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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Because of you Poem

Because of youBecause of you, I am happy as can be I know life will not be so empty Because of you, There is another opened door Now we get to see whats in store...

Unknown5110Jun 2009
Together Poem

TogetherBaby take me in your arms. Show me all of your charms. Hold me,squeeze me tight! I want to stay this way all night. As you whisper in my ear, Yo...

Unknown4730Jun 2009
The greatest gift Poem

The greatest giftA poem about friendship...

claudya5330Jun 2009
Heavenly Invasion Poem

Heavenly InvasionA chorus of angels, Sang her praises, Ever so soft and sweet. Rising in crescendo, Speeding up tempo, Inspiration and joy did meet. Of all the t...

Unknown4317Jun 2009Jun 2009
Shake My Soul Poem

Shake My SoulMay I just say, this was actually written as a funk song given to a friend who has a band. LOL..hope you all like it.....

Unknown4214Jun 2009Jun 2009
Little Serena Poem

Little SerenaThis poem is dedicated to my niece who has down syndrome. When I heard of the premature delivery, I lost my way to the hospital. I was obviously upset...

mercy4995Jun 2009Jun 2009
Come a little closer Poem

Come a little closerA poem about love,thoughts about love, a pure love....

claudya5600Jun 2009
circles Poem

circlesi'll always push away from the strange dwellings in my mind mimed for your convenience, feel the push of time direct me forward into cages...

Unknown3252Jun 2009Jun 2009
Waves of Fear Poem

Waves of FearIn the hour of my darkest need, I can call your name. And you`d appear on a fiery steed, To steal away my pain. But now you`re not here, And you...

Unknown5027Jun 2009Jun 2009
Eros Poem

ErosI write what i feel....

Unknown2800Jun 2009
Maybe Poem

Maybe...Um... yeah... this is really awkward to post..... I hope this doesn't ruin anything!!! D:...

Unknown4282Jun 2009Jun 2009
Madman Jack Poem

Madman JackHe came riding in, With the setting sun. Out of breath, He was on the run. Tall and handsome, His features built. Pressed with fear, He was loa...

Unknown3510Jun 2009
warped minds of death Poem

warped minds of deathit is a song...

Unknown3481Jun 2009Jun 2009
Faith Poem

FaithThere is no time for sadness, there is no time for blues. Keep yourself focused and straight that's what you should choose. Today's society and worl...

Unknown4604Jun 2009Jun 2009
Our Hearts Poem

Our HeartsTwo hearts beating as one, Because now we both have someone. I have you and you have me. Together we are on a new journey. So many things to see a...

Unknown4820Jun 2009
missing pieces Poem

missing pieceswe were born alone, and some of us die alone, no friends no family.many of us turn to love or companionship wanting to be hold, to be touch, the feeli...

Unknown3740Jun 2009
I Learned From Regret Poem

I Learned From RegretI Was at a point in my Life that I was feeling brokenhearted....

Unknown4074Jun 2009Jun 2009

LOOK IN MY EYES!A poem about feelings...

claudya7572Jun 2009Jun 2009
Time Slips away Poem

Time Slips awayWe sometimes sleep our life away and don't know what we miss. Our coffee with the morning sun sweetened with a kiss. As we tend our busy lives we do...

Unknown4725Jun 2009Jun 2009
Shadow Poem

ShadowLife is a great accident......

Unknown4462Jun 2009Jun 2009
Far far away Poem

Far-far awayIt was written for someone so far... Iiris...

Unknown5386Jun 2009Jun 2009
I Have No Money Poem

I Have No MoneyI have no money so why am I here, I have no money I just know I care. The life I live is from day to day, With my limited funds I help people and p...

Unknown4993Jun 2009Jun 2009
The Wealth Within Poem

The Wealth WithinWe are only humans no more no less, Each and every day we may have some stress. To bring forth that weal...

Unknown4223Jun 2009Jun 2009
Desire Poem

DesireYou are my desire. You put my heart on fire. Whether I'm awake or asleep, You are the one I want to keep. I know in my heart, I never want to be...

Unknown4910Jun 2009
My Teddybear Poem

My TeddybearNo matter what I do, My thoughts are always on you. Thinking of your embrace, Keeps a smile on my face. Your soft warm touch, I want so much. Yo...

Unknown4830Jun 2009
I am a Rose Poem

I am a RoseI am a Rose A beautiful fragrant rose Kiss my tender petals Inhale my fragrance Suck my nectar But don’t trample my heart Because, Then… My...

Unknown4030Jun 2009
So in Love with You Poem

So in Love with YouThis was inspired by my boyfriend. :P It's really lovey-dovey, it references the "souls" but I used the word, not out of religious belief, but out of...

Unknown5172Jun 2009Jun 2009
let me hold you Poem

let me hold yousometimes we pick the wrong gender,and it's okay to make mistakes,i'm here...

Unknown6172Jun 2009Jun 2009
The Shadow Of Your Smile Poem

The Shadow Of Your SmileAs dusk becomes the night I see the shadow of your smile, That little curve of your lips shows that sweet and tender style. When the tensions of the...

Unknown5312Jun 2009Jun 2009
A kiss Poem

A kissRomance...

claudya6100Jun 2009
I love Poem


claudya5692Jun 2009Jun 2009
In ContradictionOf Man Poem

In ContradictionOf ManThings are not always what they seem:-)...

sonofadam4370Jun 2009
Even Poem

claudya7204Jun 2009Jun 2009
Waiting Poem

WaitingWe met in connecting singles. Our profiles were a perfect match and we connected totally. But before all this, we were thinking about the 85 miles bet...

Unknown7091Jun 2009Jun 2009
Sunshine Poem

SunshineYou are my sunshine I'm so glad you are mine You put the shine in the sun Because you are "the one" You mean the world to me With you I always wa...

Unknown5630Jun 2009
Always in My Thoughts Poem

Always in My ThoughtsAs I sit here trying to unwind Thoughts of you cross my mind When I'm all alone I think about us on the phone I know in my heart I'm ready for a...

Unknown7150Jun 2009
My Angle Poem

My AngleI dedicate this poem tho my cs angle you know who you are. For it was you i was thinking when i wrote it....

Unknown6781Jun 2009Jun 2009
Water in the sea is tears of you and me Poem

Water in the sea is tears of you and meFrom the first day of creation we started to cry With unbearable pain Those who have broken hearts and Those who broke their hearts All are cryin...

Unknown6202Jun 2009Jun 2009

THEY CAME FOR SUPPERThe day has cast shadows that hold no image Out my window I can see them coming Across the bottom land they walk Speaking to me in a language I hav...

Unknown5380Jun 2009
Beginning Poem

BeginningWaking in a world that is so diminutive I can see the back of my skull and in this I know how vast it is So I fly for a while Like an angel with...

Unknown5920Jun 2009
Unknown1,0957Jun 2009Jun 2009
The Dawn has broke Poem

The Dawn has brokeThe dawn has broke And there’s not soul in sight The birds sing there hearts out As if natures alarm clock The crisp sun light shines like a lase...

Unknown6881Jun 2009Jun 2009

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