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Prose Poems (387)

Here is a list of Prose Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Covid-19As the planet battles Covid-19 New Zealand dug in quick and it payed off enormously. So peaceful in the streets, hope all is well with you......

Oceanzest886Jul 3112 hrs ago

SomeoneWho is your Someone?...

BobbyC7776781Jun 24Jun 26
The Horse Clinician Poem

The Horse ClinicianLast Fall my beloved and I went to go watch our neighbor who trains horses, and he recounted to us his feelings on the whole thing. This is a tellin...

ReaderOfSouls953May 19May 20

Love Whatever inspires be it song sermon or scienceNot finished yet Goal NOT a long one Finish Goal short Famous quotes Not my composed work Copyrights expired many years ago in court Court done...

Rachael_0622970Apr 30

Under Cherry Blossom SkiesI am always amazed how I am attracted to and drawn into nature such a cherry tree in blossom....

Yankee4you2105Apr 23Apr 26

How Much Loneliness the Truth Can CauseTruthfully, our imaginations are like any ......artist’s paint....

Yankee4you2205Mar 31Apr 5

CoronaI think it's pretty evident what the poem is about. Before the coming of Christianity, the Earth was respected and revered as the great mother. Chriti...

17th_Lancer1435Mar 26Mar 28
Gritante1840Mar 23
Mama Quotes Poem

Mama QuotesI got lucky enough to see Vicki Lawrence in concert on November 5. She did half the show as herself and the other half as Mama Harper from the TV sho...

mcradloff4092Nov 2016Jan 18

In search of a romantic ladySearching for the elusive love...

poettarek1650Jan 8

The Silent LandlineTelephoneWARNING POEM RATED R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. ADVISED FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY BROKEN IN BY TAKEN LSD ALREADY. POEM MIG...

surprizeme2511Nov 2019Nov 2019
Life is not a poem

Life is not a poemLife is not a poem that makes a perfect rhyme Our heart is ever a mystery that puzzles our natural mind We seek meaning from without from a tho...

cafetwo201075733Apr 2014Oct 2019

The Man Who Never Smiled.True story. Happened long, long ago. Never got the bird and haven't had a beer in over 30 years. To this day I still have trust issues. Probably why...

Geriatrix21,02314May 2016Oct 2019
You Poem

You...Wrote it 45 years ago....

Jeanpaul151290Sep 2019
the last job Poem

the last job"when I buried hate and then forgave a poem grew around the grave" The old man appeared surly, because he WAS surly. He spent the latter pa...

walRU1731Apr 2019Sep 2019
Loving You Poem

Loving YouThis was written to express feelings experienced when love between a significant other has been turned off. It is written to encourage your remembran...

Chel661071Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Journey Poem

The JourneyThis piece was inspired by a gentleman I met on a dating site. Our relationship impacted my life, leaving me with all these emotions and nowhere to e...

Chel661583Aug 2019Aug 2019
Beautiful Poem

BeautifulA writing of the effects of a special partner experienced in a loving relationship....

Chel661100Aug 2019
Ode to Da Man Poem

Ode to Da' ManPenned to remember a special one from a relationship put on hold.....

Chel661040Aug 2019

REDACTEDLittle is noticed and even less remembered....

Caprikious1510Jul 2019
Gritante2730May 2019
Friends Poem

Friends! :)That poem is for the friendship between the people!!!! It means, people can stay best friends, forever!!!! I wrote it, because I believe in the true f...

Mirta20192102May 2019May 2019
Dream me Poem

Dream meThought I'd try something a bit different. Hope you like....

cafetwo201094226Apr 2013Feb 2019
Spanky and Our Gang Poem

Spanky and Our GangValentine's throwback 1960's or so...

Opt_In1571Feb 2019Feb 2019
Sometimes Poem

SometimesSometimes Sometimes when I wake up Sometimes when I get up I can feel alive. Some days Some days I can see things Some days I can think...

Brexit011400Jan 2019
Ripples of Laughter Poem

Ripples of LaughterPerhaps I can sit And send all my secrets to you Think of your face Hope all of those signals get through Well I wrote on the water But m...

Brexit012004Jan 2019Jan 2019
Its lovely to see you again Poem

It’s lovely to see you againHow time passes quickly by No more than a blink of an eye Is this really where we meet Among so many strangers as we share a seat It’s been...

Brexit011411Jan 2019Jan 2019
The Tear Poem

The TearI stand by your side and think how it begun Look up to the sky and see moon chasing the sun Watching the clouds hide behind evening haze To the...

Brexit012035Jan 2019Jan 2019
Your Heart Poem

Your HeartWrote 7 years ago . Just in less than I/2 hour...

rusticbink3702Mar 2017Jan 2019

LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES.....I'd encourage all nice warm and loving people to comment on Is sex is sacred..Is lust a wonderful...are we open to infinite divinity of union...Is s...

hvfun69_691520Dec 2018

SOLACE FOR SOULSNothing to "tell" about this poem...Good people do not "kiss & tell"...

hvfun69_692940Dec 2018

STOLEN FRUITS...What is this life if full of care we have no time to make love and relax... No time to find a room for love Be in comfort of bed and the usual...

hvfun69_691301Dec 2018Dec 2018

Bottle of Love (A Saga)First one for a couple of years, back to a trusted style...

trurorob39214Dec 2018Dec 2018
France bleu blanc rouge sang Poem

France.. bleu, blanc... rouge sang..Impression du moment... sur l'état de la France... et ce qui s'y passe.. et pourquoi... ?? Little report of current situation.. about what is happe...

Franbee1431Dec 2018Dec 2018
BeneathePines3571Dec 2018Dec 2018

A Tribute to My Late BrotherWith a broken heart I say to you You will remain with me in spirit in whatever I do I wish that I had the chance to say goodbye But I hope that you...

poettarek1,3427Nov 2015Nov 2018

November’s RainA poem reflective of the season and the approaching winter snows, moody and muddy is November in the Appalachian mountains....

Yankee4you4936Nov 2018Nov 2018
The Cat in the Hat Poem

The Cat in the Hatjust a bit on nonsense...

Retsina_0075065Aug 2015Oct 2018
I am a little insect Poem

I am a little insectJust a little ditty for kids...

Retsina_0074777Jan 2015Oct 2018
Waiting Poem

Waiting.......This poem means I dream not for Mr. Right, just someone to share our lives with and find some happiness for the both of us; thats not to much to ask s...

Phoenix546240Sep 2018
I love the poets voices Poem

I love the poets voicesYou've touched my heart with the sound of your voice I heard the love that echo's from your soul Now you've made a sound for my heart to treasur...

cafetwo20105856May 2013Jul 2018
Pleasure Poem

PleasureI was reading Ezra Pound at work, had to look-up an odd word in the dictonary, then, learning a few meanings rolled out the poem. I found this poem ki...

TypewriterHobby2190May 2018

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