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Anagram Poems (14)

Here is a list of Anagram Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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nothing Poem

nothingI listen to the loneliness of those that reside here, to hell with the world and all its fear, dont spend your time in contemplation, of what it could...

optimisticme871Nov 15Nov 17
Beyond Poem


Bigbayle231434May 30Aug 30
surprizeme2070Jan 2020
distant resistant Poem

distant resistantI decided to make trifle successfully of course otherwise I would have not made a decision to do so...

Unknown1820Feb 2019

SO HORRIBLY UNKINDLife ain't right sometimes. In spite of our attempts to cope we can't seem to iron out all the wrinkles. We seem paused (stuck!) in a terrible place w...

BobbyC134895211Jun 2018Sep 2018

JOKESTER IN PINKKidding around is part of life. For some, however, that's all they ever do. Ever wanting to be the center of attention they become locked into a cycle...

BobbyC13483500May 2018
True love Poem

True loveI wrote about true love.Because everybody need it. Otherwise life is so lonely and sad.If you get true one, you would be more happy, vivid, kind,stron...

Yuriyuri4284Dec 2017Dec 2017
Dont mean to be a pill but the website changed Poem

Dont mean to be a pill but the website changed.How do i view my poetry that i have written. Plz help.. im on a mobile. And this new layout sux. Really hate this layout plz change it what a pavk o...

jimmydean695362Nov 2016Nov 2016
New Poem Title that is really really really long Poem

New Poem Title that is really really really longJust testing vfds fds fds fdsa fds afds afdsa fds fds afds afds fds afdsa fds fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fds afdsa fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fdsa fdsa fdsa fds afd...

CraftySquirrel9054May 2016Oct 2016
dark fragrance Poem

dark fragrancea twilight love......

Unknown63816Aug 2014Aug 2014
My first time Poem

My first timeJust a little funny I thought of to boggle your mind...

IamMewhoRu3681Dec 2013Dec 2013
Lonely birth Poem

Lonely birthIs all lonely people who have not found there love...

Unknown3131Feb 2012Feb 2012
the crafty disciplezen story Poem

the crafty disciple(zen story)give me the answer,poet my good crafty friend......

lorentz3172Aug 2011Aug 2011
A true love was she Poem

A true love was she..I was sitting thinking of "Desire,and it came ouy,as it did,...

Unknown4564Oct 2009Oct 2009

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