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Lyric Poems (654)

Here is a list of Lyric Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Wild, Wild, WaterfallsGentlemen, this is how to write lyrics to woo the ladies, take good notes :), I'm off to find my guitar.....

Oceanzest686Nov 25Nov 26

Softlymore lyrics...

Oceanzest1183Oct 29Nov 2
Oceanzest1295Oct 30Oct 31

I never knewlyrics of a song I wrote...

Oceanzest1386Oct 28Oct 29

GRIEFA song from the heart Of Allwyn Marcher, ( My alter ego in an Game of D&D), on the subject of grief For any Interested below the song I have pos...

ManicCC1144Oct 3Oct 10

THE CHILDREN OF MANNOR MOURNEAnother Song/poem from the Quill of My Fantasy Bard Allwyn Marcher. This one needs a little explanation. Mannor Mourne is an ancient castle Perched...

ManicCC640Oct 1
Fallen Defender Poem

Fallen DefenderAnother Song/poem from My Fantasy Bard Allwyn Marcher. This one needs a little explanation. In the Fantasy world where Allwyn lived and died, he mad...

ManicCC590Oct 1
Money Poem

MoneyI bought my first tickets to a Brewers game and spent about three hours trying to figure it out, cash is way, way easier!...

mcradloff1146Sep 25Sep 29
Singing Out The Truth Poem

Singing Out The TruthThis was a response by Allwyn Marcher, (my D&D bard), to having assassins set upon his trail to try and make him either shut up or die....

ManicCC761Sep 24Sep 27

Neighbors (part 1)This song (poem) I wrote 1-18-11 should be easy to understand. It's about my neighbor and politics at that time and place; but, a few changes in my wr...

DiggableHippy492201Sep 27Sep 27

I RISEYou can write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, trying to stamp me to the dirt Still, like fire, I rise. Just like moon and...

ManicCC2134Oct 2020Sep 24

BLOOD ON THE STREETSOne of Allwyn Marcher's (My D&D alter ego) Finest In this one he is Once again Poking barbs at the powers that be In Cordor In fact this one almost...

ManicCC520Sep 24
The Boundless Explorer Poem

The Boundless ExplorerNerd time I play Fantasy RPG games In one D&D setting I play a Character that is a Bard Another song/Poem By the Bard Allwyn Marcher...

ManicCC570Sep 21
Red Dragon Island Poem

Red Dragon IslandNerd time I play Fantasy RPG games In one D&D setting I play a Character that is a Bard Another song/Poem By the Bard Allwyn Marcher it is self...

ManicCC570Sep 20
Song For Cordor Poem

Song For CordorNerd time I play Fantasy RPG games In one D&D setting I play a Character that is a Bard He writes and sings about the social evils he see's in an...

ManicCC700Sep 20

Bright And PrettyI wrote this piece 3/27/1998. It's a blues/ a little jazz song. Every cities the same, except the people that live there....

DiggableHippy49840Sep 18
Love is hard to forget Poem

Love is hard to forget...Reminiscing.......

Mizzy432520Jul 31Sep 11

War And PeaceI wrote this one 1-18-11. It consists of story, myth, to reality; or, just a song depending on how you look at it....

DiggableHippy491062Sep 10Sep 11
Ball Game Poem

Ball GameI wrote this parody of Take Me Out To The Ballgame last year when the corona virus was shutting down all sports. I remember seeing the Minnesota Twin...

mcradloff923Sep 4Sep 5

Laughter Of The WizardI wrote this one 10-17-94, just barely over two months after I "turned on, tuned in, and dropped out" and went to Woodstock '94! lol Putting this in h...

DiggableHippy492563Aug 30Sep 2
WI Dells Poem

WI DellsI've been going to WI Dells since 1985 when my friend Todd and his mom and dad took me to Family Land(now Mt Olympus, Noah's Ark(Waterpark), and Tommy...

mcradloff1122Aug 28Sep 1
Scar on my skin Poem

Scar on my skinmy wrists shackled to her feet Laughing at my will breaking a wretch in black lipstick has me without bones I'm crawling she stakes her nails in m...

PDXGuitarHero2091Aug 2019Aug 30
Im stuck in Medford Oregon Poem

I’m stuck in Medford (Oregon)This is a song that I wrote when I was dating the Scorpio Chiropractor. I'm still trying to get a melody on it - when that doesn't come, it tends to...

SEEKINGinger1486Aug 24Aug 30
Song of The Great Mother Poem

Song of The Great MotherChanneled poem/song I (we, spirit and I) wrote 7 years ago...

SEEKINGinger960Aug 25

Hallelujahhumming Leonard Cohen's tune I penned some lines...

Oceanzest1054Aug 15Aug 15
Vacation to Maine Poem

Vacation to MaineI have managed to keep myself busy, but next time I'm flying, the road traffic was too much....

mcradloff1122Aug 7Aug 8

Dog on a ChainHold up in the storm comrades...

Oceanzest1303May 31Jul 20
Why you ghostin Poem

Why you ghostin?Jeeze, I forgot about this one. When I compile my list of poems to go into my book for publishing, this will be the starting poem....

SEEKINGinger1553Jul 15Jul 17
Elmos AWOLNATION Sail Parody Poem

Elmo’s AWOLNATION Sail ParodySometimes when I hear certain songs, jokes pop up in my mind making fun of it. This is the only parody I have copyrighted. I really need to get out...

SEEKINGinger740Jul 12

Brokenhearted blueswriting me some blues...

Oceanzest1416Jul 8Jul 12
i intend to give you many bowls Poem

i intend to give you many bowlswhat do you think about this poem? any moral lesson you can comment ....

Unknown952Jul 6Jul 6
Until we meet again Poem

Until we meet againMy love my love My sweetest love I will never say goodbye Sea may rise Sky may fall My love for you Will never die My angel my angel My lyin...

extendededdie891Jun 24Jun 25
Happy Birthday to one who left me Poem

Happy Birthday to one who left meTake me back to first day you said you love me To that wonderful feeling you given to me then Even now you cheated and betrayed that love You still...

extendededdie1021Jun 24Jun 24
Only if she knew Poem

Only if she knewIf she only knew If she could just feel What I feel here in my heart She'd know it was real Pure and true right from the start But I'm just a man...

extendededdie440Jun 24
You never was my angel Poem

You never was my angelYou've hurt me like no other Made my heart bleed inside I thought your more than any other But you had inside another Crying in the middle of th...

extendededdie560Jun 24
Empty Poem

Emptyits always a thought,...

carter4555820Jun 15
Absent Poem

Absent..Just a short poem to show respect to writers that have left us. Some have sadly died and others have left for their own personal reasons. It's always...

Mizzy446022May 5Jun 11

DAFFODILSThis is one of the most famous of Lyric Poetry ever written......

worldwide24818Mar 2017May 23
I saw Poem

I sawI saw suffering today. It was closed, quiet, curled up into a small ball, dressed in thin robes. I saw suffering today. His big eyes looked at m...

makatka2655Dec 2019May 9

Candy Cruiserhaving fun writing some rap lyrics...

Oceanzest1311May 3May 4
Inauguration Glide Poem

Inauguration/Glideit is what it is...

poetandwriter1082Apr 23Apr 25
Forlorn Poem

ForlornThe sky is dark The shdes of dark blue Dwelling in my eyes Swollen with pain The rain shall rejoice For the very drops Fall with my forlorn Th...

bollywood1060Apr 23

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