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Acrostic Poems (92)

Acrostic is a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word when read vertically. Here is a list of Acrostic Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Surrender FaultsSurrender to all my Faults Life is like a jungle You just never know who you'll meet I'm.a lier a murder and a cheat I wonder what people will t...

MissIreland810Jun 16
Gritante3622May 2019Nov 2019

CONNECTING Singlesmonorhyme acrostic Dedicated to CS...

socrates444918Aug 2018Sep 2019

ACROSTIC AUTUMNOh it was composed a little while ago and since writing the weather has been foul---i was fooled...

EXRED2158Aug 2019Aug 2019
EXRED42920Mar 2019Jun 2019
ALONE Acrostic challenge Poem

ALONE (Acrostic challenge)Socrates acrostic challenge...

madtat292238Jun 2019Jun 2019

HAPPINESS (Acrostic)I wish to challenge others to write and post an acrostic on a theme of their choice. I dedicate this challenge to GingerGee....

socrates4440710Jun 2019Jun 2019
When a child is born it is a miracle Double Sonnet and Acrostic Poem

When a child is born it is a miracle. (Double Sonnet and Acrostic).*W*hen children are born it's a wonderous thing. *H*earing it's cry opens mothering love. *E*very new heartbeat reminds us of spring. *N*ew life, n...

GingerGee1580Apr 2019
The sad life Poem

The sad lifeIt is about this weekend and the lives with her family and friends...

Unknown1691Aug 2018Aug 2018
So Old Vampire Poem

So Old VampireTags: acrostic, rhyme scheme, alliteration, taunt, horror, folklore...

JAllenS2711Apr 2018Apr 2018
Carpe Diem Poem

Carpe Diema poem I wrote years ago...

chattcatt6162360Mar 2018
socrates448669May 2015Feb 2018
Money and Fame in an Acrostic Poem

Money and Fame in an AcrosticIt's an acrostic about fame and money....

psiberite4570Jan 2018
The Power Of Words Poem

The Power Of WordsThis poem is self explanatory...

Happychatty13240Oct 2017
A Simple Love Poem HI HONEYSUCKLE Acrostic Poem

A Simple Love Poem - HI HONEYSUCKLE! (Acrostic)I love the fragrance of honeysuckles... ...and the rest is self-explanatory <3<3<3...

SCatlyn1,02815Sep 2014Oct 2017

LOST IN MY EMOTIONSLonely nights when I sit and stare, a blank wall and there is nothing there. Over and over I pray and hope, will tonight be the night, but still I st...

steve12233647Sep 2017Oct 2017
Fine to Dine Poem

Fine to Dineacrostic - Cannibal...

steve12233193Oct 2017Oct 2017

DEBASEDDeep down she floats into the murky depths Ever deeper surrounded by the stench of decay Before she even realises, there is only gloom All hope is...

steve12233733Sep 2017Sep 2017
whine Poem

whinewhine why have I never enough what haunts you we have all things we're empty when erstwhile ruined empires would have every need was our unfulf...

eeejay2450Aug 2017
Love starts with a smile Poem

Love starts with a smileLove can be so many things starts when hearts find their wings with every touch and every kiss a bond is made you can’t dismiss smile upon her...

Orpheus23917Jun 2017Jun 2017
Shane Poem

ShaneShane was my very first love. I mat Shane when I was 19 years. Just before my 20th birthday Shane went out on a night out. He never came home a week l...

noeleen3793Apr 2017Apr 2017
Three Little Words Poem

Three Little WordsI would walk until the end of time, looking for some sort of sign of the desire to be the part valued most by my beating heart Everyday I try to...

Bluejay57230Nov 2015

FLOWERS with VIDEOF reely sharing your beauty in L ovely shapes and colours as you O pen up your precious buds W hen each one is ready to E xhibit Nature's glory...

socrates441,13014Jul 2015Sep 2015
D R E A M Poem

D-R-E-A-MLive your dream even while you're awake!...

gypsyforyou4164Jun 2015Jun 2015
Inspired Meditation to Change the World Poem

Inspired Meditation to Change the WorldA small taste of my political flavorings...

Unknown4814Feb 2012Jun 2015
A Caroling Acrostic Poem

A Caroling AcrosticThis 'surprisingly' just won a contest for a 'Christmas' acrostic. I think it was the idea of using the carols rather than the actual quality of the p...

Retsina_0075931Dec 2014Dec 2014
Happiness Is Acrostic Poem

Happiness Is (Acrostic)Happy Friday! Be happy no matter what, it seems its an "inside job" and a "choice"! Choose well. My love to all....

ImagineLove5113Oct 2014Oct 2014
Day Dreams Acrostic Poem

Day Dreams AcrosticThank you Odette Spirit Sister for your beautiful example! This one is for my daughter in Mexico!...

ImagineLove4635Sep 2014Sep 2014
Candy Kid Acrostic Poem

Candy Kid. (Acrostic)Just a simple return of kindness to one of the best we have ! Take a bow C.K....

Mizzy41,10314May 2014Jun 2014
socrates4483812Mar 2014May 2014
Thoughts So Fond First Acrostic Poem

Thoughts So Fond. ( First Acrostic.).Warm thoughts of a lady friend, captured in ink !...

Mizzy451318Apr 2014Apr 2014

BIRDSONGThis is my tribute to my feathered friends whose song is so melodious, soothing and uplifting to my being. I do not need to attend a concert, or to li...

socrates4474412Feb 2014Feb 2014

BLISSBeauty is the essence of the experience of a Love that is genuine, faithful and true Inspiring the human spirit to a level that is Supreme and fil...

socrates446364Jan 2014Jan 2014
RAGLAN an acrostic for my husband Poem

RAGLAN - an acrostic for my husbandI took Nu to Raglan... and the place meant a lot more to me this time with him sharing his passion for surfing and his knowledge and respect for the...

orientalkoru5924Jan 2014Jan 2014

SERENITYSoothing sound of the murmuring breeze Entwined with the sound of rustling leaves Refreshing my tired worn-out spirit Energising it with the soothi...

socrates446175Jan 2014Jan 2014
Yesterday CHALLENGE Poem

Yesterday--------- CHALLENGEa challenge Yesterday Each of the words in the first verse are the first word in each line of your poem, so your poem should be laid out as belo...

shadow195044515Jan 2014Jan 2014
Ramifications Poem

RamificationsRamparts adorn the castle walls Amidst them slotted turrets Making for a grim facade Inside a moat that repelled many Fortess of all it guards In...

shadow19504835Jan 2014Jan 2014

Chocolate Darkin response to soulgoddess' challenge edits performed...

gnj4u99516Jul 2013Dec 2013
Baggage Poem

BaggageI, cowgirl1995, hereby state that created this poem on my own, and reserve the sole right to ownership of this piece on 11/13/13. Created for a fri...

cowgirl19953222Nov 2013Nov 2013

AUTUMNYou shall notice the first words will spell the word AUTUMN. And out of those first words the poem is written. It denotes this season of Autumn upon u...

sabino532190Nov 2013
Nairobi Poem

NairobiN ows here the place Joy Adams was chased A s the lion cubs let loose followed her scent I n haste through stores and stalls in riotous glee R ight...

shadow19504274Sep 2013Sep 2013
Starlight Poem

StarlightStarlight S ee it winking T winkling, dazzling A ura filling the sky R ays and beams shining L ighting all the heavens I nferno of gases and f...

shadow195045912Sep 2013Sep 2013

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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