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LoveMy deepest thoughts on Loving people. Love is the only currency in this world and we seem to be far, far from that today....

Jaded_Raven1091Apr 26Apr 27
Rainbows in a waterfall Poem

Rainbow's in a waterfall.Rainbow's in a waterfall, magical, beautiful and breathtaking. Lovely to watch, inspiring hope and dreams. But always keep your distance when th...

ladyjewel2405Apr 15Apr 18
The Dragonfly Poem

The DragonflyDeeply lost....

ladyjewel4366Aug 2023Apr 16
Flowers Poem

FlowersWe are all so different yet so alike, unique yet. We all feel deeply....

ladyjewel991Apr 12Apr 13
Dare To Dream Poem

Dare To Dream.Bit lost today....

ladyjewel1814Apr 5Apr 12
Stairway Poem

StairwayPeople, like stairs, need to be handled with care if you are too make the journey into the garden and discover Magic....

ladyjewel1462Apr 5Apr 7
I am waiting for you to fail Poem

I am waiting for you to failI guess it's knowing what you are doing and why that's a good thing. I still hope unrealistically that someone would pass my test and be strong enoug...

ladyjewel1571Mar 18Mar 30
Preponderance Poem

PreponderanceAbstract about the loneliness and solitude of conviction, about the desire for freedom and liberty. Independence and Unity that march side by side is...

Yankee4you2776Mar 8Mar 20
I let you go Poem

I let you go.Beginning to heal....

ladyjewel3017Mar 5Mar 18
Letting go its time Poem

Letting go, it's time.Sometime you wait for months and realise you were never enough. That's when you need to be strong enough to find you again....

ladyjewel2503Feb 25Mar 18
My ghost Poem

My ghostThey say that we have a soul mate, I think I might have met mine but maybe not, or he's not ready. Never stop looking and hold tight when you find th...

ladyjewel2604Mar 3Mar 12
Yankee4you1240Mar 11
He lives in my mind Poem

He lives in my mind.Still a fantastic fantasy. But I guess each relationship teaches you that maybe. Always believe and maybe, the next one. Maybe....

ladyjewel1570Mar 11
The Dancing Muse Poem

The Dancing Musedancing perspective...

Angeldancer1230Mar 2
The willow Tree introspection Poem

The willow Tree - introspectionThe willow tree bends its branches, silently, leaves words left unspoken As the tidal wave of emotion borderlines the freedom with a blissed token...

Angeldancer1702Feb 25Feb 25
Violet Flames Poem

Violet FlamesRemember when......

Angeldancer3792Feb 7Feb 14

RETIREMENTLife end of the road....

carlamee4206Nov 5Jan 7
Love Thats Lost In Time Poem

Love That’s Lost In TimeThis is entirely an abstract form of poetry that tries to define something that’s more imaginary than real....

Yankee4you5776Jun 2023Jan 5
ladyjewel4103Dec 26Dec 31
Another Fairytale Poem

Another FairytaleGetting wiser with age I guess....

ladyjewel3783Dec 24Dec 24
Sorrow at my door Poem

Sorrow at my doorEvery day Since my stepdad passed away, I have seen one magpie in the same spot it was haunting. I recently had a look and I found that the second one...

1r1shmale3584Dec 13Dec 15

Never forget how special you areNever forget how special you are...

Gritante3544May 2023Dec 13
Autumnal Mornings Poem

Autumnal MorningsIntrospection on depression and autumnal mornings....

Angeldancer41711Sep 20Dec 1
Connecting Singles Poem

Connecting SinglesConnecting Singles is a website for singles to connect. Connecting is hard as there are so many barriers. If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,...

carlamee67119Oct 21Nov 27
Different Tune Poem

Different TuneWrote this one 11/17/2023. This is rough draft for the first write. Consider a high/medium tempo to low guitar playing while writing this obscure, off...

DiggableHippy492310Nov 17
I am garbage Poem

I am garbageFalling down into a ..... hole of depression. I am sinking further down without no helping han...

Adjhe14036Sep 23Nov 13
Lest We Forget Poem

Lest We ForgetIntrospection on Remembrance Sunday, lest we forget....

Angeldancer1972Nov 12Nov 13
My Alpine Meadow Poem

My Alpine MeadowSometimes we need to feel a connection to a sense of place and time....

Yankee4you3307Nov 3Nov 9
Mountain full of Gold Poem

Mountain full of GoldIs a music like I toke as a poem...

Unknown940Nov 6
Angeldancer2260Nov 6
the woes of depression Poem

the woes of depressionintrospection on depression and something i'd realized in light of it....

Angeldancer2381Sep 26Sep 27

PainLife here on planet Earth....

Jaded_Raven2420Sep 25
My life as a young girl Poem

My life as a young girlI'm forever grateful....

lindsyjones4916Jun 2022Sep 2023
Angeldancer2712Sep 2023Sep 2023
crazy times Poem

crazy timesa little bit of introspection reflection...

Angeldancer2734Aug 2023Sep 2023
My Dream Poem

My Dream.Amazing maybe, I am holding onto with both hands. Sent to turn my life upside down and whisper "Maybe Magic is real" will see....

ladyjewel3667Aug 2023Sep 2023
Wispy Wisdom of Gaia Poem

Wispy Wisdom of GaiaThe stormy myriad of emotions spent...

Angeldancer2961Aug 2023Aug 2023
Dedicated to a Hoarder Poem

Dedicated to a HoarderHope it's a good day today...

lindsyjones4592May 2022Aug 2023
Lord forgive us Poem

Lord forgive usHave mercy on me Lord. Because of me, you suffered....

lindsyjones3464Apr 2022Aug 2023
Dungeon Master Poem

Dungeon Master.There is a Dungeon Master that holds my heart...

ladyjewel2130Aug 2023
Burning Forests Poem

Burning ForestsGlobal warming............

Yankee4you4879Aug 2021Aug 2023
Hugs Poem

HugsWeirdly enough I am good today...

ladyjewel3719Jul 2023Aug 2023

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