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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The Golden Path Poem

~ The Golden Path ~My wish is that everyone finds their companion in life ~ Does this poem covers some of your wants?...

JimEee2728Sep 2018May 26

REALITY CAN STRIKE ONE FALLINGOne can have delusion or a mirage, but reality can strike us and it hurts?...

JoyCrest103-May 25
Special Time Poem

Special TimeWe just can't believe, until it's all we can give....

cheesecake891131May 24May 25

Writers blockSome times I just like to write short silly poems....

lisaofflorida643044Jun 2012May 24
The King in me Poem

The King in me..........A surfers view ..........,...

Nuwahri6116811May 23May 24
Let Kindess Walk Through Your Door Poem

Let Kindess Walk Through Your DoorThis poem was read to me quite often by my grandfather who loved poetry and believes that this is how man should treat each other. It is a cherished f...

ReaderOfSouls1,06320Jul 2011May 23

Earth, Sea and SkyNature's Trinity iambic pentameter sonnet (ten syllables per line) (successive lines rhyme scheme)...

socrates441383May 17May 22

Nocturnal HoursNight hours may be pretty difficult. Especially for survivors who live aggravating in those endlessly tricky nocturnal periods in time....

AutumnChild1020May 22

Sex Addict (Advice to a Young Man)Young man I see you now with the vanity of Adonis Your insecure and h*rny - of that I can you promise Your testosterone spills over - and has run am...

lovecanbereal8143Feb 2016May 22

To the Wife and Girlfriend Bashers* I have zero respect for any "man" who uses violence against a woman......

lovecanbereal4696Aug 2017May 22

Personal JesusHeavenly kingdom is inside of us. I embraced my distinctive personal Jesus. That wonderful extent of many complex elements that define my persona an...

AutumnChild1547May 19May 21

SAPIOSEXUALJust playing on words with sapiosexual....

JoyCrest119-May 21

NOBBYThis is a true account of my brother's homicide in 1990 I have performed this poem for performance poetry In Donegal, Tyrone and Fermanagh and it h...

LADYCOUNTESS47311Nov 2017May 20

Love female male ratio 7 to 1*Updated Men talkin' about men U can't beat em' up 'Cause there bigger than u! Men "The Judds" Men need help badly an education Men r from mars...

Rachael_062224810Apr 22May 20
The Horse Clinician Poem

The Horse ClinicianLast Fall my beloved and I went to go watch our neighbor who trains horses, and he recounted to us his feelings on the whole thing. This is a tellin...

ReaderOfSouls953May 19May 20
Ten Cats Poem

Ten CatsTen cats went for deer hunting The mercedes cat fell into the abyss And then there were nine Nine cats were sleeping on the couch A heavy chande...

Unknown1512May 19May 19
Jay Poem

JayJay likes to tease 'Till you’re down on your knees Begging her…please! On your pride You do choke In sweat and tears  You do soak As self-r...

Devin2025910May 19
Always Here Poem

Always Here............A memorial seat for a local fella where he used to visit regularly.............. his family shared some thoughts with me about it .............

Nuwahri6118210May 14May 19

PROMISE OF SPRINGMy 2020 Spring Poem!! Trying to cheer all and sunder as the world seems a very dark place right now. However, we will make it through - be safe every...

godsprincess34015Apr 7May 19
Ten Little Boyfriends Poem

Ten Little BoyfriendsJust a fun poem based on TEN LITTLE INDIANS....

JoyCrest2094Apr 26May 19
L O V E L O V E L O V E Poem

L O V E, L O V E, L O V ESimple love lines, the folly of falling in love....

JoyCrest1401May 18May 19
On the cross Poem

On the crossOn the cross he suffered But we never feel bothered We only think about how to get comfortable life as rainbow But never care with what is going t...

Unknown800May 19

APPRECIATE THE STRUGGLEJust lockdown thoughts again....

JoyCrest1261May 18May 19
Full Moon Poem

Full MoonWaiting here all alone , sitting on the sofa with my phone Since you left me as your precious stone Never know why our love hasn't grown Nights...

Unknown960May 19
Fatty Poster Poem

Fatty PosterI love spekkoek...

Unknown2802May 18May 19
Old Friends Poem

Old FriendsI adore old people...

Unknown1714May 18May 19
Wind and Leaves Poem

Wind and LeavesOnce I had a crush on a girl. I stood by her and watched her walking past me. I infatuated with that feeling like the little boy felt in love with Mal...

chocoLuo2246Mar 13May 18
Cat Fight Poem

Cat FightPeace...

Unknown1050May 18
Dating site Poem

Dating siteI love dating site...

Unknown1200May 18
Snowy mountain Poem

Snowy mountainI like scenery...

Unknown850May 18

FALSE LOVELife.....People....Places...... Things.........

SUMMIT09760May 17
Fear of the Dark Poem

Fear of the DarkFear not,,.......

candykid1,155-May 2016May 16

Love inspires elevates lifts up*Updated* Language of Love **About this poem: Mothers love because they want to In every way they can! In every sense of the word! "They are on w...

Rachael_06222137Apr 23May 16
A Soul that Suffereth Poem

A Soul that SufferethThere can be no pleasure without pain....

candykid1,126-Jul 2014May 16

ALTERED EGOThis poem was inspired by the fairy tale mirror mirror on the wall... I thought mirror mirror on the ceiling would be a nice adult Twist. This was...

LADYCOUNTESS18810Jan 6May 16
Angel in transition Poem

Angel in transitionSweet fragrant bouquet Impregnated and impressed upon the bed linen He has returned home yet his aroma lingers Enrapturing sensations Of w...

LADYCOUNTESS3954Dec 2017May 16
Born to Save Poem

Born to SaveChristmas poem I wrote today...

LADYCOUNTESS4174Dec 2017May 16
Its alright for you to laugh Poem

"It's alright for you to laugh "I met these two old ladies in Bundoran who were quite miserable in their pain and mistakenly thought I was laughing at them... Yet God used that oppo...

LADYCOUNTESS3715Nov 2017May 16
Floating the Estuary Poem

Floating the EstuaryA vivid dream I awoke to... then taking down notes, I compiled it into this poem I felt the dream to be very significant and was amazed at how much I...

LADYCOUNTESS4213Dec 2017May 16
I Am Poem

I AmAbout this poem:This poem was written after I was laying face down in my pillow sobbing  I felt a warm hand on my shoulder  Yet nobody was there in...

LADYCOUNTESS1041May 16May 16
Be Twixed Poem

Be-TwixedHow do you like your chocolate?...

LADYCOUNTESS1071May 16May 16

Just SpeakingJourney through life we all travel together or alone...

Yankee4you2485May 14May 16

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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