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Tongue Twister Poems (23)

Tongue Twister is a poem that made up of lines that are hard to say fast. Here is a list of Tongue Twister Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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people on earth Poem

people on earthif 90bc people think you are roung then you are proplom are are roung .but that dose not mean there are right .c0mming from someione that could not e...

Unknown1230Dec 2019

MAKING LOVEMaking Love...

Unknown2550May 2019
country girl Poem

country girlIts a poem about me and what I could see was true love was here for me. and I will love them for ever. Not fight them at all....

cincinnatireds9973Feb 2018Feb 2018
My break up Poem

My break upIt's hard to explain how I felt when you said be can be together now. I just wanted to say i loved you but you went away so easily. Anyways, thank yo...

Shinglal3211Oct 2017Oct 2017
Cold 575 Poem

Cold 575it was a little cool at four in the morning...

ladygwen1234101Sep 2014Sep 2014
The Photo Poem

The PhotoI love taking photos and do make photo movies with music backing.It showed me just what you can do on a PC.However the photos of me here are untouched...

Unknown3190Jan 2014
what is real love is there any left in this wrold Poem

what is real love is there any left in this wrold?i have been though allot of bad things in my life and been let on abunch of times but i look back at it what dosent kill you makes you stornger and lo...

Unknown4251Dec 2013Dec 2013

maskA picture I paint A glowing face Eyes wide glowing smile Smiling checks A happy face Hair neat and tidy Body scrubbed and clean A nice...

wayne344641Nov 2013Nov 2013
Love come from God Poem

Love come from GodHappiness in your face. I see love in your heart. Sweet tenderness, great depth, was born in us and fills my being. Lord Thy perfect will, be done, l...

ioio13250Oct 2012
internet meetings Poem

internet meetingshere I am Sitting in front of a screen Pushing little buttons and seeing it on the screen Where am I going ? Where have I been? Who am I meetin...

scottishjohn3940Aug 2012
The Storm Poem

The StormWe all have storms we have been through and battled...

Dementia81210Sep 2009Jul 2012
A New Page Poem

A New PageWe have the strength to move on we just have to let go of the past and remember it is just that ........the past...

irisheyes15172Oct 2011Oct 2011
no belgiumhomeless again Poem

no belgium(homeless again..)schieve lavabo.. a twisted skin sink.. untranslatable brusselair's'spirit.. american poets don't've a belgian ancestor in your mind...

lorentz4420Aug 2011
donT SHOOt The MEssenGER Poem

don'T SHOOt The MEssenGERSee, i've run out of gods to curse i used to say the Lord's prayer, Holy Mary and Hail Mary, the whole verses of course, three times a day. All of...

Unknown3100Aug 2011
Tiny Blue Planet Poem

Tiny Blue Planet..Tiny blue planet spinning in space Weep thou for us This human race In silence so vast We journey through time In war and hate...

cafetwo20105864Apr 2011Apr 2011


Unknown3821Feb 2011Feb 2011
true feelings of love Poem

true feelings of love....this is just a poem of how i feel true love should feel like.... and i hope one day before the good lord calls my name to come home i'll get a chance...

angelskisses19649,9136Feb 2011Feb 2011
Just a lesbian guy Poem

"Just a lesbian guy"Arch up the brazilian flag I am a tropical knight If people think i am a "fag" They will know the truth tonight Nobody knows my taste I am a guar...

givemelove4990Feb 2011

Portrait of the caribbean man!hey meet the caribbean man....

byfaith5110Nov 2010

ONLY THE POOR GO 2 HEAVEN ??Therec was a rich man and he lived in Jerusalem glory hallelulah, hirojerum He wore a silk hat and his coat was very sprucium glory hallelulah, h...

Unknown4462Oct 2010Oct 2010
Into Each Other Poem

Into Each OtherBy love inspired....

Unknown4976May 2010May 2010
I CAN Poem

I CAN!this poem is about how far i've come since being a kid in domestic violence situation...that's all i'm saying!!...

Unknown3631Nov 2009Nov 2009

THE ALPHABET PART 2These words we have learnt the tools of are trade We make up poems with lots of words, and are point of view. Poems we tell, stories, creative writ...

wayne344951Oct 2009Oct 2009

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