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Abstract Poems (302)

Here is a list of Abstract Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Departed Poem

DepartedMissing someone….....

Yankee4you1544Jul 22Aug 2
Contrition Poem

ContritionThese sins of mine, persist with time, consisting of bad thoughts... Then transfer to, actions untrue, just look what I have taught... I brought tru...

candykid63-Aug 1
The Red Button Poem

The Red ButtonMy imagination was stretched beyond limits here...

yaspark3101Feb 2019Jul 31
Fissures Poem

FissuresToo fast to live, too young to die.......

candykid2073Jun 11Jul 22
Gritante920Jul 19
Gritante1000Jul 18
Summer Skies Poem

Summer SkiesThoughts along a seashore sunny day...........

Yankee4you7321Jun 23Jun 25
Your Last Day on Earth Poem

Your Last Day on EarthJust a few thoughts that were impressed upon my mind....

candykid83611Jun 6Jun 20
On the cross Poem

On the crossOn the cross he suffered But we never feel bothered We only think about how to get comfortable life as rainbow But never care with what is going t...

Unknown810May 19
Confession Poem

ConfessionWhen you fall too deep, It's too painful if he don't catch you....

cheesecake891244May 7May 9


surprizeme1050May 6
Why Cant It Be Poem

Why Can't It BeJust something in everything. That I don't even know why....

cheesecake89850May 6
let your hair down Poem

let your hair downI'm my hair is extremely long but I always wear it in a braid or ponytail....I let my hair down today and was thinking about everythin...

DearDannah1707Apr 30May 2
Youre down Poem

You're down?This is for you....

cheesecake892026Apr 24May 1
No Comment Poem

No CommentSimple thoughts....No comments will be accepted....

candykid203-Apr 30
You And A Lot Of You Poem

You And A Lot Of YouWhen you come it will be you, a lot of you for me....

cheesecake891031Apr 24Apr 28

her question (my answer)she looks at me, mid pub, and asks in a way, rhetorical as if she knows something I don't and will never "why do you live on a boat?" for the...

yachtsman_71744Apr 26Apr 26
The woodsman Poem

The woodsmanWinter with snow. The woodsman emerges from the forest. He has a red checkered jacket and blonde hair. He stops and places his leather boot on the top...

skyguy7771281Apr 24Apr 26

SkateIt is an ontological analysis of forward rolling motion, botany and world class cuisine....

Duhaul780Apr 25
What You do to Me Poem

What You do to MeWhen I think of love, I think of you When the skies are grey, you turn them blue When fear grips darker, you bring the light When hope feels empty,...

Iamdavidcameron1244Apr 23Apr 24
Dream Walker Poem

Dream WalkerThe darkness and uncertainty of life during this pandemic is very unnerving....

Yankee4you1682Apr 5Apr 9
War in Heaven Poem

War in HeavenWhen God looks down upon me, just what does He see?... A man that is righteous,...or at least tries to be?... Or does He see things that I can’t ima...

Candykid22149Mar 20Mar 25
This Thing We Call Life Poem

This Thing We Call LifeSometimes poetry can become such an invitation for reflection such as this abstract form of poetry answering a question or perhaps asking a few more?...

Yankee4you31511Feb 17Mar 5
Timeworn Away Poem

Timeworn AwayWasted wait away. Waiting time wasted away. I watch the wait. I wait on the watch. More and more time wasted away. Always waiting for this and th...

DearDannah1420Feb 5
unknown Poem

~~~unknown~~~Sorry I was to loud to proud, Listen i could listen but you hear me as if I'm dead or do i not exist, I didn't scream, Felt past this all, Fell...

jimmydean691310Dec 30
Killing Fields part 1 Song Lyrics Poem

Killing Fields (part 1) Song LyricsIn the mode to share. This is a song about the horrers of war....

1Graywolf1040Dec 16
Through the Night song lyrics Poem

"Through the Night" (song lyrics)I wrote this song about 20 years ago and have forgotten alot of the words. The first 4 verses are from memory, the rest I wrote tonight in hopes of t...

1Graywolf1182Dec 16Dec 16
Bittersweet Poem

BittersweetA few thoughts....Happy Thanksgiving....

candykid1973Nov 2019Nov 2019
The enchanted forests Poem

The enchanted forestsSometimes fairytales feel real...

yaspark2668Nov 2019Nov 2019
Gritante2741Oct 2019Nov 2019

.......Who am I??.....Just asking myself at 2am...

Shynee2803Sep 2019Oct 2019
Love Is Like Finding A Lost Coin Poem

Love Is Like Finding A Lost CoinWe always feel sad when something is lost, but very happy when it is found again....

Yankee4you35810Sep 2019Sep 2019
Strong Enough to Catch You Poem

Strong Enough to Catch YouTime is the only portal we must travel in our journey home....

Yankee4you2556Sep 2019Sep 2019
Worship What Matters Poem

Worship What MattersThe feeling you get when you worship what matters in life....

Yankee4you2266Aug 2019Sep 2019
What is love Poem

What is love?I have long been a romantic but don't think I have ever truly been in love. I think I might have been in a sort of love when I was about 13, 14 or...

ooohmissus1273Aug 2019Aug 2019
For someone Ive loved before Poem

For someone I’ve loved before.When u can’t say the words u wanted to say or elaborate the word I LOVE YOU to someone and there there......

Gie11061791Jul 2019Jul 2019
Liebes Gedicht Poem

Liebes GedichtIch liebve es...

NoobMaster691420Jul 2019
If Poem

If.....Have A listen...:) if we make the rules and we’re in control if all we can los...

awwj528101Jan 2019Jul 2019
Penultimate Son Poem

Penultimate SonLittle play on a big word. ??...

Yankee4you2462Jul 2019Jul 2019

.......A DREAMS....To wrote this poem gives me reason to love again not now maybe a years to moving on from my past relationship. Thank you for reading..I hope you like...

Shynee3256Jun 2019Jul 2019
Time To Time Poem

Time To TimeAbstractive thinking about the meaning of live, love, joy, and happiness....

Yankee4you2302Jun 2019Jun 2019
Shining Knight Poem

Shining KnightMy memories...

Bryant671465Jun 2019Jun 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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