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Prose Poems (417)

Here is a list of Prose Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Break FreeHeart aching for the freedom we are losing everyday in the world...

BlissfulRaven914Nov 23Nov 28
Soul Poem

Souljust is...

optimisticme660Nov 18
Float Away Poem

Float AwayLost love, dead marriage, loathing her husband and pretends to love him for that night and drinks herself to sleep until she floats away. Grasping at...

Crystaltopaz671Nov 13Nov 15
Privacy Poem

PrivacyLooking for a private moment in a world that is obviously out of control with tracking you!...

Crystaltopaz662Nov 13Nov 14
Conscience Poem

ConscienceJust as I ponder on my thoughts I feel uneasy to comprehend For life itself is a struggle People say only the fittest will survive Am I one of the...

angel99999601Nov 11Nov 11

FlatIf flat earth is where it’s at And round globes are actually flat Contemplating that and this Upon the heavenly stars we wish Those luminous b...

BlissfulRaven1332Nov 1Nov 7

RaindropsPersonal reflections in the gloom of a rainy day....

BlissfulRaven861Nov 4Nov 5

The Clock upon the WallThinking about time ticking away for humanity...

BlissfulRaven1403Oct 19Oct 22

Pied Piper RatsWriting on the culmination of the social experimentation that is going horribly wrong....

BlissfulRaven1273Oct 18Oct 20

WarThe battle mankind is surely going to have in these last few days on earth....

BlissfulRaven1020Oct 17

GOOGLE, Why are you for art thou in our life?A little tongue and cheek rant on the pervasive presence of the controllers, and yes Google is in on it, don't ever think they are not!...

BlissfulRaven1282Oct 13Oct 15

Confronting the NowMy writing expresses experiences from many cultures around the world that I've had the pleasure of working and living among and listening to their his...

BlissfulRaven1383Oct 11Oct 12

So It Will Grow . . .For a relationship to last without losing its glow, as far as I feel and, late in this life, I know ... I need to connect intellectually, emotion...

Islandgirl611728Oct 8Oct 11

GrandmaCountry times...

Oceanzest1413Aug 19Sep 18
Gritante1201Sep 3Sep 3
Gritante1171Aug 24Aug 25
Light Within Poem

Light WithinJust some introspection...

Angeldancer952Aug 22Aug 24

The Girl in Me ...With everything going on around right now ... a little lightheartedness for a much needed relief ......

Islandgirl611212Aug 15Aug 16

The Last ...Little did I realize ... it was the last hug ... the last kiss ... Whenever I look back, it is something I will still miss ... Though I've become mu...

Islandgirl611001Aug 11Aug 12

Longing ...How I long for your skin against mine .. the feel of your roughened fingers that tenderly caress so divine ... How I long for those lips to b...

Islandgirl611271Aug 10Aug 10

Not Afraid Anymore . . .(inspired by the song "Not Afraid Anymore" from Fifty Shades of Grey movie)...

Islandgirl61890Aug 10

Summer RainsSometimes we need to be cleansed by the summer rain....

Yankee4you1433Jul 18Jul 20
Auguries of Innocence By William Blake Poem

Auguries of Innocence (By William Blake)This poem has always caught my attention, especially the first verse. It certainly makes you think about life and its consequeces. Auguries of Inn...

FireyRose3222Nov 2017May 17
Sadness Poem

SadnessTrying to define, a philosophical stance of eliminating sorrow. But somehow end up in a Theistic view....

angel999991170Apr 24

Faith and TrustSometimes the darkest, most dreary moments in life can be ushered away with one smile....

Yankee4you2241Feb 7Feb 7

Bottle of Love (A Saga)First one for a couple of years, back to a trusted style...

trurorob54417Dec 2018Dec 2020

William ShakeyAn ode to the life less lived...

Oceanzest1640Nov 2020
Wood Chopped Water Carried Poem

Wood Chopped Water CarriedThis poem is inspired by a transformative near-death experience....

oasisb1471Oct 2020Oct 2020

The Last LeafOne by one the leaves will fall until all is gone....

Yankee4you2251Sep 2020Oct 2020
Bound Hands Poem

Bound HandsYou tell me what you think about the poem....

54xmax1453Sep 2020Sep 2020

Love Whatever inspires be it song sermon or scienceNot finished yet Goal NOT a long one Finish Goal short Famous quotes Not my composed work Copyrights expired many years ago in court Court done...

Rachael_06223091Apr 2020Sep 2020

Mundane Tuesdays (not really a poem at all, make of it what you will)Nothing to say - an impromptu invention. The footpaths will be red with Callistemon flower, and purple with Jacaranda and no 2-door LG fridges will r...

FargoFan1391Sep 2020Sep 2020
Family and friends poem Poem

Family and friends poem.Our world has been polluted with religion, The more religion we have the more problems we have However, religion is a good thing. How possible can it...

Unknown1301Aug 2020Aug 2020

Covid-19As the planet battles Covid-19 New Zealand dug in quick and it payed off enormously. So peaceful in the streets, hope all is well with you......

Oceanzest2429Jul 2020Aug 2020
Someone Poem

SomeoneWho is your Someone?...

BobbyC7777851Jun 2020Jun 2020
The Horse Clinician Poem

The Horse ClinicianLast Fall my beloved and I went to go watch our neighbor who trains horses, and he recounted to us his feelings on the whole thing. This is a tellin...

ReaderOfSouls1933May 2020May 2020

Under Cherry Blossom SkiesI am always amazed how I am attracted to and drawn into nature such a cherry tree in blossom....

Yankee4you3115Apr 2020Apr 2020

How Much Loneliness the Truth Can CauseTruthfully, our imaginations are like any ......artist’s paint....

Yankee4you3275Mar 2020Apr 2020
Corona Poem

CoronaI think it's pretty evident what the poem is about. Before the coming of Christianity, the Earth was respected and revered as the great mother. Chriti...

17th_Lancer2425Mar 2020Mar 2020
Gritante3780Mar 2020
Mama Quotes Poem

Mama QuotesI got lucky enough to see Vicki Lawrence in concert on November 5. She did half the show as herself and the other half as Mama Harper from the TV sho...

mcradloff4752Nov 2016Jan 2020
In search of a romantic lady Poem

In search of a romantic ladySearching for the elusive love...

poettarek2510Jan 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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