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Hold upJust having some fun with the word/term 'holdup'...;-D...

Didi7702Jan 26Jan 29

BittenThe monkeys were in China!...

FargoFan864Jan 20Jan 23
Moving Poem

Moving...I went back to him again. How could I be that silly? Finally the love I had for him is gone. Since July 2019 I've moved 20 + times! Back and forth to...

Millie04021323Jan 6Jan 8

Fool meThis is about those women who allow themselves to be easily fooled, and abused, by their men….sadly....

Didi71805Dec 14Jan 2

MY IMPERFECTIONSSometimes... our flaws could keep us away from being our best selves and living to the fullest....

Didi71664Nov 29Dec 3
Who do you love Poem

Who do you lovehumming along to Who do you love and changing the lyrics...

Oceanzest1684Nov 14Nov 18
FAT Poem

FATI got injured from work from too many hours, but I feel I would have been able to stand it if I had been at a better weight. I was 217, now 203, stil...

mcradloff1221Nov 12Nov 12

Game Of DeathI wrote this 11-25-2010. Thinking some ghosts, ghouls, goblins, headbangers, and hippies may get a kick out of this one! lol Have a happy and safe Hal...

DiggableHippy491551Oct 25Oct 26

Chasing after LOVELove is worth chasing after......

Didi71832Sep 27Oct 1

I’m happiest when…Some thoughts came to me when I asked myself..."When am I happiest?" When are you?...

Didi71482Sep 18Sep 24

I HAVE A FRIEND (an original poem from a book of Inspiration that I published in 2016)Some friendships are very valuable (for at least one of the parties involved),so when things go awry there may be a separation that causes distress....

Didi71863Mar 2022Sep 18

Love Hates To Tell YouI wrote this one 9-1-2022. A song that needs some changing, perhaps? When writing this, I could've gone in many ways, but this is only a rough draft....

DiggableHippy491620Sep 1

My Sweetie Pie.My sister and ex-sister-in-law often say that my dog, Sweetie Pie, behaves much like a real person. They describe as being “a whole human”. She amazes...

Didi71101Aug 28Aug 30

I LOOK INSIDE…This is about how Introspection helps me make sense of the world, and maintain my sanity....

Didi71520Aug 22
The coming days Poem

The coming daysA sort of metal song I'm writing for my brother....

jimmydean691920Aug 22

Spirits BeckonI wrote this 6-1-1998. A slow "dead" drumbeat with bass and easy guitar sound playing, except the solo part(s) I added to this song. But, no matter ho...

DiggableHippy491840Aug 19
Magic Poem

MagicWe all have a bit of magic, Coming from within, You can see it twinkle in an eye, or a wicked little grin. Think of all the people, For whom li...

ManicCC1587Jul 30Jul 31
Never Trust Goblins Poem

Never Trust GoblinsAnother " song" from the Quill of My fantasy Bard...

ManicCC790Jul 30

SHEAn ode to my Mother....

Didi71607Jun 30Jul 22

Weeding In The GardenThe lovely task of pulling weeds and just enjoying solitude. Nobody will bother you or try and take your job away. It is blessedly peaceful and mindfu...

Yankee4you2107Jun 29Jul 1

Fear vs FaithFaith is the victory.......

Didi71584Jun 24Jun 25

My 'tomboy' daysHappy memories......

Didi71050Jun 23

BETTER BELLY BUSS, THAN GOOD FOOD WAS’EA Trini’s 'over-used' excuse for gluttony. (lol!)...

Didi71352Jun 20Jun 21

Be careful of what you ask for...God's own Will for us always supersedes what we want for ourselves, so we need to be mindful of that when we ask, and wait, for His response.??...

Didi71932Jun 9Jun 10
Truth v Lies Yankee Challenge Poem

Truth v Lies. (Yankee Challenge)Thanks for the challenge Yankee....

Mizzy421712Apr 2022May 2022

No Place Like SpaceThis one I wrote 5-11-1998. Strange how I sort of predicted the future off this. Next to "Neighbors part 1", this is one I may try out on stage coming...

DiggableHippy491660Apr 2022

INFIDELITY…Tell me liesInfidelity begins with, and is perpetuated through, lies....

Didi71110Apr 2022

KillI wrote this one 3-7-2022. There are many ways to describe this song from my travels to today's stance in Europe, but I'll step back and let you conte...

DiggableHippy492341Mar 2022Mar 2022

Rejected By Girls And BoysI wrote this 3-24-1998. This would be a song I'd probably just put into paper for a book of poetry. Sometimes better to be a word man than a bird man!...

DiggableHippy492130Mar 2022
Burnout Poem

BurnoutA parody of Wipeout by the Fat Boys who did a parody of Wipeout by the Beach Boys....

mcradloff1563Mar 2022Mar 2022

WTF (Just Because)I wrote this one 2-15- 2022. This is a comedy song....

DiggableHippy492090Mar 2022
Vlad To The Bone Poem

Vlad To The BoneParody of George Thorogoood's Bad To The Bone. I saw protesters last weekend supporting Ukraine, and I stand with them....

mcradloff1796Mar 2022Mar 2022
A little tune Poem

A little tunehumming up a tune...

Oceanzest1433Mar 2022Mar 2022

The CloudsI wrote this one 12-28-2021. I wrote and rewrote this in a few different ways just because I liked the stanza part (And now we're here, Dig...) Allow...

DiggableHippy495554Jan 2022Jan 2022

THE SECOND THOUGHTWhat is more boring than dying? It’s a terrible waste of time: lying there twiddling my eyebrows or dreaming up words that might rhyme. Why don’...

utterlytruthfull1011Jan 2022Jan 2022
Sunny1 6 Poem

Sunny(1/6)We remember though some want to forget one of the most tragic moments in American history....

Joseph1112193-Jan 2022
Farewell to the Wind Poem

Farewell to the WindPlaying with new lyrics...

Oceanzest2176Dec 2021Jan 2022

The Magic ManThis one I wrote 12-20-2021. I'm hoping this to be a good sign, for I really haven't written anything "wild, metal, hard and heavy" in quite a while!...

DiggableHippy493213Dec 2021Dec 2021

Rock-n-Roll StarI wrote this one 4-19-2011. I play, write, look, and fit the part as one! lol...

DiggableHippy493862Dec 2021Dec 2021
Hallelujah Poem

Hallelujahhumming Leonard Cohen's tune I penned some lines...

Oceanzest2227Aug 2021Dec 2021
Wild Wild Waterfalls Poem

Wild, Wild, WaterfallsGentlemen, this is how to write lyrics to woo the ladies, take good notes :), I'm off to find my guitar.....

Oceanzest1716Nov 2021Nov 2021
Softly Poem

Softlymore lyrics...

Oceanzest2233Oct 2021Nov 2021

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