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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Confronting the NowMy writing expresses experiences from many cultures around the world that I've had the pleasure of working and living among and listening to their his...

BlissfulRaven1383Oct 11Oct 12
I dont know Poem

I dont knownot much to say...

optimisticme1402Oct 10Oct 12

Ode to a meat pieStudying meat pies, now in America apparently you can get only pot pies, not recommended though I see, but in NY, Michigan, Louisiana and wait for it...

Oceanzest1666Oct 6Oct 12

So It Will Grow . . .For a relationship to last without losing its glow, as far as I feel and, late in this life, I know ... I need to connect intellectually, emotion...

Islandgirl611728Oct 8Oct 11
Mornin Fonkin Poem

Mornin FonkinThis is some…. Morning blues Tasting these Morning dews Be amused I'm amused at these stews In the pot boiling Always toiling Winding n co...

Rikco11790Oct 11

GRIEFA song from the heart Of Allwyn Marcher, ( My alter ego in an Game of D&D), on the subject of grief For any Interested below the song I have pos...

ManicCC1144Oct 3Oct 10
Mizzy424414Jul 5Oct 10
Pet Semetary Poem

Pet SemetaryPet Semetary is one of my favorite Halloween movies, South Park did a parody of this movie which is from the book by Stephen King...

mcradloff861Oct 9Oct 10
Snow Clouds Poem

Snow Clouds1. You can tell when summer is done and winter is about to come. 2. Snow Clouds Snow Clouds on the move starting so slow, A time will come when...

israelismine641Oct 8Oct 9
Love Takes A Little More Poem

Love Takes A Little MoreSime and easy life understand more of Life...

Unknown782Oct 7Oct 9

Has any lost love returned?true true true and always too too too painful. university love. fickle fickle fickle!...

FargoFan1011Oct 6Oct 9
Unknown600Oct 7
The Last Butterfly Poem

The Last ButterflyThis poem was published in the October 2019 Newark Valley Moonlighter. Walking in the park dreading the last day of seeing my butterflies....

godsprincess75321Oct 2018Oct 6
Dads Birthday Poem

Dad's BirthdayLike the Cinderalla song says "You don't know what you got till it's gone."...

mcradloff982Oct 2Oct 6
Magma Poem

MagmaSilent whispers of gas Rises from caverns deep Hints of smoke and steam Ground pushed gravity rise from ash - heat and smoke flames from Within...

wayne341153Oct 5Oct 6
Spring Poem

Springlife renewed...

shadow195032816Mar 5Oct 5
Oceanzest1072Oct 3Oct 5
Autumn Blushes Poem

Autumn Blushes...Inspired by Autumn colours......

Mizzy438718Sep 12Oct 4

SOFTLY SOFTLY....The sky from every angle in a soft pastel twilight mode, never seen before....

niah917212Sep 27Oct 4

Have you ever been in love?Someone can get into your heart It beats faster than ever before Goose bumps flatter your skin Your stomach feels weird You can't catch your legs...

southmiami43211644Sep 30Oct 4
what leads may fallow Poem

what leads may fallowBlast the basic primitive notion to conform to the norm or sware by another's devotion. A brick placed against the same In order to wall...

Dakinderway942Oct 1Oct 4
Mans heart Poem

Man's heartIt is a fine write!...

princepersia1422Sep 28Oct 3
The Truth Will Set You Free Part 1 John 832 Poem

The Truth Will Set You Free! Part-1 - John 8:32Ps. 1. I had seen the New Movie "Mortal Kombat 3." 2. To make a long story short, Raiden had said to all his fighters "You will all lose if you do...

israelismine1671Oct 1Oct 2

THE CHILDREN OF MANNOR MOURNEAnother Song/poem from the Quill of My Fantasy Bard Allwyn Marcher. This one needs a little explanation. Mannor Mourne is an ancient castle Perched...

ManicCC640Oct 1
Fallen Defender Poem

Fallen DefenderAnother Song/poem from My Fantasy Bard Allwyn Marcher. This one needs a little explanation. In the Fantasy world where Allwyn lived and died, he mad...

ManicCC590Oct 1
Weaver Of Words Poem

Weaver Of Wordsedited poem, started several years ago........

niah9840Sep 30

A New Song To SingMy chosen King is on the throne Coming back to rule Kings,rulers of the earth, act wisely! The Father's Royal Son is coming To the Holy Jerusalem...

southmiami4321750Sep 30
The Midday Rain Poem

The Midday RainIt was nice to see the midday rain I got my guitar and I began to sing Just a little song about the midday rain I felt safe on the porch Which w...

EyeLook4U781Sep 29Sep 30
Hugging Poem

Hugging!The need to feel that special hug! From that special person! Oh! Where can she be?...

JimEee76622Feb 2014Sep 30

WELSH BOYSJust been on coach holiday to Wales and was inspired ha ha...

EXRED320311Sep 12Sep 30

NEVER ENDING ROADS.....Was it for work or personal growth I moved on so often....or searching for something I finally found?...

niah919213Sep 14Sep 29

Somewhere in ParadiseDon't look back....don't you wait.....don't you wait.........

Yankee4you1664Sep 27Sep 29
Money Poem

MoneyI bought my first tickets to a Brewers game and spent about three hours trying to figure it out, cash is way, way easier!...

mcradloff1146Sep 25Sep 29
They Hated Americans Poem

They Hated American's!1. As of writing this I'm still a single man. 2. This Dvd-Film is Called "Stolen In Plain Sight." This small town Sheriff is on the disappearance...

israelismine1080Sep 28
Singing Out The Truth Poem

Singing Out The TruthThis was a response by Allwyn Marcher, (my D&D bard), to having assassins set upon his trail to try and make him either shut up or die....

ManicCC761Sep 24Sep 27
Murder Cycles Vs Motorcycles Poem

Murder Cycles Vs Motorcycles1. As long as this grave problem continues to go on, I refuse to drive a Motorcycle when I you have kids behind you in traffic driving these Motorc...

israelismine862Sep 26Sep 27

Neighbors (part 1)This song (poem) I wrote 1-18-11 should be easy to understand. It's about my neighbor and politics at that time and place; but, a few changes in my wr...

DiggableHippy492201Sep 27Sep 27
Im seriously silly Poem

I'm seriously sillyI wrote it a year ago, shortly following a tarot reading...

SEEKINGinger1548Sep 24Sep 27

GIFTS FROM NATURE....Some say it's...finding themselves.....and accepting it........

niah91244Sep 24Sep 26

ESCAPING THOUGHTS....Hokianga Harbour.......

niah9924Sep 24Sep 24

Fem millenniumshifting power bases...

Oceanzest971Sep 24Sep 24
The Outsider View Poem

The Outsider ViewA random mix...

yaspark1656Sep 23Sep 24

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