcradloff2996Oct 2018Oct 2018
Virtual Reality Poem

Virtual RealityThere is a VR arcade in Dubuque, Iowa. I have also seen one in WI Dells....

mcradloff1741Oct 2018Oct 2018
Am not sick Poem

Am not sickI see girls here I see girls there I cannot make a POST CS doesnt allow me to, Girls becomes GHOST !!! (haahaahaa there are girls, even bet...

runningshiva1832Oct 2018Oct 2018
The Really Really Short Version of the Bible Poem

The Really Really Short Version of the BibleI tried to write this as a cliff notes version for someone who had never heard of the bible. I left out one of my favorite stories. The one where th...

mcradloff91941Apr 2013Oct 2018
Kysa Yeh Pyar Hain Poem

Kysa Yeh Pyar HainTere Mere Baare Men Baaten Hogi Taare Men Dil Gali Yaaro Men Ab K Bar...

runningshiva1310Oct 2018

POWER OF GODHumanbeings are ALTERNATIVE who is not alternative can manifest anything N everything in reality, Thats the POWER of EIGHT..POWER of...

runningshiva1910Oct 2018
Black Poem

Black PoemLove has no color......

Spartacus20123271Oct 2018Oct 2018
How does it feel Poem

How does it feel ?!?Every time you see A CROW Who is said to be your BRO Every time you look At a MAN(in CS) He cuts your PC from The LAN(net) !!!...

runningshiva1590Oct 2018
You been LOVED Poem

You 'been LOVEDIt really does'nt matter if you are HURT because i still have time to patch it up.. i still have strength to make you happy.. i still have talen...

runningshiva1660Oct 2018
i am not nothing Poem

i am not nothing...its not good to think , our life will be nothing if some one leaves us.if any body think so, its foolishness. bcuz others cannot change our life, but...

sabeel66713Jul 2009Oct 2018
The Cat in the Hat Poem

The Cat in the Hatjust a bit on nonsense...

Retsina_0075065Aug 2015Oct 2018

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