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Abstract Poems (356)

Here is a list of Abstract Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Summer Dreams Poem

Summer DreamsHow can the thorns this vine sprouts lead to roses When I search for the top a sea of disconnected poses Flowers with no roots atop the prickly cano...

PDXGuitarHero781Aug 31Sep 3
Burning Forests Poem

Burning ForestsGlobal warming............

Yankee4you1418Aug 13Sep 2
I travel with no ship nor sail Poem

I travel with no ship nor sailDefines aspects of my perspective within life, limiting the scale of it all down to a single moment in time where I can view it all from up close whil...

ZenVeritas4004Apr 2017Aug 30
Time Or Time Immortal Poem

Time Or Time ImmortalLike an ancient tapestry of unique images creates more than just an illustration, but a story; so does poetry of interwoven words and images that deli...

Yankee4you1312Aug 18Aug 20
Remember to forget Poem

Remember to forgetGone we forget Nothing matters Heart content One side cloaked Waiting in distract Never set Holding My friend the hate Alone we met...

jaysone1610Aug 5

A SAFE PLACEI run looking for a place a safe place A place where my soul breaks free I look for the fresh air of roses I seek the peace of silence I look for...

Gritante1285Jul 31Aug 4
alex monster Poem

alex monsterfor my grandson alex he is 4 months old now...

john_keats2021892Jul 28Jul 31
bark Poem

barknog was my wifes pet he died one week after her and he did just this. he loved to bark at the postie and delivery guys. miss the little shit....

john_keats2021855Jul 28Jul 29
bed Poem

bedis now 3 months since my wife amanda died. just writing stuff....

john_keats2021420Jul 28
light horse Poem

light horsetribute to ozzie light horse from a355074 retired...

john_keats2021320Jul 28
the dog Poem

the dogyes bored and yet more flows out....

john_keats2021470Jul 28
Easy going Poem

Easy goingIt’s summer out there...

yaspark1417Jul 27Jul 28
life Poem

lifeis life...

john_keats2021660Jul 27
Dreams Of You Poem

Dreams Of YouLoneliness is often just like dreaming for someone missing from your heart...

Yankee4you1754Jul 26Jul 27
my love Poem

my lovemy question is are you my love after reading this come find me and see and find a passion that can split the heavens and a fire that burns brigh...

alfred_tennyson832Jul 20Jul 22
growing old Poem

growing oldam sad guys cant help it writing crap all the time. wish i was better at it...

alfred_tennyson792Jul 19Jul 20
the river Poem

the riverfor amanda my wife of 40 years who died on 30/4...

alfred_tennyson1005Jul 18Jul 19
my monster Poem

my monsteralex my grad son is 4 months old he misses his grand mother who died on 30/4 too she loved him so much...

alfred_tennyson460Jul 18
time Poem

timefor my wife of 40 years who died on the 30/4...

alfred_tennyson570Jul 18
early light Poem

early lightfor my wife of 40 years that died on 30/4...

alfred_tennyson410Jul 18
hope Poem

hopeis what i write now i cant sleep since my wife of 40 years has died....

alfred_tennyson570Jul 18

Crab-Love, Cancer (Another Erotic one I wanted to share)This poem is about feelings and fantasies I had of a soulmate that sailed away...

SEEKINGinger942Jul 12Jul 12
Transparency in Disguise Poem

Transparency in DisguisePoetic commentary about 21st Century politics and cyber-news-casts....

Yankee4you1161Jun 11Jun 12

New reasons to gatherNew reasons to gather...

Bigbayle23750May 30
One day Poem

One dayKnowing why I want to cry Vision in eye Persistent more to try Deny the mind think blind When time young kind Struggle through fire...

jaysone11092Apr 30May 5
Station Earth Poem

Station EarthHumanity deserves an equal applause when everyone gets tuned into the same station. Where you have freedom of expression on Station Earth...

Yankee4you1461May 4May 4
Senses Poem

SensesOver under everywhere The sense of peace suds bubbles gives liquid care Invisible body feeling it there From thin air Undeniable mist feeds...

jaysone1850Apr 26
the end Poem

the endFeeling it loom Impending doom Holding Not knowing Controlling By molding The shaming, maiming the blaming Life shadow is waning...

jaysone12046Apr 7Apr 15

The loveThis talk about things in the air...

Bigbayle231191Mar 9Mar 10
Dream Walker Poem

Dream WalkerThe darkness and uncertainty of life during this pandemic is very unnerving....

Yankee4you3447Apr 2020Feb 27
Destiny Poem

DestinyTake away my sin Don't cast me aside For I feel hollow within My strength withers My arms are thin My body withers From decades toil Now...

wayne342431Feb 22Feb 23
Poemless Poem

PoemlessWhere to start for there is so much to say...

Katara_2b2326Jan 4Jan 7
Fire and Ice Poem

Fire and IceSome say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate T...

alexandre_aguiar870Dec 2020
E M Forsters poem

E.M.Forster's poemIt describes how we should be ready to encounter problems in life and surpass them....

alexandre_aguiar1241Dec 2020Dec 2020
Two Clocks in Separate Places Poem

Two Clocks in Separate PlacesThe things we are most familiar with will keep us apart and bring us back together...

Yankee4you4494Dec 2020Dec 2020
The Flower Poem

The FlowerThey joy of love and life and death and regret....

PaddyPtah1312Dec 2020Dec 2020
The wish Poem

The wishThe feeling Familiar Our life Part of us This can’t be Break free A man I am, inner me Ultimately foresee In him I seek closure...

jaysone11382Nov 2020Nov 2020
Pitch Dark After Supper Poem

Pitch Dark After SupperThere has never been a greater need for the world to come together to face down our problems....

Yankee4you3155Oct 2020Nov 2020
Lowly Poem

LowlyIt has all corners and it's more than just these words its spiritual and abstract in terms of poem but it heals the soul , it improves mental ability...

Unknown1432Nov 2020Nov 2020
Though of the day Poem

Though of the dayAccept is the key Let go is the lock Together they open doors...

jaysone11714Nov 2020Nov 2020
Where Heaven Resides Poem

Where Heaven ResidesSing the praises of the heavens For this very special place Carries the promise of redemption– The way to save the human race. In this realm of...

clydeiam1191Oct 2020Oct 2020
What You Do Best Poem

What You Do BestShare your talents with the world In this way you do heal The pain that others suffer As God’s gifts you do reveal. Each one is given gifts Whi...

clydeiam1632Oct 2020Oct 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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