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Lyric Poems (623)

Here is a list of Lyric Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Starpiercer Poem

StarpiercerIf all the sharp stars, fell down from up high, from spaces beyond deep blue skies... Would you even try, to catch at least one, or stare glaring as...

candykid471Aug 620 hrs ago

Lost On YouJust my association on one truly good song by LP with the same title. Precious gem in this modern era of superficial lyrics and contents also....

AutumnChild972Aug 4Aug 7

RESTLESS & LOSTThe feeling ..hard to explain I recognise myself only in name the sense of self merely a shell the only feeling - living in hell The light - end...

Juliette453521Jan 2017Jul 6

TOPLESSFirm full breasts, And the beat I skip As the woman Wades in for a dip. Under a hanky On his rock, Her lover perches, Deep in a book....

Velvetpaws33610Jun 30
Ray of love Poem

Ray of loveA small ray of light can brighten up the universe. Felt the warmth:felt the love Only dawn:for a brief period So bleak yet it shines through darkn...

chic0091,01318Nov 2018Jun 9
Everlasting Love Poem

Everlasting LoveI wrote the poem from a place of genuineness. I am seeking pure genuine love which will be an everlasting love, that I would like to share with a true...

Darlingbabylove860Jun 1

Love is an illusionMy heart is as pure as that of a child My passion is hot and my temper is mild I do have love in abundance To share it with you, I have...

poettarek9687Oct 2015May 27

Nocturnal HoursNight hours may be pretty difficult. Especially for survivors who live aggravating in those endlessly tricky nocturnal periods in time....

AutumnChild1020May 22

Personal JesusHeavenly kingdom is inside of us. I embraced my distinctive personal Jesus. That wonderful extent of many complex elements that define my persona an...

AutumnChild1547May 19May 21

Shape of the HeartI seek consistently peculiar features in sights that surround my senses. That little fragment of natural gimmick was noticed unexpectedly. Tiny bra...

AutumnChild990May 16
Unknown694May 9May 9

BROKENI write quite a lot now "I am Broken and alone" and I wrote this in about 15 minutes when i Woke in the middle of the night. At the time I was just s...

justarius43516Dec 12Apr 21
Round and Round Poem

Round and RoundA thought on life...

justarius1818Mar 31Apr 18
The Origin of Candykid Poem

The Origin of CandykidDark story-tell style....

candykid44423Jan 16Apr 12
Love Poem

LoveIs waiting for morning and night and safe sleep waiting for steps and knocking on the door waiting for touch and screaming fulfi...

makatka1030Apr 9
Two for two Poem

Two for twoWhat do your hands hide I am lava every time you touch look from under the eyelashes. Covered with sweat scrolls of arms and legs we don't think...

makatka1412Mar 29Mar 31
Wordplay Part 3 Poem

Wordplay Part 3Or are they?...

Candykid21332Mar 19Mar 19
dream Poem

dreamit was a dream i had ,and i wish it comes through...

Unknown931Mar 18Mar 18
Between waking and sleeping Poem

Between waking and sleepingI'm afraid, between waking up and sleeping I will lose myself in desires. That you will disappear before sunrise. Sleep is not a place everyday...

makatka2917Mar 7Mar 11
IN All Poem

IN Allin all of my search my heart has lingered through the dark times and thoughts has ran through my mind like blood through my veins , my days are longer...

Unknown801Feb 28Feb 28
Just be Poem

Just beCheer me up with your words, your look, your breath. Drink nectar from my lips whispering your name. Touch me unknown touch fingertips give...

makatka1180Feb 28

Into the WoodRemote places always were so mystical for me. Especially wild nature with many secrets and unexplored areas. I am standing humble in front of all na...

AutumnChild1604Feb 7Feb 16

Snow White of MineI love you,mommy. You are Snow White of my heart. In Serbian language her proper name is Snezana. In English she is Snow White. Snezana-derived wo...

AutumnChild2531Jan 12Jan 21

ShelterSilences will always be my salutary shrine. My holy grail that heals without real treatment. Synonyms for precious moments of pure peace and deserve...

AutumnChild2862Dec 24Jan 4
2020 Poem

2020He came in the cover of the night music and street dances. He came with a shot of traffic jams hugs and good luck wishes. He came when I was...

makatka1421Jan 1Jan 1
Winter Poem

WinterI look out the window see snowflakes. Like ballerinas dancing to inaudible music. People wrapped in colorful scarves wandering through the stre...

makatka2229Dec 20Dec 30
I like Poem

I likeI like to think that you are. Seeing your gaze roving along the lines of my body. Enigmatic smile your lips I like to know that you are. Gr...

makatka1160Dec 28

Chemistryjust a thought of the moment...

TommyWords951Dec 21Dec 22
In a not green green Poem

In a not green, greenIn a not green, green room dreams come easier by the glow of the stars of the Moroccan lamp. In a not green, green room the silence is broken...

makatka1230Dec 14
Christmas Tree Ornament Poem

Christmas Tree OrnamentThese are my first ornaments that have sound. I get one every year. In 2012 when I was out of work I found a picture ornament in the trash. I have...

mcradloff1000Dec 13
Now Poem

NowThe setting sun caresses curtains eyelashes heavy from kisses black night insomnia. Just like your lips used to be and hands wading on my body...

makatka1310Dec 10
Weeping Angel Poem

Weeping AngelI was thinking I'm painting an angel on my shoulder will save me lulling will comfort me when I cry. I waited for signs of better moments happy...

makatka1360Dec 8
Window Poem

WindowWhen I look at the window stray clouds are starting to argue. The heavy rain is crying with tears washing the windows of my memories. When I look...

makatka1432Dec 2019Dec 2019
In the raindrops Poem

In the raindropsI want to stay in the raindrops in the raindrops I want to swim away I want to take a bath in the raindrops in raindrops I want to get lost I wan...

makatka1161Dec 2019Dec 2019

NOTHING LEFTNot much to say about this one. It's dark but I like it...

ManicCC2048Nov 2019Dec 2019
Chrysalis Poem

ChrysalisChrysalis never thinks of herself as a beauty but she knows that what will become inevitable. She's waiting until the right time comes pupatio...

makatka1462Dec 2019Dec 2019
Tears Poem

TearsDon't shed your tears for the one who doesn't deserve it because the one who deserves it won't make you cry....

joseanibalp970Dec 2019
Days Poem

DaysThere are days when you cry though not a single tear does not run down the cheek. There are words that are born in bitterness, though they will...

makatka1262Dec 2019Dec 2019
Tunnel Poem

TunnelThe tunnel in front of me opens the mouth of darkness attracts like a magnet. I sink into the abyss with a lunatic step and let myself sway to sl...

makatka1503Dec 2019Dec 2019

Glass MenagerieSo little,but at the same time very crucial things are the most relevant for me. Just like unforgotten glass menagerie from one distant,unrepeatable...

AutumnChild2032Dec 2019Dec 2019

GhostlandGhostland-territory full of constant pervasion of the phantoms from the past with present tense. There is no way that feet find proper exit. Not unt...

AutumnChild2404Nov 2019Dec 2019
I saw Poem

I sawI saw suffering today. It was closed, quiet, curled up into a small ball, dressed in thin robes. I saw suffering today. His big eyes looked at m...

makatka1644Dec 2019Dec 2019

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