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Fable Poems (81)

Here is a list of Fable Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The Beginning of the End Poem

The Beginning of the EndI saw the light tonight,, twas blue, red,, and bright, the world in all its glory, showed me its story, you covet what you can,, its all in the plan,...

optimisticme580Nov 26
Treasure Chest Poem

Treasure Chest.Funny poems are fashionable here at the moment. This one I wrote years ago. Hope it doesn't offend....

Mizzy41527Oct 24Nov 6
The Pic Poem

The PicNever ever never ever pag-una una aron di maggubot!...

Unknown891Oct 30Oct 31
The End Times Poem

The End TimesThe "damage done" by idiots........

lovecanbereal2437Jan 20Feb 3
Smile Poem

SmileSome story about the masks...

salamuna45520Mar 2020Dec 2020
The Belle of Yeavering Bell Poem

The Belle of Yeavering BellThe Belle of Yeavering Bell It was an eye for an eye In times gone by A life when they lived to trade So if you enter her home Where you are fr...

Bernician1451Sep 2020Sep 2020
Fatty Poster Poem

Fatty PosterI love spekkoek...

Unknown3602May 2020May 2020

FALSE LOVELife.....People....Places...... Things.........

SUMMIT091520May 2020
the immpossible Poem

the immpossibleit means nothing is impossible in life...

Unknown1370Apr 2020
Dragon Cult Ritual Poem

Dragon Cult RitualLike a moth into the light, the world is ours to unite, so purified, as we ignite, and toss ourselves into his flame, to free ourselves of natur...

SchylerSilvey4504Jul 2017Feb 2020

Old Cat In The ShedNow you know what the cat is thinking..........

Yankee4you2771Jan 2020Jan 2020
borderline Poem

borderlinePark was the head officer on the border crossing between North and South Korea. He had a problem. Two weeks ago a woman, let's call her lin, pitche...

walRU2632Sep 2019Nov 2019
Just another Poem

Just another.Started it along time ago. finished just now on here. wanted to put it to rest in my mind....

LKNG4LTR1811Nov 2019Nov 2019
Light of Hope Poem

Light of HopeMany years, lost in thought, imprisoned by the brain. Lost my mind, all alone, almost gone insane. Through the clouds of dismay, hope was very...

SchylerSilvey2323Sep 2019Oct 2019
The Repeating Poem

The RepeatingAlienate the peace in me, cut all ties, light the fuse. Animate the me unseen, evoke the lines, no way to lose. Free me, hold me, come break me...

SchylerSilvey1830Aug 2019
Because of You Poem

Because of YouThis poem is for you...

Aronbrowneyes072171Aug 2019Aug 2019
Black Sheep Poem

Black SheepSimple really...Or is it...?...

madtat294027Jun 2019Jul 2019
The Postman Poem

The PostmanI have quite heavily borrowed from another poem for the style of this one, although not quite so much in content. I am not a postman but I have been...

Unknown34520Jun 2019Jun 2019
The Witchs Secret Poem

The Witch’s SecretThe story of one of the quests of my youth....

Unknown31112Apr 2019Jun 2019
No One Knows Poem

No One Knows* As per the Greek myth of Helios....

lovecanbereal3198May 2019May 2019
my spacious circular satin sheet bed Poem

my spacious circular satin sheet bedLong, freestyle comic relief. Not quite as naughty as (one might Think)...

Opt_In2411Feb 2019Feb 2019
Genesis of the Dead Poem

Genesis of the DeadA new 'vague scribble' for you all; a short-short story this time; watching the classic George Romero zombie movies over the weekend set me thinking-...

Ronnie7798473Aug 2018Aug 2018
Walking the Universe Poem

Walking the UniverseThis is a poem thinking about what the universe is and how it plays an important role in our lives....

OnyxAuset3362Jul 2018Jul 2018
Beget Freedom with Love Poem

Beget Freedom with LoveTrapped inside of my head, it's flooding with dread, I'm drowning. Swimming up for air, I hear a voice so fair, a cause to care? I'm fighting....

SchylerSilvey3313Jun 2018Jun 2018
House of Glass Poem

House of GlassMy house of glass, destroyed so fast, by nothing more than greener grass, forever my domain of shame, a scattered relic of subjective blame. Yet a...

SchylerSilvey4196May 2018May 2018

BOUND FOR NOTHINGNESSin memorium to the families of victims of violence everywhere. are we bound for nothingness?...

BobbyC13483380May 2018
no Title Poem

no Titlehold me like the moon go round and round the sky all the broken things inside me are going to learn to fly...

elo693842Mar 2018Mar 2018
The Tale of the Wicked Widow Poem

The Tale of the Wicked WidowA tale of romance, loss, and crime....

SchylerSilvey3952Jul 2017Jul 2017
Pillars of a Lifetime Poem

Pillars of a LifetimeIgnorance is innocence, what is it I've become? The pillar of my sanity, I've yet to overcome. They fall, as they crumble in my wake, these pil...

SchylerSilvey4602Jun 2017Jun 2017

DOES A GOD EXIST IVWhat is is...What will be will be... This is what I think and don't need any to agree. Tweaked on 7/16/17 (4 now)...

lookn2share6164Jun 2017Jun 2017
The Bull Poem

The BullThe bull came charging through And the crowd shouted boo they wanted to slay him But he would not lay down And then a lady matador came to town...

EyeLook4U3440Jun 2017
The Pyre of Time Poem

The Pyre of TimeIn pain I felt shame, in love I took blame, the great flame of hearts, it twists in the night. With hope I made lies, with tears I melt skies, t...

SchylerSilvey5120Apr 2017
Bad Buoy Really Poem

Bad Buoy (Really?)Sweet all gone now. Better person. Greater Life...

sophiasummer5534Mar 2017Mar 2017

FREEDOM AND LOVEI'n my college days I studied allot of shakespeare so it has allot of the old school flavor! Enjoy!!!...

whirlwind77393Feb 2017Feb 2017
ali1104820Jan 2017
The Mind And Body ch3 two sides of the same coin Poem

The Mind And Body ch3: two sides of the same coinChap 3 of my fable as it where is about personalities and the existence of infinite possibilities enjoy and comment tell me what you think...

PNutty3338690Jan 2017
The Mind And Body ch2 the Lady Black Poem

The Mind And Body ch2: the Lady BlackThis is the second part to the poem. And the struggles within are not light hearted and to those who have over come them be proud of what you have do...

PNutty3334110Jan 2017
The Mind And Body ch1 The free spirit Poem

The Mind And Body ch1 : The free spirit.I have been writing stories for a long time but this the first one I've ever done done in poetry it will be covering a lot of dark subject in a manner...

PNutty3333940Jan 2017
The Arabian Horse Poem

The Arabian HorseOn the cusp of beauty you were born Before this World had its modern form. Atavar and spirit much older than us Existence formed from the desert...

lovecanbereal5406Dec 2016Dec 2016
The Feast Poem

The FeastI was watching Ms. Scrooge and heard this story told by a preacher. It is a retelling of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. My favorite retelling...

mcradloff4701Dec 2016Dec 2016
Ice King Poem

Ice KingFearless, heartless, empowered by hate, I stand alone, in darkness delight, a towering blight, untouchable and great, crushing the dreams of all I...

SchylerSilvey5433Nov 2016Nov 2016
Edge of the Sea Poem

Edge of the SeaInto harsh waters and bright foreign mist, we sailed through the fog and into abyss. The shoreline wall, out of nowhere it came, surviving my bret...

SchylerSilvey6568Oct 2016Oct 2016

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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