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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Moonbeams Sonnet Paloma Challenge Poem

Moonbeams. (Sonnet) Paloma Challenge.A Cosmic challenge Paloma. Hope you like it !...

Mizzy41,16137Sep 2014Aug 24
Light Within Poem

Light WithinJust some introspection...

Angeldancer952Aug 22Aug 24
FargoFan810Aug 23
I am eternity Poem

I am eternityCan't recall what prompted this. I do recall it's about a Cancer cutie that lives in Dominican Republic. We're still friends :)...

SEEKINGinger992Aug 22Aug 22

If Kerouacwell what can you say in silence? It speaks itself Don't you think? I do!...

FargoFan1013Aug 21Aug 22

WAITINGUpdate: A dear friend of mine was just told last week that she only has 6-8 months left to live because she has Lung Cancer. She never smoked a day...

godsprincess28515Jun 27Aug 21

WINTER ROSEUpdate 2/5/21: My Winter Rose is buried under 4 - 5 feet of snow!! A beautiful Helleborus niger plant like mine. A/K/A Christmas Rose...

godsprincess1,33939Dec 2016Aug 21

MIRRORS TO THE SOULDirectly looking into other's eyes I can tell what kind of person they are....

godsprincess64722Nov 2020Aug 21

1920's haikuthe feel of the jazz age...

Oceanzest1505Aug 21Aug 21
Dunk The Clown Poem

Dunk The ClownI am going to the Grant County Fair in Lancaster today for games and fair food, tomarrow for the Demolition Derby. I seen this way back in the 80's,...

mcradloff880Aug 21

WOMANdedicated to women, particularly those who are facing gender inequality in the workplace and society in general...

socrates4443216Jul 11Aug 20

Time Or Time ImmortalLike an ancient tapestry of unique images creates more than just an illustration, but a story; so does poetry of interwoven words and images that deli...

Yankee4you1772Aug 18Aug 20
FargoFan992Aug 15Aug 19
The stupid mouse Poem

The stupid mouseWhat can I say, I was bored....

ooby_dooby5075Jan 2018Aug 18

What follyHow many 'w's I wonder - no record attempt I assure you. There was a girl... she said 'I like taller and more handsome'! So I just moved on....

FargoFan750Aug 18

The house1940-1962 and life then; none of the categories are suitable really...

FargoFan770Aug 18
Deprogramming the days of dismay Poem

Deprogramming the days of dismayMy disdain for programming. Calendars are just one part of it. Our Native elder's believed e v e r y day to be sacred. Every day is a day to hono...

SEEKINGinger1686Aug 14Aug 17

GIANTS!1. I've heard people on this earth call other people giants. In my book and the Lords book just because there 7 to 8 to 9 to 15 feet tall they aren...

israelismine1120Aug 17

Kabul's new dawnmany running for their lives in Kabul...

Oceanzest1546Aug 15Aug 16

El ParqueIts a peaceful place....

trurorob3,34769May 2015Aug 16
Christmas wont be Christmas Poem

Christmas won't be ChristmasJust feeling kind of down this time of year, since I lost my husband. Wasn't sure I wanted to post it, but just had to get my feelings out.....

QuietStormF53914Dec 2018Aug 16

The Girl in Me ...With everything going on around right now ... a little lightheartedness for a much needed relief ......

Islandgirl611212Aug 15Aug 16

Hallelujahhumming Leonard Cohen's tune I penned some lines...

Oceanzest1054Aug 15Aug 15
Teach me to part Poem

Teach me to partlife events are often like trains .. one arrived, the other left .. you just need to learn to say goodbye...

salamuna2017Aug 14Aug 15

when first I heard your voiceLife! Who you love and want to love and used to love....

FargoFan870Aug 15

Late winter duskJust an amazingly mild silent winter's disk. No distant shriek of flying fox, no kookaburras proclaiming ownership....

FargoFan821Aug 15Aug 15
Songs Poem

SongsIf you could read my mind by Gordon Lightfoot What's Up by 4 Non Blondes Crossroads by Bone Thugs N Harmony 99 by Toto Fight the Power by Public E...

mcradloff931Aug 14Aug 15

Light From the Darkest Star (Paloma's Challenge)metaphor for truth,,,,, (originally posted in 2012)...

Yankee4you1532Aug 14Aug 14
Wisdom Tooth Poem

Wisdom ToothPoem is one kind of monologue that I had in Serbian about my troublesome tooth. I was decisive to ornament mentioned theme about difficulty in satiri...

AutumnChild2504Aug 11Aug 14

On the brinkJust a random piece of doggerel....

FargoFan781Aug 14Aug 14
Graham Crackers Poem

Graham CrackersI wrote this for my son. It was inspired by the works of Shel Silverstein....

SEEKINGinger1767Aug 12Aug 14
Juicy blues Poem

Juicy bluesIt's about a suitor I was dating ^_^ He binges on blueberries, when the Yankees play a sh*tty game...

SEEKINGinger1142Aug 9Aug 14

I was never very sociable.I was never very sociable. I never fit in those circles of friends Where each one tries to show off more than the other, I never liked being the ce...

Gritante1862Jul 30Aug 14

OREGON1. Oregon has decided that "Reading, Writing & Math are Racist." "The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations Has Now Become Law." Since when did materia...

israelismine1733Aug 12Aug 14

Salute to Harryah the years of Dirty Harry......

Oceanzest1384Aug 10Aug 13
Earthquakes In Alaska Poem

Earthquakes In AlaskaThe weather is too hot to go outside I've watched so much tv my brain is nearly fried If I could find a cave I would have a cool place to hide I wo...

EyeLook4U1014Aug 12Aug 13

The Last ...Little did I realize ... it was the last hug ... the last kiss ... Whenever I look back, it is something I will still miss ... Though I've become mu...

Islandgirl611001Aug 11Aug 12

Longing ...How I long for your skin against mine .. the feel of your roughened fingers that tenderly caress so divine ... How I long for those lips to b...

Islandgirl611271Aug 10Aug 10

Not Afraid Anymore . . .(inspired by the song "Not Afraid Anymore" from Fifty Shades of Grey movie)...

Islandgirl61890Aug 10


realdeal8901645Jul 30Aug 10
My dream Poem

My dreamTells you what I'm wanting in a woman...

Imlonely2116-Aug 10
The Carolina Way Poem

The Carolina WayShe's down there somewhere in the Carolina way She knows the history of Dixie you know every woman's a mystery I wonder if she has missed me Since...

EyeLook4U941Aug 9Aug 10

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